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  1. Fantastic compact design. What deserves recognition is that you used pneumatics, the operation of which takes up much more space in the model
  2. 2x Control Box + 7 motors + physical remote + app profile for android and iphone. All JCB logos are printed on tiles. Fun fact: I designed the operator's cabin as a completely separate model for fun during the building process. You can detach it and place it next to the excavator :) Undercarrige: Control Box + 2x micromotor for each track Upperstructure: Control Box, 2x M pro motor for arm lifting, 1x M pro motor for 2'nd arm section and 1x M pro motor for bucket tilt. Front tire 94.3x38, rear tire 75x30,5. Model have 6 working finctions powered by 2x Cada Control Box + 3x L Pro Motor, + Pro Servo Motor + 3x micromotors. Of course set have header trailer. As you can see, the sets have a lot of electronics. Don't expect prices of $150-200 ;)
  3. New inside flat Link Treads and a large Z104 bearing turntable in the JCB excavator that I designed together with @SaperPL
  4. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this. The CADA remote control does not have proportional control. Also in the CADA application there is no profile that use the servo motor.
  5. Well, the JCB excavator was already visible in the previous catalogue. Unfortunately, at the final stage we have to solve a few problems to make the set perfect. Now that it's official, I can show next model for CADA, the CLAAS Dominator 370 combine harvester. It will be a real flagship! Also congratulations to @efferman and @Bricksley for joining the CADA family of designers. Great models! :)
  6. At first I noticed that the telehandler is very massive but when I realized it RC in this scale it blow my mind. What a fantastic, compact and detailed model!
  7. Fantastic details for this scale! I especially like how the rear lamps look, so characteristic of this car :)
  8. And it will be, but not from TLG :) They are not needed. It all depends on the type of the combine. A smaller machine on a scale of 1:17 have tire diameters of up to 94 and 75 mm and will correspond to real dimensions.
  9. First: Lego don't have a JCB license :)
  10. Last week, the model before final production. I've already had one test before. I corrected two things that I wasn't satisfied with in the final version. I really focus on making sure the set is flawless and works perfectly. Especially since JCB is very demanding and we are now waiting for their final approval. I know it takes a long time but I assure you it is worth the wait.
  11. I don't have a specific date, but in the first half of 2024 there will be a real gamechanger when it comes to agricultural sets made of bricks. It will be a real flagship with over 4,000 bricks and a license from a large agricultural company. The tractor is planned, but we will discuss the details next year. It probably won't be CASE Quadtrac. There are a lot of great MOCs and we would like something new. Stay tuned ;)
  12. @imurvai Is it possible to display information about the voltage of the device(s) on the screen when using the profile? This information is displayed in the application after connecting the device separately. This makes it easier to control the battery charge level. :)
  13. 240$ is good Price for this masterpiece.
  14. :)
  15. This solution takes up far too much space and still does not solve the basic problem - lack of precision. We're not getting off topic. That's a conversation for another topic.