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  1. is that a yellow shock absorber I spy?
  2. I feel like the price is kinda justified given the motors, hubs, large lattice pieces, and weights/counerbalances. I personally think that lego overcharges a lot for things like motors and large pieces, but they are a company that tries to maintain QC, good working conditions, and licensing agreements. But the influx of chinese clone sets and recent dip in lego quality hasn't helped with perception of LEGO's brand value... If they still do all the quality control that they used to, then it makes sense that large frame pieces are so pricey given that there's probably a higher failure rate for parts given the complexity of the new molds. I'm not so hot on the trend to create new complicated molds though... I always thought that technic should be about creative solutions to problems and the past few years it seems like lego has been making more new molds than new and creative solutions in builds. There's nothing really wrong with that, but people here seem to forget this when they look at price per piece in sets now. My biggest criticism of this set is the intended market. I don't get it. It seems like LEGO is trying to target serious adult hobbyists (or people with too much money) whenever they release these ridiculous $400+ sets, but its these same hobbyists that are going to be the most critical of the sets LEGO puts out, so I have no idea what the intentions behind this set are. On one end, serious hobbyists might be put off by the relative simplicity of these sets compared to their MOCs, but on the other end I don't see many casual/average consumers saying to themselves "I want to buy a $700 plastic crane that takes up a quarter of a bedroom just to keep it on display and maybe play with it every other weekend". Maybe they're still trying to cash in on the lockdown-era market while they still can, lots of people did get into LEGO because of it... I know I made some dumb purchases out of boredom, but I don't see a long-term viability in that strategy.
  3. Much appreciated for offering detailed photos if you don't do instructions! Here is what I'm thinking of for a roof idea. I'm planning on using it for my 1:10 aventador moc, but I think it could be scaled up for a 1:8 car, though it'd probably be pretty pricey...
  4. might be off topic but are you still planning to release the Jesko as a set/model or as instructions?
  5. now this is amazing. what are the mechanical features?
  6. Im thinking of building a new off road RC model based on the chassis from my 4Runner moc. I want to design something with serious mods and capabilities and Ive put a mockup together: Sorry for the bad closeups, I mainly wanted to share the suspension and rear axle. Overall design will be hopefully RC capable with diff locks and part time 4WD as well as some type of simple gearbox. I realy like Fedor Kolbasin's FJ cruiser moc (below) so Ive been gathering parts to make one with similar bodywork on top of my chassis. Let me know what you think!
  7. lol can I test some instructions too?
  8. very well done, but yeah headlights could use work
  9. Wow thanks so much! I feel like there might be more people who end up building at least part of it than you assume. I should add that my background is in biology/biomedical engineering, so I'm biased towards open source and knowledge sharing everything (almost all of our research is funded by the NIH in the U.S. and it's required to be available to the public by law). My current projects is pretty rudimentary but I'll probably still publish instructions to get feedback and to share my style and techniques.
  10. Aww that's too bad, I feel like there's a lot we could learn from your techniques. If you're working on a licensing deal and holding off until you get a definitive answer I understand... but the CAD files of your model are just as appealing lol. It's sad cause I feel like a lot of the best designers hold off on publishing instructions for their models. I've been waiting almost 3 years for pvdb to release his 1:10 Jesko either as a set or instructions and so far not a peep
  11. Wow very nice model! How are the front and rear difflocks? Are they stable and robust? Also will you be making instructions?
  12. Newest photos of bodywork are in. I'm happy with how it looks and all I need to do is add mirrors, lights, fill in gaps, and do and the interior. Chassis looks much cleaner now and I've reinforced it. I've found a nice balance with the angled panels that replicates the front grill really well. I think it should be finished after a little more tweaking. I don't like the front windscreen yet, I'll probably lower it by a stud and put a lightbar over it: Rear is also ready. But I'm considering extending the rear bumper out by a stud: More angles of the front: On a side note, the body and chassis is almost completely modular. I can remove most of it by pulling out a few pins here and there. I'll but together an update when I'm 100% done, but I'm really happy with the chassis design. I think I'll be able to re-use it for other models with alternative gearboxes and powertrain setups in the future.
  13. I think you should try the coupe version. Many people have made aventador mocs before but I have yet to see a satisfying recreation of the angled roof. I think it can be done with angled (~135 degrees) axle and pin connectors and some flex cables kinda like how LoxLego likes use in most of his models. Im going to attempt it mysef in a 1:10 aventador but itd be interesting to see how other people accomplish it. I feel like we're the same in how we approach driver controls. Im currently having trouble arranging all my driver controls in my 4runner moc and considering HOG only for some. I personally dont care, but I know other people on this forum will tell you that they would prefer hog and driver control options. Are you planning on making instructions?Id be interested in paying for the suspension and 4 wheel steering alone but the rest looks like its shaping out nicey.
  14. Have you tried this setup with harder springs?