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  1. cdavidc29

    BTL K-Wing Bomber

    Great work on the ship! I actually like the Space-Warthog now. Squaring off the cockpit and cutting out the tacked on, chin-mounted ball turret, alongside the inline double cockpit does a lot to save the K-Wing from looking like an overly-complicated pile of ship parts. However, with the engine moved to its earlier position under the ship, I think the top looks a little too barren, what with the wings continuing right over the body. While not technically shown anywhere, I think it could be a good spot to integrate the more recessed bubble turret from the later version of the ship and similar to the Clone Wars era Y-Wing.
  2. cdavidc29

    [MOC] Hoth AT-ST

    This is one of the few MOC’s I’ve seen of the Hoth variant. I always knew it was a little different to the Episode 6 / Endor version, but the attention you paid to those differences help this model stand out in comparison to others.
  3. cdavidc29

    [MOC] Mando's Naboo N-1 Starfighter [Instructions]

    Great looking model! I would never have thought to build engine intakes like that, (a bit too squared-off for my taste) but it’s a unique way to achieve the desired details at that small of a scale.
  4. cdavidc29

    Chicken Walker MOC

    Great looking model. Can it actually hold the mini figures or are they just for set dressing?
  5. What a fantastic model, and for an oft-overlooked ship! The interior is bursting with detail, the exterior is surprisingly smooth, and it looks structurally sound to boot. You should rightly feel proud about your work.
  6. cdavidc29

    [MOD] Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter 75333

    This is quite an impressive suite of alterations, although I personally think the lower-profile cockpit helps this set the most. The original almost looked like a vertically-stretched image of a Delta 7, which was a turn off for me.
  7. cdavidc29

    [MOC] Minifig Scale UT-60D U-Wing Starfighter

    Great job! It looks like you made the engines out of 4 panels, each covered in curved slope pieces. I haven’t seen an approach like that before, but it almost gives the appearance of layered metal plates around the seams.
  8. cdavidc29

    What was your first LEGO Star Wars set?

    Mine was 7143-Jedi Starfighter from the Episode 2 toyline. Of course, it was swiftly followed up by the 7541-Slave 1. I was already a fan of the franchise since before then, but the Prequel vehicles caught my eye in a way the OT ships couldn’t match.
  9. cdavidc29

    [MOC] Shielded Droideka

    Interesting solution for the shield; the shape, size, and slight clipping into the ground are dead-on. It’s a shame it necessitates a base to hide the connection points, but short of a specialized piece by Lego itself, this is the best interpretation I’ve seen. Do you have to everything apart to get to the Droideka inside once the build is completed, or is there some less-intrusive method?
  10. cdavidc29

    [MOC] Obi Wan's Eta-2 Actis Interceptor

    Excellent job on the model! You don’t really realize how small this ship is supposed to be until it’s pointed out, all because every set and nearly every MOC is built around the oversized cockpit piece. I’m curious as to what scale you used when converting measurements to studs; I’ve seen people use ratios of both 5 and 6 studs per 2 meters, but the difference at a size like this could be the deciding factor between including or omitting a certain detail.