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  1. I love your videos, specially where you can see the parts time, great work and I agree with the arte.
  2. This a set I would like to have, great work again.
  3. Great work for a poor set, I understand what is a trial truck but trial trucks have to be funny and playable and with this prize and indecent turning radius it is very difficult.
  4. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Underground Mining Dump Truck

    I like It a lot because It is perfect in scale, people usually increases the space between wheels to make the things easier but this machine is as narrow as you have done It.
  5. jorgeopesi

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    It seems to be the best set of this year IMO.
  6. jorgeopesi

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Small wheels, too wide and high price, another must not to buy set.
  7. jorgeopesi

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    Whatever that dozer can do, this price is embarrasing.
  8. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] GAZ-66 Drilling Machine

    Nice truck, I like the cabin.
  9. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Unimog U400

    I am sorry if I was hard but IMO the first thing that defines a Technic Unimog must be portal axles even before suspensions.
  10. jorgeopesi

    [MOC] Unimog U400

    I like all your MOCs but a truck without portal axles can not be called Unimog.
  11. jorgeopesi

    Grohl's Creations

    And with functions... wow! again.
  12. Mine is smaller and pneumatic, the other functions are the same.
  13. jorgeopesi

    Nico71's Creations

    Very interesting video and truck.
  14. jorgeopesi

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros