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  1. Great, tiny model with bunch of functions. My favorit idea is the way how the cab doors opens
  2. You can see my giant logo on the poster. I can't deny what you write
  3. Hi. You haven't missed anything. The premiere was postponed to the beginning of 2023. The model needed a few minor visual corrections. We had to adapt it to the new control system. Next week, the licensor will test the first models, although it has already been seen in the Shenzhen Toys Fair videos.
  4. For standard CADA sets, the instructions are available almost immediately after the premiere. For the MASTER series, they are made available with a half-year delay, as long as nothing has changed.
  5. The same here. Whenever I finish designing a prototype, when creating a virtual model and making corrections, I try to limit the number of different bricks. For example, after completing the design of the Articulated Dump Truck, I reduced the number of lots by 26 while working on the virtual model and building instructions. You can see it thanks to the yellow frame on the front of the vehicle. It is not visible, so I used the one that also appears in the dump box. I am glad that you liked the design and that you got help very quickly in replacing the damaged part.
  6. It is planned for August / September 2022
  7. Thank you guys for your opinions. I was building the model knowing that it would become a set. I knew it had to be more solid and modular than mu custom models. I'm glad you enjoyed the building process I have discussed this with the CADA. I know that at the time of the premiere of the kit, the factory had already received a moulds of 2L axles. I'm sure it won't be the last. If you like this set you will definitely buy my next one
  8. This year there will be a set with some very interesting new elements. One of these will surely be a hit ;)
  9. Fantastic idea for the b-model. I love how it looks, just like original :)
  10. It looks very good as Bmodel. Nice build!
  11. Yes, there is a difference in the shape of the tire. By using power puller rims, you make the tire look bigger. Below is a comparison: The axis is 11 studs wide. The joint CV you are writing about is 4 study wide. There is no space for the differential and its mounting. Besides, only one wheel, not two, comes out. Your calculations have a fundamental error. Dimensions 3300 to 4023 mm do not describe the axle width. The wheels do not match the width of the machine. They are narrower. The right wheel on a real machine extends about 40 cm ;) Finally, 40 cm is 3 studs in 1:17scale. Perhaps, I will limit axle extend to two studs and use the zetros shaft. Thank you. Hopefully there will be some interesting discussions here during the building process. I tested this solution. It seems good, however, it creates a problem with the mounting of the axle-extending actuators. I liked this solution and maybe I will come back to it again if I have a better idea how to build this element.
  12. I tried to build a version with these shafts. However, they may extend by two studes. I needed three studs. I don't want to use 3D printed parts. I also tried to use z8 gears without friction but was not happy with the effect. Perhaps before I finish building this model I will make an axle with two wheel drive.
  13. It's been a while since I presented my last large model - the Krone BigX 770 forage harvester. I decided that this time I would start building something more demanding. It will be a potato harvester Grimme 270. Where did this idea come from? On one Bricklink order, a seller made a mistake and sent me three Power Puller rims. I took that as a sign to start building this three-wheeled monster. There are several configurations of this machine with different wheels and even a track only on the right side instead of the wheel. I decided to build a classic version with wide tires. The biggest advantage of this model is that the engine and mechanisms are in the thrust on the right. It's the perfect place to make use of it and use it as the main frame for the entire model. It's the perfect place for all engines. This is very important because I would like the combine to be solid and able to operate at exhibitions. I would like the harvester to actually harvest "potatoes" that will be brick round 1x1 or small beans. This is why I gave up building the larger Varitron 470 terra track. The 270 version gives you a better chance of it running like the real thing. However, this is a huge challenge. The model will use the Power Functions system controlled by 2 or 3x Sbrick. This is my favorite setup. The combine will have 10 functions and will use 8-11 channels depending on how I manage to place the mechanisms. This will be: - driving - turning - rear axle width extension - lifting the collecting belt - control and drive of the haulm cutter (this is the front tool) - unfolding the main tank - unloading belt drive - fine haulm conveyor drive - belts at the rear - main belt drive - lighting I started the construction with the most difficult element - the rear axle. I really wanted to keep the width change function. After building a dozen or so versions, I finally decided on one without a differential and with one-wheel drive. Instead, it has two actuators that stabilize the right wheel. This is very important because about 70% of the model's weight will be loaded on this axle. The GIF below shows how the resize function works. You won't have to wait that long for the next updates. This model is one of the two major projects for 2022 :)
  14. Regret, sorrow, millions of broken women's hearts. I thought about Sariel and RacingBrick's review for two days, because I was waiting for this set a lot. But when I saw the pictures, my hands just dropped. I have two theories. The first is that LEGO has such a rank in the market that it will sell any branded poop as a set, or the second is that the people at BMW who approved it were drunk. I can't take my eyes off this mega massive, heavy and completely out of proportion front. The front wheel looks as if the springs in the front suspension have failed. How can such massive front spoilers be built? I know it's a big model but it looks funny. The fairing on the front wheel is also too large. I was going to buy this model for a work shelf, but I don't know if getting nervous while looking at it in the office will have a positive effect on my performance. I will skip the issues of falling off elements or bending front forks. Why do I have the impression that this is a very delicate model? It falls apart just by touching. The rear wheel stand does not actually stabilize the motorcycle. And finally. Now it will probably be the norm next years. What does the Lego company do when the model does not look completely? Prints a sheet of 124523814 stickers and disguises strange solutions and lazy building. I would understand it if the fairings were very neat like on a Ducati motorcycle. This is not the case here. For quite some time now quite a few models built this way. How long is this company going to make idiots out of its customers? It breaks my heart because I really wanted to buy this motorcycle. Do not write to me, please build better because I am not creating an exclusive model for 200 euro, because for a BMW sticker. I'll stay with my Ducati. It's smaller and that's where it was possible to make a cool looking and durable model. The rims, rear shock and windshield are beautiful.
  15. This is cute and radically stupid. Another random mini model published in order not to lose the license. I mean the Mini Xerion and this charger. Where are you going Lego?