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  1. I've been waiting to comment until I had time to read the story--and now I'm quite curious as to what happens next! And I enjoyed the humor. As for the build--what gorgeous lighting! Between you and Henjin, I think I need to take a second look at my lattice windows. I also really like the variety of patterns you've got here, on the floor, on the walls--the thin arches with macaroni tiles are especially good. Great furniture too, enough to be really interesting but without cluttering the room up, leaving it with a really grand atmosphere. And you already know from Flickr that I love your choice of colors on the vine! Clever use of the long blade pieces for hangings, too.
  2. Some really great curves on that boat - and a great rock arch too. Love the white stripe over the boat edge especially!
  3. Kai NRG

    [MOC] The streets of Barqa

    This turned out really nice, very immersive and with a great warm feeling. As I said on Flickr, love the floor, but also nice variety of muted colors and textures on the buildings, helps the details like the carrots and red mat and so forth to stand out.
  4. Wow, that's pretty neat. Also creepy how the Oleonese are everywhere...
  5. Kai NRG

    Free Build: Petraean Alley

    The mirror is brilliant, makes this look way bigger than it is! Nice variety of colors without being overwhelming in such a small footprint too.
  6. Kai NRG

    Of Dragons and Druids, Ch. 4: The Apprentice

    Your interior scenes are always realistically lit and this is no exception, I love the way the light sparkles in the windows and floods the floor! The story was great too, and I really like how many bits of things you've got going on in the scene without it looking cluttered at all--the high wall and rafters give it such a good balance. Great door design too, and I'm very impressed that you built a whole dragon, I'd just have done the head and tip of a wing if I were doing a scene like this. Definitely want to see some pictures!
  7. They seem to have corrected the extra tags? No idea who it is though. Please, reveal yourself.
  8. Blue is more important. No really, it actually is the more important Kali color (IMHO) because we share red with Nocty. Also I think if you really were trying to make purple you probably should put more blue in than red.
  9. Kai NRG

    [COR - ChIVB] Nola Mar Priory

    The combination of greens and tans creates a great peaceful atmosphere, and you continue to kill it with these multi layered buildings! I love the rounded roof style you've used on this one, and the wand use is perfect!
  10. I love your bird here, they're so cute! Great work on the mill too, especially the round windows you built into the roof.
  11. Kai NRG

    [OL - CH IV - CAT B] Faith on the water

    This is a really clean build, great job with the siding on the house especially!
  12. Kai NRG

    [ESL - Ch IV - Cat A] Priorities!

    Really neat floor pattern here, and the repair work brings some nice activity to the scene too!
  13. The unwritten rules on right vs. left flags? My life cannot handle this level of complication...
  14. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XVChapter XVIChapter XVIIChapter XVIII Chapter XIV (you are here) When news of Edward Argentum’s untimely demise reached Corrington it immediately worked its way into a nursery rhyme: Rock a-bye baby, Safe in your crib, Captain Argentum can’t get you; He’s dead! Okay, so I obviously was having way too much fun with these "reaction" builds. I enjoyed trying a new floor pattern out. My limited quantity of gold grill tiles made the footprint of this vignette fairly small, but I still was ambitious enough to get an all LEGO shot out of it. I'm making up for burning the Corry flag a couple builds ago by having a micro version on the wall here. I hope you're still enjoying the Captain's story, it is drawing gradually to a close, I promise. C&C welcome!
  15. Kai NRG

    How Eslandola Took the News

    Thanks Ayrlego! Yes, that happened quite a while ago and I still haven't rescued him...