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  1. Cool cars amazing work with the lines.
  2. jorgeopesi

    [WIP] Realistic tatra 8x8

    I love tatras but I preffer them in smaller scale, but good luck with this big one.
  3. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Distribution Truck

    Monster MOC, congratulations.
  4. jorgeopesi

    [YT Video] Driving simulator

    I had a similar toy when I was a child, very good work. I think the concept was the opposite.
  5. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Ripsaw Tank

    Interesting features and enough functions for its size.
  6. I can say that I have controled my Lego 1% or less that the time I spent building it so for me all those advances are irrelevant but I do not know how many people usually play, I have to admit that it is cool but I still won´t pay for something I will not use, maybe the best part of the entire dozer.
  7. jorgeopesi

    Classic US truck

    Thank you it is always good to know something new but I do not know well which one is uglier, one seems too much wide and the other too much narrow.
  8. jorgeopesi

    Classic US truck

    You are right, when I want pieces I buy from Lego, It is expensive but I just usually buy once per year and only the new parts I do not have.
  9. jorgeopesi

    Classic US truck

    Why do not you use narrow wheels in the front axle?, the truck is fantastic anyway.
  10. jorgeopesi

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    A tracked loader something easy that It is always funny and playable.
  11. jorgeopesi

    RC Motocross Bike

    I will do it for my children, I do not like the buwizz so we will see if it works well with a rechargeable battery and the receiber, it will not be so cute but...
  12. I would pay for It and I do not like planes .
  13. One thought, if lego let some sets for making reviews that will be commented on blogs like this, why it seems that they don't care about our comments?. Are they more concerned on just publicity than good comments?.