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Found 185 results

  1. EVE

    [MOC] - Airship Chess

    After playing some old steampunk games, I decided to make a chess set using airships as playing pieces! Left to right: pawn, bishop, rook, knight, king, queen Queen: Devastator-class dreadnought. A fearless vessel bristling with broadsides and gun casemates. King: Pisces-class ferry. A weak, slow craft reserved for the ceremonial head of state. Rook: Scorpion-class carrier. A new invention, this vessel can strike targets at range with its fighter biplanes. Bishop: Shrike-class pursuit craft. A nimble vessel capable of dashing through openings in the enemy's defenses. Knight: Hornet-class strike craft. The Hornet is light and agile, allowing it to vanish behind enemy lines before unleashing a storm of autocannon fire. Pawn: Mayfly-class attack balloon. Mayflies are slow and weak, easily overcome by the enemy's flak batteries.
  2. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Buckle’s Mining Outpost

    @LittleJohn and I collaborated on this build for the “Place of Business” category in the Wandering Skies contest. It was a challenging model due to the numerous additions off all sides meaning you couldn't simply build from the bottom up. Was a nice change of pace trying a large steampunk model though! It's complete on all sides, and through some of the doorways you can catch glimpses of interiors, though we didn't have time to fully complete all of them. R.G. Buckle’s mining outpost travels far and wide in search of valuable ores and metals on the many floating islands of Wandering Skies. The rugged and functional mobile outpost contains storage silos, a massive smelting furnace, and docks for their scouting and mining airships. Once they have collected a large supply of metals, the crew navigates back to civilization to sell their goods. Additional images on Brickbuilt.
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Smith's & co. steamworks

    I believe Steampunk should be posted here? Here's my new MOC, Smith's & co. steamworks: The brothers Smith, specialize in repairing and creating small steam powered engines for airships. Currently they are working on repairing an engine of a small Imperial Scout Schip (see: ~ A year has passed, since last time, and Lily is back in the Imperial city, back from her third visit to uncle Willard on the Iron Point Beacon a lighthouse near an important trading city of the Low Islanders (see ~ The Imperial City Guard is doing his rounds around the craft and harbor districts in the Imperial City. (see also: Outside: Smith's & co. steamworks by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Interior: Smith's & co. steamworks - interior by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  4. Hello everyone! This is my entry for the Sky's The Limit category of the Wandering Skies contest over on Flickr. It's a modular steampunk house on a floating island with full interior and lights, so come with me on a complete tour of it! On the outskirts of the Lower Islands on a small floating island, there lives an eccentric inventor called Dr. Wasserdampf. In his secluded workshop covered in various steaming pipes and whirling contraptions, he spends his days alone working on new inventions to improve the lives of the people of the Wandering Skies. Lights can often be seen shining from his workshop long after the sun goes down as he tinkers away into the night. While he mostly keeps to himself, many of the Low Islanders know him well and they know they can always come to him if they need any kind of mechanical solution. One of his best inventions includes his incredible balloonless flying machine which he keeps parked on a floating rock attached to his island by a rope bridge. Meet Dr. Heinrich Wasserdampf and his trusty mechanical dog Rusty. Here, the inventor is working on his steam jet powered flight pack. Let's take a closer look at his house, starting at the top. On the side of the tower is crane for lifting up water barrels and other heavy objects to the upper floors. To avoid having to crank it himself, the inventor connected it to a windmill mechanism. On starry nights, the inventor likes to relax on his self-built deck on the roof and chart the stars using his big telescope. There is a giant gear sticking out of one side of the house. It was meant for rotating the top part of the house so that it faces the wind like a windmill, but Wasserdampf couldn't get it to work, so now it lays dormant here, serving as a place for birds to setup their nest. The attic is where the inventor sleeps and showers. He cleans himself using a prototype showering device which heats up water and pours it onto his head using a steam pump. He calls it a "shower". The second floor is where the inventor lives. Up on the fireplace is a portrait and an urn of the inventor's late wife Hilda. She was a brilliant chemist, but fell terminally ill one day and they couldn't afford the state-of-the-art doctors in the Imperial City who could have given her the treatment she needed. She was the love of his life and the only person he couldn't help. He now honors her memory by helping as many people as he can with his inventions. There is also a small dinner table, a bookshelf, and a kitchen with a coal oven. In the inventor's workshop, there is a wall next to the workbench full of Dr. Wasserdampf's inventions that are designed to make life in the wandering skies easier, including a grappling hook, a flight pack, and a pneumatic wood chopping axe. The house used to belong to a blacksmith, so it has a forge in the workshop which the inventor occasionally uses to make metal parts for his contraptions. Next to it you can see another one of his inventions, the flight cap! In the center of the workshop, there is a trapdoor with a ladder that leads to the basement levels. In the basement, there are various stored goods including coal, a water boiler, a lamp, and the steam-powered wheelchair that the inventor built for his wife before she passed away. If you go down the ladder further, you get to a rope bridge that leads to the landing pad of the inventor's flying machine. That concludes our tour of the Inventor's house. What is your favorite part? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping in.
  5. Justus

    [MOC] Polaris

    Hello there! The "Wandering Skies Contest 2022" inspired me to build a steampunk MOC: Polaris! In the days when the empire was small and the world young, travel was guided by the stars. There was Capella, Sirius, Procyon, Elnath and many more. But the brightest and most important among them was Polaris, the North Star. Lying high and far away, it served as a guide even in the most remote colonies of the south. But one night, when it was already late, its light ceased to shine. Knowing its importance, the reigning King Nemo III immediately ordered the sending of adventurers to bring back the light of Polaris. But none of them ever was able to reach this remote place. Finally, Captain Gideon Winterman was sent out with his ship, the Pertinax, and John Alistair Sparks, and after seven months they reached the star, which after them no man would ever again undertake. The North Star, however, threatened to crash for lack of energy, which would have lost it for good. Then, as the legend goes, the adventurers dismantled the Pertinax and with the left engine they were able to keep the dying star in the air. Winterman and Sparks, however, could no longer leave the island. Instead, Sparks constructed a beacon, brighter than any before, by taking the lens from the Pertinax's fog lamp and replacing it with a polished ice crystal and Polaris' light returned to the night sky. Henceforth, the adventurers lived in huts built from the planks of the pertinax. And so Two saved the empire by becoming the lighthouse keepers of the North Star themselves forever. But as long as Polaris' light is ignited every night, the members of the Explorers' Guild continue to await the return of Gideon Winterman and John Alistair Sparks, hoping for a way back not yet considered or discovered. I hope you enjoy the MOC, as well as my story for it. For photos of Winterman and Spark have a look at my Flickr.
  6. Mr. Sande is the Royal naturalist. Now he is on an adventure on his airship "Şayka" flying over the Lavender island archipelago.
  7. Just passing Iron Point Beacon, the small Imperial Scout ship is flying towards their destination. -- For more information about the world of the Wandering Skies, where this MOC is situated: Imperial Scout Schip by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Previous builds, with the same setting: [MOC] On patrol in the Imperial City (Wandering Skies) - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums [MOC] Iron Point Beacon (Wandering Skies) - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums
  8. To keep the airships from running into the floating rocks, and to signal them of the upcoming cities, a light house is built on one of such floating rocks. Lily is currently visiting her uncle Willard on the Iron Point Beacon a lighthouse near an important trading city of the Low Islanders. She is trying to spot some of the nearby skray (flying manta ray) with her uncle's telescope. -- For the light house light, I used a 12V train light. For more information about the world of the Wandering Skies, where this MOC is situated: Iron Point Beacon by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  9. I made a small 8x8 steampunk vignette, let me know what you think and thanks for looking: The Imperial City Guard doing his rounds around the merchant and trade districts in the Imperial City. On patrol in the Imperial City by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  10. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Iron Dwarves

    This is a combination of Medieval and Steampunk. The Iron Dwarves are mechanical dwarves, they defend their allies and themselves with powerful weapons and armour. 01_Iron_Dwarves by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Iron_Dwarf_Ranger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Iron_Dwarf_Warrior by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 04_Iron_Dwarf_Warrior by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr: Maybe these dwarves are the beginning of a new MOC…
  11. DwalinF

    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    Take a look at my updated version of mechanical beetle. This time I'm trying to realize it as a LEGO set. Vote for it on IDEAS if you like it and share with friends. I'll be very appreciated! Features * Opening Elytra * Wings move when you press the lever * Detachable wings * Flexible joints on the legs * Display stand and tool kit to look after the mechanism Part count General 447 Beetle 383 Supporting tools 64
  12. Brick New World

    [VIDEO] Pirates of the Karibrick

    Har Har dear Pirate friends, the time has come for me to start a new project. After finishing my new LEGO Room i am going to start to build a brand new Pirate setting with islands, pirates, ships and a nice small city. The world will be mostly pirate and Caribbean inspired but there will be a small twist. There will be some, not too many, Steampunk Elements in the world. Like a flying balloon air ship or a steam powered train. You can all be exited to see and hopefully enjoy this adventure of a brave new world build In the first video i will explain my project and I start to build the first bigger pirate island. The video is in German but you can also enjoy the moving pictures... Now go and enjoy the show Har Har!
  13. castor-troy

    Steampunk Explorers

    Time for an official steampunk Lego set! “In the year 1889, somewhere here on Earth… The greatest explorers and scientists of all known nations gathered for the purpose of discovering, understanding and learning about our world. They are astrophysicists, botanists, engineers, adventurers… Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Each country sent its best scientists to the research complex. In this majestic place, they dedicate their knowledge to the exploration of the Earth, seas and oceans and to the discovery of the universe. Engineers design the equipment, craft, and vessels needed to observe and experience the world. Scientists have the best known equipment to carry out their mission.” You can discover all details and support here
  14. Long before the Iron Giant began hurtling towards Rockwell, there was a prototype model, which landed on Earth close to 64 years earlier than the Iron Giant's 1957 landing. They were very similar robots, made by an Ancient race of beings that wanted to gather as much information about the Universe as possible. They first created this prototype model which was made mostly of brass, copper, and iron, but was powered by a highly advanced Fusion reactor that was powered by metals the robot consumed, usually uninhabited asteroids floating through space. Unlike the Iron Giant, this prototype was not able to re-assemble itself as it had a error in it's programming. In the year 1893, the then un-named Brass Automaton landed in the Pacific Ocean near the long-forgotten Dino Island. It created a tsunami and unhinged the island from the Earth's crust and as such the land began to slowly sink. The robot was first sighted by nearby Australian military sailors, who upon seeing the giant being arise from the water, tried to describe the being the best way they could through their wireless telegraph: they named it the Brass Automaton. Johnny Thunder and his Adventurers crew would later go looking for this great metal being after saving as many dinosaurs as possible from the sinking primeval island in 1923, but never saw it, as it was hiding in South American coastline to gather information on the dominant beings of Earth, also known as Humans. After staying relatively hidden in various secluded ocean floor places around the globe for around thirty years, the Brass Automaton was finished reading the minds off people for information on humans as a species: Our past, our present as of 1924, our origin (as it was then known), and our many languages, along with defenses, politics, and technology. After gathering all that intelligence, the Brass Automaton headed to the North Pole along the sea floor to transmit the required information to it's home planet using a faster-than-light sub-dimensional beacon. (Basically, a fancy radio) That is just about when a major solar storm hit the Earth, with the radiation hitting the atmosphere of the Earth and scrambling the outgoing signal into nonsense. Now the garbled signal was received by the home base, and as a precaution, the Iron Giant version of the Brass Automaton was dispatched as fast as possible to earth. (That would take it nearly 35 years for it to get there at all possible speed, which would require it to refuel once arriving on Earth, which is why the Iron Giant was at the power plant at the beginning of the movie, whereupon it's memory was scrambled by the high-voltage electricity.) After sending the garbled message and being struck by a passing icebreaker-ship on his trip southwards, the Brass Automaton was temporarily incapacitated. It was then discovered washed ashore at the southern tip of Greenland by Dr. Harold Wormwood and brought back in pieces to his stately laboratory / mansion in Legorado, Colorado, where he ran test after test on the alien visitor. By 1926, the mad scientist-type Doctor Wormwood had the resembled robot nearly reassembled, and was preparing to restart it when a Lord Sam Sinister came upon rumors of the robot and wanted it for his own nefarious desires, with Johnny Thunder close on his heels... This steampunk version of the Brass Automaton a recolored and modified version of Build Better Bricks' Iron Giant with the head of my previous @hachiroku version of the model (seen above) of the same robot's head added on... I consider it a mashup of the two models. I made it into steampunk colors (black, brown and dark gray) with an exhaust steam pipe at the back of the neck, and yes, that is a monocle / targeting computer over the right eye for use with the gun arm (it was included in the Build Better Bricks instructions) that I'm still considering trying to use. You also may have noticed, the model is incomplete in places - some things just don't lineup properly in LDD like they do in real life. When fully assembled IRL, it should look much better though. Here is the Brass Automaton's laser gun... probably not going to build this, but I MIGHT place it on a tank or something. This is what I've found so far for this model.... 100 parts down, about 650 left to go. Comments Questions, Complaints are welcome!
  15. This story is set in my Adventures / Monster fighters / Pharaoh's Quest Universe of the early 1920's. (First off, I want to apologize for these photos: I didn't have an area big enough to handle the four story tall building, so I improvised. It doesn't look very pretty, but it's passable.) I was inspired to create this model from the 2018 Jurassic World set 75930, Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, with some design cues from set 10228, Haunted House. I made the mansion to replace this other MOC I had made, but don't worry, the other building still exists, it's just empty right now. The Wormwood Estate The dollhouse-style model was built from the set pictures, with the play features removed and opening rear sections added to match the front half. The model also features a round window for letting in moon light in on the mad doctor's experiments, along with lightning rods on top of the house. (for powering his experiments) The rear of the mansion features a back door (perfect for escapes when the locals get feisty about the scientist playing with time travel again!) and the chimney flue. The bottom floor features the living room and dining rooms, while the second floor is the bedroom, study and pipe organ rooms. The third floor features the laboratory for the study of time travel. The rear door to the outside is in this section, while the safe containing the house's title and family paper work is directly above on the second level. This area also has stairs from first to second floors. The left rear quarter features the fireplace and telephone on the first floor and a bed for the second floor's master bedroom. The stairs to the third floor are also on this side. The Wormwood Family Automobile The stylish car is heavily modified version of Brick-Link set BL19011 (Vintage Roadster) turned blue. The car model is about 10 studs wide (with a large overhang on each side due to the white fenders on front and rear) and is 36 studs long, front bumper to rear bumper. The car can now seat two mini-figure's in the seating area, and as before feature removable engine cowling sections for a look at the V8 heart of the car. The headlights are now secured more tightly, and the front windscreen glass is now trans-black and not inclined anymore. (it was bugging the heck out of me that it wouldn't stay in place!) The taillights were moved down onto the rear bumper. No real reason for the change, it just seemed like a good idea. The Time Machine Vehicle (TMV) Here is the Scientist's 1920's-period time machine, rebuilt from set 76109 (Quantum Realm Explorers). I fixed the rotating side engines of the original Marvel superheroes set, as these objects are now (mostly) locked in the position shown. The Time Travelers' Family, Friends & Foes In order from Left to Right: Mr. Harold Sutton: wealthy financial backer of Dr. Wormwood's experiments with time travel. Secretly wishes to have full control over the project for it's use by an unknown, Sinister third party. Mrs. Evelyn Sutton: sister of Dr. Wormwood (whom she despises) and step-mother of Gracie Sutton. Married to Mr. Sutton, who shares in her secret hatred of Dr. Wormwood. Grandad Joseph Wormwood: Father of Dr. Wormwood and Evelyn Sutton, and grandfather of Billy. His wife is deceased and he is living with Nancy, Billy, and the Doctor in Wormwood Manor. Gracie Sutton: Stepdaughter of Evelyn, and daughter of Harold Sutton & a complete sociopath. She enjoys tormenting people for pleasure, including younger cousin Billy Wormwood. Billy Wormwood: son of Nancy Wormwood and the good Doctor. Secretly tormented by cousin Gracie, he tries to find an escape from his predicament in any way. Nancy Wormwood: mother of Billy, and is concerned by Gracie's "play dates" with her son. After spying on Gracie Sutton tormenting Billy, she forbids her from seeing him, which puts the Doctor's financial backing at risk as payback by the Sutton family. "X": The mysterious masked man (woman?) who kidnaps Billy in 1922 with his time travel equipment. This person is also showed up on the Wormwood's estate lawn many years ago, resulting in Dr. Wormwood's fascination with time travel. Mrs. Katie Johnson: Town busybody and local telephone operator, who keeps an ear to private conversations for her own gain. Wife of Officer Pete Johnson, who (usually) keeps her in line. Officer Pete Johnson: Member of Scotland Yard and lives near Sutton Estate & Wormwood Manor. Is keen to know just what's going on when Billy get's kidnapped by "X" and Dr. Wormwood goes off to find him in time and space. NOT PICTURED: Dr. William Wormwood: The brains behind the brand-new invention of the time machine vehicle (or TMV, for short) and rebuilder of the giant mechanoid the Brass Automaton. Father of Billy, husband of Nancy, and financial backing recipient of the Sutton family, as his fortune was wiped out in his previous attempts at travel through time. The end of the Story? More may come later, I'm not quite sure on what steampunk thing to build after the robot, which now has his own thread. As usual, comments, questions and comments are always welcome!
  16. fillishave

    [MOC] House of the Inventor

    Hi everyone! First post! My name if Filip and even though I have been playing around with Lego for many years both as a kid and with my own kids I'm quite new to the AFOL-scene. I was encouraged to post this to Eurobricks by LegoModularFan who gave me some overwhelmingly nice comments on Flickr yesterday when I posted this so here goes! I created this for Brixtars modular building competition and this is my second attempt at a full fledged 32x32 modular building. My first building, "The Queens Brick" was quite square in it's shape so I wanted to challenge myself this time and put much more round shapes and angles in there. It was a lot of fun trying out different techniques where some worked better than others but I'm quite happy with the end result even though it will for sure not win any prizes for stability ;) Technically it doesn't really meet the requirements of a modular since I didn't put the technical bricks in there and the street is a bit narrow but it would be an easy enough mod to make it legal. Enough words and on with pictures of my steam-punkish house on the hill with a secret lab for horrible experiments on the top floor and a basement where the irresponsible owner pours his toxic waste out in the sewer system. Here is a link to the rest of the images: It's quite often one sees micro builds of regular sized modulars but this was actually made the other way around. The idea started with an all digital micro build I did for a competition last year that looked like this: The instructions for the building is available on Brixtar but please bear in mind that the digital instructions are not 100%. For instance, the smaller roof used some parts that didn't actually exist so they need to be replace. Also both roofs need some very heavy reinforcing or they will, I know from hard experience, crumble in your hands :) But please use them as a source for inspiration if you wish! Last but not least, cred where cred is due; the fences/walls were created after inspiration from Jonas Kramms fantastic examples and the usage of tan skeleton legs for the decorations around the windows was something similar I saw a while ago but I couldn't find that image so I'm not sure who came up with it in the first place. Please let me know if you are the person who made that and i will of course mention you both here and on Flickr! Thanks for watching and please let me know both what you might like and what you might not like so I can learn and improve!
  17. Water Mill Lego MOC - With Power Functions Old german water mill with Steampunk alternate side with Power Functions Special thanks to BricksToGo
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Jacek and Placek: Known also as The Two Who Stole the Moon Loosely based on Kornel Makuszyński's 1928 story "The Two Who Stole the Moon".
  19. One of my favourite Disney movies from my childhood was Atlantis: The Lost Empire, I loved the industrial machines and the cartoon art style which was like a comic book and enjoyed the story and its characters a great deal. Set in the early 1900’s, the film follows a young linguist named Milo Thatch who dreams of one day fulfilling his grandfather’s dream of finding the lost city of Atlantis. I recently decided to fulfil my childhood dream of designing a full range of sets based on the movie in the style of official LEGO sets, all in LDD. I have a total of 6 sets finished so far and will be posting them here one by one from smallest to biggest, I hope you enjoy them! 01. Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Shepherd's Journal The hero’s journey begins when he is approached by a mysterious woman called Helga Sinclair who introduces him to Preston Whitmore, a billionaire industrialist who knew his grandfather. In his office Milo is given the all-important artefact to begin the quest: The Shepard’s Journal, which includes maps and clues which only he can read which will guide an expedition to finding the lost city. This small set marks the beginning of the adventure featuring: - Preston B. Whitmore, Milo Thatch and Helga Sinclair minifigures - The Shepard’s Journal book - Printed tiles representing the portfolio papers of the expedition specialists and crew - A miniature model of the Ulysses, the massive submarine which the expedition begins the journey on - The fireplace, fish tank and a globe from the office as well as several small statues and other artefacts in Whitmore’s collection. The model contains approximately 105 pieces. 02. Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Sub Pod The expedition starts off aboard the Ulysses, a massive submarine, but is soon attacked by a gigantic mechanical sea monster known as the Leviathan. To defend itself the Ulysses deploys many small submarines called Sub-Pod’s which are armed with torpedoes to battle the monster. Features include: - Gaetan "Mole" Moliére and Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini minifigures - 8 flick-fire torpedoes mounted on the two main fins of the pod which can also rotate - Opening cockpit which can fit both minifigures - Spinning propeller The model contains approximately 194 pieces. If you like these models please support them on LEGO Ideas here: and here: Thanks for viewing!
  20. The mechanical detail is more aesthetic than plausible. Yet, there are elements taken from what an early steam walker should have looked like, besides the vibrant colours. Most of its inhards are shown, there are very few largue pieces of metal, structural elements take over shape design. It is somewhat outlandish, taking a mechanical shape similar to that of many tin toys. Even if it seems to be something rather decorative, there are a few tricks to make it more resistant than it seems. Legs rest directly over the axle pillar and the superstructure it hides. Feet are also anchored to the base to avoid deformation.
  21. Like many people, I regarded steam locomotives as rather dark and monstrouos machines untill I first saw their early iterations. It was a novel technology at the time, so embelishing them for the amazed crowds and potential contractors should have been appropiate. The mechanical detail is more aesthetic than plausible. Yet, there are elements taken from what an early steam walker should have looked like, besides the vibrant colours. Most of its inhards are shown, there are very few largue pieces of metal, structural elements take over shape design. It is somewhat outlandish, taking a mechanical shape similar to that of many tin toys. Even if it seems to be something rather decorative, there are a few tricks to make it more resistant than it seems. Legs rest directly over the axle pillar and the superstructure it hides. Feet are also anchored to the base to avoid deformation.
  22. Greeting all! Please enjoy and comment my MOC - this is kinda steampunk walking wooden stove from famous Russian fairy tale - Russian speaking users will recon it straight. I am new to this forum but looking for no mercy from more experienced readers. Have fun commenting! WBR
  23. DwalinF

    [MOC] Technopil City

    Once I have visit city Ternopil (Ukraine), and saw there a nice church. Since that I wanted to recreate it in bricks. It is not exactly that church (and not in Ternopil), but also not bad, as for me. For the second tower I just haven't parts. Also I haven't parts for square in front, so I made just stands for small scenes of citylife and unite all in one with pipes. So free your imagination ;-)
  24. GarryTheMinifig

    Abomirex the Mechanical Terror

    So, here's a MOC that's actually a few years old that I'd neglected to post because I wasn't super satisfied with the photos nor the build itself, but after stumbling across it again browsing through folders I think it has at least some merit, so I now present to you... The Abomirex (or A-rex if you prefer)! A mechanical monster created by one of the most diabolical minds in all the known world as a weapon of terror and conquest. Sporting massive razor-sharp claws, built-in weaponry, and tremendous mechanical strength, only the most skilled and nimble of heroes can hope to stop it. Initially conceptualized as far more overtly birdlike, with wings utilizing the clear orange sail pieces from that one Ninjago set, but I couldn't come up with a decent enough design and thus went in a more saurian direction because dinosaurs are neat. It can't see through walls, however, which could provide our hero with the upper hand. (also sort of inspired by the movie "9" and by extension the short film it was based on) Snout splits open to reveal a flamethrower. Hope your shield spell is up to snuff, or you'll be snuffed out. Get it? Fire jokes. One of its least immediately obvious weapons is its bladed claw tail, catching its opponents by surprise! But if caught, perhaps a lucky swing could bring our hero close enough to a weak point... The conspicuous power source on its back totally wasn't that weak point, why do you ask? At ease, or perhaps scanning the horizon. In profile. Torso construction detail. Full disclosure, I don't remember it being particularly sturdy, and in addition to looking somewhat jumbled overall, it's part of why I'd neglected to share it earlier. But the aesthetic still sort of works for a steampunk/dieselpunk/frankenstein mad sciencey sort of look. (also tangent time: I hate steampunk and think it's super overplayed, or at least the variation of it that everyone falls back on. what part of "british aristocracy in fancy dress with gears glued to it" is "punk", exactly?) Obligatory gag scene. Full gallery here!
  25. This is my 2018 build in steampunk style of a flying rock with a small house on top. It has a dock with airboat moored. The rock houses rechargeable battery which in turn powers an M-motor that drives the windmill. The airboat features two domes right from Johnny Thunder Scorpio Palace set. I have waited several years to use it in this configuration :P when finally I had good opportunity to do so. I hope you'll enjoy it! I only have photos from the exhibition, I'm sorry for lack of clarity due to that. There are some distractions in the background...