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  1. It's it very pleasant to see my model inspire someone to make improvements. You did everything that limited me when I was designing the telehandler. The limitations resulted from the fact that I wanted to optimize the partlist and make little bit easy a very hard building process. My copy has 2x sbrick. I installed them almost immediately after completing the base version. They were not included in the building instructions due to the lower cost of the models. This configuration offers great opportunities and possibility to control model with PS4 pad. My lights for the scorpion have been waiting for installation almost half a year. I can't find time for this. Your fenders look great. I doubted that they could be successfully built. Congratulations. An interesting change. When designing, I decided that the appearance was more important to me. Attaching the bucket to the frame extends the model and one stud. The bucket mounted directly to the arm is already quite far from the front axle. Your idea makes it very easy to replace attachments. Buwizz saves even more space in the cab. I decided that it will not be necessary in my model. This causes a problem with the sbrick power supply. I use a rechargeable lego 8878 battery. When the model is working, the next battery is already charging. The exchange takes 30 seconds and the model can continue to run. At the last exhibition, where we presented the first version of the technic mockup Scorpion worked for 16 hours with short breaks. During this time, I changed the battery 4 times. I smeared all axles with Teflon grease. This avoids bricks damage. The model is very effective. The fact that it has been running for so many hours without a breakdown is very important to me. Hours devoted to designing were not wasted. I use this application to control all my models. It is great and offers many possibilities. For me, the most important thing is that I can use two buttons to control the engine in two modes. Or activate two functions with one button. Driving, steering, lifting and tilt control is very difficult. So, when using the trigger, I have programmed: forward driving (85%) and lifting (100%). Then I can pay attention to tilt and steering. It's not a problem for me. You wrote that you have a tilt problem. I use toggle buttons and set the correct position with quick clicks. It takes practice, but is quite convenient. I am aware of this disadvantage. Your improvement looks interesting. Can you take a picture of the arm without the side cover? The huge work you put into changing your model is a big compliment to me. I am glad that my work is so motivating for someone.
  2. eric trax

    [MOC] Claas Scorpion 756 - telehandler

    Many of you have asked me about attachments for the scorpion telehandler. I decided to build a few more and make the building instructions. In the FREE file you will find: pallet fork, bale fork, bale grab, manure fork grab. Enjoy your build! :) Free building instructions by me:
  3. Hi. I've been using this option recently and I'm having trouble with it. After creating the building instructions, applying global settings, creating a callout and adding a background, I block pages. I save changes to the file and generate a PDF document. When I close the studio program and re-open the file, the all settings disappear. The sequence of steps and sub models remains, however, all additional formatting settings are removed. What may be the problem? Thank you :)
  4. During a break from building agricultural machinery, I created a cute Buggy from 42122 set :D I had to buy this kit. I knew very well that the new tires were too small for a tractor, but they are perfect for my other WIP model, which has been on the shelf for almost a year. I did not follow a specific buggy model. I was inspired by various vehicles, their proportions and appearance to create my version. I associate it most with desert vechicles. The functions that have been added: HOG control and independent rear suspension, which works nice and soft. Unfortunately, the attempt to use the turntable to create the front suspension failed. This idea changed the appearance of the vehicle a lot, so I gave it up with that. I used 577 items out of 665 available in the set. My first building instruction is also available at: Hope you like the model :)
  5. Year 2020 was crazy for me. It was mainly related to the number of models that I published as well as other block-like activities. To help relieve stress, I decided to rebuild the 42123 set that fell into my hands before Christmas. Assembling an alternative model from a smaller set is a very interesting experience. Flashbacks from my childhood turned on when a man had two sets and was trying to put something nice out of it. Creativity above all else. The set itself has 830 elements, so quite a lot. HOT ROD was chosen for a prosaic reason. When I disassembled the A model, I was left with a dummy V8 engine and started to build with it. This is how a model with 560 elements was created. Please watch a short video and some official photos. There is also an instruction made by @M_longer. Building instructions: Selfy (already avalible) - Rebrickable (after premium verify) - VIDEO
  6. eric trax

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    You just read in my mind ;)
  7. eric trax

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    Nice :D but bright green colour make me headache...
  8. As a moderately recognizable person, I can mark another position on my list: - obsessive fan [check]
  9. It's all about the complexity of the model. Even @M_longer perfect instructions won't be able to save customers' frustration when assembling this monster. If we are to take money for something, I would like people to be satisfied. (We are guided by this slogan) :) If there are no building instructions, I would like to share a free file for the, determined ones will be able to build the model. But first I have to find time. Yes, I have a normal life! A full-time job, a wife and two pomaranians (dogs). Bricks are not everything Thank you for such nice opinions.
  10. When I presented my first forage harvester Jaguar 900 in 2015, I did not have a specific vision of what my future collection should look like. When I decided that I wanted to build a 1:17 scale model, the model was disassembled and the bricks were used to build the Lexion 760 combine. At the end of last year I decided that I would like to have a forage harvester on my shelf. Then I launched a poll on my Facebook page and asked if I should rebuild the Jaguar or face the Krone BigX 770, its direct competitor. After a year of work, it was created: The model is a copy of the real Krone BigX 770 machine, i.e. a medium-sized forage harvester, which with the use of various attachments can chop corn or grass to create fodder for cattle. The forage harvester itself is equipped with seven engines: the XL motor is responsible for the all-wheel drive, and the servo steers the rear axle, which has no suspension due to tighter fenders. The next two medium motors are responsible for controlling the crop throw. Another medium, the motor, operates with a switch that turns on the current for the L motor, located in the intake system, which drives the PTO for attachments. The last medium motor, together with the small linear actuators, lifts the intake system. The model was controlled by three IR receivers. After building an additional attachment, one channel was missing. At the same time, I gave up my earlier plans to create a building manual for this model. So I stopped restricting myself and installed three Sbricks. Thanks to this, I got the ability to control the forage harvester with the PS4 pad and additional channels for LED lighting. I used this type of lights for the first time and I must admit that it gives much more lighting options than the original Lego lights. To keep the work lamps compact, I had to drill a 1x1 plate. It is true that Lego has such elements with a hole in its offer, but not in trans clear color. Sbricks allow you to adjust the light intensity. The whole is powered by a large BBox to get the greatest possible battery capacity. Unfortunately, it was not possible to bring the drive to the shafts in the throat. The problem is practically zero space inside because the L motor is inside As always, I tried to look like a real machine. The combination of Tan and Green colors gave a great effect. The forage harvester has a very distinctive and massive rear. I was able to reproduce the side covers and the entire rear quite well. Everything at strange angles folds into one whole without major gaps. The problem was the front panel with the lights arranged quite strangely in the original. Here I used stickers from set 75954 of the Harry Potter series cut to size with holes made with a punch. The rest of the stickers were cut by me on the plotter. I have a small problem with the roof, specifically its curves. Unfortunately, to better reflect the curvature, I would need elements that do not appear in the TAN color. EasyFlow 300 Initially, the forage harvester was supposed to work only with the EasyFlow 300 tool, which collects the previously mown grass to cut it. The structure itself is quite simple because it consists of a pick-up and scraper rollers. I took the patent for it from my previous square baler model. In order to fit all the mechanisms, I had to extend the whole thing by two studs, which made it seem more massive than the original. Unfortunately, no Lego solution was suitable for the cover, so I used a mosquito net to get a satisfying effect. To keep the shafts stable, I trimmed the axle 32 stud to a 19 stud length. In theory, these could be cut flexes, but their stability at higher revs was questionable and the whole thing is to work without failure for two days of the exhibition. EasyCollect 600-2 Although it looks much more epic than the previous one, its structure is more complicated. The six-meter maize collector comes in two configurations, 600-2 folded like mine and 600-3, where the side sections overlap one another. Knowing that the collecting belts will be thicker than the original ones, in this case the folded attachment would reach more than half the cabin and look unnatural. The side sections are folded by medium motors, one per side. Unfortunately they are visible. Initially, I wanted to put them under the side section covers, but found that there was too little space. The belts work very smoothly, thanks to the addition of additional tensioners with rollers, it was possible to eliminate vibrations during operation practically to zero. Earlier, observing the whole thing, one could get epilepsyv :D I wanted to use black bets with silver horns, but they got lost in their entirety and these elements should be exposed and stand out from the rest. The attachment has most of the original details, such as the handles holding the corn straight to the intake system. An interesting element are the large horns of animals that fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I had to paint them because they are not tan. Finally, I invite you to see the photos and videos. This was the first time I was doing multi-step color grading and using new video recording equipment. I hope you can see the results :) Gallery:
  11. eric trax

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Can you see what tires the buggy has on the rear axle?
  12. Gentlemen, please do not assume that the rebrickable and CADA set part-lists are the same. There are some design changes in to the Scorpion and the parts lists differ from one another. I don't know about a supercars, but this assumption (overall) is wrong.
  13. eric trax

    [MOC] Claas Scorpion 756 - telehandler

    I cannot answer this question ;)
  14. eric trax

    [MOC] Claas Scorpion 756 - telehandler

    It is correct. You will be able to order it... this year.