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  1. Esterhazy: Tax is never a popular move, and that is precisely why I suggest it in this instance. Members of Eslandola will not stand for a tax unless they whole-heartedly approve of the uses that are being made with the tax money. On the other hand, if the nation has (as is already to some extent the case) a non-tax income, then it is to a large extent autonomous in its fiscal moves. Not only that, but the alternative to tax involves using resources [read, builders' time] for the crown which could be used for members' own benefit. A relatively small percentage tax would be sufficient to cover fort expenses. I do not however favor the concept of a differentiated tax, be that differential based on income, foreign trade, or what have you. Differentiation penalizes certain behavior, and as a proponent of free trade for all Eslandola, penalizing trade with non-Eslandian ports is the last thing I want to do. However, as a loyal member of Eslandola, I will stand by whatever this council decides upon. And specifically regarding whether or not TCs should pay for forts and military protection in their own settlements, please consider what I earlier stated in the light of a concern rather than an argument.
  2. Great way to present your entries as modular parts of a larger scene! I love the covered wagon in particular, great curve for the green and white section! Real nice job on the larger build too, I like the use of dark green on the roofs (although I'm not sure about the med. dark flesh, it doesn't quite seem to go with the feel of the rest of the build) and the well is also really nicely done!
  3. Kai NRG

    A day at the Town hall in Mophet

    I really like the way you finished this MOC off, great to see the towers completed and the ostrich caravan is one of the best additions! :thumbup
  4. Oh. That was my next guess. (It actually was.)
  5. Kai NRG

    CHALLENGE II: Category C: Power

    The build here is pretty amazing for two days, excellent ornate style (though as I mentioned elsewhere, the arches don't look comfortable to walk through!). Impressive floor in particular! Not a whole lot of furniture but what there is is great. Personally I would have used cleaner white bricks, but I suppose that was intentional for the area around the macaroni tiles? Speaking of which, the sideways S is a great design! Dark story indeed, I think it helped clarify the relationships though.
  6. VOC? Volatile Organic Compound? Voice of the Customer? Open circuit voltage? Honestly not sure what you're abbreviating there! Violent whispering involves lots of gesticulation.
  7. Yes!! You did it! Great commentary on Eslandian colonial government. IC: Esterhazy de Troir, rising and standing: This seems to be a sudden and unexpected call upon our... Chef Jalape, bouncing up: Jumping jalapenos! My apologies, de Troir, but you take this awful coolly. Do you realize we've just got banked for something on the order of the Sea Rats national balance plus the amount they've lost in all MRCAs since 615? Captain Argentum, leaning back and putting his boots on his desk: Time to call in the Fontonajo's... Esterhazy: As I was saying, gentlemen of the Council - this is quite a call upon our finances. It requires a prompt decision. Yet we must not lose sight of the financial policy that must guide our great nation. The principles that we stand for... Captain Argentum: Aye, aye! A few privateers commissioned to rid the seas of blue would... Esterhazy: The principles of JUSTICE, PEACE, and FREE TRADE that we stand for must not be compromised in our hurry to reach a solution. Captain Argentum: Hear, hear! Those blues have absconded with such quantities of our precious treasure with their scam RNTC, that JUSTICE would demand prompt reprisal! Esterhazy: Without further ado, I remark that it has been suggested that settlements established under TC charters be left to the coffers of those TCs for defenses. I beg leave to observe that this potentially places great concentrated power in the hands of TCs, not only permitting but practically requiring them to establish and control forts, troops, and quite possibly warships entirely at their own discretion. This could severely inhibit the power of both councils in wartime, placing it largely in the hands of TCs... Captain Argentum, pulling Esterhazy to his seat: Whose team are you on, Troir? Do you want the Council ruling Eslandola? I thought that was the MCTC's job! Chef Jalape: Psst! Can't you see he's lobbying for the crown to take over our expenses? (violent whispering on the MCTC bench) Esterhazy, breaking free from Captain Argentum: I also object to the concept of a national trade fleet. I believe our entrepreneurs should be guided by their own discretion in building and employing trading vessels. The crown should not siphon resources for its own use and purposes. Therefore, I suggest instead a tax upon merchant vessels. If this tax is responsibly used to fund the defense of Eslandola, no merchant will have cause for complai... Chef Jalape: Tax?! Tax??? Did I hear the word tax??? I register a complaint!
  8. Oh cool! I'm sure they'd be efficient disaster relief workers after an earthquake!
  9. Kai NRG

    Don't Cry

    Already commented on the scene, mostly - nice to see the full build, I like the irregularity of the base but still think the whole thing looks incredibly ramshackle! As for the story, it's definitely got a lot of mystery right now which isn't a bad technique necessarily, but you may be carrying it a bit too far? Anyhow hurry up and explain some stuff before we forget everything!
  10. Of course! I meant whoever originally invented it. For the record, I appreciate the effort that went into these rules (and has gone into all the rule changes!). After my bank account hit 2000, with several hundred rolling in every month, I kinda stopped thinking about DBs any more; I have more than enough to license anything I build and am not too worried about getting into a personal war and spending millions. So I feel pretty unaffected by all these rules ATM, which is maybe while I'm cool with 'em. Although part of me thinks it might have been better not to let Captain Nordau run off with several thousands of my DBs. But another part of me thinks it would be fun to wipe out everything I have and start over. A reminder to everyone: yeah, it would have been great to have waited five or six or seven or ten (or a hundred!) years until we (the original behind-the-sceners) had all the rules worked out, i's dotted, t's crossed, etc. But then we would have missed years of great MOCs, great stories, and great memories (looking back, even things that seemed like they blew up in our faces yielded some great stuff... I still remember the blast I had writing the Pax Crablandia! ).
  11. Personally I like this idea because I think it's way more realistic than having settlements/governments own property that makes as much money as privately owned property. Of course DBs are always going to be meaningless in an ultimate instance. But it's like a board game such as Monopoly, which requires time, experience, and creativity to tweak the rules and end up with something that creates, if you will, an illusion of meaningfulness which in its turn affords a funner playing experience. BOBS is also on this road and there may after all be an end in sight. There is a balance somewhere between land and sea property rewards, for instance, and a balance to keep in mind in introducing war mechanisms (which in part these new rules prepare for), etc. That's a hugely interesting point and something that may have been overlooked initially in trying to balance the game. Why should Sea Rats be economically solvent without their raiding activities? If they can counteract their economic disadvantages by raiding (in which they may/should have advantages), personally I think that brings the faction image closer to what it's supposed to be.
  12. This is such a great vibrant farmland MOC! I really like how you've incorporated quite a few different types of crops. As I mentioned before, the subtle curve on the bridge is perfect! Nice edit too, that's a better angle for the clouds!
  13. Hopefully your expenses would significantly reduce the chances of a successful raid. And at the moment, factions by default subsidize raided settlements (although factions evidently can handle that internally). As Bart says, if you don't want to use your own DBs for Trador, then the best option is to acquire license in the city's name and make it self-sustaining, to the point of paying expenses at least, if not leaving sufficient for a raid also.
  14. Kai NRG


    This is a great modular, excellent choice of colors and I'm impressed by the detail inside and out!
  15. The awful thing is that Uncle (or at least someone in the clan...) knew this and hasn't found time to do anything...