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  1. Could it be if I cut one . Of course it is just a representation of something going up and down but sometimes you do not have room enough for an engine but you still want the transmision to end up in something that shows it.
  2. I was trying to do a truck and I was not able to fit the standar small 6 inline fake engine so this one came to my mind, could it be?. It is more easy to do that I thought ( I thought I would have problems witn my fingers and the string) and of course it can be improve a lot because this is the very first try. I do not know if it had been done before so forgive me in that case. 5 seconds video as I like
  3. It is a nice MOC but an Unimog without portal axles...
  4. I do not like just 4 things, I do not like the rear wheels connected to the red axles, I see them like weak points but they are easy to fix with 5.5 axles, it will not be so beauty but I prefer that way. When I had 8 wheels I will buy it, a lot to learn inside.
  5. Nice one do not forget to show us a video with all its features .
  6. The alternative is almost better than the set IMO.
  7. Awesome truck it looks bigger that it is really is, I was waiting for somebody to use those wheels for a truck and they fit perfectly.
  8. My first cars are not like this at all , very good work and with a difficult color. if I had to say something I would say that the roof it seems to me a little bit high.
  9. I do not know anything about tractors so... why this insignificant difference between wheels?, just use 4 of the same, it seems to me more logical but I do not work for JCB. The tractor is beautiful anyway.