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Found 18 results

  1. Meet the PuppyTrack compact tracked dumper! No site is too big for this little doggy! PuppyTrack - the smallest dog barks the loudest(TM)! Tipping is carried out by a gear-driven linkage.
  2. Hi! Finally, I present to you my dump trailer for Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC, which I've built quite a long time ago and teased you with in this topic. My intention was to model a really cool looking trailer Krampe HP30 - a 3 axle offroad heavy haul trailer, which goes perfectly to Claas Xerion 5000 set. I didn't actually scale it, but scetches/blueprints on the official site were of good use. As you can see on the photo below, I made a fake front cylinder, which unfortunately doesn't exist in LEGO Technic, so I had to cheat and used a pulley system to lift this huge red bathtub. String drum located on the front of the trailer is rotated by rear PTO of the tractor. I used the fantastic Efferman's motorized remake, but an OOB 42054 model could run it too. The trailer is steered as well - BUT! - Shamefully, I've realized 1st and 3rd axle should be steered and not 2nd and 3rd like I built it. And that happened just an hour ago while editing the video! Oh well, I will have to put more effort in research next time Somehow, I missed the video explaining the steering part on YT. Steering is modelled by levers and works according to the angle between the tractor and the trailer. The 3rd axle has larger steering angle than the 2nd. As you can imagine, it has some play in it... All three axles are suspended (normal springs for 1st and 2nd axle, hard springs for the 3rd.) - I borrowed and altered axle designs from MB Arocs set. Tailgate raises automatically and is locked when the dumper is lowered. Here are some details, to make the trailer more juicy . ...and the underbelly - for those eager Technic fans, who can't do without . For the end, here's one with a little breeze and a video of course. I hope you enjoy it! You can find more photos here. Partlist and instructions here. Thank you for your attention and constructive criticism! Best regards, Miha
  3. I was not happy enough with my previous version so I had to improve it and I think I achieved it. With less pieces, around 1040, it is still RC with better playability due to the servo used for the steering, it has a better rear suspension, it is more modular and less ugly . I already have the instructions but I do not know yet what color use... I hope you like.
  4. Model of a German dump truck. Controlled using Control+, it features all-wheel drive, articulated steering with a working steering wheel, an oscillating central joint and sprung front axle, and an elevating and rotating cargo hold. Functions/features: All-wheel drive Articulated steering Working steering wheel Oscillating central joint Sprung front axle Dumping Cargo hold rotation After getting the 42099 set I wanted to build something with Control+ using only the electronic elements found in that set. I originally decided on the Bergmann 4010 HK (a tracked dumper), as I could simply use 2 motors for drive and one for dumping. However, while looking at their products I came across the Bergmann 3012/C815s (they're the same model; the name was changed in 2020) and thought it was so much cooler than the 4010. I also wanted to build the swivel tip version, even if it meant an extra C+ motor, so I ordered another C+ L motor off Bricklink. Ironically, the model I wanted to build due to a limitation of electronics led me to get more electronics. There is very limited space for electronics and mechanisms, especially with the live axle suspension I wanted to include in the front (the real-life counterpart has a sprung front axle). The front half of the chassis was essentially in the shape of an upside-down 'U', with the drive and steering motors (C+ XL and L, respectively) forming a "bridge" above the front axle. Thanks to their abundance of pin holes, it was easy to make it very reinforced. The C+ hub sits in front of the front axle, quite low in the chassis so its on button could be accessed easily and it's easy to remove for battery replacement (although I never had to replace its batteries). Drive is transferred from the drive motor to the longitudinal driveshaft through a row of 16T gears, with the intermediate ones being the one with clutch so the steering function could pass through. Drive is transferred to the wheels via planetary hubs from the 42099, and steering is done by 2 mini LAs. In the rear half of the chassis, space was even more limited. The dumping and rotation motors (C+ XL and L, respectively) sit side by side, and the space above the rear axle is literally packed with gears and mechanisms. I originally made the dumb decision to use pneumatics for the dumping, thinking it would make it less mechanically complex, but they're simply no match for the heavy cargo hold especially with one 6L compressor. I ended up rebuilding the rear and changed the dumping mechanism to use LAs, and the result was way better. Even though drive from the dumping motor needs to be directed through the turntable now, there still was sufficient space for that mechanism to fit. The lack of space came at the cost of having the cargo hold rotate way too fast, as there was little space for significant gear reduction, so I made the motor for that function run at a lower speed in the BuWizz app, which I used to control the model. As for the performance, the model was able to drive across rough terrain with no issues. It could use a little more torque for climbing obstacles, but I didn't want it to be painfully slow either. The dumping is also quite slow, but the benefit is that it has plenty of torque to dump even some heavier loads. Aesthetics wise, this model used quite a bit of System pieces, with the entire grille section being made with System pieces and considerable amounts in the rear of the front section and in the front bumper. The angles of the dump bed also came together well - it was quite robust thanks to taking advantage of Pythagorean triangles. Overall, I consider this model a success. It's one of my most detailed models, the functions worked well, and I had plenty of fun building it. Video: Photos:
  5. Just made a MOC based on a real vehicle - the Kalmar forklift. Well, how about another one? This will be a model of the Bergmann C815s (formerly Bergmann 3012) in the swivel tip dumper configuration. It will be my first MOC to use Control+, with 4 motors to control drive, articulated steering, dump bed rotation and dumping. It will feature AWD with planetary hubs from the 42099 set, a sprung front axle (live axle), and will tentatively feature pneumatic dumping to reduce the amount of driveshafts for functions. Note that the name of this vehicle was Bergmann 3012 prior to 2020. My model will be the current version of this vehicle. There's very limited space for electronics and mechanisms here - I already had to scratch the idea of including a 4-cylinder fake engine. I anticipate this model being packed to the brim with mechanisms - for instance, the steering motor (which will be a C+ L motor) will sit back to back with the drive motor, transferring drive through a driveshaft directly below them as to not interfere with the suspension's travel. The C+ hub will sit below the steering motor, directly in front of the front axle. I'm hoping this won't cause the suspension to sag or anything - there's literally nowhere else in the model I could feasibly put it. So far, I have the front axle and parts of the chassis in front of the articulation joint completed. It seems to be well reinforced at this point - thankfully the C+ motors have a lot of attachment points so I can see them supporting the chassis here pretty well. The articulated steering will be done by 2 mini LAs - this was quite a challenge for me to figure out, as they sit directly in front of the gears for the drivetrain. I had to make sure the mechanism is sturdy, can be geared easily, and not be too high as the body slopes downward right here. They feel a little wobbly, but a test with some beams representing the rear section of the chassis shows that there's little play in the mechanism. The LAs will be installed like a 'Y' (I find this to be the best angle for them), which isn't the most realistic as the real-life counterpart seems to have them pointing rather parallel to the chassis and are installed lower, but given the limited space in the chassis I have to make some compromises I guess. If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know. Photos:
  6. This is a Dumper Tractor, the model I've developed in 2019 for the younger audience of builders (8+). It has 330 parts on 75 different ones and comes with an alternate build, just like an official set. On rebrickable you get instructions for the main and for the alternate model. Dumper Tractor (main model) The model features articulated steering on a working steering wheel and a tipper which is operable on both sides with a clever linkage system. The tipper is lockable - tipping and steering always works together. Under the hood you can see a piston moving by spinning the wheels. The model is built at larger scale and fits for example the 42114 Hauler. Yes in real live such a Hauler is very big, but a Dumper is rather small. Here are more pictures of the model: Racing Kart (alternate build) If you have all parts listed in the inventory, you can build something different from the Dumper - a cool Racing Kart. It features a working steering wheel and a moving piston as well. Instructions Both instructions for the Dumper Tractor and for the Racing Kart comes in high quality images with a simple step by step following and easy build. Here are two example pages from the main model: ... and for the alternate build what you get two cool models they are very fun to play with satisfying builds with clever building techniques high quality premium instructions with clear images And remember again, you get the instructions for both models! ;) color changes Of course you can build the models in totally different colors, as long the parts are available in those colors or become available in the near future. Below are some color changes for inspiration: One thing to mention: Due the cancel of 42113 the tapered panel is yet not available in orange. Hopefully this part becomes available later to build a orange tipper. more pictures, more content Feel free to visit the showroom of my page to see more pictures and 360 degrees renderings of the models. follow this link or visit the models on rebrickable
  7. Hi guys, yeah I know, I am late showing a MOC of a dumper truck, as both Effermann and jorgeopesi both did excellent jobs! I started with this MOC of the Liebherr T264 in july but couldn't keep up with their pace... In contrast to their more playable MOCs, I tried to stay closer to the design of the 42100 while maintaining all the main functions of the original dumper truck. The T264, as it is the little brother of the bigger T282/284, has been chosen because of the better suited scale of the 94.3x38R tires. The three main functions are driving, steering and tipping. All are controlled by Ozzees ControlZ, which works like a treat. The MOC is driven by a PU XL-motor, steering is done by an PU L-Motor. The two pneumatic pumps and the switch are both driven by one PU M-motor using the ingenius idea of Sariel for the compressor/valve combination. Overall I really tried to stay as close to the original look and functions as possible. The rear suspension is a live axle guided by a center pin and sprung by two hard shock absorber. The steering has an Ackermann geometry and a very narrow turning radius. I am not really satisfied with the placement of the steering rack in front of the wheels as the connections seem a bit too flimsy for this big model (1620 pieces, slightly over 2 kg). Although I tried different configurations, I couldn't find a better solution of the placement. Two hard shock absorbers on each wheel manage the weight very well and bouncy :-). The PU-hub is placed in the easily accesable front section. I added some more little technic features, as both cabin doors can be opened and the little ladder can be lowered. And finally, here with the reason why I build this MOC :-)
  8. Here's my little dumper truck. Functions: - drive & steering (obviously) with PF - adjustable suspension angle (left/right) controlled by a Mindstorms EV3 unit that reads sideways tilt from an accelerometer to keep the truck upright; basically a self-leveling suspension - dumping with EV3 reading PF remote using an IR sensor - Baja Claw TTC tires by RC4WD on Lego 56mm rims. I've tried to fit more, but the problem with these trucks is that the chassis has actually little room, it needs to be pretty flat to fit under the cargo hold, and the area with the most room (front of the front axle) is taken up by the Mindstorms EV3 unit. There was a 4-speed transmission initially, but I've taken it out as it kept disengaging under stress (the truck weighs 4.156 kg). Photos:
  9. Functions/features: Driven tracks Articulated steering Tipping bed Opening cabin doors Video: Photos:
  10. Hey guys, here's a rather simple project I recently started. I wanted to build something that's highly playable and not too complex, so I decided to do a tracked vehicle of some sort. However, this one will be unique in that steering is not done by tank drive, or by traditional steering. It's by an articulation joint like a front loader. This model will have all-track drive, articulated steering, and a pneumatically tipped bed. The bed will be on the rear module, which will contain no motors. All motorization is done on the front module and the only things passing through the articulation joint/turntable are the drive axle and pneumatic hoses. Propulsion is done by a single L motor above the front differential, steering is done by a M motor that controls 2 linkages going in opposite directions with worm gears, and the pneumatics are controlled by a M motor that simultaneously drives a 6L pump and Sariel's autovalve. The mechanical elements do take up plenty of room in the front module, but once the bodywork is in place most of it should be concealed. My main purpose in building this MOC is to find an opportunity to really use dark azure Technic pieces. My Grapple Truck I6 and my current WIP Red Beryl X were both started with the intent of using dark azure pieces, but both times I was faced with a limited collection of them. I've recently ordered some extra dark azure pieces off Bricklink, and considering a cab on a model this size shouldn't really use that much pieces I think this finally be my first dark azure MOC. If you guys have any suggestions for me, please let me know. Photos:

    [MOC] Liebherr TA 240

    Hi, I would like to show you a MOC of a Liebherr TA 240 articulated dumper. The dumper is in 1:38 (or 1:37,5) so it nearly fits the minifig-scale. The cabin offers enough space for a driver and the rear axles are built with some kind of suspension. I really hope you like this MOC even the TA 240 isn't everyones favourite in terms of design :D You will find a few more images here Have a nice evening Chris
  12. My goal as usual is a strong and playable MOC, I think it will have steering, fake engine and a pneumatic tilting bed. I am not sure with the suspension, it works fine but I don´t like having it only on the front wheels. I like the sturdy and narrow rear axle and the parts that prevent the axle of the front wheels from sliding in.
  13. I had a long conversation with Roni of BuWizz fame about desirable vehicles used with his invention. Apart from electrifying large Lego technic vehicles, we were thinking about producing a simple and low-part-number vehicle, which can be quickly build and used. Well, this was the intention, however I was not very successful with this. I mean, it's not a problem regarding dimensions etc., but more of a general shape. My cars look like something from another world but not in a good sense. So, please Sariel and other well established builders, perhaps you could just skip this presentation:-) But then I have spotted Mini Mining Truck in 42055 and it seemed cute (perhaps I am a bit biased towards large models but small technic models are generally quite nice and full of features). Therefore I decided to motorized it. At first I've tried with Lego components but found out there is no room. Then I decided to use BuWizz, since allowed a bit smaller footprint. However, the truck kept growing in size. I have motorized the propulsion (I wanted to add the differential, however it kept the truck to slip while navigating rough terrain), steering and raising/lowering the dump. In addition I have also put in some lights, however BuWizz application at this moment does not support switches (hint, hint) so using lights is a bit of a drag. There are several issues I did not addressed properly: single back wheels (not enough room at this scale), not uniform color (lack of parts), cabin missing (I used the space for cables) etc. I have rebuild the d*mn thing at least 10 times but I guess this just speaks about my inability to do great technic job. Nevertheless, the truck moves and it's quite fun to play with. And I guess this is one of the main features.
  14. After a long pause (because of problems with posting)I'm ready to present you my brand new creation Dutra. It's a copy of a real Hungarian dumper.Wikipedia,help us! There are: -L-motor for driving -Servo for steering -2M for dumping and loading -LEDs[/IMG] ( that photo doesn't want to be posted and I don't know why ) It has self loading function as real truck it uses rear bucket to load smth from ground into dumper But it doesn't work properly due to height of a standard lego part . I think it can be fixed with some angle parts on the backside of bucket. It also has front suspension with hard yellow shock absorbers.Which provide enough big movement. Here's video about my Dutra. Hope you enjoyed, new creation will be very soon.
  15. I can finally disassemble this , my first "complex" MOC with instructions. At first I thought to do a specific dumper, a white liebherr, but at the end I did a generic truck because I didn´t want uncommon pieces and I wanted to use less room as I can. Everything is in the vid, is a simple MOC, very tight but simple I think. You can see the construction post here - . I hope you like it. '>http://
  16. Hi, here is my MOC idea of a micro scale construction site.
  17. I didn´t like too much my first dumper so I began a new one. This one have different features, front and rear live axle, Ackerman steering and it will be pneumatic so that I will have much time until I can have the new pneumatics . Here you have some pics, I was trying new configurations over the arocs suspension, I hope you like it. Functionally as narrow as possible. Rear live axle with central arm to prevent lateral displacement. In black would be a nice tumbler . Front live axle with Ackerman steering. It has to be reinforced because it has 19 studs between wheels and I don´t know yet what I will use, small linear actuator, steering rack or worm gear. The frame is provisional just to put the wheels. In the end I wanted something like that in technic style. Tests with the suspension for the dumper based on the arocs suspension. Thank you.
  18. dr_spock

    MOC: Wagon Tipper

    Greetings. I made a simple working wagon tipper. I tilted more on the function than form side. Operating procedures: After the shunter spots the wagon into correct position, engage the grab arm onto the wagon. Very important: Uncouple and move the shunter off the tipping platform. With the hand of god, tilt and dump the contents of the wagon. Return wagon to upright position and release the grab arm from wagon Move empty wagon off platform. Failure to follow procedures can result in serious injuries or death. Wagon Tipper by dr_spock_888, on Flickr