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  1. Plants in Jameston

    After challenge 5, the Fontonajos have added further properties to their estates in Jameston (microbuilds to activate challenge rewards): C) Medium Plantation: Bees & Honey (hope this counts as a micro build; if it does not please let me know, and I will license this as a small plantation and come up with a real micro) The Myzec of Cascadia collect honey from wild bees as a sweetener for their foods and drinks on special occasions. Celestia, as the neighbouring island, has even more biological diversity. The businessmen they are known for, the Fontonajos have decided to have some honey bees imported from the old world, to recreate the excquisite in a controlled environment near Jameston on Celestia - and potentially the wild bees of the island might be attracted and both types of bees - if they are different in the first place - might interbreed eventually? B) Large Educational Property: Botanical Gardens In the rapidly growing settlement of Jameston on the island of Celestia, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo has opened a small Botanical Garden to display the wonderful flora of the island that he and others have discovered on their adventures deep into the jungle covered mountains of Celestia. A) Large Property of my choice: Cotton Plantation Near Jameston the Juan Fontonajo has setup a cotton plantation - and with the help of Corrish scientists has come up with an innovative irrigation system. In the middle of the concentric fields there is a well, and water is pumped up from that well into a very long tube that ranges all over the field, to automatically irrigate the whole width of the field. An ox is walking circles around the well all day to turn the tube, which is placed on stakes with wheels at the bottom - and the whole field is irrigated. Will that new technological advancement spread over all the Brick Seas?
  2. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad The Trial of Sinbad part 2 The Trial of Sinbad part 3 The Trial of Sinbad part 4 The Trial of Sinbad part 5 Phase 2 During the events of Jan, a fleet of Sea Rat vessels fired on ESL ships as they themselves sailed into an ESL harbor. The detained Sea Rats contributed to the economy of Fuerte Unido enough that ESL allowed them to leave with the promise never to harass them again. However, ESL still wanted someone to be judged for the crimes committed against their fair nation. Hear ye, hear ye! This court is now in session. Who do we have on the docket today? Sinbad the Pirate sir. He is charged with orchestrating an attack on Eslandolian ships as his pirates sailed into an Eslandolian port. And how does the defendant plead? He pleads "Not Guilty." On what grounds? Shouldn't I have a trial by jury? Lawyer Hamilton, please have your defendant remain silent. He has you as his counsel, there is no need to him to speak. What a bunch of tightwads! Sir, you'll find we are not some dim witted court ready to be swayed by your faulting arguments and impartial reasoning. Now be quiet or I shall have my guards force you to be quiet. Now, on what grounds does the defendant claim innocence? On the grounds of not being present when the altercation took place. That is not sufficient reason. We have a letter sent from Sinbad to the ships in question ordering them to attack Eslandolian traders. Unless you have something more substantial, we shall have to hang Sinbad. Um, well.... Stop that man! Gladly! Corrington hired us bounty hunters to apprehend Sinbad ever since he escaped their clutches at his last trial. Turns out he is guilty of piracy and bribery. How would Sinbad escape this time?
  3. Eslandolean Black Suede Shoes

    There is a brand new fashion but I don't know its name... Every gentleman in Pontelli is now wearing these fantastic black suede shoes. Get yours today! (Shoemakers Johnson, Johnson & Quack, Pontelli 47392 Just off the Main Road)
  4. Willem Guilder stood before the table and carefully spread open a group of maps on the table. The maps were well aged, and he handled them with care. “Gentlemen, a few months ago, Commodore Hammish Grei shared with me some very interesting maps that had come into the possession of the Crahaish neh Triuri.” “The Crahaish neh Triuri?” interrupted Philip Janszen, captain of the Far Horizon. “Yes, I know," replied Guilder immediately, before Janszen could continue. "Don’t get me started.” Guilder composed himself a bit as he regained his train of thought. “These maps are more than 250 years old, and they describe a group of islands surrounding a sea far to the east. After some time spent studying the maps, the Crahaish were able to identify Corrington’s Celestia and Oleon’s Ile d’Or on this map.” Guilder pointed to a corner of one of the maps, and the gathered men leaned in for a closer look. “When put together, these maps detail the islands around a large sea southeast of Ile d’Or, which we are calling the New Haven Sea, based on our best efforts to translate what text we can from these documents.” “Not all the maps are written in the same language,” noted Thaddeus Calvo, the somewhat well-known Eslandolan explorer. “If I’m interpreting the scale correctly,” interjected Captain Janszen, “some of those islands are far bigger than anything discovered in the Brick Seas to date.” “Astute observation, Captain,” replied Guilder. “You are reading the scale properly. There appear to be at least three islands far larger than anything Halosian explorers have discovered, and three others that rival the largest discoveries to date.” "What languages are these" asked Calvo, looking at a couple of the maps in particular. "I have had success translating other pieces of text similar to parts of these maps, languages similar to those encountered among natives in the Prio Seas, but none of the writing here appears to be an exact match." “The Crahaish neh Triuri have identified and translated parts of the text written in Cymgrii script," answered Guilder. "Ah, Cymgrii!" Calvo nodded, turning over in his mind what he knew of the language. Guilder continued: "The sea encompassed by this ring of islands appears to be described as fairly calm. With so many islands of such size, and a large navigable sea, you can see why it is imperative that we learn more about the area. It could contain unimagined resources. So,” Guider continued, “I propose that we send an exploration fleet to the New Haven Sea. Our first targets should be the group of three islands so near Celestia and Ile d’Or, directly to their east and southeast. Two of the islands are similar in size to Celestia, but the other is quite small. I suggest that we circumnavigate these three islands, discerning what we can about them and confirming the accuracy of these maps.” Janszen and Calvo nodded in agreement. “Then, we set exploration parties ashore on each and gather what information we can, but we keep it brief. After that, I’d like to see the fleet proceed to the two largest islands in the western half of the sea and conduct similar navigation and exploratory efforts.” “Governor, how many ships are you considering for this fleet?” asked Captain Janszen. "I have managed to put four ships at your disposal," replied Guilder. "What do you think of that?” "My disposal?" stuttered Janszen. "Yes, captain," replied Guilder with a grin, "at your disposal. Cornelius Reyngout always spoke highly of you, and you have performed admirably as you have worked your way up the ranks of the MCTC. But I suspect you have more to offer than merely being a good merchant captain. You will be overall commander of this expedition as well as the ultimate authority on the sea, but I would advise you to also lean on Calvo's expertise." Guilder then turned to Calvo. "You are to lead any forays onto the islands. I am depending on your experience. And I expect you will counsel young Janszen here capably as well." Janszen struggled to keep his emotions in check. “What ships?" he finally managed to ask. "You’d need at least one or two well-armed ships to protect the fleet, and I’d suggest having at least one smaller ship that could venture in closer to the islands without risking the larger ships on hidden shoals or such. And we'd need ample cargo space to bring back any discoveries and room for some troops.” "I think we have exactly that," replied Guilder. "You and Calvo are to go with all haste to Poorvintia, where you are to assume command of La Contessa de Victoria. Escorted by the Blood Diamond, you will proceed to Hojaroja, where you will rendezvous with the carrack Hidalga and the armed sloop Esmerelda and pick up a company of my troops there. From there, proceed to the northwestern islands of the New Haven Sea and begin your expedition." "La Contessa de Victoria?" stammered Janszen. "Yes, she is quite the ship, but you have earned it." "What about my first mate, Anthony Crol?" "He will take over as captain of the Far Horizon," replied Guilder. Janszen would miss sailing with his longtime friend, but knowing Crol would finally have his own command softened the blow. Guilder then pulled a key from his pocket. "You will also need the expedition treasury. I have a chest in the next room with 1500 DBs for your use. Here is the key. Don't spend it all in one place!" joked Guilder. Janszen laughed a hearty laugh, a needed break from thinking about what was ahead. "If you run into any problems on the expedition," Guilder continued, "Fatu Hiva and Jameston are both near, but do not discuss your mission with anybody there. If you find the need to return to friendlier confines, I will have someone in Fuerte Unido you can talk to." Pip Janszen took a deep breath. The next phase of his life had begun. He was ready for the challenge. --- Map of the New Haven Sea: .
  5. Here's the latest from my ship-building binge, the carrack Hidalga. The crew is busy at work: There's a discussion on the quarterdeck: The lookout scans the horizon through his looking glass: Captain Hugo Pinzon looks back into the mourning sun: But soon his attention returns to tasks on deck as they sail to their destination. A bird's eye view: One more normal view: Additional images: All C&C welcome. .
  6. Here's my latest effort at a ship using gray hull pieces, the Esmerelda: She's a small armed merchant, capable of fighting off small attackers, as this crewman is ready to do: The Esmerelda is small enough to navigate shallow waters, but as you can see by her rounded shape, can still carry a fair-sized cargo. With a small crew, Captain Enrique Marino handles the helm himself: But rumor has it that Capt. Marino and the crew of the Esmerelda have been tapped for a special mission. Stay tuned for more... --- More fun playing with gray hull pieces. I was going to name it something along the lines of Emerald Fog or some such to play off the green and gray color scheme, but Emerald morphed into Esmerelda and I liked that better. All C&C welcome.
  7. Treasure! The word had been magical; at the call of adventure and intrigue and a pile of shiny gold doubloons Guy K. Wyndzon had left his Secretary-of-State-ship, his head-of-the-MCTC-ship, and all other -ships which he possessed. Besides, he was tired of the routine of urban life, tired of the tightrope of political strife - ready to strike out a new path. Hard work, certainly, he expected. Visions of himself hacking through underbrush, whacking at mosquitoes and wiping off beads of sweat haunted his daydreams. But reality turned out to be worse. Because, as Guy discovered all too soon, in these days of civilization, you can't just go on a treasure hunt. First, you must receive a treasure-hunter's license; to do this, you must pass a treasure-hunting course, which requires special training in swordsmanship and the use of firearms; there's also a subsidiary course on how to best dig a hole while doing the least possible danger to the environment. Then you must apply specifically for a license to treasure hunt in some particular area. Fortunately, if you don't know exactly where you intend to hunt, there exists a blanket organization which, for a moderate fee, handles the paperwork between you and the several regional departments of the interior and exterior, except for a few recalcitrant departments that insist on doing things their own individual way - to which departments, of course, you must apply separately. In order for your expedition to be approved, you must provide a detailed expedition plan which includes exactly the quantity of provisions you intend to take, the members of your expedition and their former employments, port of departure, intended port of return, date of departure, estimated date of return, and a list of five people to contact in case of emergency. Some departments also require a list of arms and equipment. Besides all that, you and anyone accompanying you have to pass a background check and a medical check. At one time there was a bill in agitation that would have required a would-be treasure hunter to leave in security an amount sufficient to cover the tax on the amount of treasure a qualified (and commission-earning) official expected the hunter might be able to make. But this was thought too stringent. As for Guy, he's still stuck on the swordsmanship part. At Uncle's instigation, he applied for lessons to a former naval officer (suspicions abound as to whether he retired or was cashiered). Whatever else may be said about the officer, he certainly knows his business! Guy studied on in his spare time between red tape, and slowly - quite slowly - improved. His instructor is a master at the craft, and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Outside of lesson hours, Guy often comes and practices on his own. The naval officer also has a shooting gallery in another part of the building (a partially refurbished warehouse, by the way). In fact, he allows the best shots to practice on the shield. Guy isn't among them. Guy's Uncle has been a tower of strength to him in these difficult days of paperwork and lessons. So when Guy heard that his Uncle was "just going" flower-hunting on Celestia, well, he was outraged. ----------------------------- Just a little build to explain why Guy's treasure hunt has been taking so long! Unfortunately he probably won't be done with his paperwork too soon, because I've got a busy schedule including time away from my bricks ahead of me, but hopefully the story will be make up for the wait when it comes along! A few more pictures: If you'd like to get a glimpse behind the scenes you can do so on my blog! Thank you for looking! C&C welcome!
  8. With the proclamation from the Colonial Council calling for anti-piracy patrols, one captain is ready. At the helm of his brigantine, the captain discusses his plans with one of his trusted crew. And he's off on the hunt! Profile view: --- I know I'm light on story, but just wanted to get this build posted. It's a little retro at the bow, but that's the mood I seem to be in lately. All C&C welcome.
  9. Cast iron is a valuable commodity in the islands. It's very expensive to ship iron from the mainland, so an iron foundry is an important part of a growing settlement. Here is the iron foundry in Weelond: The iron ore and charcoal needed for the blast furnace are kept in a storage house, near the furnace, but accessible from the street for easy delivery of the raw materials: The furnace is kept going for days on end without cooling down and reaches temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees (note the worker's protective facewear): When ready, a worker breaks the hole to allow the liquid iron to flow out: The molten iron flows into channels, where it cools... ... and is cast into ingots ("pigs") that can be used by blacksmiths to be formed into various items. Here piles of iron ingots can be seen in the background while a customer discusses delivery arrangements. A view from the street: Additional views: With the addition of this iron foundry, which will be licensed as a medium factory, Weelond is now a Large City! ---------- This was built and photographed by @Drunknok as my prize from his Merrynight challenge. I think he did an excellent job!
  10. I was playing around with some gray hull pieces last week and, inspired by last month's discussion of Ayrlego's receipt of a nearly complete 6271 Imperial Flagship and the subsequent discussion of modifying it, I came up with the following: The lines of set 6271 should be apparent, but the different color scheme really changes the appearance of the ship, as does the stretch modification. Some more views: A view of the stern: Sailing away... All C&C welcome!
  11. Thunder

    A vessel orginially planned for the ESL-MAR conflict has finally been finished. A little bit late, but with a bit of luck (?) it can find a use in the future. Here is the Bomb Ketch Thunder:
  12. Special Elections for the Prio Sea Seat in the Colonial Council Recently, Mehit have seen the arrival of many Eslandolan vessels and men. It was finally time to launch the reconstruction works in the Native ruined village and Eslandola prepared a bunch of good workers to help the natives. It is here, in this buzzing activity that 3 characters stepped in front of the temporary house of the chief in charge of the reconstruction with a paper in hand. The holder of the paper was well known by the Mehuãtajir people because he is their actual Chief Apulo and now is fairly newly named Mayor of the Settlement of Mehit in name of the Crown of Eslandola. The lady dressed like an adventuress, is Lady Condora, an officer of the MAESTRO Green Messenger Agency in Trador and she just announced by letter the nomination of the Chief Apulo as Mayor of Mehit. Finally, the 3rd character is a man of science and is coming to helped the people in need here in Mehit : He is known as The Doctor Ayuda, a well reknown Doctor in Fuerte Unido. So, the 3 candidates took the time to speech to every worker in the Mehit construction site this morning. "Hear ye ! Hear ye ! By this present words, we, Chief Apulo, Doctor Ayuda and Lady Condora, are proud to announce our will to run for the Seat of the Colonial Council in the name of the Prio Sea Region ! We are here to offer you the best representation we can in the Colonial Council by : Firstly, making enter more natives in the Council, in order to encounter other tribes and create at term a Great Native Alliance inside the Eslandola Realm, the only Halosian realm that integrates New Terran Natives and treats them as Brothers and Equals. Secondly, develop the Mehit Settlement by speeding up the reconstruction. It will be by gaining more attention and more money from the Council. Thirdly, develop the communication routes the Green Messengers from MAESTRO are discovering to accelerate the in and out of important letters and news to the Council and to the Capital. This will be by building more fast ships and develop shipyards in our Region. And Finally, make sure that every citizen in Eslandola colonies, being New Terran native or Halosian, has a roof upon his head and good healthy conditions to live in our territory ! We are awared about the heavy task we will face and are ready to assume this responsibility ! Made in Mehit, the First of February 618." This is my build to officially present my mayor for Mehit and to present my team to the Special Elections for the Prio Sea Seat in the Colonial Council. Here is a better shot of the team itself :
  13. Era 2 Chalenge 1 Cat B2: A Volcano Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda : "After a little ascension we managed to understand where the smoke was coming from. Our men helped us to build some little wooden platform (with, again, grumblings from Bernardo...) to reach the edge of what appeared to be a volcano mouth !" "The chimnea itself is not very high nor large and could be a small part of a bigger lava network running underground. It would explain the discovery of hot water pools in the vicinity... The lava is slowly running to the river downside through a breach at the south part of the chimnea and seems not very fluid. It is surely indicating a regular but somewhat calm activity. Well, for a volcano, of course... But no risk to see the island explode on a big eruption here..." Here is my 2nd entry on Cat B. It is linked to my first entry and they are built to be one next to another. In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds together :
  14. Era 2, Challenge 1 Cat B 1 : Dangerous flora and new species Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda : "Our progression through the jungle of Celestia was difficult but we managed to follow the stream of a river for few miles now. It eased our walk for a while. Of course, Bernardo had found the way to grumble after every new plant or dangerous situation. His last recrimination was after a carnivorous plant that tryed to eat Sancho Panacea. Obviously, no need to worry for my man ! He swiftly unsheathe his sword and the carnivorous plant was no more than fresh wood for our next fire." "Suddenly, our scientist, el senor de la Verdad, took me appart of the carnivorous plant action to make me remark a strange flower. He said it was an authentic Cactae Purpurescens, a totally new variety of flower. The flower is a normal cacti bush at it start but with a solid appendice presenting a purple petal base toped by a florishing brilliant carmine head where the reproductive parts of the plant are. El senor de la Verdad decided to cut some samples from the flower and we continued our way to the high spot we've seen smoking earlier. We are expecting to discover the origin of this smoke on the top of the next highs..." This is the first part of a 2 entries build. The second part can be found at my Cat B2 entry ! I hope it is not against the rules, as each build is 32x32 and clearly shows 2 different features. In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds linked together :
  15. Challenge I Cat A : The Colonist Inn, Jameston Extract of the personal log of the Eslandolan explorer Don Fernando de la Izquierda : "When we arrived in Jameston after a terrible trip by boat where we nearly sunk by three times, the main reason we arrived so late in town by the way... Well, When we arrived in Jameston, we took our quarters in the fancy inn called the Colonist Inn. It is a very nice building with all the best Corlanders commodities and not frequented by smugglers and pirates of all kinds... The success of such a fancy arrival was due to our donator, el Senor de la Verdad. This Gentlemean scientist made his classes in a Corlander academy during some years and knew who to contact to prepare comfortably our arrival. I wished he had known also some good navigators, our trip would have been better... Anyway, We settled in this fancy Inn with our team composed of el Senor Diego de la Verdad, our scientist in chief, of Bernardo, his always grumpy servitor, of Sancho Panacea, my own first man, a veteran of the Mardieran war, very talented with a sword, and of course, Myself, Don Fernando de la Izquierda, Gentleman explorer." "Our arrival was marked by sailors songs and some drunken singing men... Strange fact for an Inn of this standing... We had to gather around little tables in front of the bar... once again, not what I was expecting of such establishment... And finally, Bernardo had to grumble against the owner to find a fourth chair available... We learnt by the owner that Jameston was invaded by too much adventurers and scientists in seach of the marvelous orchid, so he would not be able to give us all the attention he usually gives to gentlemen of our rank... Our delay made us begin on a bad starting point ! Well, at least, he had food and rooms for us to prepare our expedition." The Team : Don Fernando de la Izquierda : Noble man of Eslandola, faithful to the crown and Explorer in chief : El senor Diego de la Verdad : Man of science, formed in Eslandola and Corrington academies, he is interested in all kind of mysteries the Nature offers : Bernardo : The grumpy servitor of Diego de la Verdad. Fernando secretly wishes him to be tongueless, just to stop hearing his constant recriminations : Sancho Panacea : The first man of Fernando de la Izquierda. He is really skilled with a sword and his strenghth compensates his lack of judging : This is my entry for Cat A. I hope you'll like it ! And thank you Gamemasters for extending the deadline and for the good work !
  16. Burglars!!

    Previously: Sinking of the Shuriken Uncle snored deeply, rocking slowly back and forward in his chair. He was in his favorite room, taking his mid-day nap, and everything around was quiet and still, except the draught drifting slowly down the chimney. Suddenly there was a slight movement over in the corner, and something seemed to be moving surreptitiously down the chimney... and, in fact, that was exactly what was happening. Our friend, the Garveyan Smuggler Captain, popped his head out and took a glance around - coast clear. Well, there was Uncle dozing over by the door, but everybody knew that when Uncle was asleep, Uncle was asleep, so that was that. He winked and pulled himself back up a little ways. There was a little secret about that chimney... --------------------------------------------------- Some time later, as the Captain rode away in a little jollyboat on his third trip to the ship with another boat-full of Uncle's treasure (the compartment went some ways in through the wall, you see - and it actually is fairly long and full IRL! ), his mate queried, "Um, so Cap'n, how was it that you found out where ol' Uncle kept all his DBs?" "I be a student of physiognomy, matey," he winked, "and Uncle had the kind of a face of somebody who stashes all his DBs in the chimney." "Ah," was all the mate could return. He was a bit flummoxed with the Captain's power of reading countenances. But the fact was, that the Captain had actually just been poking his nose in to check in on Guy's famous (or infamous, if you happen to be in debt) Uncle, when he'd come across the little door there... but no use telling his mate such a lame story as that! Figless: ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey all! Just a little BoBS build from me, to officially state the fact that I'm stealing 6,000 DBs from Guy's Uncle (woot!) - or to put it more accurately, our mysterious Garveyan Smuggler is. Hopefully there'll be more along this storyline - including what he's planning next - coming soon... (and if you're all trembling in your boots, that's the goal Jk!) Credit for the chair design (ever so slightly modified) goes to SK and LJ's tutorials on Brickbuilt! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  17. Prelude: ... (Eslandola Colonial Council, January 25th 618 AE) ... A few days later, at dawn: A Battalion of MAESTRO soldiers marched into the harbour. Under command of General Whitedragon, they boarded the anchored Sea Rat vessels. The Eslandolan soldiers quickly disarmed the Sea Rats without any harm or causalties as the Sea Rats understood they had a disadvantage and the Eslandolans came in peace. Aboard the Misfortune's Wrath, General Whitedragon summoned a clerk.declaring the Sea Rats vessels to be detained. All Sea Rats are free men, free to roam the pubs in Fuerto Unido, but misbehaving would not be accepted. But they had to stay in Fuerto Unido for the upcoming period. Asking who was in charge of the Sea Rats fleet, a guy with white cloak and golden skull on his bicorn was appointed as the most important Sea Rat. Little did the Eslandolans know the Sea Rats dressed up a common sailor and appointed him to be in charge. They even called him Captain Whitemouse, to mock with the famous Eslandolan General Whitedragon. Back in his office, General Whitedragon sent the following letter: ------------------- A MRCA response. It is now up to the Sea Rats. The letter could be recognised as an adapted copy of a famous Corrington letter. The build itself was fun. I wanted to recreate the style some Sea Rats builders are building their vessels and Black Sails was an inspiration as well.
  18. Basement House, Montoya Street, Jameston, Celestia Jameston had attracted many foreigners over the past few weeks. Rumours had gone around of an orchid to be found on Celestia, an orchid so beautiful that everyone in the world would stop in silent adoration and just want to watch it for the rest of their lives. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo had assembled a small group of people around himself to lead an expedition into the inner parts of the islands, up the mountains. He had recently been to Cocovia, to get an impression of what might be the future of land based mobility: The Wagonway. And impressed he was, though also certain that this was not what it should be in final perfection. When he boarded a ship to Celestia with his servant Barlo Forga, he met a group of people who shared his same goal: Finding the most beautiful orchid in the world on Celestia. They decided to join forces and set up camp in Celestia first. Fontonajo hired a group of builders to construct the house that one of his new found companions, Luca do Figino, had designed. They dug about a metre deep into the ground and made a half open-basement - half of which soon became a barn, while the other half became a workshop. As it was rather warm and moist on Celestia, this was the perfect way to keep the air fresh while working on the preparations for their journey. They had even planted some of the native Celestian flowers, with lightish blue patels. And they planned to add more of the things they would find on this beautiful island. Hence also the barn, which might soon be home to some of the island's native anmials. Fontonajo's expedition group: Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, heir to Román Esteban Fontonajo, fromer member of the Eslandolan Colonial Council and still official mayor of Nova Terreli (though other family members are doing his duties during his absence. Lady Ludovica Grande from Mardier, born rich, married into nobility and a widow for more than 15 years after her husbands mysterious death. After the end of the long-lasting Mardierian Civil War she decided to leave Londa and discover the world with her friend - whereever they might end. Luca do Figino, craftsman, inventor, visionary - from Terraversa. He had left his home in young years and sailed to Mardier in the old world - where he found nothing but hostility towards him, because he was from Terraversa. It was Lady Ludovica Grande who left him into her home and may well have saved his life during the end of the Civil War. "The Doctor", a man from Corrington in his fifties who refuses to reveal more than his profession about himself. He has been with Lady Ludovica for a while, and the two are said to be a couple. Barlo Forga, the bad-tempered servant of Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, who complains that that he has to do all the work. To which Fontonajo replies not with words but with a decent weekly pay.
  19. With only one ship larger than class 6 active in the Eslandolan Navy, shipbuilders throughout the islands have been put to work. In Weelond, the new class 7 flagship of the Sea of Storms fleet is finally ready to sail. Her name, Espada de Luna (“Sword of Luna”), and figurehead pay tribute to her duty as a warship and to the deity favored by mariners in the Church of the Two Coins. On the fo’c’sle, a lieutenant oversees crewmen tending to the mainstay. At the waist of the ship, another lieutenant oversees crewmen securing one of the cannons. On the quarterdeck, Captain de Flynt discusses matters with Lieutenant Jacobs. A member of the rigging crew up in the top mast pauses for a moment to take in a view of the deck below. The large stern gallery is topped by artwork of a raised sword against a crescent moon. And so Espada de Luna is ready to take her place in Eslandola’s fleet. --- This has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of months, and I finally finished up the rigging and sails. As always, all C&C welcome.
  20. The Church of Sol and Luna is a duotheistic religion that worships gods represented by the sun and the moon. Sometimes it is referred to as the Church of Two Coins, as Sol or the sun is represented by a gold coin and Luna or the moon is represented by a silver coin. Sol is highly regarded by farmers who depend on the sun for their crops to grow. Mariners tend to favor Luna, who controls the tides and provides the stars for navigation. While the assignment of a gold coin for Sol and a silver coin for Luna would appear to slight Luna, the two gods are of equal importance; the occasional eclipse is Luna’s way of reminding worshippers of that. Those from outside Eslandola might be shocked to learn that a principle teaching of the church is charity, as one should give thanks for each gold piece Sol provides by giving away a silver piece to honor Luna. While increased giving frequently occurs after an eclipse, the main holiday of giving occurs at the first full moon after the winter solstice. It is considered one of the holiest nights of the year in the church, honoring Luna and the charity she inspires. In the days between the solstice and the full moon, followers donate to local charities. On the night of the full moon -- Merrynight -- followers give presents to the needy and help feed the hungry. As a church member, Governor Guilder faithfully gives to the needy. With the full moon of Merrynight rising in the sky, Guilder, decked out in a green holiday suit, is busy at the Weelond orphanage. He has already delivered a large roasting bird and other food for a big holiday meal, and now he has a wagon full of more food supplies -- and other surprises for the orphans. Guilder directs his helpers to unload the wagon while, because he doesn’t want to flaunt his charity work publicly, he puts on a cap and fake beard to hide his identity from the kids. Inside, while some of the kids are still eating, the disguised Guilder hands out presents! The head mistress of the orphanage can’t recall seeing the children so happy, and is grateful the governor believes in the charity of Luna this Merrynight. --- The full build: Some additional pictures:
  21. Launched from the docks of Bardo is this old merchant sloop, the Mysterious Lady. She has seen a lot of ports and a lot of owners in her day, a frequent traveler among the islands of the Sea of Storms. She is affectionately referred to as "The Gypsy" by her crew. Now purchased by Willem Guilder and refurbished, she is ready to sail again. Hurrying to get underway, the crew is still busy getting things in order, even after setting for sea. Cargo still needs to be stored below decks. At least the sails are set properly, and the men can come down. The captain has the helm on the quarter deck. The cargo is now stored away, and the hatches are closed. The "Gypsy" sails to her new destination, a new lease on life. To be licensed as a class 3 trader. She is very similar to my Lady of Madrice. As always, all C&C welcome.
  22. Buying A new Ship Licence Felipe de la Manazana being absent during his Pirate chase to obtain the second half of his treasure map, It was the captain of the Lady Hawk, el Senor Oliveira Da Manzao, who was commissioned by the fleet to buy more space for new ships. El Senor Oliveira Da Manzao used his stop by Elisabethtown to get an appointment in the Shipyards office. - Hello my dear Senor. Welcomed the shipyard master. - Hello, I am here to buy you a new spot to licence The Messenger and our next ships for felipe de la Manzana's fleet. - Alright, my dear senor,it will cost you 250 Dbs. - Here there are. And Oliveira Da Manzao paid the officer. - OK, Thank you ! Let's do this paperwork then... Here is just a little build in order to open me more ship space. Hope you'll like it.
  23. "How's the work going on that old galleon? Have 'er ready yet?" "See for yourself. She's out of dry dock, just loading equipment and getting her ready to sail." "Why are they bringing her back into service anyway?" "Ah, the MCTC lost the Prince Fernando two months ago. You know, when we had all those bad storms. This ol' mistress of the sea is from the same class, so they're refitting her to replace it." ------ Just a small build to sistership the Prince Fernando.
  24. The campaigns for Eslandola’s second Colonial Council have concluded, and the council’s business will be conducted in public in this thread, unless national security merits private deliberations. Eslandola’s Admius Legistrad, the leader of the Colonial Council, is Willem Guilder, Eslandola Secretary of Trade, Governor of An Holli, and Director of the MCTC; The delegations representing the colonial regions and the trade companies are made up of three representatives each. The East Trade-Wind Company is represented by @Garmadon : Agent Gilles Guelds Lieutenant Horatio Hillsboroughbergmachier, retired of the ETWC Elites Willoughby The Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company is represented by @Kai NRG : Captain Edward Argentum Esterhazy de Troir Chef Jalape The MAESTRO Trade Company is represented by @Legostone: Jerome Monezterrell, Eslandola Secretary of the Navy, Governor of Isla de Victoria, and Mayor of Fuerto Unido; Captain Lamar Evercrees of the Santiago; and Farrucio Paraja, naval architect extraordinaire The Independent traders of Eslandola are represented by @gedren_y: Commodore Hammish Grei Lady Valentia Cantoni Viscount Alexander Doblin The Sea of Storms Region (An Toli, An Holli) is represented by @Capt Wolf: Willem Guilder, Eslandola Secretary of Trade, Governor of An Holli, and Director of the MCTC; Aaron van der Meede, attorney and chairman of the Weelond town council; and Pieter Reyngout, tavern owner and Weelong town council member. The Sea of Thieves Region (Nelissa, Berreli, Ferro Azure, Torrach Bonn, Isla Philippe) is represented by @Umbra-Manis: Revon de Crocodil, mayor of Salida Este Captain Reginald Haddock, retired pirate hunter Councilor Hadelson, jewel merchant The Prio Seas Region (Isla de la Victoria, Otoño, La Sombra) is represented by @Faladrin: Lady Condora, officer of the MAESTRO Green Messenger Agency Chief Apulo, of the Mehuãtajir people, and mayor of Mehit Doctor Ayuda of Fuerte Unido The Second Cycle of the Colonial Council of Eslandola is in session.
  25. Location: Weelond Type: Medium Educational The shouts echoed through the streets as a large crowd walked towards the library where the independent political movement was making campaign materials. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Some were armed. Some were not. All were angry at the prospect of losing a seat that represented them. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr "We have to go now! They're at the door!" Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr The lead protester tried to kick the door in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr A campaign staffer paused briefly to look at the door as they banged on the doors. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr They dropped their things and bolted out the back. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr With a cry of, "You idiot, the doors open the other way!" the protesters rushed in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr One grabbed a candlestick and brought it down on the printing press. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Outside, the city guard arrived, but were blocked by the protesters. Clearly, it would be a violent campaign season... FIN Thanks for viewing my build for Weelond. C&C appreciated!