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  1. eric trax

    [MOC] CLAAS Challenger 95E

    There are many possibilities to improve the look. Tracks can be driven with rubber wheels with plates on the sides. They will be higher and, consequently, they will look much better. At first model looks good and nice. However, the longer you look at it the more problems you see. The tractor is definitely too long or too low. If you wanted to use standard lego tracks, you had to shorten it 7 stud. The mask itself is too long for about 3-4 studs. I know that there are mechanisms inside but for the model's appearance it was possible to try.
  2. eric trax

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    @I_Igor 105mm diameter, 49mm wide on PP wheel. Tire is wider but 2 mm less diameter. Yes I know your Ideas ciuse I used one of them :)
  3. eric trax

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    True :D IMG_0762 by Michał Skorupka (Eric Trax), on Flickr
  4. eric trax

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    WOW THANKS! Ok no problem :) @Dafgek81 Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to create instructions for my models :(
  5. @pagicence Of course I read. I mean, the idea is good. Technical problems can always be fixed. Such a charm of virtual building :)
  6. A really successful design. I see that you have solved the track system nicely. Welcome to the challenger club :) Challenger MT 865C (1) by Michał Skorupka (Eric Trax), on Flickr Challenger MT 865C caterpillars by Michał Skorupka (Eric Trax), on Flickr
  7. eric trax

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    @MangaNOID The hose is heated with a lighter in the place where it is to be bent. Gives it a shape by hand and keep it until it cools down. You have to be careful because when the snake overheats, the bend is very ugly.
  8. eric trax

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    Thank you for the positive response. I am glad that you like the model :) The physical sizes are not much bigger. However, there is a big difference in appearance. On the PP rim, the tire seems wider and more massive than on the Xerion rim. I took pictures for comparison @Edwin Korstanje I watched your ships and I also wanted to have a lot of barriers hahahah :D
  9. Finally, after a hard fight during assembly and a strong decision to change the my presentations look ! Challenger MT 865C + Kinze 1050 (1) by Michał Skorupka (Eric Trax), on Flickr CAT Challenger 865C Challenger's story began 25 years ago. They were the first and remain the only tractor designed and constructed especially for working on caterpillars. The Model 700 combines traction with low ground pressure, which ensures the highest performance and simultaneous soil protection. The 800 series tractors from the technical assumption correspond to their smaller counterparts, however, they are larger and heavier machines with a maximum power of 646 hp. Drive and steering: As I wrote earlier, the model is driven and controlled by a sub-tractor consisting of two different types of old type. The XL motor is responsible for the drive, while the M motor for turning it. This solution considerably simplifies the maneuvering of the vehicle, although it requires a lot of attention, especially when reversing. The model is controlled by SBrick and PS4 pad. Caterpillars: I decided to put a separate paragraph. One tape consists of 214 elements and the whole caterpillar has 617. As you can guess, it is a lot of blocks. Why did not I use ordinary caterpillars since mine still have 5 studs? Look. The original belts with the tread are thick at almost a stud. The original lego links do not resemble their appearance and are too thin. The whole suspension is based on dishes wrapped with lego chains. This is another procedure that was supposed to add a maximum of realism and be as technically efficient as possible. On the inside I put on the elastics to limit the slippage of the rear drive wheels. In addition, each tension belt is the hardest spring of small Lego shock absorbers. We managed to push the suspension on the cradles, which, however, has limited room for maneuver and shock-absorbed rear axles. Each of them is completely autonomous and can even operate unbuckled from the tractor. It is possible to change their spacing without interfering with the tractor's construction. Maybe it will sound strange but I am really proud of them and in my opinion they could appear as a separate MOC. Challenger MT 865C caterpillars by Michał Skorupka (Eric Trax), on Flickr Additional functions One of the assumptions was to equip the tractor with a pneumatic system that was to eventually control the swivel plow. The idea was successfully implemented and packed under the hood. Compressor with two pumps driven by L engine and servo pneumatic valve. The whole is very efficient and works without the slightest objections. In addition, a power take-off shaft operating while driving, driven from a sub-tractor and a three-point suspension system lifted by a small linear actuator and M engine Kinze 1050 Grain Cart It is a very large Grain Cart that has a width of 3700 mm. So, outside of the USA and Canada, these trailers do not meet. Their use to collect the grain accumulated in the combine without stopping it, deliver and unload it onto a truck. Scaling the model I reduced its size using a ratio of 1:18 compared to the original. The trailer is available in three versions of the chassis. On tracks, on Softred wheels (balloons with limited pressure on the ground), Rowcrop (twin wheels). The natural choice would be the tracks but I wanted to use the tires from Claas. I also experimented with Power Puller tires, unfortunately the tractor did not want to move the trailer from the place, although it looked wonderful. The construction itself is not too complicated. In the middle there is an auger driven by the M engine and a unloading auger which is ready to work by large pneumatic cylinder. It works well, however, due to the angle of 180 degrees. With so few mechanisms, I focused on the appearance. Adding all additional equipment available in this model. Video: Congratulations to people who have read this entire description.
  10. eric trax

    Cat 7495 electric rope shovel 2018

    Night scenery photos is realy cool. Perfect details. Good job!
  11. RC tires are a good choose for this model. Crane looks like real, so this is the best comment for your work with this model :)
  12. eric trax

    Scania 142H V8 PWT Thermo with trailer (1:17)

    It looks like Tamiya RC models. I have seen all of your trucks but this is the best :D
  13. eric trax

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    A very interesting technique of car body construction. The model is not big but has many details. I am a fan of team A, so I am even more impressed! :D
  14. eric trax

    [MOC] Mack LMSW - GVB 1:16

    I love classic trucks. This model is absolutley stunning. Mechanisms straight from the previous era faithfully reproduced are things that can be viewed for hours
  15. eric trax

    [MOC] Ferrari 458 Spider

    What a great shape, it looks gorgeous! Probably best technic car I've ever seen.