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  1. It's not too bad in my experience. Agreed, but they are endlessly customizable. I do hope so. Fair enough.
  2. Just use an old phone as the remote!
  3. There is a tab in the top right corner that says play / create. Click on the create part, than click the big plus symbol to create a project.
  4. PoweredUp is the official software, but there is also BrickController2 if you prefer a physical controller.
  5. It's not great at testing technic from my experience.
  6. You could try using a gear next to the winch reel and driving that with the wormgear.
  7. Wow this is good! (Or I'm a sucker for PU stuff. ) I was surprised at how narrow the driveline is. Echoed.
  8. Just have look here: https://rebrickable.com/parts/53992/technic-tread-large-36-links/0/#mocs There are all sorts of triangle track sections there.
  9. These are the smallest drift cars I know of, sorry. Note for the edit. Have a look at this one it uses no CV joints but I haven't built it yet.
  10. axle collection thread have a look at this this and this