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  1. eric trax

    [MOC] Claas Scorpion 756 - telehandler

    So, Marek finished working on the building instructions. I have to admit that the model is damn hard to build but that's how it was moved step by step ... chapeau bass This manual is so professionally done that it even impressed me. Bravo! Rebrickable: Selfy:
  2. eric trax

    [MOC] Claas Scorpion 756 - telehandler

    Xerion wheels are unfortunately too big for this scale. I'm still waiting for the smaller version but Lego has time for it :(
  3. Hello again! This is the fourth model this year. Introducing the Claas Scorpion 756 telehandler! I've always wanted to build a telehandler. My other machines are 1:17 and it seemed impossible to me. Looking at other models, however, I decided to take the challenge I started to build my chassis inspired by Manitou's colleague Lorens. There is not much left of it. Including that the entire chassis was turned upsite down. The vehicle drives by the lagre engine and the steered by servo motor. It also has four-wheel drive. The loader arm is moved by three medium motors. The first lift which fits under the arm together with the long cylinder from the 42100 set. He gave it the correct geometry. The second one is in the arm and extends it. The third is at the end and controls the attachments. The whole thing is controlled by two Sbrick's. I am very happy how the model looks. Unfortunately, there are no fenders because there was not enough space for them. Photos: Video: Thanks for reading and watching!
  4. Interesting choice! Since I've finished my claas telehandler I've been looking at projects like yours! @I_IgorHave you already planned what functions your JCB will have? What engines will you use?
  5. eric trax

    Mack Granite 6x4 dump truck

    This moc is ispired by Marek alternate model?
  6. One of the satisfied customers sent outdoors photos of the Fendt model. Looks very good! :D
  7. Only one model today :D For a long time I wanted to build a classic agricultural trailer. It was supposed to be a standard double axle version. However, when I built the New Holland and Fendt tractors, I changed my mind and decided to build a tandem trailer. I made such a decision for a simple reason. The only output that can be controlled in tractors is the PTO shaft. This version of the trailer does not have to have a pneumatic system or engine to raise the kiper. In addition, the model had to be in a popular color because I wanted to create an instruction for it. The choice fell on Krampe Big Body 550. Trailer frame The frame is a fairly simple liftarm structure. The first version had a pendular suspension, but I had to remove it because the loaded trailer was unstable. Thanks to this, I could additionally strengthen the frame and move the cylinder towards the hitch in order to increase the load capacity. At the moment, it is about 1 kilogram Tipper I wanted to build a realistic model. Because of that I had to give up technic panels. If I used them, the tipper would weigh 1/3 of its current weight. Bricks are heavy, so the payload has dropped. The model looks very good like model–team one. I am glad that I managed to reproduce the curvature of the sides. The tailgate lifts automatically when the tipper is lifting. The trailer has a system of pull rods that lift it up. If the tractor has a pneumatic system, it can be replace by lego pnaumatic cylinders as a separate function Thanks for reading! Build instructions can be found here: VIDEO:
  8. I have checked the dimensions for you once again in the same way as they are checked when measuring the tractor. Length 295mm Width 173mm Height 185mm So the model deviates from real dimensions because it just has to be different. The lego tires are wider than the real ones, which means that the same tractor is automatically wider. When you build a scale model, you pay attention to the look. Therefore, the other dimensions also deviate from the original. Everything happens for a simple reason. If I built only a wider model but not higher or longer, it would look like a caricature. Currently, despite the changed dimensions, the proportions are preserved. Remember also that the chassis was ready. This technique I have been using for many years in my models and has always worked. Well done for your vigilance :)
  9. Thank you steph for your interest. It is very nice to me. Below is a picture that will answer many of your questions. More can not betray :) For a long time I have not been a fan of many additions in the model. I prefer fewer functions but make the model run smoothly and visually smooth. Theres no pendular front axle that the frame was stronger. The model is light, so it does not need an acerman steering :)
  10. The Fendt model is based on my last New Holland tractor. The entire body was built from scratch and the rebuilt front three piont hitch. The hood was the biggest challenge because it has 4 studs wide and there is a medium engine inside. I have to admit that the green tractor I like more than blue :) The tractor has a drive with a Large motor with gear ratio 1:7 and steering using a servomotor. Three-point hitch systems are raising by the medium's engine . The front one can be detached. In addition, the power shaft drives the medium motor (gear ratio 1:3). The model has 4 functions so it is controlled by sbrick. I made the first plow projects before entering the dark age. That was 15 years ago. From that time, the model elements were in the corner and I sometimes came back to them. The plow is rotated using a large turntable drives by power shaft. It has a mechanism that sets the support wheel during rotation of the plow. Lego gears have small lags but it does not affect the operation. Thanks to the idea, M_longer Creations managed to replace the bodies of liftarms with very realistic ones. To make it look even better I used a minifig machete. The end result is very good I think The manual for the models was made by M_longer Creations and can be purchased here: Below you can see more photos and video:
  11. eric trax

    [MOC] Hay rake for Claas Xerion

    I realize that fixing this problem is very simple. However, the fact that you committed it in the basic mechanism is a problem. I note that the model itself is very nice except this one and I like it very much.
  12. eric trax

    [MOC] Hay rake for Claas Xerion

    The model is impressive but you made a very big mistake. Why are the rakes move the hay to the sides and not to the center?
  13. @hpil It's nice to hear that you are inspired by my models. Your MF promises to be a very successful model so it's good that you want to take care of its appearance. I will follow the progress :) P.S also have tires that you used in the back: D