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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I just finished working on an alternative model of the 42114 set. I add large 107mm agricultural wheels to make the model look better but its possible to build it only with bricks from the set. Below are a few words about the model CAT 627K! Dimensions: Length 69cm, width 19cm, height 21cm Number of bricks: 1901 Photo of real machine for comparison: The idea to build a scraper was born almost a year ago. The project failed then, but I came back to it this year. I started the construction with a "boul" to make sure that the Volvo A60 - 42114 set has enough panels and liftarms. The next stage was the modification of the gearbox. I wanted the model to work with the official Control+ application profile. The scraper tractor has very little space for mechanics, so I split the gearbox in half and built a front axle into it. The real challenge was the bowl lifting mechanism. After a whole day of testing, I managed to build a linkage mechanism that imitates this function very well, even though it uses only one actuator. I used the second actuator to control the ejector. There is a second manually operated gearbox in the rear of the vehicle. In the first mode, the ejector moves while driving so you can empty the bowl automatically. In the second mode, the ejector is controlled manually. To change this, you just need to move the z16 sprocket. At the beginning, I was worried about whether I would have enough bricks to build all the details. So I was initially working on a scraper number 621K which does not have an engine at the back. However, it quickly turned out that I would be able to build all the details of the 627K model, such as the dummy engine or fuel tanks above the rear axle. I was very surprised that the available bricks managed to create a very nice looking cabin and front wheel mudguards. Building Instructions: Custom sticker pack: Gallery: Video:
  2. Post your 42114 mods here. Does someone has a fix for the "hanging head" aka weak pivot joint for the front section of the truck?
  3. Building B-models between major projects has become quite normal for me. Such a break and playing only with Technic bricks is a very good way to reset my mind 😊 This time it was the 42114 set and the Mining Dump Truck was created as an alternative model, for the excavator from the 42100 set. The plan to build this vehicle from the 42114 set appeared a few months ago. I put it off for later, because I thought I wouldn't have enough panels to build a nice dump box. Over the weekend, I sat down with bricks and in a few hours the first version of the tipper was created. I liked it so much that the final version differs from the prototype only with minor changes. The biggest difficulty in building this model was its size of frame. When planning, I insisted that the model must use the original app, because that could be easily configured and played with it immediately. The machine has double wheels on the rear axle, so the frame basically contains the engines, gearbox, and a rear axle. In addition, the set has only long actuators so placing them in the dumper was also not easy. At the end, everything was packed into a pretty nice model, which uses over 78% of the set elements. The tipper was supposed to look good with the R9800 excavator from the 42100 set. So I scaled the Liebherr T282 to 1:42 scale and built the model on it. The appearance of the dump truck is a combination of the previously mentioned Liebherr and CAT 793F. It is not an exact copy, but there are similarities. Building instructions: Check out photos and a short video presenting the model's functions: Video:
  4. When the first pictures of set 42113: Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey appeared on internet two years ago I was not fascinated by them at all. Things changed when LEGO announced cancellation of this set just few weeks before its official release. My new interest in set 42113 wasn't big enough to convince me to buy one of overpriced original sets that were sold before their cancellation. So instead of buying new set I've got idea to build Osprey out of Volvo hauler (set 42114) that was released in same time. It is interesting that no one else got this idea too and haven't made it come true. Initially it looked like good and easy job because Volvo has about 500 pieces more than Osprey and it contains a lot of panels and liftarms. Then I began building and found out that I need even more liftarms (especially shorter ones) and I can't use many panels due to their large size... So let's take a look at where I am now. I built as much as I could by following original building instructions and changing just parts of model where I was missing correct parts. I had to rebuild engines with propellers and wings completely plus tail was modified to use less liftarms and more available panels. I also had to omit inclination of wings because Volvo doesn't contain enough universal joints (it contains only one and inclined wings need 4). You can see current state of model with wings and tail connected provisionally to fuselage at pictures below. I skipped assembly of gearbox intentionally because it must be totally different. It is also part of model where I am stuck right now. I am dealing with these questions: Should I keep all 4 main functions of plane (spinning propellers, tilting engines, lowering landing gear and opening cargo door)? Which functions should be motorized and which should be manual? Volvo features 3 motors. Two of them are large and they hardly fit in free space inside fuselage. If I keep all functions how will I distribute motors for them? Combination of one motor for powering and another for switching gearbox is not ideal because you can't run two functions at the same time (for example spinning propellers and tilting engines). There is not enough room for all three motors and gearbox inside fuselage and I already have problems with stability - plane is too rear heavy. Should I use linear actuators for lowering landing gear, opening cargo door and tilting engines or other mechanism? Original Osprey uses small linear actuators and one worm gear but Volvo has only the biggest actuators and no worm gears. If you have any suggestion or idea how to overcome issues I am dealing with I'll appreciate them. The last picture shows plane with available motors and linear actuators for size comparison.
  5. Piece count 2193. Price 249.99 EUR. Special part and features: - New C+ motor with horizontally driven axis (like LEGO ® Spike 45602 (Large Angular Motor) - 1 Control+ XL motor, 1 Control+ L motor - Control+ Hub - 2 Land Rover mudguard 15 x 2 x 7 46882 in yellow for front wheels - XL linear actuators - 1 Corvette mudguard 42531 in LBG for dashboard - 3 new differentials, 1 old differential for center diff - Small panels #21 and #22 in yellow - Shell panel 3x7 in yellow - Curved panel 3x13 in yellow Functions: - Driving - Steering - Lifting and lowering bed - Hood can be opened manually Go nuts
  6. Hello! I recently found a 42114 Dump truck at a toy fair and picked it up super cheap, as the seller wasn't sure if it was complete or not. It looks like someone started building it, then either lost interest or lost parts. It's missing all of bag 3, which is annoying but not the end of the world! So I was wondering if anyone either knew where you could search what parts should be in each bag, or know where I could buy bag 3 on its own? I know I can get the parts listing off Bricklink, which I've been doing, but it's a slow process! Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance
  7. I can say that since I saw the first photos of the 42114 set, I already had an idea for an alternative model. Unfortunately, as usual, the idea had to wait to materialize. Photo for comparison with the original: Despite the fact that the 42114 kit has problems with the articulation and a fairly limited number of useful elements, I saw potential in it. Six wheels and Volvo stickers were enough to conclude that Volvo also produces graders. I waited with this idea to start building the model for almost a year. First, I assumed the model was to use the official model A control profile. I had to use the gearbox. I explored this topic while building a Mining Dump Truck. Despite the massive rear section, the positioning of the gearbox and engines proved problematic. I moved the wheel hubs down to gain more space and that was the right direction to build. As a result, I have a lot of space for details such as the radiator, engine grille and internal air filter. Thanks to these elements, the back part is nice to build and the whole process does not get boring. Even before starting work on the grader, I knew that the front part would be a challenge. I immediately got a realistic look at the steering. I placed the motor over the front axle as far as the cable length would allow. The steering works freely, much better than in the A model. The front frame is quite an interesting story. I was concerned that the long section itself would bend. It turned out, however, that the biggest problem is that the frame is firmly attached to the rear part. Finally, the entire cabin, including the roof, stabilizes the entire vehicle, which is very long (67 cm). I am satisfied with the blade section. I managed to get the nice look of this part by turning over the linear actuators. Thanks to this, the mounts are not so massive. The blade rotates on a small turntable and is stabilized with liftarms on the sides to eliminate backlash. It can be locked in seven positions: perpendicular - 0 degrees, and left / right at angles of 30, 36, 43 degrees. An interesting fact is the arrangement of the control plus elements. The Technic hub is centrally located to allow easy access to the battery compartment. I have placed the motors in the outermost parts of the model and the cables are 100% used and no motor could be moved even one stud away. An additional interesting feature is the ripper. It is lowered manually and locked. It turned out very aesthetically and has a very positive effect on the appearance of the entire model. Marton from forwartsticker designed a custom sticker sheet for this model, thanks to which the whole thing looks amazing. Building instructions: Custom sticker sheet: Photos and Video:
  8. 100% made out from parts of set 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler 100% controllable with official Control+ App This replica of Volvo N10 Truck is an alternate build (B-model) of the set 42114. This means if you own the Volvo Articulated Hauler, you can completely build this alternate model. Other parts from other sets or spare parts are not required. This model of Volvo N10 Truck is a massive biest. It is more than 58 cm long, 20 cm width and 21 cm height. With open bonnet, the model reaches a total length of 65 cm. This alternate model uses 2041 parts, which are more than 93% from the parts of set 42114 Volvo Articulated Hauler. Follow this link for more pictures and content. Visit rebrickable for building instructions. Impressions Doors of the cabin can be opened to access the detailed interior. The bonnet of the Truck is 90 degrees openable to reveal the V6-engine that is linked to the drivetrain. The model uses the gearbox and housing from the Volvo Articulated Hauler. After building step 85 of the Hauler, the instructions takes over to build the Volvo N10. Keep in mind if you disassemble the Hauler, you can leave the built from step 1 to step 85. use of 42114 sticker The alternate model is designed to use stickers from the main model for better look - especially for the front grill. Parts with stickers that show A60H were not used, but the model uses the 3x11 panels with A60H stickers that can be hidden inside the tipper bed. Those four parts with stickers are not required: Battery and Hub access Thanks to the gap between the cabin and the tipper bed, batteries of the hub are easily removable. This requires no disassembling of parts and is done very handy and quickly. The hub is accessable through the cabin, connecting the hub to the App is an easy task. Controllable with C+ App The model is designed for use with official Control+ App and the profile that controls the 42114 Volvo Articulated Hauler. If you are familar with the App and the Volvo, nothing is new here for you, but the alternate model needs a re-calibrating in the settings for steering. If you are new to Control+, you have to download this official App to control the Volvo N10 Truck. With each App interface, the model is completely controllable. Using a third party App to control is also possible. Instructions The instructions for this model are 325 pages long with high quality premium images and different camera angles and views for a satisfying building experience. The instructions will guide you how to connect wires properly and can be found on rebrickable. Here are four example pages of the instructions: The real Volvo N10 To replicate the caracteristic bonnet, cabin, front and headlights was a big challenge. More than 400 parts of the model are placed inside the bonnet. Here are some example pictures of the real Volvo N10 that matches the model most: What makes this model different from 42114? Honestly this model fullfilles with driving, steering, transmission gearbox and tipping the same tasks as the main model with the same App. The Volvo N10 alternate model is a nice looking truck in another scale and again its a Volvo with use of the same stickers. The licensed alternate model is something that you can expect at the back of the box of 42114. Have fun with this alternate build.
  9. RC Rock crawler. Features AWD drive without differentials using 69730 "Large angular position motor"(As it has realy good torque), Steered by L-motor, and springless suspension (concept by superkoala). Lack of differentials gives nice off-road perfomance, but the crawler has big steering radius due to that.42114 C-model. You can buy instructions here: Video: