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  1. Hi Guys, Here to share my RC MODs and MOCs, wish you like them. Please comment below. Thanks! Bricks Studio/mocs/ [Full RC] LEGO Technic 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 Power functions -BuWizz 3.0 x1 -Driving: PF XL motor x2 -Steering: PF Servo motor x1 - Doors: PU M motor x2 - Engine cover: PU M motor x1 [RC] LEGO Technic 42141 McLaren F1 + 1 BuWizz 3 + 2 BuWizz Motors + 1 PU L Motor [RC] LEGO Technic 42130 BMW M 1000 RR controlled by BuWizz App [RC] LEGO Technic 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE + 1 BuWizz 3 + 2 BuWizz Motors + 1 PU L Motor [Full RC] LEGO Technic 42115 + BuWizz 3.0 / BuWizz motor / PU L & M motor [RC] LEGO Technic 42115 Lamborghini Sian with BuWizz 2.0 [Full RC] LEGO Technic 42110 + 1 BuWizz 3 + 2 BuWizz Motors + 2 PU L Motors [RC] LEGO Technic 42110 RC Land Rover Defender with BuWizz 2.0 [RC] LEGO Technic 42083 + BuWizz 3.0 / BuWizz motor / PU L motor [RC] LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron with BuWizz 2.0 My alternative F1 MOCs were made by 42083/42110/42115, [MOC] LEGO Technic 42125 Ferrari F1 Car [RC] LEGO Technic 42115 RC Lamborghini F1 car
  2. Finally, I finished it! My biggest MOC, until now. TREASURE ISLAND. It took me nearly 3 weeks to create it from scratch. I used about 6,000 parts. Some days I got stuck a little bit, because I had no plan how to continue. Additionally I ran out of parts, so that I immediately ordered new ones! The island is divided into 2 modular bases (48x48). Can also be connected to my LEGO IDEAS creation "Imperial Outpost" (You can vote here for it please, if you like LEGO IDEAS - IMPERIAL OUTPOST ) Features: Path to the top Secret waterfall with "surprise" at the bottom (The people say, there a crocodile awaits its victims) Rock prison (can be revealed by removing a part of the rock) Suspension bridge Hidden treasure cave with illuminated diamond wall (can be revealed by removing a part of the rock) Fountain lake on top Hatching of the sea turtles Hope you'll like it!? Attached to the IMPERIAL OUTPOST So, now it's time to go to sleep!
  3. Mr Maniac

    Witch's Windship Mods

    While I realize everyone's understandably excited about the new Lion Knight's Castle (myself included), I felt like this was a good time to start unveiling a project I've been working on for the past few months. Because as nice as Black Falcons, Lion Knights, and Forestmen are, for me the Fright Knights are one of the coolest factions around, with their gothic imagery and downright spooky-looking dragons, complete with black bodies and fire-orange wings. In any case, I hoovered up most of the sets from this subtheme back in 2019, and found them...wanting. But hey, the beauty of LEGO is making fixes as needed, right? So I began with a set I actually did a review of around that time, probably because it was one of those sets that was rather representative of the Fright Knights subtheme, for better or for worse. In any case, take a gander at the new-ish Witch's Windship! Below I have some more angles on this odd beauty for those interested. As much as I adore @The Librarian's take on this strange medieval flying craft, I've played too many rounds of LEGO Racers to feel comfortable making drastic changes to the basic silhouette. So yeah, I just updated the halberds from dark grey to dark bluish gray and changed the clips too, from gray to black. Actually, out of all the changes to the Fright Knights sets, this one was probably the easiest, since all I needed to do was scrub any yellow or light gray out of this set and replace it with black or red. For those interested here's a photo of the interior of the basket. Probably one of the biggest disappointments of the original set was how, despite all of the available space, the only place for Willa to stand was on a measly 2x6 red plate. So I turned that design decision into a newt (it got better) and instead added two 3x6 wedge plates in red which helped. And of course adding two modified bricks with clips in the back for Willa's wand and broomstick means she'll have her hands free for steering. Because safety always comes first, especially when you're driving a dragon-powered airship. Despite getting this set MISB, those modified plates with the clips holding the wings were frequently coming off, so I ended up covering them with some of those handy curved slopes in red. Oddly enough the slopes only came into play during my second pass of mods to this set, and it's all the stronger for it. (The dust on the wing, however, was not part of the plan, but oh well.) Speaking of second passes, the addition of these two tail (lantern) lights were also not in my initial round of mods to this set. At first it was just that red hook, which does have a purpose, but after increasing the height of the basket candles, I felt like this set needed more zaniness. So in a nod to the original set, I threw them in. As for the trans-red cones that sat on the rear of this windship, worry not, as I added one to the crystal ball of this set and the other one to my own version of that little bat-wing flyer that shows up in 6087 Witch's Magic Manor (more to come on that). So there you have it! Admittedly these are minor, easy mods, but hopefully this works as a nice preview of what else I've got in store. Seeing how this is one of those 'iconic' sets that tells you what a subtheme's all about, I was quite pleased at my execution here, keeping the stuff I liked while jettisoning the rest, and fortifying some other parts. If you want to see more photos, check out my Bricksafe folder, though you're not missing much. Thanks for reading, and now I'll give Willa and her two pets, Nox the cat and Ignatius the dragon a chance to say see ya next time. Happy Haunting!
  4. From left to right: Jergen Behrens (drums) Axel Beritung (synth) Martin Tychsen (vocals)
  5. I wanted to build a car a la Speed Champions but I didn't want to stress out about adapting an actual car. So I freestyled this 8 wide sports car. Check out my Flickr for more images and MOCs!
  6. gabrielerava

    [MOD] Heinrich Hospital

    Dear all, I would like to introduce my latest little work, named Heinrich Hospital. I've been working on it for a while in order to obtain some decent photos. And finally I did it. I built it a couple of months ago, but the idea was longer waiting in my head, since I bought the original Lego model 60204 "City Hospital" in 2018. A long time ago in fact. It's a beautiful model in my opinion but it needs to be modified to be inserted in a modular city and I wanted it to be in the center quarter of Rava Town (my Lego City). Arounfd the web I met several modularized versions of the original playset. The mods I found were all bigger and, let me say, simply modularized. But I needed something different because the center of Rava Town is rather old fashioned, so I decided to modify it accordingly on my own. I wanted a mix of new and old. And this is the final result in a few photos. Hope You liked it and see you next time! Edit: 2023 Lego modular building will be an hospital, of course...
  7. cagri

    [MOC] VCH-23 Spaceship

    I built this with actual bricks first and then put them together in Studio as well. I kind of prefer render images to actual photographs these days but I love the experience of building with my hands. So here you go, VCH-23. I hope you like it! I will upload a 360 degree video on my Flickr soon, it's still rendering. Btw, it's made out of only 312 parts! Check out my Flickr for more images and MOCs:
  8. Themiddlebrick

    [moc] UN-D11 Air Speeder

    Here is my latest moc. I call it the UN-D11 Air speeder ...or maybe its a flying car, or a spinner, or a hovercraft... Lately I've been feeling a bit burnt out and have had a hard time coming up with the creative energy to put into building. Instead I've been spending a lot of time looking at concept art, going back and re-examining some childhood favorites to try to get some inspiration. I've also been thinking about going back to my LEGO moc roots. My first "serious" builds were speeders from and based on the Star Wars universe. Something about the cross of utility - the need to move people and things, with the styling - the industrial design of a consumer product - really appeals to me. I enjoy the tension there. And this is the result. Inspired by some of the sci-fi greats, Syd Mead, Don Davis and Peter Elison, I wanted to create something with exaggerated lines and a strong character but also plausible (As far as flying cars go haha). It ended up being a lot of fun and has helped spark my inspiration. I'm looking forward to building more of these weird fantasy vehicles! Thanks for looking! Do you have any artists that you turn to for building inspiration? Let me know in the comments.
  9. Hello everyone! I present to you my ReCrafted Edition of the much loved Black Falcon's Fortress (set #6074). 2 years in the making and is a project that I'm very proud of and so happy to finally be able to share! I've only posted a few photos, there is a complete photo set of this MOC available on Flickr here: And if you'd like to build this castle for your own Lego Collection building instructions are on Rebrickable:
  10. The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1862 The Battle of Mechanicsville was one of the first major engagements of the Seven Days Battles, where the Army of Northern Virginia attempted to push the Army of the Potomac out of Virginia during the initial stages of the American Civil War. The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1861 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1861 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1861 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  11. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, I created a mini version of the Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom with a Florida sunset backdrop! The scene is inspired by Jan Woźnica's space series, I highly suggest you check out their work.
  12. Dear Eurobricks community, as you are the biggest LEGO forum, I would like to "officially" present my current creation to you and release it for discussion. Briefly about me: I am a 36 years old German AFOL and fan of classic fantasy and sci-fi, from. I particularly like the castle (including LOTR) and pirates theme, but I also enjoy many other sets. About my creation: As a child of the 80's I grew up with classic fantasy movies and also the mentioned LEGO themes. So I wanted to build a creation that reflects both. This is the castle "Tir Asleen" from the movie Willow from 1988. Maybe some of you know the original or the trailer for the new series. Val Kilmer as Madmartigan is iconic to me personally. I wanted to build something that was more detailed than usual released sets - but a little less MOC-alike than possible. The idea was to add it to my fantasy film collection, but also let my little stepson play with it. Therefore, some game functions are also built in. I hope they are well represented in the pictures. But details from the film should not be underrepresented either. What do you think about the creation? - What do you like, what not? Where can I still improve something? Do you know the original movie? Do you recognize scenes? Which ones have I not sufficiently considered? BTW, there is also a small Easter Egg for all castle fans ;) The project is also posted on Ideas. This isn't meant to be a call, but I don't blame anyone who supports it secretly ;) I look forward to your feedback and thank you for your attention. Sincerely Tobi aka. MontyMatte More pics: also on flickr: Figs Action & functions
  13. simon84

    [MOC] Toy Store

    After some time I finally found the time to finish my fifth Modular Building. With pleasure I present you my new work the "Toy Store". The "Toy Store" is a classic modular building, built on a 32x32 baseplate and consists of about 4420 bricks. The MOC consists of 4 modules (incl. roof). The base floor contains a well-stocked toy store. In addition to 3 display windows, it contains a small Lego assortment, a Starwars-themed section, sporting goods, remote-controlled planes and helicopters, teddy bears and much more. A corner staircase leads directly from the sidewalk to the terrace and 1st floor stores. On the left is a kebab shop with a small outdoor area with bar tables. On the right is Milos Hat Store - a small hat store with many huts. Another corner staircase between the stores leads to the law office of Mr. Right & Co on the 2nd floor. Clients are greeted by the paralegal in a small entrance hall. Through a narrow corridor you get to the lawyer's office. You can also see the whole project under MOC-113849 - Toy Store on Rebrickable. There you can also buy the building instruction as PDF for the rebuilding. Best you make yourselves a picture of it, much fun!
  14. The fearsome First Order strikes again! This model occupies over two square feet of your average usable coffee table space at just under (an estimated) 2000 pieces. This behemoth took over two months to design - but I'm not done yet. Before the Christmas season, I hope to have instructions completed. This model is based on the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer's bridge. The original model was a measly 8x12 inches: And used only around 700 pieces. The most difficult part of this stage was creating the curved portion of the front section. This took many iterations to get right. When I had time, I would plan the wings of the bridge. The wings use around 300 pieces for the left-wing (looking from the back) and 350 pieces for the right-wing. Finally, we get to the back extension. This alone uses around 650 pieces and expands the length of the model by 25%. I knew that this would be the last section for one crucial reason: I was running out of space at this point. I wanted to focus more on figure placement for this part, so I left it mainly open while emphasizing the diorama aesthetic. It took a while but I was able to obtain all of the black bricks I needed for the back of the bridge. I think it turned out well. @Monkeyulize, if I may ask for your help designing a UCS sticker for this model, here's that question. The 1x2 technic brick is designed to be used to anchor a figure stand (coming soon) - I know it's there, don't worry. At last, the finished product. A piece fell off during transport but I found it and it's back on. I'm very pleased with this but know it can be improved. If you have any questions or critiques, please don't hesitate to post. I have but one request: stay civil. I will update this post with more design changes and processes. The Flickr album link can be found here:
  15. snaillad

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Hello everyone, The latest modular inspired me to make my own hotel with a theme a little closer to home, a Victorian era hotel. Some typical elements of the period I have included and some newer ones too. Arched windows, red brick, steep roofs and more. Anyway a couple of shots are shown below, as always any comments are welcome and any questions I'll try to answer! You can also view them on my flickr page here:
  16. Hey there, Recently, I tried my hand at several Mech Armor style MOCs to see if I could put my own twist on those models, and created this duo. The idea was to design a $20 pack of two armors like the 76219: Spider-man & Green Goblin Mech Battle but to go beyond the simple "duo-pack" concept. Rocket's walker-type mech can convert into a cannon to use on War Machine's shoulder, as seen in the pictures below. More pictures and (free) instructions are available on my Flickr gallery. Enjoy !
  17. MOC freely inspired by the feature film "Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro", a masterpiece and first feature film by the well-known director Hayao Miyazaki. In Japan the film was not initially successful, the romantic version of the gentleman thief was not liked even by its creator Monkey Punch. As for the TV series, however, over time, "Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro", will be recognized as the first masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki, becoming a cult for entire generations, so much so that it is constantly republished for the home video market. This film will definitely launch Miyazaki's career bringing him ever closer to realizing his goal: the founding of Studio Ghibli. Film released in 1979 in Japan and only in 1984 in Italy, marked my childhood, in fact I was 10 years old, I loved the Lupin III cartoons but this film left me fascinated by that aura of mystery, adventure scenes and fantastic scenary. Today, more than 40 years after his birth, I decided to pay tribute to him by creating a very complex and demanding MOC in various respects. Making the Castle in minifigure scale was practically impossible, but even the micro-scale would have been a risky undertaking but ... once again I decided to test myself and above all ... have fun! The moc rests on two 48x48 stud baseplates, everything is done in microscale based on the images of the film. The Castle reports some fairly faithful sections while others have been invented such as the east side of the castle which is never seen in the entire duration of the film. I wanted to bring back the basics as seen in this image: I have reproduced the most important things for a complete scenario: the castle in its entirety, the section of the village on the back, the iconic aqueduct and the clock tower with the walls of the ancient castle. Studying this whole setting was as difficult as it was rewarding. But I wasn't happy like that ... I also wanted to make moving parts! And that's why I invented a mechanism that moves the following things: 1) the windmill on the front 2) the motorized aircraft that the Count uses to enter the Castle or Lupin to escape 3) an intermittent light that turns on in the rear entrance of the castle 4) the tilting corridor that connects the castle to the prison tower 5) the hands of the clock tower All these functions are connected to each other and therefore with a single lever they are operated simultaneously! In the next few days I will make a video presentation of the moving parts. The castle can be divided into several blocks and the base can also be divided in two, for easy transport. The realization of this work took me more than 5 months of work and has about 8700 pieces. On the base alone, there are almost 1500 tiles 1x2 trans light-blue! I believed it a lot, I hope you like it! Sandro Flickr Gallery: Comments are welcome!
  18. This model, inspired by the 2020 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, is the second MOC from my Time Cruisers Contest entry that I updated and made instructions for, available on Rebrickable soon. At first I wanted this model to have opening doors, but after realizing I wasn’t able to fit any minifigures or have the recognizable side air intakes if I did that, I let this desire go. Instead I decided to make the engine as similar looking to the real engine as could be, working with little Lego elements. I hope you like it! Special thanks to Christopher Leslie Stamp’s team and The Lego Company for creating the new Lego Speed Champions line. Special thanks to my fellow Lowlug LUG members for teaching me so much about MOCs and working in Bricklink Studio in such a short time. Special special thanks to Chef_NL/Rob van Leeuwen for saving me heaps of time. Studio crashed during the finalization of the instruction booklet and somehow I lost the original file in the process and got a (seemingly) useless backup file in return. Also special thanks to Barneius, Brickengineeringdude, Bricks, Blocks & Mocs, Legotuner33, I'm a conformist!, _TLG_ and numerous other great MOC designers around the globe for showing me tons of beautiful models, techniques and how to format a MOC entry properly. Thank YOU for watching! Please do not hesitate to comment and post some feedback. Yours, Ravelino why does K33p 0n Br!cking translate to this in EB language?
  19. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Classic Space - Goliath

    Following on from my Manta Ray, here is the second build in my armada of creature-themed Neo Classic Spacecraft. This is Goliath. Originally a Blacktron vehicle (hence the black legs, Benny hasn’t gotten around to painting them yet) Goliath was found abandoned on a desolate moon. Now it is the go-to mech used by the NCS crew when a planet is just too hostile to land on, Goliath can climbs trees, mountains and pretty much anything else in it's way. Goliath full album: Manta Ray: Come find me on Instagram: @rubblemaker_lego. Thanks for looking.
  20. This model, inspired by famous Lamborghini bestsellers like the Huracán (vendaval is Spanish for gale) and the Aventador SVJ, is the result of several prototypes and hours of hard work on both the model and its instructions. I started the work on this late 2020 in the middle of a certain pandemic and have altered the original quite a bit since.Although it is more of a display piece, the Vendaval is quite sturdy, aside from the rear diffuser which is held in place by a simple bar in hole connection. So long as you don’t grab it by the tail it is very swoosh-able. SPECS:Width:8-wide Speed Champions scale or approx. 210LDU/10,5 studs from mirror tip to mirror tip.Length:390 LDU / 19,5 studs. I shortened the original prototype by a stud to get a more comparable sized open door.Height:108 LDU / 4 bricks and a plate / 13 platesPiece count:311 pcs FEATURES:The car features two poseable scissor doors. Not to be confused with real time opening doors, as the doors are wedged in place when closed by the cheese slope above the intakes.(You can slightly bend the door outwards to pop it open but I recommend removing and replacing the entire door module instead as is shown in the instructions)The 4x2 wedges on the rear can be easily removed to get a nice view of the naturally aspirated V12.And the front interior looks glorious even without removing the windscreen! Of course this can also easily be done to fit two minifigures with short hair or a helmet. (Premium) Instructions for this MOC are available on Rebrickable: Special thanks to Christopher Leslie Stamp’s team and The Lego Company for creating the new Lego Speed Champions line. Special thanks to my fellow Lowlug LUG members for teaching me so much about MOCs in such a short time. Also special thanks to Barneius, Brickengineeringdude, Bricks, Blocks & Mocs, Legotuner33, KMP MOCS, _TLG_ and numerous other great MOC designers around the globe for showing me tons of beautiful models, techniques and how to format a MOC entry properly. Thank YOU for watching and before I forget: Have some bricking fun! My LUG: LEGO user group of the Lowlands Instagram: @ravelinodamonarq Flickr: Youtube: Clips & Tiles
  21. "The Golden Frog" Restaurant (Restaurant "Zum Goldenen Frosch") Alost two years after my last MOC it's finally time to reveal my latest work. This is a modular building with a restaurant - "The Golden Frog" (or "Zum Goldenen Frosch" in german) on the ground floor. The second floor houses a psychotherapists office, and the top two floors feature an apartment. Summary: Parts: 5650 (excluding minifigs) Design: designed in from May to June 2021 and from December 2021 until March 2022 (got hard stuck with the design last summer and worked on other projects for a while). Highlights include the roof, where I tried to mimic the typical look of a copper plate roof as found on many older european buildings, the facade featuring lots of snot work, and the glass spiral staircase leading from third to the fourth floor. As usual, the model also has full interior. The color scheme using bright light orange might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like the color, so there you are As usual, head over to flickr for even more pictures: The copper plate roof. I'll leave it to you to figure out how it is built - I'll just say that all pieces are firmly connected. The restaurant's namesake is featured above the windows and door on the ground floor. Interior of the restaurant. The restaurant also features a piece by a local modern artist. It's cryptically titled "Entrails of a Star Destroyer". On the second floor, a psychotherapist has his office. Many of his patients find the loud ticking of the grandfather clock to be distracting. He enjoys analyzing their reactions to it. The third floor is the first of a two floor apartment. This floor has a kitchen, eating area and home-office working space. The luxurious kitchen has a big fridge and a kitchen island with further seating. The glass spiral staircase leads up to the final floor. It is built using panels. Curved slopes with cut-out create the nice organic shape of the banister. The top floor is less spacious then the ones below. It features the bedroom, couch and TV area and the bathroom. The bathroom features a big, open shower (with a coloured glass wall preventing spray down the staircase), toilet and wash basin. I hope you enjoyed my MOC - looking forward to any feedback, constructive criticism or praise you have to offer More pics on flickr: Tobias
  22. Hello there! For my entry for the creature category, I chose to recreate one of my favorite mounts from the saga: Boga the Varactyl. She is a beautiful creature and desperately needs a remake in Lego. Here is a reference image for comparison: Here she is carrying Obi-Wan to his confrontation with General Grievous. She is highly poseable, allowing you to recreate various scenes, such as when she rears up. Her beak can be opened and closed, and even some of here blue feathers are adjustable. Like in the movie, she is very long and carries a saddle on her back. Her tail consists of four segments, making very flexible. Let me know what you think, and may the force be with you.
  23. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    Hello! Here is the third mech in this series. I had a lot of fun building this guy as I went into it with a clear sense of scale from the start. I initially got a whole lot of those chest cavities with cover plates from the Nexo Knights battle suits as I thought that this was the scale I would be building in, but Bossk is the only mech where I ended up using this piece as intended. I think one of the biggest challenges for me was the limited part selection available in olive green but it actually helped focus the direction that I took this build. I re-used IG-88's base because I don't have the space to keep building landscapes but I did add a little island using a technique that I saw Thomas Jenkins use in his wonderful "Not So Super Six" Hope you like it! Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  24. A_Goodman

    [MOC] The Sacking of Portobelo

    The Sacking of Portobelo, July 1668 On the 11th of July 1668, Henry Morgan, the greatest buccaneer Admiral in history, took a force of several hundred privateers to raid one of the largest settlements on the Spanish Main, Portobelo. At this time, Portobelo was a vital cog in the imperial operation that pulled unimaginable wealth out of the Americas destined for Spain. After successfully sacking the town, Captain Morgan and his men remained for roughly a month. During their stay they successfully repelled a Spanish attempt to retake the settlement and eventually forced the payment of 100,000 pesos for the return of the town. Although not explicitly allowed by Morgan’s Letter of Marque, those back in England cheered the Welshman’s daring raid, leading to several more attempts like it during Morgan’s long and successful privateering career. The Sacking of Portobelo by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Sacking of Portobelo by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Sacking of Portobelo by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Sacking of Portobello by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Sacking of Portobelo by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Sacking of Portobelo by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  25. Shisha Parlor Zahra’s Hookah Lounge in old Petraea is as exquisite as it is exclusive. The finest flavored hashish is smoked in a luxurious rooms with impeccable service.