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  1. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Speak for yourself! The Desert King is no King of mine!
  2. I think it's faster to just double click the poster picture without posting & editing. [Edit: the picture, not the poster.]
  3. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Two words: Join Kaliphlin. Nah, seriously, join whichever one inspires you most! What gets your creative juices flowing more - a snowy, rugged, pioneer outpost or a rich, sultry, luxurious desert city? But actually, within both guilds there's plenty of room for differences (for instance, Kaliphlin has large sections of swamps, desert, and mountains, besides bordering Avalonia's forests), and you can always have your character visit a different guild, so you might actually want to look more at which colors/storyline you like best, rather than what kind of landscape. But Mitgardia and Kaliphlin are both awesome, so you'll be sure to make a good choice whichever one you go with.
  4. Recently they've been having more (I'm not quite sure which series have how many, actually) so I guess Ecc decided to jump on the bandwagon!
  5. Well, someone got a little carried away! Two full series of Corrington minifigures and a bonus figure? Impressed that you managed to stick with all Cs! Some great characters - I particularly like the Courier (so much cooler than mine!), the chandelier maker (such a great small chandelier!), and the cheesemonger, but the cannon maker, croquet champion, chocolatier, and copper smith are really great concepts and well executed! In fact, I could go on listing great minifigures from these series for a while! I also really enjoyed most of the quotes!
  6. Yep, that would totally count!
  7. Yeah, free builds can basically be anything, as long as they fit in the Historica time period/lore/theme! I'm not sure I quite understand this question... I mean, you aren't technically entering these builds - they won't have any bearing on this contest - all you have to do is post them in their own topics and voila you've made five free builds and established your status as a GoHer. Afterwards you can list them in the registration topic, although that's not so critical (it seems to have become rather obsolete! - the deadline was last May...). The important part is that they're posted in this subforum. So if you happen to have a build from a long time ago that you made for Historica but never posted before, you're welcome to post it now!
  8. I don't think your minifigure entry from last time would count, since it says free builds and that would have been for a challenge. Generally speaking, a free build can be any size. I think five decent quality vigs between 8x8-20x20 would do fine, if you want to put all that extra effort into being able to get an entry in. Why not take five of your minifigures and build them some scenes? I'm sure you can use some bricks/brick built figures provided it doesn't get much larger than what you'd see in an official TLG series.
  9. [POLL] WTC Elites

    Brown is good. The other colors make the uniform too much like pajamas. Is it old brown? Or dark brown? I think dark brown would be really cool, but might be hard to find in quantity. From the picture, it doesn't quite look like normal reddish brown.
  10. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    Really pretty build, the translucent parts are very effective. Beautiful waterfall, and I love the use of lime green and tan for the treehouse itself! So much brilliantly creative flora too. Definitely lots to admire... I really like the way you've done the rockwork, great approach. I'll admit that the front tree doesn't quite convince me, going practically straight up with a few protruding branches and just tapering off at the end. A Y on top might have been more believable. But then, the curves on the boughs of the other tree are fantastic! On the whole, this MOC is a pleasure to behold!
  11. BoBS CMF - Series 5

    You too? I find female characters incredibly complicated in LEGO as well! I think it's in part that the facial expressions (at least the ones I have) are all either happy, screaming, or furious. It's much harder to find a female face that really conveys some sort of specific character idea than it is to find a male one. Good point about the white arms helping. At the time of editing the picture I was just thinking about how terrible a white and black combo is to photograph. Thank you!
  12. Great choice of color with the pastel yellow! An excellent build as a whole, I'm definitely looking forward to more of Jameston!
  13. BoBS CMF - Serie 7

    Great work Faladrin! I really like the carpenter minifigure, the Eslandian scholar, and that lady pirate looks ferocious!
  14. BoBS CMF - Series 5

    Thank you Captain Dee! about the pick! Yes, a bit of caution is definitely in order!
  15. Well they look like cannons. A brown pistol might look like a bowsprit, or whatever color the other mast is.