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Found 34 results

  1. My goal as usual is a strong and playable MOC, I think it will have steering, fake engine and a pneumatic tilting bed. I am not sure with the suspension, it works fine but I don´t like having it only on the front wheels. I like the sturdy and narrow rear axle and the parts that prevent the axle of the front wheels from sliding in.
  2. Custom LEGO Mining Truck

    Hello! I want to share with my custom LEGO mining truck. Gold mine needs a lot of trucks. And I decided to build one. This MOC is easy to build and you don't need a lot of bricks to make it. I like all official mining sets and I am waiting for some new. Do you like my new MOC?
  3. I created this modified Bucket Wheel Excavator some time ago, and I thought I would like to share it on this forum. After building the original BWE, I wanted to try to incorporate some Mindstorms functions into it. I managed to motorise all the active functions, using both an EV3 brick and motors, as well as some PF motors. Functions can be preprogrammed, or can be remotely controlled using an EV3 IR remote. Here is a list of the functions: Bucket wheel rotation and main conveyor belt - PF XL motor Lower conveyor belt - PF medium motor Boom arm elevation - EV3 large motor Lower conveyor swivel - EV3 large motor Superstructure rotation - EV3 medium motor Driving - EV3 medium motor Since I owned an NXT as well, I used it to motorise the small mining truck that was included in the set. There are also some LEDs that illuminate the 'work area', but they don't really do a good job, its just a nice thing to include. Here is a video of the excavator in action, as well as the mining truck (sorry about the poor resolution and bit rate): More info about the machine can be found here: Let me know what you think of it in the comments!
  4. Not too long ago, a group of prospectors took a stab at a bit of Fuerte Unido terrain on Isla de la Victoria. They found silver and were eager to commence operations... but unfortunately that wasn't so easy. With all the excitement of the Marderian war, able-bodied men were scarce in Fuerte Unido in those days. And able-brained engineers were even scarcer... so this is what happened: Run! No use leaving a nugget behind though, if it comes quickly to hand! This build pretty well exhausted my supply of tan slopes... particularly inverted slopes. I left the top open mostly to let the light in for photography... you're welcome to assume that it's a cut out, or you can assume that that's the way the actual mine is. Whatever floats your boat. Fortunately, it looks like all five miners escaped. One last shot of the interior! Well, I finally got around to this... pretty enjoyable, though just because of the fact that it's a mine shaft I feel like there's so much detail that doesn't come across in the pictures! The crack in the side technique was pretty much borrowed from Captain Genaro (although my cracks aren't nearly as big or as numerous as his... I didn't have enough inverted slopes!). Fun stuff anyhow - C&C appreciated!
  5. [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Hi everyone, Last year someone asked me if I was planning to build a layout based on the Space miner from the Collectable minifigures. I thought that was a nice idea and during Lego World in the Netherlands previous year I received a lot of Bricklink part 30022. I had no idea what to do with that until my neighbor was creating a big triangle with three of those parts. That is where my idea started to create a tower for the outpost. To give a better image of the tower. I show you a picture from the side. More pictures of the outpost are in my Flickr album,. In the Flickr album are more Space MOCs. The last four pictures are from the outpost. Flickr album Various Space Creations Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  6. I triying to build the smallest pneumatic machine I can, 8 functions, 4 pneumatic autovalves and 5 motors but I don´t know yet... the fifth motor is just for the gearbox (yellow piece) without it I wouldn´t need a third receptor and in a small machine is a lot of extra room. Now you can see 4 motors, gearbox, 4 autovalves, the shifting mechanism and the outputs for the trasmision, I still have to put the stair and turntable mechanism, 4 pneumatic pumps, battery and 3 receptors with 1 motor or just 2 receptors, I am talking just about the body , I have to build tracks and two arms, normal and frontal type (this one needs the fourth autovalve to open and close it).
  7. I've built this small MOC two days ago. It's a Rock Raiders dump truck with a small drill and radar dish. And rised cabin for overview. Pictures: 01_Dump_truck_with_drill by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Dump_truck_with_drill by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Hope you like it (Pictures also on Flickr:
  8. [MOC] Khagaan Mining Unit 2

    A micro-scale mining unit. Used by Khagaan Mining Faculty. A powerfull mining unit for digging in the most extreme circumstances. 01_Khagaan_mining_Unit_2 by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Khagaan_mining_Unit_2 by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Hope you like it
  9. I have nothing physical but if I have the idea. I know it is no original but I like wheel loaders . I did my calculations and using new class wheels I can build a huge but simple wheel loader a komatsu wa1200, caterpillar 994 or a leturneau. They are gigants wheel loaders and the problem I had is that their wheels are so huge that in proportion the body it had to be so tight that I could´t put anything, with new wheels I think I can build a big and simple MOC with few parts, my goal is that it had a Lego set style. Here you can see these beautiful machines, they are perfects for me they have small cabins for a bad cabin builder . As you can see their wheels are even bigger than a new large pneumatic cylinder.
  10. I can finally disassemble this , my first "complex" MOC with instructions. At first I thought to do a specific dumper, a white liebherr, but at the end I did a generic truck because I didn´t want uncommon pieces and I wanted to use less room as I can. Everything is in the vid, is a simple MOC, very tight but simple I think. You can see the construction post here - . I hope you like it. '>http://
  11. [MOC] OSWION Mining Site

    OSWION Mining Site This layout is based on my Planet OSWION Expedition layout (built in 2013/2014) Link tot he original layout: It shows another mining site on Planet OSWION. The astronuats built an Planetary Observation Centre, a power plant, a research and a observation compound. The portal at the left of the layout can be used to enter the mining site. Some vehicles are modular. You can swap the equipment between them Also I’ve added some modular mining vehicles. More info of this vehicles: Pictures: 01_OSWION_Mining_Site by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Overview picture 02_OSWION_Mining_Site by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_OSWION_Mining_Site by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 07_OSWION_Mining_Site by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 10_OSWION_Mining_Site by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 05_Chrome_Crusher by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Chrome Crusher 12_Portal by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Portal is made with EL wire. It fits perfectly in a Technic hole without modding LEGO I hope you like this version of my Space layout
  12. Location: Fascini Cluster Tags: Science, Mining Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my twelfth weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to go to The Fascini Cluster and confirm that the Awesomium purity levels remain at the high levels that exist within this system."
  13. [M-D10] Supply Run

    Location: D10 Tags: Spaceship, Ground vehicle, mining Spacer Steve is his exploration fleet through the Hamilton Belt. He needs practice before his training begins. The Council of Five has assigned Pangolinus as his trainer as Spacer Steve has little piloting experience. The exploration fleet consists of three ships. The Sal class science vessel, the M.C.F. Firefly, and the M.C.F. Scythe exploration vessel. Chogg chart a course to the Jake Atter asteroid mining station. We need to resupply the station with goods and provide protection. There have been several Dust Demon sightings. Captain, Chogg thinks that is illogical. Chogg, I’d appreciate it if you don’t say that ever again…. Deploy Stinger Squad. Crew we are approaching Jake Atter Station Yee haw! Boy are we glad to see you! You must be Jake. Yup that’s me. The mining is going great. There be awesomnium on this rock. Them MAD drillers are gonna drill all the way through. We be see’n dust demons though. Them’s be mak’n us a wee bit nervous. We have some guns but not enough to be stopp’n them. Great news! We will send out patrols. If they are out there we will find them Pic The Sal class science vessel sending exploration pods and collecting samples of nearby asteroid. Pic The M.C.F. Firefly docked with the M.C.F. Scythe. Sir we are getting a coded message. Put it on screen……… To be continued Some more pics of my builds Thanks for looking C&C welcome
  14. [O - H06] Week #1 Mining...

    Open Channel #010 Octan Corp. Location: H-06 Farmolis - "Large flat grassy plains and forests, broken up by numerous small oceans. Journal Entry 2 Well a lot has been done here on Farmolis mining post #1, we manage to get a good vein of Awesomnium, My drone and I have managed to get our mobile crane in before the "TNT cart" . The space is very tight but able to place some TNT down to make the space bigger and more open for a mining truck or something else...the rocks seem to have their own power source which I find odd...I sent a few off to Mrs. Smith to analyse them and get back to Dr. Long on the progress (next week build hint hint)...anyways we are working around the clock and so far no injuries to report...thank god cause these drone make me nervous... Over and Out Mr. JS Smith The mobile Crane The over all build The over all build (back side) Thank you for looking C&C welcome
  15. [O-H06] Small Mining post

    Open Channel #009 Octan Corp. Location: H-06 Farmolis - "Large flat grassy plains and forests, broken up by numerous small oceans. Journal Entry 1 My Drone and I have been tasked by higher management to get to work on a small mining post within a small valley on my home planet of Farmolis. It's great to back home working out in the field but working with these octan drones makes me kinda nervous..We have also been told to make sure that the operation can run night and day. Our little operation has only just begun and plan on making into a small hillside by next week. Over and Out JS Smith. C&C Welcome I have not unpacked my new light table yet so I had to make a make shift one..
  16. [O - H08] Asteroid Mining

    Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: civil --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 26 Julali 3815-- Grunt work today as there is nothing living or growing in this outer rim asteroid field. I guess that’s a good thing, after all the vacationing I’ve done lately but energy beam mining in space is no fun. I’ve got to run my jetpack thrusters to counteract the force of the Octan Corp. D-EB-Mk. 4’s energy flow. At least they sent me out here with some help. The mining drone is some impressive technology with fully computerized station-keeping thrusters (standard propellant, not awesomnium like my jetpack) and a vigorous beam drill. During coffee breaks, I’ve been admiring the view—it’s been a while since I’ve had a true exoatmospheric mission, Sindon’s Run is a beautiful collection of awesomnium-packed space rocks that would make a truly exciting space race. I wonder if Big Z could set up a course…. --End-- I took some LEGO time off, it was good to get back at it this weekend! C&C appreciated! Edit: Crap, I didn't get the rest of the title up there! Can the powers that be change it to read "[O - H08] Asteroid Mining" please?
  17. I didn´t like too much my first dumper so I began a new one. This one have different features, front and rear live axle, Ackerman steering and it will be pneumatic so that I will have much time until I can have the new pneumatics . Here you have some pics, I was trying new configurations over the arocs suspension, I hope you like it. Functionally as narrow as possible. Rear live axle with central arm to prevent lateral displacement. In black would be a nice tumbler . Front live axle with Ackerman steering. It has to be reinforced because it has 19 studs between wheels and I don´t know yet what I will use, small linear actuator, steering rack or worm gear. The frame is provisional just to put the wheels. In the end I wanted something like that in technic style. Tests with the suspension for the dumper based on the arocs suspension. Thank you.
  18. [M-A04] For Great Honor

    -MANTIS explore Spacer Steve is on the surface of Myderis gathering the waste awesomnium from the Pyrites. - -Just then the high whine of an Octan scooter fills the air. On it is an Octan official. - [spacer Steve] - Who exactly are you? [Percy] - Allow me tho introduce myself. My name is Percy and I am from the Octan peace and legal office. I am here to ask you and your MANTIS comrades to leave this planet peacfully. - [spacer Steve] - You are from Octan and you don't have any forces in the area to make me leave. [Percy] - Tee hee hee, I do have my Kawashita friend and he is very persuasive. He calls his Mech the Honor! - [Honor]- You will surrender or be taken for questioning and reprogramming. My Honor is bigger than yours! [spacer Steve] - MANTIS never surrenders! We fight until the end! - [Honor]- Just like pulling wings off a fly now be prepares to be squished like the bug you are. - [Percy]- Tee hee you should have surrendered. His honor is bigger than yours. [spacer Steve] Ha Ha! You should have never messed with us. [Honor] - Why is that? - [spacer Steve] - Because my associate Chogg just placed a gravity mine on your Honor! - [Honor /Percy] AHHHHHHHHHHH! LETS GET OUT OF HERE! - - [spacer Steve] - Chogg let them go and tell their leaders about their Honor. Lets get this Kawashita mech back to base for some reverse engineering. More views of the mechs. Exo suit for scale purpose. - - C&C welcome!
  19. [M-A04] MANTIS Mining Base

    Location: A04-Mynderis Tags: Building, Vehicle Job: Explorer My next assignment for M.A.N.T.I.S. was a hot one. They wanted me to get some lava samples from Mynderis for them to analyze. I wasn't too enthused by the idea, until I was told I would get to use the MES (Mini Exo-Suit), which was too good an offer to refuse. I took the samples next to a recently constructed Awesomnium mining base, which was in full swing. More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  20. Hi everybody! :) I'm new to the forum and wanted to share my latest MOC, and in doing so I hope to start a discussion on the set that I've designed and I'm sure that there will be some really interesting dialogue as a result of this. To get something out of the way (and quickly), this set is my very first Lego Idea and as of today it is live - please support it if you think it has merit as a potential Lego set! Monster Miner / Wheel Loader And now, some reflection on the process that led to this model and some thoughts about Lego in general! I'm almost 33 years old and have been mad about Lego for as long as I remember. I love to create things with Lego, and for about 25 years now it's always been Technic-style diggers and cranes, sometimes other construction vehicles, all with functioning gear trains and realistic movements. I'd say that this set I'm sharing here today is the culmination of between 25 and 30 years of Lego experimentation and prototyping. and I just feel that every aspect of this set has "clicked" (pardon the pun) and I'm so happy finally to be able to include a little bit of everything in one big, imposing set. My thinking on Lego today is that there are many sets which don't look very Lego-like (certainly in the MOC realm), and I'm confused by that. Why conceal the medium that makes Lego what it is? With this model I decided to embrace Lego as an educational childs toy (which is what it is, first and foremost), so instead of concealing all the studs and making this more of a replica and less of a toy, I have tried to retain the inherent Lego-ness and sturdy playability of the exterior whilst presenting an equally impressive and more grown-up sort of "model" that would appeal to teenagers and even adults. Basically, it's Lego city, Lego Technic, Lego Model Team etc. rolled into one. Whether that works or not... is up to everybody else! So what do you folks think? Must Lego sets be "niche" products if they are to succeed as merchandise, or is it possible to stretch things a little and cater for more than one market with just one set? To put it another way, I reckon this is the set that I wanted to find in the pages of the 1990s Lego catalogues, especially at the back, in the Model Team section. That's why I built it. Is it just me, or is there intrinsic appeal in this sort of set that straddles the fence delineating different Lego lines? Here are some more pics which may or may not influence your input!
  21. Open channel message #004 to Octan Corporation.. I have been working on a new mining mech wondering if I get a chance to try it out, until just a few minutes ago I got my marching orders to head over to another realm..., so I get to pack it up along with my core cutting vehicle and see if can find any Awesomnium. by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr by Meyerj, on Flickr SO for now I am finished building my mining equipment and pack up my lab and head out to another realm... and see what it has in store for me and my crew. Over and Out Mr. JS Smith.
  22. [O - H06] Lab Update #2

    Open channel message #003 to Octan Corpotarion. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I have been busy getting my engineering bay up to speed, connecting new power sources as well as purchasing some new Octan issue robots for the help. More juice by Meyerj, on Flickr here is one from a different angle.... Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Say "got juice" by Meyerj, on Flickr I have to admit that the mech suit is useful but I am inthe process of upgrading it for mining purposes. I have also been side tracked and manage to construct a mining core vechile for those hard to extract places.. Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr one more for the lab. Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr as you can see Dr. Long, Ponytail has been set in the new guidelines here in my bay... a crude but useful video Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- That is all for this week, I have been busy in my real job...sorry.
  23. [K-D10] The Hamilton Belt Mine

    Okay, I might've overdone it a little this week. The build consists of 2331 pieces and should be legal/stable (I've actually added a couple of "bearing pillars" behind the scenes, so it would make sense in real life. This is a continuation of Commander/Agent Beltar's build from earlier this week (which can be found here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109963), and it's actually implemented (almost in its entirety) in this one). I hope you like it! Tags: Building, Mining, Space, Kawashita, Engineer, Structure --//Transmission Begin. Date: 3105(38)15. Scramble code: kliuJHBGaow8a3rllvmMma.//-- Q's log: The Hamilton Belt Mining, 31 Maian 3815 I arrived at the asteriod which Agent Beltar discovered last week on D10, The Hamilton Belt. As Mister S noted, it is quite peculiar to find liquid Awsomnium on an asteroid like this. However, I do have a theory to why this is the case here. After doing some readings, I found that the whole asteroid is highly ferrous (Note to self: After Awsomnium mining is finished, consider asteroid for metal mining). Due to the high frequency, rotation of the asteriod, this result in creating a highly erratic magnetic field. Now, if the once solid Awsomnium deposits of the asteriod suddenly became liquid, such as through a high energy Gamma burst from a nearby star, the quickly shifting magnetic would probably be enough to infuse the Awsomnium with enough energy for it to stay liquid. Hmmm... The magnetic field would actually also explain Beltar's difficulty in reaching HQ, as it would scramble most of his transmissions. Very impressive of his robot, PauL, to withstand such a field... In all honesty, it almost seems like PauL has been able to withstand... *ehm*... "scrambling"... better than his owner. When we arrived, Beltar started shouting... actually, it's probably better if I include the actual recording: Q's log: Arrival at The Hamilton Belt, 29 Maian 2815. Audio recording. Beltar: "ARE YOU HERE? REALLY? OR ARE you just in my mind? Like the others?" Q: "I can assure you Agent, me and my crew is really here, and we're here to extract the deposits you found." B: "OH, YES! There's so much Awsomnium, you should really see it! Okay, bye." Q: "Yes, we will, that's why we're here... wait, are you going? Where? B: "Can't talk, must get off this rock. Been here 2 weeks. Bye. PauL, let's go!" PauL: "Yes sir." Recording end. Seriously, that guy hasn't had any real contacts with humans in weeks, he has this conversation, and then 10 minutes later, he is off? I hope he turns out okay, especially considering that he left most of his resources here. Also... what's up with his skin tone? Anyway, back to the matter at hand... The mining is going well, despite there being some... interesting abnormalities as a result of finding liquid Awsomnium on such a small asteroid. First of all there is the gravity. The Awsomnium doesn't stream and fall as much as just... floating in different directions. However, the effect is not as noticable as one might think - I estimate that the Awsomnium is still "falling" at a pace around 1/5 of Terra's gravity - once again a result of the asteroid's magnetic fields. Still, there is something oddly soothing about watching those slow-falling purple "water falls". In order to pump up the Awsomnium in the most efficient way, I've invented a pump type which I call "The Sweeper". Essentially, what it does is have a number of autonomous, semi-intelligent "arms", which home in on fast flowing Awsomnium currents, leading them to the "final resting place", and when that is swept up, back to the original well. At the moment, Awsomnium seems to be flowing from the core faster than we are able to sweep it up (again, the magnetic fields), but I have my crew out, making adjustments, in order to bolster the Sweeper's efficiency. There also seem to be some durability issues with the pipes due to the extremely high energy density of floating Awsomnium. Still, it's not outside the expected range. I expect that, when running at full capacity, we should be able to extract all Awsomnium from the asteroid within 2-3 weeks, generating 25-30 standard size tanks, which should be able to power our fleet for at least a couple of weeks. Operative Nu'q Learberg, out. --//Transmission End. Signature: Col. QL. Scramble code: kliuJHBGaow8a3rllvmMma.//-- More pictures and comments under the spoiler tag!
  24. Exploration log: M first assignment out of M.A.N.T.I.S training was to explore the uncharted Barker's Folly asteroid belt in search of awesomnium. Landing my Stalker craft next to a small depression I get out and begin the search on foot. At the beginning of the exploration of the depression I discover the remains of an old asteroid prospector holding a system map. He wont be needing that anymore. It might hold some useful information. I must be close. Starting to drill into the side of the depression. Eureka! I have struck a small vein of awesomnium! This Rock looks good for further processing by M.A.N.T.I.S top engineers. Setting up the signal beacon. An overall view of the build Off to explore the rest of the asteroid belt. I will analyze the system map back at M.A.N.T.I.S headquarters. For M.A.N.T.I.S! End Transmission:
  25. Another wheel loader , a small beast, 2 motors on board and room enough... look out what narrower it is...