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  1. More or less what I feel but without the final discover, I do something, it works, the proportions are right and it is enough strong but something inside me thinks sure it can be done with less parts...
  2. 8848 because it was my first Technic set while I normally played with Lego city and space, there was no going back since then almost everything was Technic. I do not remember what was my age but around 8 or less.
  3. One of my problems is that I try to do all you say from the begining when I know perfectly that do the MOC fast and then improve it would be easier, I have to try to do it.
  4. Well now I know why I would not be a good engineer and I am a pipefitter, I know the just maths for my job and I often like more pipes than people, I am good at the point 3 but only in my job... I have never been able to meet a deadline for a drawing, without time I do it soon when I hear a date good bye, I suppose it would be the same with a Lego MOC for someone.
  5. So the question is look for the balance between have a fun or getting cracy improving, another answer harder to find. Another point is that the more you build the more you hate your old MOCs and every new useful piece that Lego releases does not help at all because your current project sure can be improved using it.
  6. I do not know if the expresion is it right on english, but is when you start a neverending process of improvement. On big and medium MOCs there are so many ways to do it something that I can building an axle for days looking for the best way to do it and when I achieve anything I like I think if the first ones would not be bettter and I start again like Sisifo, I am watching Ulises 31 again...
  7. jorgeopesi

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    Thank you for take a look and for the advice, if someone wants to see ugly functionaly machinery there I am .
  8. Better than the set, it is a lucky have fun building B models because I hate build with only parts of a set.
  9. jorgeopesi

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    That is why I love machinery because is more than you can see at first sight, my old caterpillar d11 and komatsu d575 used that configuration.
  10. 5:10 17:6 15:4 1:3 12:2 6:1
  11. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Caterpillar 226B Skid steer loader

    You are right, another bigger one whit them will be even better having more room from everything.
  12. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Caterpillar 226B Skid steer loader

    I think you can put the front wheels of the batman car from Lego, I think they have a similar size and they are wider.
  13. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Caterpillar 226B Skid steer loader

    The best I have ever seen very good job, movement, playable, realistic it has everything I like.
  14. Awesome MOC, I forgot to comment it great job.