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  1. [COR-FB] Quinnsville Cannon Foundry

    Great cannon foundry, Spud - you did a great job with the details which is definitely the name of the game on a MOC like this! I really like that cannon design too, and showing the parts being painted red takes it to another level!
  2. [COR-FB-Class 4 Ship] Brig, "Puffin"

    This is a really nice ship, great job with the smooth curves of the hull, not to mention the sails! Great colors too, which considering that I am Eslandian is high praise!
  3. [TSotEP] 11 - Sea Monsters Behind This Point

    The sea monsters are so cute! Great ship too, have we seen her before? Really pretty colorscheme anyhow!
  4. [MTF] Mad Hat Crabs rocking Bardo

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Love the float!
  5. Very humorous, love the hole in the sail and the disappearance of the horse too!
  6. [MTF] Mesabi Landing's Got Talent

    This is an excellent little vig, and of course I love your use of the crablandians!! Great use of printed pieces to add some detail. And the choice of colors is perfect!
  7. Fantastic job on the water and of course the whole thing is really humorous. Especially the umbrella.
  8. [ESL-FB] Fun With Flags!

    What a great collection of flags! The colored windows look really nice too. But if that is Guy, I'll have to take him to task for paying so little attention!
  9. [MTF] Bardo or Bust

    A couple of great vigs, I really like the travelling carriage - excellent choice of color! And the pavilion is awesome, very ornate!
  10. Okay, okay, fine. You Avalonians are... green. (Classic callback to a LEGO movie right there... )
  11. Of course not. You tree-huggers always see your guild through a veil of dripping wet leaves. It doesn't look the same from there.
  12. Definitely a cool building. The black looks great!
  13. [ESL-FB] Pontelli Pet Panic

    And I just now realized what it actually is. That is great!
  14. Avalonia is not the coolest guild. 'Nough said.
  15. [ESL-FB] Pontelli Pet Panic

    Great job Captain, very nice houses here and such a nice collection of nets! I really like the roof on that dark flesh house for some reason...