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  1. Kai NRG


    Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X (you are here) Captain Argentum, having suitably revenged himself upon the Empire for the insult (aka handcuffs) put upon him, now gave his mind to the task the Empire of Eslandola had laid upon him. After the heavy losses the green fleet had endured the last MRCA, there was a great deal to be done toward a new fleet. Captain Argentum picked up a little stick on his way to the wharves and immediately began to get repairs and preparations underway. “Are you lubbers even Eslandian or are you Sea Rats in disguise?! Stop playing with your rubber duckies and get working!” I've been dying to use my rubber ducky! I also really enjoy green water (first time I try with dark green I think) and the cracked stone technique, so this was fun to build. @Garmadon nitpicked that the dock was unreasonably high, and I have to admit he has a point. However I imagine it extending much further so that it's actually something you can walk off of onto the gangplank of a ship and not a dock for rowboats. Anyway, here's a lower angle. This build is a sistership MOC for the Oscuridad.
  2. Kai NRG

    Lady Aidem's Banquet

    Thanks Captain Dee! I agree, that black hairpiece is really nice! Coincidence there. The selection of fancy ball dresses in the Brick Seas is fairly small it seems. Thanks! Thanks Bodi! A lobster floor would be quite interesting. I'm afraid I haven't got enough though.
  3. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX (you are here) Chapter X When Captain Argentum finally got hungry enough to lose his sense of bitter humiliation and eat the moldy porridge he had been given for breakfast, he began to cast about in his mind how he was going to reinstate himself in the good graces of Lady Cora. He needed to do something great and grand and glorious. Something that would remind her that she needed a real, manly Eslandian in her life and not a Corry puppy that crumpled under the first blow. Surely there was something tremendous needing to be done! He sat down and stared into his tin cup of stale water. About three hours and forty-nine minutes later, an envelope came floating in through the prison bars. Captain Argentum, who had been dreaming of a reinstated King Fernando praising him as his truest friend and new right-hand man, just barely saved the letter from the rats. Commodore Edward Argentum: In recognition of valuable and loyal service Captain Edward Argentum is hereby is promoted to Commodore of the Royal Eslandian Fleet. Report to [CLASSIFIED] the [CLASSIFIED] inst. of 620 BoBS for further instructions regarding the imminent [CLASSIFIED] expedition. Your services are requested without delay. On behalf of the Continental and Colonial Councils, William Guilder Commodore Argentum lost no time. Take that Corrington! And now to business! A little build to get the Captain out of prison. Truth be told, most of my grey bricks are tied up elsewhere so I wasn't able to build something quite as bit as I'd have liked. But I flatter myself there's an artistic value to simplicity.
  4. Very neat job on this, love the subtle curve of the wall! The rafter pieces complement that very well too.
  5. Can't wait to see the scene these chandeliers are going into!
  6. Kai NRG

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Welcome back - and fun build there!
  7. Kai NRG

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    I held off on commenting until I could find time to read the story - a fun read, I especially liked your description of the "monster" and then his realization that it was just a fat chicken. It was certainly interesting enough that the length wasn't an issue, so I vote for keeping up the length of the stories in the future too. And since in this case at least it covers four builds, you could always split it up into four different topics. As for the builds, great job with the lightning and thunderclouds in the first one! The tan is a little bright for a thunderstorm scene; maybe if you just darkened it a little digitally you'd be able to better capture the atmosphere. Neat little cottage with some creative bushes, and I love how foamy the river is! Last but not least, a great little vig to end with, nice job varying the terrain height so we can really see what's going on at every level.
  8. It's from the new Jay (Ninjago) minifigure. Here's the BL catalog entry.
  9. Kai NRG

    Never Been So Humiliated Before!

    Thanks Roadmonkey!
  10. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII (you are here) Chapter IX Yesterday there was a banquet hosted by Lady Aidem, well known as THE social light of that Corry settlement which is on the same island as Nova Crablandia, whose name I do not happen to remember. It may be Nova Malto or it may be something else. —Unfortunately I don’t happen to remember the island name either. If anyone would like to enlighten me that would be nice for the Corries, since then I could “associate” these builds with that settlement. Anyway, getting back on the right side of the fourth wall, Lady Aidem’s banquet was attended by everybody who was anybody in that particular settlement. And the news of the day was on everybody’s tongue. “Did you hear?” Major Alphonse Harringram asked Miss Eleanor Pitterest as he escorted her to dinner. Lord Twitteran, walking behind, began to titter already and leaned heavily forward on his cane. “My dear Major, what is it?” Miss Pitterest asked. “Why, you will never guess who it is that Eslandola has made commodore of their new pirate hunting fleet!” “Never in a million years!” guffawed Lord Twitteran. “Now don’t keep me on pins and needles, my lord. Surely they wouldn’t have commissioned Commodore Evercrees again?” “Of course not,” Lord Twitteran agreed, and Major Harringram rubbed his hands in glee. “And not Captain Dekker, Major? He has quite the loss on his record, as I’ve heard!” “No, not Dekker,” Major Harringram grinned. “Well then, what is the jest?” “My dear Miss Pitterest, you will die of laughter when I tell you.” “Really, you are beginning to excite my curiosity.” “Prepare yourself for something very amusing.” “I am prepared.” “Well, my dear, the man they’ve promoted to Commodore of the new pirate hunting fleet of Eslandola is none other than… none other!—than Captain Edward Argentum! My dear, the new Eslandola Commodore is lodged securely in a Corrington prison at this very minute!” Lord Twitteran began to slap his knees and Major Harrinsgram laughed until the tears rolled down his cheeks. “Those poor greenies!” he gasped. @Full Plate inspired me to do something with my dark red macaroni tiles. Now I need a thousand.
  11. In preparation for Sir Dee's ball Guy Wynd made a visit to the hair dresser's. I've been meaning to build something to change the hairdo for a while now, actually! (However if you just have the original hair that's fine.) Other characters that you're optionally welcome to include: Uncle, Elaine (aunt), any of the cousins, Estherhazy de Troir, Cora de Troir.
  12. Kai NRG

    Dwelf Tales: Treasure Heist

    Very humorous idea and I really like the dwelfs' little underground cubbyhole! Quite cool idea to sandwich it between two books too. I'm not convinced that the lime goes with the red leaves much less the black and gold books, but the dark brown to reddish brown is fantastic!
  13. Neat use of horns for the water, quite a creative idea! The palm trees also give the square some character. Nice addition to Salida Este!
  14. Kai NRG

    Never Been So Humiliated Before!

    It's a tiny vig, I don't expect much. Thanks, and wow, hadn't realized even the numbers were legible! There is definitely more coming! Thanks Bodi! Do handle a wall like this as if it were a newborn baby. Thank you, I enjoy doing small builds like this because you can use delicate or parts-intensive techniques that would drive you crazy on a bigger footprint! Thanks Capt! I'll be going back to words for the next couple builds, but it was fun to try to pack a whole story into these last few scenes!
  15. Thanks Capt Wolf! It is very 1x1 tile intensive! I had to borrow quite a few (from @Garmadon). And feel free to use the lamp post, they totally need to be copied!