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  1. eric trax

    [MOC] Pottinger TERRASEM R3 seeder

    In any form, the telehandler is a very versatile machine. This was one of the reasons I designed and built the Scorpion. True, it can be used in many situations. The idea for a big bag was born when it turned out that the hopper could be opened. Even then, I had an idea for this photo in my head. The more machines I have, the more photos I can take :D It is so obvious that I don't need to write it Thank you guys for such good feedback
  2. eric trax

    [MOC] Pottinger TERRASEM R3 seeder

    I predict that the two new sizes of agricultural tires (56mm for Jeep and 81.6mm for Mercedes ZETROS) is no coincidence and we will get a large agricultural model next year.
  3. Good evening! It's time to introduce you to another model that has been a side project for the past year. This is situations when you think that a fairly uncomplicated and small MOC will be easy to build. Below is a photo where you can compare the model with the original Pottinger Terras R3 seeder: What to choose? The choice of the machine was not so obvious. I analyzed the construction of similar seeders, 7 companies in total, the shapes of the hoppers, the frame structure, the mechanisms, and the size of the wheels. The model was supposed to be solid, matching the scale of smaller tractors (~ 150 HP), built of appropriate colors due to the availability of parts, and the mechanics simple enough to be controlled only by the tractor's power take-off shaft. I didn't want to build anything boring either, so I chose a machine with three dominant colors, because it's the most photogenic. Mechanisms At first glance, the model seems to be a very simple machine and it is not entirely true. The Pottinger seeder is suspended on a rigid frame, this makes even the model made of blocks very solid. The main mechanism is a linkage system in the center of the frame that changes the attachments to the transport or working position. It is controlled by a small linear actuator powered by the tractor PTO. The rear part have eight same sowing sections and each of them has independent suspension so that it adjusts to the ground unevenness as in a real machine. The whole is complemented by manually opened markers, a frame with rear warning signs that is kept level all the time regardless of the position of the seeder sections. Finally, an open hopper, with grain :) Appearance The choice of the right seeder model was really important. Some of the machines that I rejected had strange shapes that were problematic to build, which could affect the realism of the model. There are some interesting details that I am very pleased with. A platform with an opening ladder, a radar dish that keeps the hoses in the right position, referring to an element of a real machine. Finally, the massive but quite realistic seed drills sections. When I started building this model, I didn't think LEGO would surprise me so much and produce 56x26 farm tires. I built the prototype on balloon tires, the new tread pattern significantly improves the realism of the model. The photo with the tractor and loader shows how photogenic this model is :D Below you can see photos and a short video showing how the model works.
  4. eric trax

    Pottinger TOP 762C - windrower rake

    Thank You guys!!! I use Sbrick and rechargeable battery 8878. Below you can see how I put PF into this chasiss :)
  5. eric trax

    Pottinger TOP 762C - windrower rake

    Not only for the Krone, but many other models. Lexion and tractors too :) I've waited five years, so I'll wait another five months: D They are little too big - 56mm instead 49mm :/
  6. After a short break due to work on a special model, I decided to finish two machines that had been standing on the shelves for quite a long time. One of them is the Pottinger TOP 762c rake. In short: the machine has the task of collecting mowed grass from a width of about 6 meters into a narrow row so that it can be picked up by self-loading wagons or a baling press. A small thing and it makes me happy :) This is what the original looks like. As you can see, there are subtle differences. They are mainly due to the optimization of the list of elements. Features: The model has three functions. The first is steerable rear wheels. It is a very simple mechanism that turns the wheels of the rake by means of tension rods. This allows the model to follow the tractor's tracks. An interesting fact is that initially the model was not supposed to have this function. I thought the tie-rods would spoil the look of the already massive frame. In the end, it was possible to build it in such a way that the entire mechanism does not significantly affect the appearance. Ultimately, its operation is smooth and very eye-catching. Two functions are driven by the PTO shaft directly from the tractor. To get control of the two functions, I had to build a gearbox. By shifting the gear, I can switch between lifting the rake arms and the drive of the rakes. During the tests, it turned out that the speed of the rakes is not satisfactory, so I changed the previous system from z16/z16 to z20/z12. I get a satisfactory effect, but lifting heavy arms started to cause problems. I added soft shock absorbers adjusting their geometry to assist the lifting in the first phase when the actuator is parallel to the arm. They also reduce vibrations when the arms are lowered. How it look: The idea for the model was born after I came up with the construction of the rake stars so that they were small, aesthetic and, above all, kept a constant angle of the rake. All the solutions I came across were loose-flying elements mounted on axles or possibly technic pins. Here the octagons are based on which each frame is mounted on a plate with clips. This gives a constant rake angle and takes up very little space because it fits almost the outline of a 6x6 dish and looks very realistic. The construction of the frame turned out to be very problematic. According to the scale, it should have a 2x2 study of the cross-section. Of course, you can get such a size, but the model would only have to stand on a shelf. Eventually I got the 3x3 studs dimension. There are additional reinforcements above and below the frame that add a lot of stability. This was necessary because there are places where the frame is only four axle. Building instructions: Please check photos and a short video showing the features of the model. Photos Video:
  7. eric trax

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    This set is a frickin joke. I look at this photo and I do not believe it. I'm going to suffocate with laughter in a moment
  8. eric trax

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    OK we have new tractor tire size! Claas Xerion tire - 20 treads - 107mm diameter ZETROS - 18 treads - expected size: 80~86mm diameter (81,6 in my opinion) JEEP Wrangler Tire - 16 treads - 56mm diameter
  9. eric trax

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    We definitely need bigger photos. I doubt the set has different tires for the front and rear axles. Scaling for the front axle is most likely. I know something about it :D
  10. eric trax

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    CAT Dozer
  11. eric trax

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Delete this pic please.
  12. eric trax

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    In my opinion, there will be one HUB C + and four engines. Two driving motors. One engine controls the 4 step gearbox, the other drives functions. Transfer case similar to set 42114. Will drive four functions. Blade (lift and tilt) and ripper (lift and tilt). TLG has a deviation at the point of gear boxes...
  13. eric trax

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    At the beginning, I also thought so. When you look at the first wheel you will see that compared to the fender it is 13-14 studs in diameter. So it's about 104mm wheels. These are Xerion tires.
  14. Yes, my scorpion telehandler has the same solution. This allows the rack to operate more freely without any collisions with z20 gear. I understand you are building two versions? Smaller and bigger? In the larger version, you should use a large motor instead of two medium ones. Don't waste your free space inside the model.
  15. I do not understand that the TECHNIC department is ignoring agricultural machinery. I know that there have been several sets on this subject over the years. The topic is very extensive and grateful. Lots of interesting mechanisms that are eye-catching. Hiding a large HUB in a combine or forage harvester is no problem. This is something that can be a flagship without any complexes. But we still get cars and construction machines. Over and over... We need a space shuttle like a 8480. Once upon a time, the technic was filled with much more diverse ideas. I skip the smaller models because other vehicles or machines appear there more often. However, it is a less risky market.