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  1. Land Carrier Khagaan

    You can make me like the bricks and tiles.
  2. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    I like the dark grey but I don´t have enough pieces for a entire chassis so will be black or yellow. I have done some progress but I think I am losing concept, I reinforze the rear axle but I think it was not necessary, the dumper is symmetric and has a lid that opens to use the pump but makes the center very wide and uses many pieces, I wonder if it would be better the pump uncovered. I got something good at least, the bed is extracted by extracting only three axes.
  3. [WIP] Tigercat Skidder

    I tried to build this type of machines several times but I couldn´t because the wheels aren´t big enough, they are very narrow machines and I would need huge wheels in order to have enough room between the wheels, have you considered to use the class wheels?. It is nice build generic machines but in the end it has always something left but I never know what...
  4. Very nice muscle car .
  5. No thanks I am a big purist my friend.
  6. NIce working, I like the bucket it will be one of my next purchases.
  7. FORD GT

    Your best car so far.
  8. I see some good ideas on very nice excavator .
  9. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    Almost done but I still have problems with the cabin and where to put the pneumatic switch, I worked very much in reinforce the pneumatic pump now it is hidden and it is solid, maybe would be better with the chassis in yellow?.
  10. RC Chevrolet Corvette Z06 MOC

    I saw it years ago, I liked the roof because it wasn´t usual in those time.
  11. The best system for a functional tracks no doubt.
  12. Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    For me is easier, a real scale model is proportionated with its wheels, the truck is a real scale model the porsche has oversize wheels.
  13. Mclaren P1 Hypercar MOC

    I like your style .
  14. My first supercar found!

    It looks like a Zonda at first view .
  15. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    I started with the instructions, Alonso is a awesome pilot but without car....