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  1. Mindstorms EV3 Lamp

    Very nice lamp. It looks cool and works smoothly. Impressive. I'm very intrigued to see how you handled the deceleration as a function of distance. I know it is your IP but I have to ask: Is there any chance you could share the program? Anyways, congratulations. I thought the exact same thing.
  2. Smallest Air Compressor?

    If you are looking for a working air compressor, made with Technic Pneumatics 2.0, you should look in the Technic Forum.
  3. Hello. My first Technic set was the 9390 Tow Truck. It was 2012 and I star building alternate models for this set. I found it to be a very useful set of pieces. I managed to build 3 different models, all functional and (I think) good looking models. I released "instructions" in Rebrickable. What I did back then was to upload the LDD file. A week ago I decided to make instructions according to my new parameters. The models appear in a single PDF. You can fin the instructions in http://shop.dagupa.net/ What I want is to ask you guys is if you have any different alternate model that you want to share. I will give proper credit to the author and I will eliminate the watermark. Each model will have a cover page and information about its designer (name, nickname or web site). If you want your model to be included in this compilation, please share the LDD or LDraw file, I'll do the rest. Color scheme and render options will remain the same for all models. The idea is that anyone can publish the PDF with all the alternate models, including mine and yours. Also, I'd like to add custom instructions to the original A and B models, but I think It's not possible because of Copyright. It's all about making a tribute to a set the engaged me into the Technic System Models so far:
  4. This model would be a strong competitor on Lego Ideas. Even an official Technic set. I'll try to reverse engineering this beauty. Very good work.
  5. I finished the video and the instructions. Some Information: I used a string that is a little bit elastic. There are two types of knots that I tried for securing the chairs. Both perform different and if you are interested in building this, you may want to try both and see which one suits your setup best. I don't recommend to tight the string too much, but I think that depends on the kind of string you are using. I guess you'll have to experiment. BTW, this ski lift can be mounted on a flat surface, too. There are instructions for both assemblies: Flat and inclined ground. Instructions available at http://shop.dagupa.net I submitted the inventory to rebrickable today. Usually takes a couple of days for them to approve new MOCs That's all for now. I hope you enjoy this moc. I may try to build something bigger and fancier.
  6. I've never made a Lego boat mainly because I don't own any hull, but this mechanism is so cool that I'm going to build it. Maybe, I'll make my own hull.
  7. I don't know if it was intended, but I clearly see a face. A crazy face! Good work. Off course, It may just be Pareidolia
  8. Lego Tyre 81.6 x 36 R Bricklink id: x1825 This tire is actually important because the diameter and the “grips” are what keep the cable aligned. Also, this rubber has a greater coefficient of friction than the Lego motorcycle tyres. Lego Wheel 56 x 34 Bricklink id: 44772 or 15038 This is basically a standard rim. The return wheel (the one with no tire) is the same that you already have (Lego Motorcycle Wheel) Full inventory and instructions will be available in a couple of days on rebrickable.com I recommended this site, it’s very useful for Lego builders. You are welcome. I enjoyed building this. A little more complicated than I initially thought. It was fun, though.
  9. I've been working on this for a couple of days. I think a chairlift would be a nice addition to my Lego City, which is very small BTW. I come up with this prototype. It works fine and it's really simple and easy to build. I'll be posting instructions and photos of the real model sometime soon
  10. [EV3] GLaDOS

    That is a nice model. I like how you used the technic treads to make that "circle" part of the body. That would be really cool. The difficult part would be where to mount a "proximity sensor" without compromising the aesthetics of the creature. Hope someone does it.
  11. [MOC] Fully RC BENZ AROCS 4463

    It has always amazed me how people create this beautiful shapes with mostly square bricks. All I can do is to build a building, and you know, buildings are square. Congratulations, It looks very nice.
  12. Very nice concept car. No more concerns about over speeding on turns. Well... just friction.
  13. Hello. First at all, I'm not a Native English Speaker and this is a fairly technical discussion so I'm going to use a lot of pictures. Tension is the key in every ski lift so you have to deal with it. If you pay attention to the videos that you posted as examples they deal with this problem in very "convenient ways". This guy uses a string: This guy just made the entire structure like a "paper clip" around the wall: As I understood, you have two problems: 1. Your main towers collapse when tension is applied to the string. 2. The string slips around the plastic rim. I guess you are connecting the motor to one of those motorbike rims. Well, your towers seem very sturdy, so I assumed that when you say "collapse", you mean that they just "pop up" from the baseplate. If that is correct there are two things you can do to make them stay in place. 1. The obvious: Put more technic bricks that connect your tower to your baseplate. 2. Relieve some of the horizontal tension by placing diagonal beams between your tower and the baseplate. According to the pythagorean theorem you can use a 21 diagonal when your base and height are 15x15. The longer the structure, the more resistance to tension. You can also place a secondary tower that helps to "support" some of the vertical component of the force. Tension 1 and Tension 2 are the same, but the Secondary Tower helps with the force "down to the ground" that the cables exerts due to the level difference between the two stations. HUGE DISCLAIMER: I use Tension and Force like they are synonyms, they are not, but it helps to explain what's going on here. Now, About the string. If you don't what the string to slip, don't change the string, change the wheel. Note that in the videos they use tires, which are made from rubber. Rubber coefficient of friction is a much greater that the coefficient of plastic. You may want to use two wheels one above the other to keep the string in place. Again, I assumed you are connecting the motor to one of those wheels. There are other ways to transfer mechanical movement to the string but using a big horizontal wheel at the end is how many of the real Sky Lifts works. I hope this helps you
  14. I don't like the 42024 B-Model. It looks incomplete. The color scheme doesn't match anything I ever seen. The "blue level" (I don't know how it's called) is just boring, it's like a wall made of Technic Beams . That's why I made my own "C-Model" That's exactly what I was thinking: 42064 is a City Set made of technic panels. I wonder how a house made of technic panels would look like. HUMM!