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  1. Thank you I will do it but I will take a while... Thanks, when we have not space enough to be faithful with the reference of the MOC the better ideas starting to come.
  2. I just have to do the handrails and do the instructions in some case someone want to do machinery.
  3. With that size they are amazing detailed machines, congratulations.
  4. Thank you, you are right on everything. I wanted to use a linear actuator but I did not have enough space so what I can do now is to use a friction part in the steering mechanism to make it more rigid, you are also right with the fender that it was not finished yet, I think it is a little bit narrow so I will have to redesin it. I love the new wheels too but seeing a lot of pics the real machine has a huge wide wheels the good thing is that machine supports both.
  5. I did a short video but it is not finished yet, I have to do some details but I think the most important things are done.
  6. I still fighting with it... I have to do it a new cabin and more details but there is something I do not like, some scale mistake I can not see yet, maybe the arm is too long but the real one has it too. I am using the zetros wheels and if I use the audi wheels I can remove one half bush of each axle having a narrower machine.
  7. Very impressive entry it looks better than the set.
  8. More progress again, I put two gears together in the manual mechanism so you can change the strongh of the arm and bucket, I do not know yet if it will be useful but for the moment I let it, the engine is removable and you can see the axle of the steering and of the other gearbox near where the cabin will be, all the back part is only an aproach but I like.
  9. Thank you I think that we would have to open a new thread just for the new tires , More progress but more slow because they are aesthetics . The cabin should be a stud higher I think and I changed all the arm mechanism one stud forward, the only new thing is that I was be able to put the gearbox lever inside the cabin which is a good detail.
  10. I am not very good at making cabins so I decided to work hard on a V12 that makes me have a bigger machine that needs a smaller cabin 🤣. The central actuator had to be longer to have a less complicated linkage like in the real machine, but It works very well that It is the important for me.
  11. They are very good but I think they will be even better for trucks or all terrain vehicules. I am thinking of some kind of dakar truck, with all the new parts make a very capable truck It would not be a dream.
  12. New wheels and they fit perfectly so I have a machine that can be used with 3 kind of tyres, audi, zetros and the old ones from the 8265 set. I was be able to put inside a V12 engine so it will be a caterpillar 992k that gives me the chance to do a wheel dozer version like Superkoala did with his loader.
  13. Do not forget the gear diffs another expensive parts, I would have to buy another if I think more on it.