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  1. This is a really neat little ship - like all yours, looks like it'd be a lot of fun to play with! Great job with the green and black diagonal on the stern!
  2. Swordsmanship Practice

    Thanks Professor Thaum! I really love that table design myself! Thank you! Thanks Legostone! Thanks Capt Wolf! I found the fig posing pretty difficult without studs to stick 'em to! Thanks Garmdon! Yeah, the size of those curves makes the entire room a little big! Thank you! Feel free to borrow as much as you like! The chandelier is my own, though this isn't the first time I've used a wheel for a chandelier, but the table is a copy of one by @Jacob Nion - I built it from memory though, and I'm sure it's a little different than the original! Thank you!
  3. A new small educational facility in Weelond!
  4. Treasure! The word had been magical; at the call of adventure and intrigue and a pile of shiny gold doubloons Guy K. Wyndzon had left his Secretary-of-State-ship, his head-of-the-MCTC-ship, and all other -ships which he possessed. Besides, he was tired of the routine of urban life, tired of the tightrope of political strife - ready to strike out a new path. Hard work, certainly, he expected. Visions of himself hacking through underbrush, whacking at mosquitoes and wiping off beads of sweat haunted his daydreams. But reality turned out to be worse. Because, as Guy discovered all too soon, in these days of civilization, you can't just go on a treasure hunt. First, you must receive a treasure-hunter's license; to do this, you must pass a treasure-hunting course, which requires special training in swordsmanship and the use of firearms; there's also a subsidiary course on how to best dig a hole while doing the least possible danger to the environment. Then you must apply specifically for a license to treasure hunt in some particular area. Fortunately, if you don't know exactly where you intend to hunt, there exists a blanket organization which, for a moderate fee, handles the paperwork between you and the several regional departments of the interior and exterior, except for a few recalcitrant departments that insist on doing things their own individual way - to which departments, of course, you must apply separately. In order for your expedition to be approved, you must provide a detailed expedition plan which includes exactly the quantity of provisions you intend to take, the members of your expedition and their former employments, port of departure, intended port of return, date of departure, estimated date of return, and a list of five people to contact in case of emergency. Some departments also require a list of arms and equipment. Besides all that, you and anyone accompanying you have to pass a background check and a medical check. At one time there was a bill in agitation that would have required a would-be treasure hunter to leave in security an amount sufficient to cover the tax on the amount of treasure a qualified (and commission-earning) official expected the hunter might be able to make. But this was thought too stringent. As for Guy, he's still stuck on the swordsmanship part. At Uncle's instigation, he applied for lessons to a former naval officer (suspicions abound as to whether he retired or was cashiered). Whatever else may be said about the officer, he certainly knows his business! Guy studied on in his spare time between red tape, and slowly - quite slowly - improved. His instructor is a master at the craft, and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Outside of lesson hours, Guy often comes and practices on his own. The naval officer also has a shooting gallery in another part of the building (a partially refurbished warehouse, by the way). In fact, he allows the best shots to practice on the shield. Guy isn't among them. Guy's Uncle has been a tower of strength to him in these difficult days of paperwork and lessons. So when Guy heard that his Uncle was "just going" flower-hunting on Celestia, well, he was outraged. ----------------------------- Just a little build to explain why Guy's treasure hunt has been taking so long! Unfortunately he probably won't be done with his paperwork too soon, because I've got a busy schedule including time away from my bricks ahead of me, but hopefully the story will be make up for the wait when it comes along! A few more pictures: If you'd like to get a glimpse behind the scenes you can do so on my blog! Thank you for looking! C&C welcome!
  5. The Wonders of Celestia

    This is great Elostiron, fantastic job on the mountainous terrain, not to mention the staircase and all the flora! The use of grey ingots for the platform on top is perfect, and the winged statue is a really neat idea! Glad to hear you're going to keep exploring, I hope that means more MOCs like this!
  6. I almost mentioned that, actually...
  7. Unintentional Exploring

    Nice job on the rockwork, I really like the cave and arch formations! The light blue flowers add a nice touch of color too.
  8. The hall atmosphere instantly lightened. It seemed everyone breathed easier without that potentially snoopy spy from their uptight neighbors in red. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  9. Doing it Right (Ch. I Cat A)

    Thank you! It does look like a really pretty place to live, but I imagine the mosquitoes are bad in summer!
  10. I would be glad to see my Celestia quartet at the ball! If you can make 'em, please let me know asap and I'll try to build a little something explaining how they got from Celestia to King's Harbour. Uncle would be glad to catch the ear of anyone at the ball interested in paying a ridiculous amount for a large flower. Feel free to give those who need it a slightly more formal outfit. Also it's not all or nothing; if you can just build one or two that's fine! The quartet:
  11. Imagine what an inconvenience instantaneousity would have been back in the age of sail... even the WTC could have called you out...
  12. [Cocovia Wagonway] Majestic Gulch

    You have a point...
  13. I'm with Garmadon - that roof! I love the detail of the whole process too, you can sure tell you put a lot of love into this MOC! The stone pathway looks great too, and Sir Dee looks to be quite in his element!