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  1. So... it has one Technic hub, four engines and a gearbox. What a plot twist.
  2. Believe me, the difference is big. CAT is on a larger scale. Still, the PR 776 has much better overall proportions. I have photos but I will share the comparison later.
  3. The model will be very heavy. My Lexion weighs almost 5kg. I had to put the Unimog tires into the Power Puller tires because they were falling off the rims. Agri tires are much harder and this shouldn't be a problem. do you mean header lifting? If so, the L motor will be too weak. Check available header widths. Your model uses the widest headers which will be very heavy. I wanted to use the pneumatic functions but gave it up. I prefer LA. They are much more precise and take up less space.
  4. Well. The 107 tires you choose, compared to the wetness of your Terra Trac, are the largest size (by my eye). These are the equivalents of 500/85 R 34 tires with a diameter of 1750 mm. This is a scale of 1: 16.5 as mentioned in @1gor. Technic links are equivalent (on this scale) to 635mm tracks. This gives a total width of 3490mm. Lego tires are a bit wider than the original ones so I wouldn't change the width of the rear axle and built all the elements to the width of 27 studs. Below, I have scaled the basic elements based on the 360 view available on the manufacturer's website. Here you will find all the basic dimensions you should follow. Select the rest that like it looks just good due to the shape of the bricks. Hope this will be helpful :)
  5. You are quite right. Downloading additional instructions is not as obvious as taking the second book out of the box. However, I think that the perception of Lego bricks has changed as well. It used to be a creative toy from which children created many different toys. Now it's also about styles for adults aged 20-40. Thank you for appreciating the idea of inverting the actuators. It is very simple, but it became the impulse to build this model. Over the past several years, Lego Technic models have become very similar to real machines, but they still have problems with the correct scale dimensions. When building, few people pay close attention to the scale, but this is the key to getting a realistic MOC look.
  6. Well. This quote won't get old very well. I will come back for it after the official presentation.
  7. Oh guys. I know it's hard to believe that such an expensive set has only one hub and four engines. Finally, Lego sells kits only for a fair/low price, right??? Be brave :) - 2x Large Angular motor separately for each track without connection to the gearbox. - 2x Large motors: First one drive functions, second one for operate a gearbox similar to the 42114 (four positions) to control four functions: Blade Lift, Blade Tilt/Pitch, Ladder Lift and Ripper Lift - only one at a time
  8. Remember gentlemens, these were the first licensed sets. Then, for example, Mercedes might not know how big the sale will be. Now that the kits with licenses are popular, their price may have increased drastically. The sale of licenses for toys is also a kind of profit for companies.
  9. You are forgetting one more important thing. CAT license cost. It can be much more than Liebherr. Therefore, the set is cheaper. See the 42128 Tow-Truck. There is no license, so it's a perfect Technic set for a very good price. Unfortunately, the logos of Mercedes, Liebherr, CAT and others cost... Nothing will change. It has one Technic hub and four engines. You have to live with it :)
  10. Quite bad :P Yes. Good, old V12 Lego engine
  11. Front blade has only two functions
  12. Nope. It runs decently fast. The rest of the functions are quite slow.
  13. Nope. Angular motors are used for the drive. Two Large motors operate a gearbox similar to the 42114 and it allows you to control four functions: Blade Lift, Blade Tilt/Pitch, Ladder Lift and Ripper Lift.