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  1. Kai NRG

    CDC1 Tale: The Hiding of the Druid Shrine

    This is really awesome--impressive rockwork, lovely trees, beautiful waterfall (the yellow behind it is gorgeous) and great minifigure pose. Also, I have to point out the "beach" landscaping, dark tan and olive was a great call, rather than going straight rocks to the water's edge everywhere. I don't want to detract from my praise by my criticism, so if I sound negative here, go re-read the praise--it's truly a fantastic build! But there's something that feels unnatural to me about the presentation. The lighting is so harsh, and so white. It glares too much off the rock, I think, and definitely glares too much off the trees... trees shouldn't glare. And also, I wish there were more peripheral blur. And what time of day is this? Why is the sky black? The overall feeling I get is not nighttime, but that's sending mixed signals. I see that the light is coming magically from inside the circle, and that makes good sense, but I wish it were more contained. By glaring off the circle rocks and the far rocks behind, it makes them hard to distinguish from each other. The MOC itself is really cool... and the fact that there is some unique lighting is also cool... I just wish it looked a little more... real, for lack of a better word.
  2. Kai NRG

    Castle gate of Brikn'eerd

    Love the way the round towers look! The olive vegetation with bright flowers is an interesting combination. I'm gonna have to think about how I like it.
  3. Kai NRG


    I'm going to have to try this scatter technique--first the water, now leaves, and it looks so good! I love the dark green under the foliage. The birds necks seem a little... straight... but the rest of the bird design is really nice!
  4. Kai NRG

    Tribe of the Akhenaten delta

    The vines crawling around the tree trunks look really good! I have mixed feelings about the studded edge... feels kind of bare, and I think the whole MOC would have popped more against a cooler background - but you've definitely got the overgrown jungle feel!
  5. Kai NRG

    Spice ship on the Arkbri

    A great ship, nice touch to use a mix of white and tan on the sails and I'm loving this water technique!
  6. Kai NRG

    CDC1 Tower: Autumn Watchtower

    A lovely tower, lovely autumnal trees, and a goat... what more could a MOC offer? Seriously, the yellow on the ground with the olive stalks, and the combination of white and dark grey for the tree trunks are both unique, smart choices that make the whole creation very pleasant to look at.
  7. Kai NRG

    CDC1 Tale: The Chosen Kings

    The lighting here is super cool, I really like the way the lattice looks with the blue behind it. Great job on the pillars too, I like the diagonal patterns. And the whole thing is so huge compared to the microfigures!! Looks like it would be absolutely breathtaking to sail by!
  8. Kai NRG

    [MOC, freebuild] The City wall of Oxenfurt

    As I said on Flickr, I really like the shape of this tower! Something about the hexagon is so pleasing and the smooth way each angle meets is great. I also love the bright yellow on the foliage outside the wall!
  9. Kai NRG

    A Right Knightly Adventure

    Thanks! Yep, the knight got himself in over his head and now had better catch that pig or I imagine there's an enraged farmer's wife ready to take him to task! You got it, the frogs are supposed to be yellow and red peppers. I saw it somewhere else, but I was trying to look for the MOC to link to it and I couldn't find it! Thanks The Stad! Glad you enjoyed the details.
  10. Kai NRG

    A Right Knightly Adventure

    Thank you! You definitely have a point. I considered making it a "permanent" stall but just wasn't able to visualize that to my satisfaction... I think I was afraid of losing too much in a dark inside. As soon as you mentioned it, yes, the door looks quite ridiculous. I'll have to work on doing a better job proportioning my medieval houses in future. Thank you though, I really appreciate the thoughtful criticism! Thanks socialbricks! Was fun to browse my head collection for laughing faces. haha, very funny Henjin! Did you notice there's not a single tree in this build? No bark getting stuck to my red tights anytime soon, thank you very much... Thank you! I think I will be using that road sign technique again a time or two... Thank you so much!
  11. Kai NRG

    Ye Olde Time Bakery Shoppe

    I used a floating cobblestone technique for that--in other words, they're actually not attached. This way I could break out of the stud grid. The variation is very small, but really helps the look. I got the technique from @soccerkid6 originally. You can see my way of doing it pretty well in this time lapse video. That's kind of my latest variant, but I've done it several times with different depth. Here for instance, it's a plate deeper, so that I could introduce sideways double cheese. And here, there's no depth at all, just a single layer of loose tiles. Anyway, hope that helps. Glad you liked the way it looks!
  12. That sounds good! Looking forward to seeing what you build for it!
  13. In a peaceful little village of Historica, a knight comes looking for a romantic adventure... but the adventure he found was a little more down to earth than he'd expected! I seem to be on a kick of building Tudor houses... these two were so much fun, especially the one with the blue roof. It was small enough that I could work on getting every little part just right! Had some thoughts of making the second smaller house totally different colors, but it looked too unnatural, so I just went for a different roof and a studs-up wall construction instead. Then there are those nougat sacks, which were too good not to include, even if they don't attach to anything... Once again, this is not a GoH build per se - I built it for other reasons, but it definitely felt good to come back to my castle roots--though it looks more Avalonian than Kaliphlinian, I think! I took a whole lot more pictures of this build, including some of the inside techniques, which you can see on my blog if you're interested! C&C welcome too, as always! Edit: This made it into the voting phase of a LEGO Ideas contest--go check out the entries and vote for your favorite!
  14. I really like these minifigures, very cool combos. I suppose I've probably seen them before, but they're still cool. Also neat use of clips in the water. One photography tip - if you're shooting a brick wall straight on, it can really help to put a piece of paper or cloth or something right up against it, keeps light from shining through. I almost always do this for full-LEGO scenes, since I don't have to worry about cloth showing around the edges on a scene. For instance here, just bunched up a black t-shirt or something behind the rocks.