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  1. As point out before, this helps to give the model a proper orientation. It usually helps people when there's a rotation in the building process, but it's not limited to that. In this specific model that is exactly the same shape until step 12, those red round plates and the red 1x2 plate help builders to focus the attention back to the model after coming back from "reading" the parts list. People can lose focus of the model when they are not concentrated or the instructions are far from the model or just because they unintentionally moved the model between steeps. Without these differences, builders would loose time wondering if the model is in the correct position. But, why those color? For all the reasons stated above. Managing inventory and production lines is a complex process: so many combinations and interactions. I even think (and this is my opinion) that TLG uses Heuristics instead of searching for an optimal solution. That means that the exact answer to your questions is only in the head of those who took the decision and that my answer is just a guess :)
  2. Hello, everyone I would like to present a micro model of Kylo Ren's Shuttle. I made two version using the pieces from Lego Set "The Mini Batwing" 30524. I got the idea from this Polybag And this is the result: It's a little model but it's my first Star Wars Ship. Thank you for your time. Instructions can be found here and the Inventory at Rebrickable
  3. Hello. Leave the LDXFloor=0 and the +UA, plus change the background colour to: background { color rgbft 1 } This usually works for me.
  4. Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    That's one big flaw. That's why in mine, I removed the laundromat from the main building and with the pieces from the second floor (I think is the exterior of the manager's office) I built a coffee shop. I kept the exterior of the bank itself, since I really like it. That's interesting. I have always seen the Detective's Office as a little cartoonish. While the Brick Back, to me, is a "serious" building.
  5. Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    I do like the Brick Bank. The inside is pretty simple but the exterior looks very good. I wonder why so many people dislike it. I like the Parisian Restaurant the most, but the Brick Bank is right next to it. I want to see some of the answers to your question.
  6. That is something that have amazed me, too. It's always Newton vs Leibniz. Until you realized they both arrived to the same destination through different paths. Enough about religion ;) I've been trying to make a 4x4 version of this set, but the CV Joints just don't work with the Steering Portal when the frontal suspension goes down or up over the range -10 to 10 degrees. Which is good for a racing car but totally worthless for an off-road vehicle.
  7. Thank you. The most difficult parts was to keep the original seat because it takes a lot of space. Thank you. The V2 Receiver managed to live up to the expectations. I used 8 rechargeable batteries to get about 9.4 volts. Thank you. I like this set a lot, too. I think it's weird that you can still get it with great discounts. I bought the last one a couple of month ago for US$30 at Walmart. Thank you for your kind words. I think so, too. It's a relatively cheap set and it comes with full suspension. It's not heavy and the box art begs for a motor.
  8. Gigantic Christmas Village

    This looks really beautiful. Great level of details and very nice color scheme. Congratulations. It seems that you put a great amount of effort into this village.
  9. Hello. I'd like to present my latest Technic project. This a modification of Lego set 42037 Formula Off-Roader. The goal was to build a motorized version without loosing the feeling of the original. Because of that, my main constraint was to keep the seat, since that seems to be the preferred place to put some of the Power Functions components. I decided to change the motor for a V6 version because it's shorter and it allowed me to place the servo under it while keeping the original ground clearance. The model requires 561 parts, including Power Functions. The Lego set and the Modification share about 75% of the parts. I upload the building instructions and inventory to Rebrickable, in case someone want to give this a try. You can download the instructions from dagupa.net UPDATE: Axle was missing from rear wheels. Now fixed. Uploaded 21/12/2017 Pieces added: 2x Technic Axel #3 and 4 CV Joints I'm happy with the final product. I think it looks like a deluxe version of the original. It also performs well. In the video I used a V2 receiver and 8 rechargeable batteries. Thank you for your time. Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. UPDATE: Axle was missing from rear wheels. Now fixed. Uploaded 21/12/2017 Pieces added: 2x Technic Axel #3 and 4 CV Joints
  10. I hope to see some pictures. Did you change the color scheme to fit your village?
  11. I really want to see a video of this robot drawing some math formulas. This is a great way to get kids into trigonometry. I use a very simple robot to teach my nephew about distances, coordinates and angles, but drawing functions sounds very cool. I saw the video of this robot with those custom metallic wheels and it moves very smoothly. I want to see how these Lego wheels perform. Congratulations on your creation.
  12. This is some serious work. I've been watching the Test Video over and over. I'm sure this is far beyond my skills but I'll give it a try. I will build it and someday I will finish it <jeje>. I don't have enough pieces for the structure so I guess I'll have to place the robot over some books or something. I, also, saw the video with the whole setup: train, robot, station, etc. and it's very impressive. Congratulations. You, and the rest of the team (I'm not sure but I guess there's a team) are very skilled Lego Builders. I'm sure at least a couple of kids will decide to be engineers thanks to your creation. And the world will thank you.
  13. That is a job done. Nice tank. Two question: Does the EV3 control the fold/unfold function or you use the Remote Control? How do you power 6 motors with one EV3?
  14. I found a solution to the problem of rendering a subset of frames inside out of a larger animation. I post it here in case anyone have the same problem. As @mocbuild101 pointed out the problem with my animation accelerating for no reason around 00:04 was due to a glitch. https://bricksafe.com/files/dagupa/others/ebvarias/BrickbankFirstAttemp.mp4 After many attempts and a quick search, I found out the exact problem. It was the recovery code. I did the animation with a simple code: Initial_Frame=1 Final_Frame=360 PovRay exports each frame with a file name and a number. Example brickbank00001.png;brickbank00002.png;brickbank00003.png(...) If the program crashes, there is a script that reads the last file written and takes the number from that name. It stores the number as a variable "LastFrame" and starts the process from that frame Initial_Frame=LastFrame Final_Frame=360 Well, it turns out that this is NOT the way to restart the rendering process. What PovRay does is to divide 1 by 360 and then you have 360 different values in the internal variable called "clock" which is the variable that I used to move the camera position 1 degree at a time. So: Initial_Frame=1 Final_Frame=360 is not the same as: Initial_Frame= LastFrame Final_Frame=360 In the first code you have a "clock" variable that increases 1/360 at a time. In the "recovery code" the "clock" variable increases LastFrame/360. In my case the program crashed around frame 172, so in the new process each frame changed 172/360 at a time. That's the reason why the first subset of renders looks different to the second subset: The camera rotates at different speeds. It turns out that the solution is very easy. A simple google search point to the solution: If you wish to render a subset of frames such as 172 through 360 out of a 1 to 360 animation, you should not change Initial_Frame or Final_Frame. Instead you should use the subset commands. Subset_Start_Frame=172 Subset_End_Frame=360 It took me almost a week to figure this out, not because of the complexity of the problem, but because each animation took 110 hours to render. @mocbuild101 I managed to remove 300 pieces and saved a couple of hours. It's not easy to identify internal bricks that are not seen in a 360-degree animation when the model has so many windows. @rolandI tried your LDCad. It's a very useful tool. Too bad there's no Mac version. Thanks for all the advices. I hope someone finds this useful.