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  1. Kai NRG

    Ye Olde Time Bakery Shoppe

    Thanks Count! Had to build another wall for it.
  2. Lovely colors and textures in this build, I really like how you tied the yellow in with the leaves and the front house!
  3. Kai NRG

    [SR - FB]Scandal in Mesabi Landing

    This is very funny, several great techniques for spilled milk too! Great job with the ruined look of the shack too.
  4. Kai NRG

    [SR - FB] Silversmith

    This is really lovely, dark tan is a great choice for the color and the old style windows look so good here. Love the silver dishes too. Great little build!
  5. Kai NRG

    [OL-FB] HRS Phoebe

    Massive and super cool ship, beautiful curves! Great choice of colors too.
  6. Kai NRG

    Ye Olde Time Bakery Shoppe

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. Kai NRG

    [COR FB] Spice Market, Jameston

    A great variety of colors in your vegetables here, nice minifigure activity going on too!
  8. Those white hats are pretty nice! Where are they from?
  9. Esterhazy de Troir stood up from the MCTC bench. "There's a lot to be said against Oleon's behavior, but let's remember that it's not our business as a government to spank them when they get out of line. As individuals, we're all ready and willing to help our oppressed friends in Terraversa, but taking steps against Oleon as a nation is a grave matter that must be discussed calmly. We applaud our fellow Eslandians who have already taken steps for relief of the wounded, and even sending mercenaries to help Terraversa is a decision we are happy to leave to each Eslandian, but becoming involved as a nation is a huge responsibility. "And in the heat of the moment, let's be sure not to take short-term measures for success that will prove to be long-term disasters. As Lord Damaximus is thinking--" ("How do you know what Lord Damaximus is thinking?" Chef Jalape hissed. "Super futuristic technology that I don't have time to explain right now," Esterhazy said.) "--as Lord Damaximus is thinking, seizing Oleon property that was acquired within our borders in good faith, is an act that may benefit us in the short run, but in the long run could do irreparable damage to our public image."
  10. I really like the bright colors here, also nice bay window! Great idea to add some flowers and vines too.
  11. Esterhazy de Troir and Chef Jalape from the MCTC delegation enter the hall in deep debate. Everyone thinks they're discussing the situation in Terraversa, but actually they're saying, "Hang the calories, everything tastes better fried!" and "But you have high cholesterol, you'll end up dying of a heart attack--mark my words!"
  12. That waterfall is really getting to me. Why have I never built a waterfall into a mansion before? Must not be smart enough... I also like the subtle off grid of the 2x2 jumpers, and nice use of those large stickered pieces too!
  13. Kai NRG

    [OL-FB] Large Wooden Fort in Tarlor

    Another great fort, this one has some really nice angles!
  14. This is very nice - pleasing choice of colors, great angles on the fort wall (really neat use of lavender, I am definitely making a note of that!), and an impressive amount of soldiers standing around in different positions. The facade on the fort is also really well done.
  15. Kai NRG

    Organizing pirate minifigs

    Thanks guys!