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  1. [COR - Aug FB] Leaving Nova Malto

    Well, someone's a little sore at getting turned out of their land-grabbing philanthropic efforts, aren't they? Kidding aside, very nice build. Really like the incline, great way to keep the whole layout visible from one shot. And an impressive lot of troops! The Corries will win the beauty parade contest, I'll give them that. I find it interesting that just about all your troops are stepping on a stone with one foot. That must be painful.
  2. Last I checked, we're a ways away from April Fools... That's really interesting though. Wonder how it happened.
  3. Gin House, New Haven

    Really nice build, great classic low-texture style. The colors work well too! And I really like the layout under the arch with two windows on either side of the door! And a pig...
  4. Al Easterbroke? Oh, I remember that name... but not much else. I believe it just kind of fizzled out. We definitely have been sadly disorganized with regards to making things easy to catch up on...
  5. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Neat build Titus, the dark green water looks good here, and I also really like the bits of red in with the vegetation. And the use of microfigs under the tudor is great! So are those angled poles with the new clip pieces!
  6. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    You Corries are clock crazy... but it's made for some cool builds! I really like how you've made so many designs for the inside of the shop! Nice facade as well!
  7. Welcome back NM! As LJ says, things have been rather quiet in Kaliphlin particularly. I think he hit the main points of what's going on right now - we've just seen the wrap-up of the Book 2 Story arc, so this is a great time to get back involved! The biggest thing for Kaliphlin since 2015 was the Kaliphlin Challenge, where we were split into three groups between the High Council (status quo), Ulandus (a new island to the south, which totally lost the war, so is pretty much consigned to oblivion I think - though, actually, we did about as well as the High Council in the challenge, but we aren't interested in Ulandus per se, we're just against the Desert King, so Ulandus and the High Council have basically merged as the High Council), and the Desert King (who pretty much won, but does not have grassroots support from actual Kaliphlin guild members - i.e., I'm totally against the DK! ). After the challenge a few Kaliphlin member got together and did a collab showing continued resistance to the Desert King, and the union of Ulandus and the High Council. So right now Kaliphlin is sort of in a post-war state with the Desert King trying to keep the hold he won and the High Council still resisting him to a degree. But both sides got a little derailed with Challenge V (the final challenge) which took place in Nocturnus. I didn't quite get it straight as to which side the Desert King was supporting. I support the opposite one, anyhow. The Desert King, by the way, is a resuscitated mummy. Very Nocturnian-esque. Not my idea of Kaliphlin. If you want to see some of the best builds (not just since 2015, but since the beginning) I compiled a few posters a while ago.
  8. Another really good build in this style from you Ayrlego, I particularly like the 2x1s over the windows! Very pretty tree too, great combination of colors!
  9. Sea Haven

    Blufiji strikes again! Great build, the water is really cool, and the lime and olive greens work really nicely for rock-clinging vegetation. The trees look really good too, and excellent job on the dark to light grey rockwork! I feel though like the roofs of the houses should be a little steeper, since the impression I'm getting is a rather cold winter climate (snow needs to slide off the roof). But great work nonetheless!
  10. Whiffo Dock

    Very nice little build Garmadon, great idea with the sword sticking into the dock! Captain Whiffo is pretty humorous also!
  11. As others have said, the road here is really good! Effective use of parts on the building too!
  12. Those are both really cool, Khorne! The one on the right kinda looks like a Sea Rat to me.
  13. Wheel Spoke Factory

    Thanks Professor! Getting a roof like this to fit perfectly on an A frame is not too easy, so I decided to avoid that problem altogether. Neither am I! I have a feeling it would need some tweaking at the very least. Thank you though! Glad you noticed the uneven floor tiles. Those were fun to do! Thanks Ayrlego! Thanks SilentWolf! Thank you! I was initially going to try to do a complete wheel factory, but then researching it, I realized that it was more an artisan sort of job... but I still wanted to get wheels in there somehow.
  14. Micro Shipyard

    Thanks Bregir! Yes, more ribs would be great, but I couldn't see a way to stick them on either.