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  1. Somehow I had missed Evancelt's semaphore so I thought this was new to BoBS--in any case, it's a fun bit of technology to see make its way into our world. Lovely job on the rest of the build, I particularly like the small amount of light grey at the bottom of the house, and the way you kept the green plates on the SNOT sections of the base on either side but away from the center.
  2. Kai NRG

    Port Wilks Waterwheel

    It's a lovely waterwheel, the dark blue roof is of course top notch and it does go super well with the autumn leaves. Great stonework and rockwork too, the only thing I wish is that the pictures weren't quite so blue.
  3. Kai NRG

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Varlyrian Temple

    The vibrant colors you've used really make this build stand out, all the blues are great and I especially enjoy seeing some coral tucked away in there. I have a bunch of coral tiles myself and they're weighing heavy on my conscience, I feel like I really should use them! The underground interiors are also great!
  4. Kai NRG

    CDC2 CMF Kai NRG

    Thanks everyone! Glad to hear several of you mention the edit, it's one of the more challenging edits I've tackled! Thank you! I loved coming up with the little accessories for these figs (I enjoy that more than the actual figbarfing), in fact some of them are little table scraps I've had around for a long time! Thanks Captain! Yes, some illegal techniques... but no sticky putty!! Thank you! The astrologist is one of my favorites too, I really love that hairpiece. Thanks Aurore! The goo mummy was fun, one of my first ideas as I really wanted to finally get some use out of those trans-lime parts. There's actually a complex rig behind him holding up a pair of horns under his hat and behind his head, but sadly my angle was too high for those to be visible and I didn't notice until editing time. Thank you! I have to disclaim credit for that, I borrowed it from another builder although sadly I cannot find it again now! Thanks Eyrezer! Yes, that's the outfit from Unagami (from the video game wave). This kind of figure was my first thought when I got that minifigure! I also loved getting to exploit the tiny hole in the cape by sticking a plume in it.
  5. Oh I see, so you literally used the painting, that's really cool! I was thinking maybe you'd digitally edited it in or pulled it up on a monitor and stuck that behind your build... I'm such a millennial.
  6. Kai NRG

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    Really neat to see how many very unique series are coming out of this challenge! Your lion merchant, tzarina, winged hussar, and grail knight are my favorites here, great use of that tiny cape on the knight's helmet, the hands on the crowbars are so cool, and I never would have thought a tire and a grown would make such a good headpiece! Also neat to see the 2x2 round tile keep appearing throughout the series.
  7. Amazing sculpting, the wings... perfect protective curl. Incredible work getting them to look feathery and fluffy and the head is also top notch (except maybe from straight on... if it had been me I would have taken all the shots from at least a slight angle). I'm running out of adjectives to express how impressed I am by the moonbird, it's breathtakingly lovely and from the little I've tried to build this kind of thing I know how difficult it can be! Also a great layout with the curving stairs. And the pictures with a background are so good--if that's an edit it's super impressive, or did you shoot against a screen? This is totally worthy of the "ancient wonder" category, so glad you stuck with it, it turned out fantastic.
  8. Kai NRG

    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    One thing I love about this challenge is getting to see so many torsos I'm not familiar with! The chronomage, for instance, a really cool torso and a great combo. Also love the assassin and the water-bearer. You've got quite a nice amount of those movable short legs too, I only have one.
  9. This is a fun sight to see in BoBS, great little castle and a cool concept.
  10. Kai NRG

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    The baby wizard!! So good! The goats are hilarious too. Very fun series, I love the fairy, the elven seamstress, and the painter. Oh, and the sculptor too, a really neat idea. Gotta mention the pumpkin pie man too and his secret ingredient!
  11. Kai NRG

    Tulips in the Garden

    A good laugh once again. Oh, and I love the olive facade. It makes me suddenly wonder why I haven't built an olive house before. Probably because I don't have enough pieces... but I will have to check.
  12. Kai NRG

    CDC2 CMF soccerkid6

    Several great ideas and unique combinations, the way the goblin fisherman's lobster is the same color as his skin is really neat! The back of the shirt that you used for the confectioner is perfect, I'd never noticed how well that torso does backwards before! The warrior wraith, elderly lady, and mercenary commander are also favorites of mine.
  13. Kai NRG

    CDC2 CMF Kai NRG

    Avalonia Fishmaid "Who wants feet? I'd give my hair for a pair of hands though, you bet." The Mystic Isles of Avalonia are home to many an unusual creature, including the fishmaids. They're said to tend beautiful sea gardens deep in labyrinths no human could survive in. Other people claim that they spend most of their time sunbathing. Forestman "Deer haunch or rabbit stew? Who am I kidding, I'm too soft-hearted to do anything but hug trees." The forestman is always dreaming of bringing down big game, but he's never yet been able to shoot at anything with eyes. Someday he plans on going to Nocturnus to hunt monsters or some violent creature he can feel good about killing. Farm Boy "From peep to pot, I love my chickens!" The farm boy is rustic and dirty, but he loves seeing the cycle of the seasons on the farm. He's tender as possible to the little critters, but it's true that he also likes to see them again, tender as possible, on his dinner table. Brownie "The stupid humans still think it's the rabbits who get into their gardens. Ha!hahhaha!" The wee brown men of Avalonia carry off loads of garden produce every year... but in return, they sneak into human houses and mysteriously do the chores. Kaliphlin Astrologist "Sir, I have to tell you that your destiny is a most unique one. Unparalleled heights await you if you continue on your journey. --That will be two hundred gold denars." The astrologist loves to stare at the stars and try to understand their orbits with complex mathematical formulas. But no one pays him for stargazing, so he's also learned how to give great noncommittal advice. Warrior "Do you call that a weapon? My grandmother's kitchen knives were sharper than that." Now that the Queen has come to power, the warrior is getting tired of life. He's got nothing to do but coach kids who've never known what it was to charge into battle under the blazing Kaliphlinian sun with fifty pounds of armor on and life on the line. Oh for the good old days of the Kali Civil War! Desert Mummy "Oooozzz, gooooo, blop!" The slimy desert mummy is the last thing you want to see on a trip into the Siccus Badlands. His bright green goop will dissolve you from the outside in! Mitgardia Dragon Trainer "Dragons are quite a handful... the more they bite off, the more they chew!" The dragon trainer loves his dragons, but foraging enough food for them in the tough Mitgardian tundra can be quite a chore. But wherever you go, his dragons are known for their tame obedience to their owners and their dreadful ferocity to their foes! Viking "If I find you snitching cookies one more time, kiddos, you'll find out that this spike isn't just for looks!" The viking is ready for anything, from a terrible toddler to a runaway chicken to a drow invasion. With her spiked nunchuck in hand, nothing scares her on the farm or off it. Algus Fighter "Seems like the more heads you chop off, the more heads they grow!" The Algus fighter lives for the joy of hearing his axe bite into crunchy ice. He'll never let his homeland be overrun by those monsters. And he'll also never let his moustache go untrimmed. Nocturnus Four Armed Monster "No... please don't run... I won't hurt you! Snap, there goes dinner. Again." The four armed monster either has a rough sense of humor or a tremendous appetite. Most people don't stick around long enough to find out! Pottery Merchant "Only the finest clays... what's that? Queen Ylspeth's advisor? Let me guess, you're not here for the pottery..." The pottery merchant uses her trade to cover a far more delicate business. She roams every corner of the guilds, gathering news and scandal from high and low and selling it whenever she can make a profit. Wannabe Magician "Oh boy.... I'm really looking forward to regretting this." The wannabe magician knows less about mushrooms than your average cook, but that doesn't stop him from seeing how they combine with other rare plants. So far, he's only burnt down his mother's hut twice and the chicken coop three times. Oh, and he poisoned the well, which killed all the sheep... Varlyrio Chef "Tis food, tis food, that makes the world go round." Even suspicious, backstabbing Varlyrians need the chef's services. Some of the most suspicious claim that he's sometimes looked the other way with that innocent face when servants dump suspicious ingredients into his sauces, but except for the one or two people who haven't survived his meals, everyone agrees that they're delicious! Courtier "If I could venture a remark, I would remind my lord that with his great wealth, he can well afford to be comfortable." The courtier is an expert at saying whatever you want to hear in the smoothest possible voice. In return, all he asks for is a comfortable meal, a comfortable chair, and a comfortable bed. Noble "Double-cross me, and you'll wish you'd nailed yourself into a coffin instead." Nothing scares the noble's enemies worse than his minefield of a smile. Whenever his hair is just right and his smirk is at its handsomest, you know that trouble is brewing. There we are, all 16. I don't know how Avalonia got an extra one, it just worked out that way. Here's a repetition of the group shot: This series is @soccerkid6 's fault... I had no intention of building minifigures until he mentioned that he was having fun with some (by the way, I hope there's a series coming there!). As you can see, I was too lazy to try to get all my minifigures to stand up at the same time, so I edited them into a group shot instead and had a lot of fun styling it like the official series. Some of these figs are still lying around, maybe they'll make their way into a build or two. C&C welcome, can't wait to hear which ones are your favorites!
  14. The multi-colored baseplates are a great touch to set your series apart! The ice miner and monkey trainer are both great ideas, really neat bone throne, and is that an iron made out of a flipper? Ingenious! And the lumberjack... boy I wish official CMFs would come with trees!