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  1. Kai NRG

    Captain Nordau's Rowboat

    Great little rowboat, and definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes!
  2. Kai NRG

    The Busy Streets of Ostia

    Yay, starting to see some Varlyrian builds! Great work, I love the stonework especially the round section at the corner with the plant! Personally I quite like the blue building too, nice use of the ingots. The dark flesh building is great too, especially the pillars around the archway! And not to leave the dark tan building out, although it gets a little lost back there the microfig is a neat touch!
  3. Pretty awesome job on the embassy @Elostirion - great job with all the roof angles.
  4. Kai NRG

    Aurora of Avalonia

    This is a really nice medieval ship, I love the shields on front and the Avalonian color pattern running down the side!
  5. Kai NRG

    Walking in Mesozoic

    So glad to see another build in Mesozoic! This is a really neat creation, I love the dino-drawn cart and great job on the archway!
  6. Kai NRG

    Shinmizu Village

    Thanks Gideon, that really means a lot!
  7. Too bad you didn't join Kali, because you pretty obviously got a good idea of what it's like in bricks! Great combination of color with the tan and dark tan walls and then the white behind. The cacti are really nice too, and you've got quite a few exotic creatures in there!
  8. Kai NRG

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I would like to nominate (drumroll please!) King Fernando Augusto VII! This august Monarch's resume includes (but is not limited to): Being the rightful heir to the Oleon throne. Bravely refusing to accept King Philip's bribe. Being a treasure hunting mastermind. Is a genius at naming islands. Backing up his claims with the famed attack on Oleon even at great risk to the crown he already had. Having Corrington hold the threat of armed neutrality over him. Hating white and blue, but mostly blue, especially blue nightcaps. Graciously granting his subjects freedom when they ask politely. Developing expertise at biding his time. Never letting his subjects take crab from anyone. Agreeing to anything if it furthers his grand desire to throw a nightcap at King Philip. And best of all: King Fernando is hands-down BoBS's most lovable monarch! (Come on Eslandians, we hate him but we love him - admit it, it's true!) That was fun. Consider it a walk through BoBS/Eslandola history.
  9. Kai NRG

    Bjarke De Fiori

    Really nice interior build, like I said on Flickr I love the rafters! The quarter circles look great too and the artistic shot is lovely!
  10. Very nice build, great composition with the water and then the grass-topped cliffs! The statue looks great too, and good job on the story!
  11. Kai NRG

    GoH Book III

    Ooh, a poem! Now I'm mad at me for not thinking of that. Really nice job, especially for a second language. One thing I may suggest - against is spelled against, not againts.
  12. I don't know why, but I love your recreation of those nasty pre-fab LEGO rock pieces! Great fort!
  13. Active Member Roll-call and Portraits of Characters: (Alphabetical by category) High Lords of Kaliphlin (Over a year with Kaliphlin) Lord Gideon of Barqa, a half-elf - @Gideon Nym, a dwelf from Alnya - @LittleJohn Heroes of Kaliphlin (Those with under a year with two or more challenges participated in) New Guard (Those with less than two challenges under their belt, or less than one year in GOH) Knights of Octan - @Brickwolf Nolana - @pombe
  14. Welcome to Kaliphlin! Kaliphlin is open to members of all backgrounds. Just create a sig-fig and back-story, post here to sign up, and then get on to the building! Kaliphlin's colors are red and dark blue, so show your guild pride by including a banner with your minifigure when you sign up! Section One: Guilds of Historica Background The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten. Race against race, clan against clan; shields clashed with swords, long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge. The arcadian land was thrown into chaos. When all seemed lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s greatest city: the fortress of Cedrica. To settle the grievances and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined the clans into one mighty Kingdom: Historica. They founded the Four Great Guilds – each one a realm in itself – Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South, and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin ruled the central lands of Historica for decades. But darkness and chaos had only been thwarted, not conquered. Magic was unleashed upon the land, magic that fell into the hands of Victor Revolword. Only in union did the Guilds find strength to defeat him and destroy the Elemental Helm that gave him power. Yet the struggle was not over, for out of the chaos magic had bred there arose a new threat: the Black Spire. Ravaage the Terrible, of whom no man ever spoke save with bated breath and behind closed doors, ruled the darklands of Nocturnus with a rod of iron and resistance glowed only in scattered embers. Meanwhile Drow invaded Avalonia, Algus from the north swept into Mitgardia, and the resurrection of the ancient Desert King threw Kaliphlin into confusion. Slowly, the heroes of the Guilds realized the truth: the fire that fueled the powers of destruction and chaos throughout the land burnt deep in the heart of Nocturnus. There Ravaage sought for the ultimate power, the Necromancer’s Helm. Only by once again uniting, this time against Ravaage, could Historica be saved from ashes and the rule of the undead. But who would unite the Guilds? The King had been slain by Revolword, his son murdered by Ravaage; no other family could command the respect of all the Guilds or ignite their loyalty and patriotism. Yet a rumor arose, a rumor of hope. An heir had appeared, under whose banner all who desired peace could unite. Heroes of Historica, rise up and fight the invader who brings discord to your realm! And rise the heroes did. Throughout the land, in every corner, evil and chaos were subdued. Rivals pledged allegiance to the new, unknown King, and sallied forth to battle Ravaage together. Old jealousies were forgotten. Each man felt that it was the dawning of a new day for Historica. By trickery, the mages of Historica defeated Ravaage and destroyed him, sealing the chamber of the Necromancer’s Helm forever. Leaderless, Ravaage’s army has crumbled, his plans and power vanished. Disorder remains, but the worst seems to be over. All eyes turn toward the throne of Cedrica, where the new monarch, Queen Ylspeth, reigns and rebuilds. Much needs to be resolved, many questions remain to be answered, but at last, Historica breaths free. Guildsmen! This is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire, and battle for the glory and honor of the banner… Section Two: Guild Background and Theme Kaliphlin Guild: The Siccus Badlands (click for a larger image) The Landscape: Mostly desert, bordered by mountains and the ocean on the east, with a bit of forest near Avalonia and swamplands in the far south as the delta fed by mountain streams empties into the sea. The Siccus Badlands: A desert wasteland that defines Kaliphlin to the outside world, the Siccus Badlands is watered sparingly by the Arkbi river which runs through its lands. Its cities are few, but located on strategic trade routes. Slicing across the Badlands rises the Great Escarpment, Kaliphlin's most formidable natural barrier. Queenscross, located at the lowest point of the escarpment, directly protects the entrance to Kaliphlin's capital while Sultan's Gate defends the escarpment farther east. Oases litter the Siccus desert with the largest one being Petraea, Kaliphlin's capital. Though lacking in most other resources, it is one of the few producers of Black Oil in the entire land of Historica, generating wealth beyond belief for its inhabitants. Those within its inner city live in virtual paradise relative to those behind the outer clay-brick fortifications. The bulk of Petraea's citizens are made up of ex-criminals, freed slaves, fortune seekers and people looking to restart their lives in anonymity. While most outside the south presume that the Petraea is a lawless savage city, it is in fact one of the most lawful cities in all of Historica. The prosperous Black Oil provides plentiful jobs and money for all those who give an honest days work. To those that choose dishonesty, the vast standing Army of the Kaliphlin Guild hands out harsh punishments to ensure there are no repeat offenders. In Kaliphlin, law and order do not extend far outside the capital and the major cities. The remaining oases are savage places where those that are bent on lawlessness thrive. They survive by raiding merchants traveling between between the three major cities. The Rakath Mountain Range: The Rakath Mountains, peaking in Nocturnus, trail to an end along the east coast of Kaliphlin. Here the mountain fortress of Qarkyr acts as a sentinel, keeping the inhabitants of the Darklands at bay. The West: The port city of Barqa stands as the major trading hub in the western part of the Siccus. Here supplies from the north are shipped in and in return the Black Oil is shipped out. The supplies travel along the Oil Road - always heavily guarded to protect from bandits. In the far west lie the meager forests and farmlands of Kaliphlin. These pitiful farms do not provide much food, but their vastness of the farmland provides enough space to grow food for the sparsely populated Siccus Badlands. Take a tour of some of Kaliphlin's most visited locations! Or visit our University to learn more about the culture of Kaliphlin. Kaliphlin Architecture: Heavily inspired by the Near Eastern cultures, Kaliphlin architecture is luxurious, magnificent, and solid. But the changes of time, and the preference of the powerful for building new monuments and palaces rather than maintaining old ones, means that Kaliphlin structures are often in disrepair. Kaliphlinian builders have also been known to take inspiration from Mediterranean or Far Eastern architecture. Kaliphlin Inhabitants: The Siccus Wasteland is a scattered band of peoples - all races are represented - though the population is less than the other three realms. In the cities it is not uncommon to see the nobles be of all races and creeds. Keeping with the survival instincts of the harsh climate, there is no set armor or weapons for the the Kaliphlin Army or its people - when they march into the field of battle they will use whatever the individual chooses to best suit them. But while guarding inside the City, full dress armor is essential - to ensure that the world knows of the wealth that is hidden within this desolate realm. Outside the three major cities, the harsh south has lead many to abandon Siccus and wander north to more hospitable realms, and this leaves only the most ruthless and hardened bands to wander the wastelands. While they are not typically aligned, they have known to form allegiances to oppose greater foes. Section Three: Recent Guild History The Victor Revolword war was devastating for many of the communities within Kaliphlin. Two of the major battles happened within its borders, and many other cities and towns were turned to ruins by the elemental forces. Still, the people of Kaliphlin stayed strong, built more fortresses, connected more cities with roads and trade posts, and expanded trading empires outside the borders of Kaliphlin. But then the "Great Disturbance" shocked Kaliphlin - eruptions of its venerable volcanoes, a large earthquake lasting what seemed to be hours, and a tsunami. And when the dust settled, the astonished southerners found that their horizon had been invaded. The lost island of Ulandus had risen from the oceans of time and demanded recognition as a part of Kaliphlin - and that was the most moderate of its demands. Deeper disturbances lay beyond, however. The ancient Desert King, whose feud with Ulandus had been the reason that vast province had sunk long, long ago, had resurrected. Or possibly, someone claimed to have resurrected. Whatever the case, Kaliphlinians were forced to choose sides. And between the adherents of the High Council, the Desert King, and the Ulandians, Kaliphlin was torn apart. Today, the Desert King rules, but his scepter seems to be a cracked one. Discontent simmers and those who seek for peace under a truly Kaliphlinian ruler shake their heads. The kingdom is far from stable. But for the adventurous, for the brave, for the daring, opportunities abound. And that is what the citizens of Kaliphlin have always been. Whatever the future holds, they are sure it will be bright. Section Four: Kaliphlin Leaders For in-character purposes, the current Ruler of the Kaliphlin Guild is the Desert King. For administrative purposes, @SkaForHire is the Guild Leader and the representative for Kaliphlin to the Guilds of Historica core leadership group. @Kai NRG acts as Lieutenant. A list of Active Members can be found here. Section Five: Current Guild Challenges Open projects for all GOH members: The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program University Tracking Thread Projects that are finished (list is not exhaustive): The Great Mitgardian / Kaliphlin Naval Arms Race Sultan's Gate Community Build The War of the Brothers LDD Weapons of War Contest Link 2 Life and Death in Kaliphlin Oil Drive to Save Mitgardia (Winner: Gideon) Bandages for Avalonia! (Winner: Robuko) A few other helpful links: Guilds of Historica New Member Guide Book I Kaliphlin Guild Thread Book II Kaliphlin Guild Thread Nice Marmot's map-making guide
  15. Kai NRG

    [COR Jul FB2] Stores Detail

    Sweet little build, instantly recognizable as Jameston! Great use of lime green too!