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  1. Settlement Name: Punto Sur Ownership: Eslandola Location: Maldria Mayor: --- Size: Large Town Who can own property in Punto Sur: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Punto Sur: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: One medium fort. Please post a link to any free-builds that take place in Punto Sur in this thread. Island description: One of the largest islands discovered by Madrician explorers so far, the northern coast of this island has a more temperate climate likely influenced by weather of the great northern sea. The mountain range that forms an east-west spine along the island contains the highest mountains yet seen in the new world, the peaks of which are covered in an almost permanent mist. This range shelters the southern portion of the island from the moderating effects of the northern winds and a more tropical climate prevails here. Several native tribes inhabit the island, and their relations with each other shift periodically, like rival siblings. They have been quick to trade with the new settlers, but the natives are protective of their lands. Trade with the natives has led to Punto Sur becoming a boom town, quickly attracting settlers from all factions of the Brick Seas. More about the native tribes of Maldria can be found here. Rumors: It is rumored that an ancient civilization once worked numerous rich gold mines on this island and that these mines could be reactivated with minimal effort. The peaks of the mountains in the central part of the island are said to be covered in snow where unusual creatures live such as a "snow jaguar." Island map: Location of Punto Sur: Properties: - Trading Post (large commerce) - Seawolf Shipping (small commerce) - Oktoberfest Street Theater (small culture) - Oktoberfest Bumper Boats (large artisan) - Biergarten (large artisan) - Fest Tent (small artisan) - Beer Shrine (small culture) - Brewery (large factory) - Science Academy (large education) - Warehouse (medium commerce) - "The Omelet" (medium fort) - Tower windmill (small factory) - Town hall (large culture) - Westward square (large residence) - Drunk as a skunk (unlicensed vignette) - Oktoberfest joust (medium residence) - Oggy's (medium artisan) - Farmstead (large residence) - Por el Rey (vignette) - Event merchant store (large commerce) - Barrel maker (medium factory) - Elementary school (small education) - MAESTRO office (small commerce) - Quay (small commerce) - Barrel maker (small factory) - Merchant office (small commerce) - Residential street (3 small residences) - Waterfront (small residence and medium commerce)
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    Eslandola Royal Horse Artillery

    The Royal Horse Artillery are practising. The guys are inspired by the British Royal Horse Artillery Helmets come via Shapeways and I had the torsos custom printed.
  3. Just a small build here, a tavern for the thirsty people of boomtown Ceniza Bajo. It is important for one's physical and mental health to stay hydrated Rum on the other hand is a not to be neglected medicine to disinfect one from the inside and even the indigenious fauna enjoys a bottle or two sometimes (without paying of course... to protect his privacy we will call Señor S.) Will be licensed as a small artisan.
  4. Settlement Name: Ceniza Bajo Ownership: Eslandola Location: second largest island of the Eileanne neh Luithhr archipeligo (aka Luther Islands) (New Haven Sea, Island #9) Mayor: TBD Size: Hamlet Who can own property in Ceniza Bajo: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Ceniza Bajo: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: none. Troops: As of Oct. 13, 620, none. Please post a link to any free-builds that take place in Ceniza Bajo in this thread. Island/archipeligo nickname: The Volcano Geographical Features: A group of small islands, the largest of which is dominated by an enormous active volcano. Vegetation is sparse on the main island with no permanent source of freshwater available. The second largest island; however, contains a small freshwater lake and a large natural harbour that explorers have observed could easily be fortified to make a formidable anchorage. Aesthetics: The volcanic nature of the islands is reflected in the materials used to pave the streets and build the houses. The architecture displays a mixture of colonial style, wealth, but also solidity and practicality - because life in a trading town is not about displaying luxury, but about getting the work done, and living a good life. The settlement is new, and the houses show little to no signs of erosion. Ceniza Bajo is built on the ruins of an ancient native civilization, that once used to live where the Eslandolans have now settled. The remainders of the natives have been recycled and integrated into the town - that’s why quite a few gardens are home to a totem or some other random weird sculpture. Rumours: Geologists speculate that the volcanic nature of these islands probably contain significant mineral wealth, most likely with larger levels of iron, copper and mercury. Map to come. Properties: - Townhouse (medium residence) - Fruit merchant (small commerce) - Beach house (small residence) - Apple orchard (medium plantation) - Augustus's villa (medium residence) - Carrot farm (small plantation) - Tavern (small artisan)
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Ship open for licensing

    Fellow Eslandoleans! This ship has been posted in the pirate MOC section and can be licensed by an Eslandolean, simply by replying to this post. This offer is free of charge and will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  6. Hipérion's stay in Punto Sur was short-lived. He gathered the best accountants, filthiest swashbucklers and oldest warhorses of the Seven Brick Seas, acquired supplies from the local warehouses, and soon an expedition departed from Punto Sur in the morning of 27th Mayo 623. Rumors quickly spread the town, saying that Hipérion got secret orders from King Fernando himself... Others said that one of the accountants deciphered a ancient map that showed one of the Seven Cities of Cibola... but surely these rumors must be nonsense and the purpose of this operation must be something else... The group left Punto Sur through the eastern gate, followed the road (more a dirt trail than a road) that would lead deep into the heart of the island of Maldria and soon the party was swallowed by the jungle... I apologise for the bad quality pictures but i have only a potato camera and nothing that i can use as a background. And looking at the palm tree and fisherman's net...i am much too lazy to edit the background in PS. The grey building on the left will be licensed as a small residence. The warehouse, yard, wharf and house on the right will be licensed as medium commerce. (Proof that these mocs can be seperated in the spoiler )
  7. The Empire of Eslandola Nicknames: Cash Empire, Eslandrama Colors: Green, Gold Flag: Although this is the official flag, you are welcome to create your own variations or stick with purist flags. Eslandola Summarized: Compared to the other nations, Eslandola boasts the best merchants, the most heavily laden treasure ships, and - they will contend - the largest and richest colonial possessions. Eslandolans hold hard to their individualism and profit making, and those have not let them down! They are adventurers and explorers, business folk, merchant sailors, agriculturalists, and artists. Membership: Fancy yourself as a tradesperson and want to join a trading company to extend our wealth? Or aspire to make a name for yourself in New Terra and explore the islands and start a colony to expand our empire? Want to pick up arms and join the army or navy to expand our control? We welcome anybody who will be loyal to the cause. For gold and country! Good Eslandolans strive to show their pride by including one or more of the nation’s colors in each build, but if they slip up, certainly no one will track them down. If you choose to be a member, there is a lot in store for you! Your first task will be to create your signature figure (sig-fig) and sign up in this thread with an intro post. Your intro post should include a picture of your sigfig and a bit of a description and background as well. Your sigfig will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make.) There are some simple instructions here that sum up the sign-up process. Eslandola currently has three main trading companies. If you'd like, you are quite welcome to affiliate yourself with one of them. This affiliation may be changed at any time, but you are responsible to make sure leaders are notified of any changes. You are not required to join one of the trade groups and may even start your own; however, there are a few economic benefits which come with joining a Trade Company. More information about the trade groups can be found under point 5 below. Eslandola has a republican system of government, with a figurehead monarchy. More information about the government can be found under points 1 and 2 below. Did you get that far? If so, you’ve read all that you really need to know. The rest is just icing on the cake, so take it at your leisure, and enjoy the MOCs! A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola (government, geography, military, history): (below) Trade Companies: (second post) Colonies: (third post) Members: (fourth post) A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola 1 – Leadership King Fernando - Augusto VII (NPC) Thanks to the independent minded merchants of Eslandola, the realm is fairly decentralized. The real power lies in the hands of the Continental Council and its daughter council, the Colonial Council. King Fernando used to command the empire through a High Council, but a bad political move led to his power being curtailed with the signing of the Magna Charta. Since then, he's been variously reported as begging in the backstreets, throwing nightcaps, gormandizing, or plotting a dramatic revenge... Continental Council The Continental Council consists of the leaders of Eslandola. The Continental Council grants charters, signs treaties, and supervises elections. Honorary members are members that have previously served in the Continental Council, but now take no part in its usual deliberations. Governor Willem Guilder (@Capt Wolf) and the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC) Willem Guilder is a career member of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, rising from dock agent to regional manager to mayor of the MCTC’s Weelond settlement to governor of the island of An Holli. With the retirement of Guy Wyndzon, Guilder now takes over as director of the MCTC. Guilder has continually sought ways to expand the MCTC’s trading base and influence, forging new trade relationships and aggressively defending Eslandolan (and the MCTC’s) interests across the seas. Quick to join the push to get the king to sign the Magna Charta, Guilder hopes to help lead the MCTC (and thus Eslandola) to new heights in this blossoming era of colonial power! Captain Jerome Monezterrell (@Legostone) and the Mpya-Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation (MAESTRO) Captain Jerome Monezterrell grew up in a community of merchants, and, since joining the at the time newly-formed MAESTRO trade company, has risen to the rank of accountant and second-in-lead of the trade company, as well as Governor of Eslandola's recently conquered Isla de la Victoria. Influential in the founding of the settlement of Fuerte Unido and famous as the owner of the splendid Monezterrell shipyards, Captain Jerome's focus on a strong national and private navy has also resulted in his promotion to Secretary of the Navy in Eslandola. On entering Era II, his goals are to further propel his nation and trade company on to victory! Viceroy Renato Filamento (@kabel) and the Royal Colonies After his fortunate discovery of the island of Nelissa, Renato Filamento was knighted by King Fernando and proceeded to construct Nova Terreli as a royal colony. Sir Renato was kept home in Eslandola for some time, and earned the King’s trust. Now, he has been made Viceroy of all the royal colonies and is supposed to do his best to bring down the East Trade-Wind Company. Unfortunately for him, the ETWC capitalized on his discoveries and now controls the rest of the east coast of Nelissa. Sir Renato, even after all the recent occurrences, still deeply respects King Fernando and wants to carry out his job well, but he is forced to comply with many of ETWC’s demands. His exasperation with the state of affairs leads him to take frequent therapeutic jungle expeditions, and he spends a good deal of his time lost in the woods. Since the king's fall in public favor, little has been heard of his viceroy... Honorary Members: Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois (@Garmadon) and the East Trade-Wind Company (ETWC) Sir E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois has headed the East Trade-Wind Company for, well, just about forever! Under his leadership, the elite trade company has greatly consolidated power, and ever since the colonizing move to the New World, it has had a virtual monopoly in Eslandola proper. Although it made an early start on the island of Nelissa, after it got a good hold there, the ETWC began to lay back and became somewhat complacent about New World expansion. In Era I it has fallen somewhat behind the other two large companies in Nova Terra, but now, while Wilkinson still enjoys more-or-less ignoring his competitors, it is said that plans are afoot that will propel the ETWC back into its place as the number one trading company. Guy K. Wyndzon (@Kai NRG) of the MCTC After the death of his wealthy father, young Guy took over leadership of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company’s Board. Energetic and sometimes a little too reckless, he often has trouble getting the other merchants to agree with his expansionistic schemes and would have been deposed long ago but for the influence of his Uncle. Under Guy’s leadership, the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company stopped playing its losing game on the mainland with the ETWC and started planting dozens of new colonies in the New World. However, when Guy's Uncle took a voyage to who knows where, Guy decided that being leader of the MCTC was too much for him and stepped down. Well, that was his given reason, but rumor has it that he found a secret treasure map. 2 – Colonial Council Background: After the King's erratic temperament got him into trouble with Eslandola's powerful trade companies, the powerhouse of Eslandola was moved from the monarchy - now pretty much nothing but a figurehead - to the Continental Council and its newly formed Colonial counterpart. Update: After the Colonial Council was usurped by Count Lewisham, King Fernando returned to power in September 622 and dissolved the Colonial Council. Council Hall, Weelond: A republican body elected by the members of Eslandola, this latter consists of eight members - three appointed by the Trade Companies, three elected regionally, one elected by members not affiliated with a Trade Company, and one, the Admius Legistrad, elected by Eslandola at large. The Colonial Council handles just about all the day-to-day decisions of Eslandola, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly and to the liking of the people. More information on all the particulars of how the Colonial Council and Eslandolan government works can be found here (first post only). Eslandola Colonial Council - First Cycle, 617, In Session Eslandola Colonial Council - Second Cycle, 618, In Session Eslandola Colonial Council - 620, In Session Eslandola Colonial Council - 621, In Session 3 – Geography The Southeastern Coast: Major Ports and Capital This is where Eslandola's capital, Terreli, is located. This is the wealthiest region of the world, thus giving it the nickname Diamond Coast. It boasts the world's largest ports, with Terreli being the biggest. Most people live in the ports and towns, but some reside in the beautiful isolated countryside. The southeastern coast of Eslandola is the most populated region of with most citizens being traders, merchants, sailors, or nobles. Terreli is also the headquarters of the East Trade-Wind Company. Generally, buildings resemble Mediterranean and Western European styles. Eslandians generally prefer mud, brick, or rock structures over wood. The Northwestern Coast: Smaller Ports and Coastal Towns The northwestern coast is a quite different place. With the royal government and both trade companies focusing their effort on the eastern coast and the colonies, the western coast has been historically neglected – making it a hot spot for smugglers and the occasional pirate. Every man on the northwestern coast fends for himself, as the army's presence is virtually nil. The Colonies Since the signing of the Magna Charta, the colonies have been mostly left to govern themselves with the Colonial Council. The largest city in the New World, Nova Terreli, was established as a crown colony but took a leading part in dethroning the King. In size, it rivals most of the ports of the Old World. Its mayor sides with the MCTC and in good MCTC tradition is always ready to expand influence on the island, but the ETWC controls its own settlement here too. A couple other islands are in the hands of MAESTRO, but the majority are settled by the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. Adventurers head for the colonies to find income through trade and commerce or resource factories such as plantations, mining, or tanneries. Given the diverse backgrounds of settlers, just about every architectural style has been allowed to flourish in the colonies, with preference being given to those that are the simplest and quickest to build. 4 – Military Continental Army These men are directly loyal to the Councils and have no affiliation with the trade companies. Some regiments and commanding officers still wear armor, which they believe is a symbol of might, and it is not a rarity to see officers on horseback. The standard uniform color is green. Militias The majority of the troops of Eslandola are militia, financed and trained by the trade companies or local leaders. Their uniforms are usually quite diverse and depend mainly on the region they are in and their leader - though green is generally used as it is one of the official colors. East Trade-Wind Company These elite, elusive troops are fielded by the ETWC whenever the need arises - which it doesn't happen very often. By the law of the land, they are not a standing army, but they've still helped the nation out various times in a pinch. Among other things, they were sent out in the battles against Mardier on Isla de Victoria, and were instrumental in taking down the enemy forts on the island. Their colors are green and dark green. Nova Terreli The Golden Nellisei are elite troops and Román Fontonajo's personal guard unit in Nova Terreli MAESTRO MAESTRO maintains several militia units. Here are Royal MAESTRO Engineers under the command of General Whitedragon. Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC) White Glove Order The White Glove Order, headquartered in the MCTC settlement of Bardo, maintains its own troops. Here they are seen marching into Nova Malto. The Governor's Musketeers Willem Guilder, director of the MCTC and governor of An Holli, maintains an elite unit of musketeers, capable with musket and sword, on horse and on foot. Here they are seen on parade in front of Weelond's local militia unit. Others There are many other militia units in Eslandola. As you can see, some of these units can be very individualistic. Navy (Grande y Felicísima Armada Eslandola) While the trade companies maintain a few heavily armed ships for escort duty, the majority of Eslandola's warships are owned and operated by the Councils. These ships have been used most often in the past for escort duty with large merchant convoys. Eslandola's navy currently consists of the following ships (ownership, if by someone other than the faction, in parentheses): Active un-MOC'd ships: Argenta - Class 5 El Dorado - Class 5 Verde Oro - Class 5 Active MOC'd ships: Pride of Pontelli - Class 8 La Comete III - Class 7 White Rabbit - Class 7 Oscuridad IV - Class 6 La Raya Venenosa III - Class 6 Golden Grasshopper - Class 6 Sleeping Siren II - Class 5 (Weelond) Asesino II - Class 4 (Nova Terreli) Midas Touch II - Class 4 (Nova Terreli) Blood Diamond - Class 4 (Weelond) Long Beard IV - Class 4 (Puerto Desafio) Clearance - Class 4 (Salida Este) Auxiliary MOC'd ships: Princesse Margot - Class 8 (Maxim I) Margot - Class 7 (Trador) Beluga - Class 5 (Maxim I) Lost MOC'd ships eligible to be sistershipped: Thunderer - Class 6 Firefly - Class 5 [also, name to be changed] The Gallant - Class 4 (Bardo) Victoria II - Class 4 (Fuerte Unido) Peregrine II - Class 4 (Fuerte Unido) La Salamandra - Class 3 Inactive / licenses only: Logan's Nightmare - Class 5 Thor's Anvil - Class 5 HMS Pegasus - Class 5 Plump Patty - Class 4 Hades' Hangman - Class 4 5 – History and Foreign Relations Eslandola before Era I Almost all Eslandians like having a monarch, but they don’t like him bothering them. They are individualistic, and, especially in the colonies, they have always tended to ignore royal orders. However, when the nation needs to defend itself, its large sprawling noble class is eager to respond, along with the powerful trade lords and privateers, who are always looking for somewhere to use their expertise. Honor is found in both war and business – but business is preferred. Fifty years ago the East Trade Wind Company foreclosed on much of the royal possessions due to excessive debt levels. To get them off his back, the King established Renato Filamento, a newly knighted explorer, as Viceroy of all the royal ports. Renato arrived and had to try to curb the ETWC’s power, no easy task! The ETWC dominated the High Council, and the aims of the empire were divided between the monarch’s ambitions and desires of those who control the purse strings. Recently, however, the fairly conservative and slow-to-expand ETWC has been challenged by the rapidly exploding Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, which has also managed to grab several seats in the council. For this reason, much of the foreign policy of Eslandola has been to acquire as many new territories in the resource rich New World as possible. Despite the large trading companies, smuggling is rampant and small competition abounds. The Eslandians are a romantic and freedom loving people, cherishing long and winding stories. Nobility still loves to dress in armor, even though the days of its practicality are over. The horse is also a useful tool, especially when dealing with natives, and most Eslandians know how to ride a horse and shoot at the same time. Eslandola has no state religion, but leaves such matters entirely to the desires of its people. Eslandola in Era I Right with the onset of Era I, Eslandola burst out in rapid expansion and development in the New World, using its valuable island of Nelissa as a launching pad for operations in the newly discovered islands to the east. Soon after the discovery of the island of Berelli by the famed Eslandolan explorer, Ivo Fortesque, MAESTRO's settlement of Elysabethtown was founded there, where the new trade company was not only instrumental in keeping the island from falling completely into the hands of the redcoats, but almost managed to keep up a good relationship with Corrington and the natives of the island as well. Although the ETWC mostly concentrated on consolidating its power on Nelissa's east coast and building up its settlement of Pontelli, the poor viceroy, Renato Filamento, was nevertheless not particularly successful in his mission on behalf of the king - just how not-particularly-successful future events would show - and he often solaced himself with long expeditions into the jungle, where he would disappear for weeks or months at a time. Rumors that the good viceroy had gone mad were sometimes to be heard whispered in the large city of Nova Terelli... At any rate, things seemed to be progressing fairly normal - the MCTC building settlements and expanding like nobody's business, MAESTRO, and especially Mr. Jerome Monezterell's shipyard, providing both the crown and the trade company with an abundance of ships, and Nova Terelli bustling with the trade of the nations under its new mayor, Román Esteban Fontonajo - when it suddenly occurred to the good old king that a convoy of treasure ships bringing the newfound gold of the colonies to Eslandola's Old World capital would be the very thing to set him up for life. This turned out to be not the greatest idea, though, for while some ships' escorts managed to defend their charges from assault, a considerable number were lost to pirates and other villains of the high seas, despite the ingenuity of the Eslandolans in defense of their gold. Some time ago King Stéphan II of Oleon had died and been succeeded by his younger brother, the new King Philip I, but Eslandola's King Fernando Augusto VII had always pondered how it was that that brother should become the new king instead of himself, the old king's cousin. At any rate, he figured he had a fine claim to the throne of Oleon, and for some time previously, curious affairs had been going on under the surface... Meanwhile, however, other things were also going on in Eslandola! An outrageous and unwarranted attack on Eslandola's shipping by the nation of Mardier brought on a court case, and after the infamous travesty which resulted in the supposed vindication of the privateer, l'Ollius, Eslandola's declaration of war. This did not result in much action, however, until Operation KMA and the Eslandolan attack on Isla de Victoria, a strategic piece of land which Mardier had claimed under the name of "Isla del Medio," located right between two of Eslandola's newest acquisitions. This daring action put all doubts about Eslandola's intention to see to the safety and protection of its citizens from foreign attacks at rest forever. It was just now, however, that the king also saw fit to put into action the plan which he had been concocting ever since the death of his unfortunate cousin in Granoleon. The king's battle plan, codenamed, En Contra Oleon put the relation between that nation and Eslandola very much on edge - but worse, for him, it practically signaled the knell for his active rule as monarch of Eslandola. Popular outrage was everywhere. The leaders in the colonies decided that something must be done. The result? Well, poor King Fernando was forced to very peacefully decided to sign away all his powers in the Eslandolan Magna Charta, and by the resulting Constitution, a Colonial Council - the counterpart of the also newly formed Continental one - was formed, and became, de facto, the ruling force in Eslandola's colonies. What was going on with the war against Mardier all this time, you ask? Well, Eslandola issued a Letter of Marque against all Mardierian warships to counter a similar offer from their enemy, and the war proceeded both on the Isla and on the seas! After a gruelingly long war, during which Eslandola formed a league with the nation of Garvey, helped in the succession and independence of Terraversa from its mother country, wrested fort after fort and position after position from Mardier on Isla de Victoria, though unfortunately at the price of many courageous members of the heroic Brickwall family, devastated its enemy's shipping, and chased them to the fabled kingdom of gold, Eslandola ended up in sole possession of the contested island, and forced Mardier to come to fair terms. Although it has looked askance on the Sea Rats ever since their devious attack on Eslandolan ships in the Battle of the Five Fleets, it embarks upon this next era at peace with all the other nations, and looking to trade and exploration for the future glory of the nation! The jungle calls! - for gold and country, for Eslandola! Foreign Relations Eslandola has cordial relationships with other nations both because it provides big trading partners and because it is not militaristic. After Operation Pax Corlandia and the subsequent Malto Peace Talks, it kept a wary eye on Corrington. More recently, Oleon's secretive nature and semi-closed port policies has caused Eslandola to be wary of them as well. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Very Unfriendly) Eslandola's relationship with... Sea Rats: Indifferent Corrington: Indifferent Oleon: Unfriendly Mardier (NPC): Very Unfriendly Garvey (NPC): Very Friendly Other nation’s relationship with Eslandola... Sea Rats: Indifferent Corrington: Indifferent Oleon: Unfriendly Mardier (NPC): Very Unfriendly Garvey (NPC): Very Friendly Ready to expand Eslandola’s land and extend Eslandola’s wealth? Go ahead, let’s get bricking!
  8. Calling all Eslandian citizens! The crown has decided to charter an inclusive settlement. > What does that mean? That means that YOU have a chance at part ownership! > How can I participate? Simply apply in this thread. Make up a résumé; if you own any ships, hold any special posts, etc; pull out all the stops! The Eslandian High Council will be evaluating applicants on a case-by-case basis. > What good does part ownership do me? Mayors and other civil servants will be elected out of the inclusive ownership group. These are all salaried positions. Plus, you’ll have the prestige of being part owner of a settlement. You’ll also have a say in the settlement naming process. > How big of a part of the ownership will I have? That depends on the number of successful applicants. If there are three, you’ll have one-third ownership, if there are five, you’ll have one-fifth, etc. Requirements: You must be an Eslandian citizen. Leadership may require you to have already built several quality builds demonstrating your commitment. To solidify your claim, you will be required to build and buy at least one license in this settlement this month (or whatever month you apply). If you are not able to do this, your claim will be lost. Settlement Name: Puerto Alijo Ownership: TBD Location: Torrach Bonn Mayor: None, yet. Who can own property in Puerto Alijo: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Puerto Alijo: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: None. Check out the Puerto Alijo index. Please post any free-builds that take place in Puerto Alijo in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Puerto Alijo, post in this thread and fill out the web form.
  9. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie's Christmas

    It was a family feast. Captain Cookie, Commodore T. Spoon were at their mother's for some tea and biscuits. Somehow they all felt that something was missing. But they could not exactly tell what that was. Suddenly there was a noise at the door... ... and a strange creature with a red and white hat came in, dragging something behind him. "Did you plan this", the mother asked? Captain Cookie shook his head, his brother did the same. Meanwhile the strange creature had rolled a cart into the living room, filled with nicely wrapped presents. "Did you plan this?" Cookie and Spoon asked simultaneously. Their mother shook her head. "I guess this is the famous Christmas Monkey that was often talked about in Pontelli." In the meantime, the Christmas Monkey had begun to distribute the presents. ... and he even had a nut for the squirrel! A splendid time was guaranteed for all. Happy holidays to all of you and all the best for 2023!
  10. After this moc is sitting untouched on my desk for quite some weeks now, i had to finally post it. Like i wrote on Discord, i feel like i am stuck and can not add or change something, so i want to post it and go on. I am still very happy how everything turned out! After all this is my first moc that is not Star Wars I still have problems with photography. The large colored cardboards i bought are not large enough (So i have to edit the background in PS) and i have only a potato camera. I have to change that next year! Using my free newbie license i'd like to license this build as a small commercial property in the settlement of Punto Sur. After arriving in Punto Sur on the island of Maldria, Hyperion acquired a rather new building that should be used as an trade office. The people of Punto Sur tell different stories of how the 1 emerged on the house's facade. Some people say that a tropical storm hit the region and lightning struck the house, leaving a yellow burn mark. Others say that the stonemason's son left a deep scratch in the fine marble. Then there is the story of a drunken painter who forgot which century it was when he wanted to decorate the house with the yellow 622. Either way, Hyperion is happy with his new office and ready for the adventures that lie ahead!
  11. Just before the fleets would sail out, a new admirality yacht sailed around the harbor. Loud cheers erupted everywhere they passed as it was in this small yacht that Lord Damaximus and Princes Margot showed the world their little Princes Féline. --- A small admirality vessel for MAESTRO, which will be used to increase ship levels and can be licenced in the future as a class 2 trader I would also like to thank @Sebeus I for his feedback during the process and for his wonderfull inspirational ships
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    Cathedral of Pontelli

    Finally the last touches have been applied to the great Cathedral of Pontelli: A lot of work went into this building and you can still spot the craftsmen around the mighty cathedral. Making those coloured-glass windows is really difficult! And these guys are probably just practicing... While the architect is happy with his finished work. Amazing, how many strange details such a cathedral has... Careful when you carry that! On the right: Some gargoyles are obviously being re-invented. "Verputzen" - what is that in English? I am planning to license this in some way Did anybody spot the monkey?
  13. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 12 - Showdown in Corrington The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships Chapter 10 - Even More Questions & Stranger Things Chapter 11 - The Past and the Present Chapter 12 - Showdown in Corrington (you are here) Interrogator: After all you have told me, Lady Bonny, I have come to the conclusion that the Marquis' claim to his title is legit! That is fantastic news. Corrington’s high society will be sooooooooooooo delighted to meet him. Interrogator: And I am a bit of a poker player myself. I sure would like to have a match with him some day! Lady Bonny (sighs) Some weeks later: Cut to a military reception in Belson, Corrington for a special guest. The Corrington Army never wastes an opportunity to boast some of their new uniform designs… The Marquis rushed past the guards and towards the officer in command, who had drawn his rapier. Obviously the Marquis was under the impression that the officer wanted to challenge him to a duel! Seeing that the Marquis was about to draw his sword and start a fight, the interrogator stopped him in the nick of time. Interrogator: No, he does not want to attack you. He has raised his rapier as a sign of honour! The Marquis calmed down again. (vous vous vous) Then they met in a fine hall in Belson for their grand match. Interrogator: Well, my dear Marquis, let me quickly recap the rules for our game today. We will play draw poker, as you seem to prefer it in Eslandola. Both players will be accompanied by a second of their choice who are going to survey the course of the match. You seem to have appointed Mr. Herlock Sholmes of Belson. I have chosen my friend Biff. Mr. Sholmes, is everything alright with the setup and the cards? Sholmes: Everything is perfect. I have checked the card decks personally before the game. Interrogator: And Biff, all clear from your perspective. Biff: Just fine. Had a nice wine. Was good. In the mood. Interrogator: Right, then let’s begin. We will play for exquisite gold doubloons. Marquis: (nods) The game commenced and both players won and lost small sums. Whenever a new deck of cards was opened, the Marquis had a tendency to lose – but he got better over time. Then – playing with card deck number three – the tension started to mount. The Marquis had already bet a nice amount of money and his opponent had not backed out. The gold coins were piling up on the table, besides that ugly vase that the interrogator had insisted on being there. It was a sure win for the Marquis. He had three of a kind and he was pretty sure that his opponent was bluffing, having nothing but four irrelevant cards of spade and one card of diamonds. All of a sudden the interrogator called out “Biff” and his friend Biff was surprised and reacted with a sneeze – which caught Mr. Sholmes attention … and the interrogator used this brief moment to slip the ace of spades from underneath the table! With his sight blocked by the vase, the Marquis could not notice this cheating move. So, when the interrogator raised the stakes again, he called. And suddenly they had both gone all in. The Marquis presented his three of a kind … … and with a malicious grin, the interrogator put down his cards one by one. Finally, the aces of spades. A flush. The Marquis had lost! The Marquis stared in quiet disbelief. - cliffhanger - - ok, let's go on - Just as the interrogator was about to collect the money, a sharp voice called out: “Not so fast, Lessiarty!” The interrogator, Mr. Lessiarty, froze instantly. Herlock Sholmes had risen to his feet and had fixed his eyes on the winning cards on the table: I knew that you would cheat at some point, Lessiarty! Lessiarty: How dare you! I have not cheated. I have not marked the cards! Sholmes: That is correct. You have not marked the cards. I have. Herlock Sholmes: You see, I had suspected you to try something sinister since I heard that you had been questioning Lady Bonny endlessly about my friend, the Marquis. I think you wanted to be sure that he would not cheat. And we all know that he doesn’t. Nor does he bluff. Before the game I have applied small markings to all of the card decks to be used. That is, every legitimate card on this table should now have a very small number “3” on its back, which can easily be seen using this magnifying glass here. Lessiarty (turns red) Sholmes: And if I start to examine those five cards now, I am quite certain that one of these cards will not have a mark on it. Which will make it evident that you have cheated! When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Elementary, Lessiarty! With an angry cry of “Eeek” and “Vous Vous Vous”, the enraged Marquis jumped up from his chair and drew his sword! Lessiarty also sprang up as the raging Marquis was approaching fast! Lessiarty raised his arms, shouting: "Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me!" But the Marquis was already upon him – and with one swift and well-placed blow he cut Lessiarty’s belt… His trousers fell down and an utterly disgraced Lessiarty left the place of his defeat running Herlock: No worries, inspector Destrale and my assistant Professor Sonwat are awaiting him outside. We have suspected Lessiarty to be a card cheat for some time. Now I could finally bring him down, thanks to you, my friend. The Marquis: (nods and grins) Biff (a bit belated): What has happened? Herlock (ignoring Biff): As one of the players was caught cheating, the pot goes to the remaining other player. That seems to make up a nice amount of money. I suggest we have some celebration, or say party. The Marquis: (nods and grins) (Destrale and Professor Sonwat enter with Lessiarty in chains) Sonwat: Party, I hear? Herlock: Yes, but do not let the Marquis find the drums! But it was already too late! The Marquis was drumming away enthusiastically - and he would not stop! The party lasted for three days … By the way, this is how Samba was finally introduced to Corrington. And also in Corrington, the Marquis was the talk of the town. (the end) Some drumming evidence: That was an enjoyable storyline and actually the first one that I had almost completely written and photographed before I started to post it.
  14. The third time is the charm, right? Or maybe the fourth. Either way, the Weelond Regimentals will enter the BoBS football tournament for the fourth time, hoping to make the championship game for the third time in a row, but with a new outcome. The Regimentals first appearance in the tournament (in 617) was a last-minute affair aided by geography: all the players were currently on military duty on Isla de Victoria at the conclusion of the Eslando-Mardierian conflict when the nearby city of Trador announced the first tournament. That Weelond team was eliminated at the end of group play, but the team bond was formed. When the next year’s tournament was held in Bastion, the Weelond Regimentals were practiced and prepared, advancing to the finals, but fell to the Red Rogues of Mesabi Landing. But at least they put out an interesting charity calendar. In 619 the Regimentals again made the championship game and looked to have it won in overtime, but a goal in injury time tied the game at the last possible moment, and Weelond ultimately lost on penalty kicks to Team E from Eltina. In 620 hostilities finally broke out on Terraversa, and the Weelond Regimentals found themselves with muskets and backpacks in another war zone, shipped to Pamu. But they saw no fighting, and continued to play football when they could to stay in game shape as the negotiations dragged on through 621. Now Weelond is ready to take the championship in 622. Front row (sitting): Fangio, Victor Rey, Mauricio Montoya, Jan Slegers. Back row (standing): Pedro "Pegleg" Piccio, Luis Fernandez, Lorenzo ('Renzo) Miranda, Cuju Tsu-chu, Gijs Reyngout, Robino "Nino" Grijszon, Raul Baracca. On the crossbar: Patch Verlander, Monkey. The team has retooled slightly. Fangio and Victor have switched positions between forward and midfield, and Nino "The Boy Wonder" and Gijs Reyngout have swapped between defense and midfield, giving the Regimentals a very different look in the transition game. Nino is fully recovered from his leg injury and has really upped his game. Meanwhile, Alberto Verde has been replaced on the team by 'Renzo Miranda. But the constant is Patch Verlander, an old-school (loud, foul-mouthed) coach who believes “If you can kick a pineapple, you can kick a ball!” Between his aggressive tendencies and Monkey’s astute game-planning, Weelond believes an offensive style will lead to victory this year. More on the team here: And a few more tidbits: All C&C welcome.
  15. A bunch of rowdy young apprentices have heard that there's a new excuse in town to make angry speeches on upside-down crates and paste unartistic signs along crumbling walls! For King Fernando! A little something to show support for the king and also to try out this stone technique. It's pretty flimsy but kind of looks nice! Had some fun editing the signs in too.
  16. Willem Guilder made his way into the darkened Council Hall. Lighting a candle, he walked up to the Admius Legistrad’s desk at the front of the room. Peering into the darkened hall, he heard a small noise in the distance. “Is anybody there?” Guilder asked. But there was no reply. It was likely just a mouse. For four years he led the Colonial Council from this desk. Now the streets were filled with rabble-rousers supporting Count Lewisham or cheering the return of King Fernando. And the Council Hall was empty. Eslandians had taken their freedom for granted; apathy (and greed) allowed the corrupt Count Lewisham to gain control of the Council. Lewisham was so despised, citizens now cheered King Fernando simply for standing up to Lewisham, something they could have done for themselves. “Does anybody care?” thought Guilder. Does anybody care that the establishment of the Colonial Council saved all Eslandians from the whims of the tyrant Fernando, who nearly got them into a war with Oleon over perceived slights that only a nightcap-throwing child could see. Does anybody care to take on Count Lewisham? Guilder had served Eslandola his entire life. Governor of An Holli. Director of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. Member of the Continental Council. Charter member of the Colonial Council. When he stepped away from public life, he thought all was in good order. But nobody cared to stand up to Lewisham’s corruption. “Is anybody there?” he asked himself. “Does anybody care?” He reflected on how much good the Colonial Council had brought to Eslandians and the trade companies. “Does anybody see what I see?” he thought, as his mind wandered … They want me to quit They say, "Willem, give up the fight." Still, to Fernando, I say: "Good night, forever good night!" For I have crossed the Rubicon Let the bridge be burned behind me! Come what may, come what may For the Council! Lewisham’s lackies all say That we'll rue the day But we’ll make the Count pay Hang him by his toes! Through all the gloom I can see the rays Of ravishing light And glory! Is anybody there?! Does anybody care?! Does anybody see what I see?! I see fireworks! I see the pageant and pomp and parade I hear the bells ringing out I hear the cannons roar I see Eslandians All Eslandans Free forevermore! Suddenly aware of his surroundings again, Guilder looked around the room. How quiet How quiet the chamber is How silent How silent the chamber is Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see? *With apologies to Sherman Edwards, writer of the musical 1776. --- I decided to try my hand again at a darkened scene. Here's the full build in normal light: If not readily apparent, this build is in support of the Council! All C&C welcome.
  17. Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XV Chapter XVI Chapter XVII Chapter XVIII Chapter XIX Chapter XX Chapter XXI PS. to Chapter XXI Chapter XXII Chapter XXIII (you are here) Chapter XXIV Some time ago, Lady Cora set out in a rowboat to search for Captain Argentum, who is lost at sea. She had some issues setting out, but after taking a few rowing lessons she made it past the surf. But of course Lady Cora wasn’t planning on rowing herself all the way around the Sea of Storms. She commandeered the first ship she came to. Then she hoisted the Corry flag and waited, knowing it would attract Captain Argentum like a magnet. Just barely squeezing this in before the one year mark since my last one... Got a bit sidetracked with current events in Eslandola, so poor Captain Argentum had to wait on his little raft... hopefully he won't be a total skeleton by the time Lady Cora finds him... This outrigger was pretty fun to build, used some kinda unusual pieces for the sail! Only a couple chapters left--so at this rate I should be done in 2024. C&C welcome!
  18. Kai NRG


    Last week in Nova Terreli, two men no one had ever seen before appeared in the street. They were handing out free donuts and cookies and encouraging everyone to vote for Count Lewisham. Everyone who saw them enjoyed the donuts and was sure they had never seen them before. But then along came a bobby. He thought he recognized these two men under their long beards. "Good afternoon, friend," the bobby said. "I'm Frank--it's nice to meet you." The guy with shaggy hair laughed and said, "I'm James!" The guy with shaggier hair said, "I'm Thomas!" The bobby nodded, his suspicions confirmed. He glanced down at a wanted poster that had floated across the cobblestones. Thomas cleared his throat. "Wouldn't you like a cookie?" The bobby smiled and took out his handcuffs. James said, "Have a donut!" The bobby jingled his handcuffs. Thomas said, "Seriously, have a donut." And this is why the Nova Terreli police force supports Count Lewisham. Just a fun little something for Count Lewisham's side in the ESL challenge.
  19. Name: Hojaroja Ownership: Eslandola Location: Otoño Mayor: TBD Troops: As of Oct 10., 617, one company (30 men) Who can own property in Hojaroja: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Hojaroja: Anyone. Island Rumors: Builds in Hojaroja Please help us out by posting your a link to your Hojaroja builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 12/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town': TBA Artisans: 2 The Falling Leaf Tavern, medium artisan, Hojaroja (via Ayrlego) Commerce: 4 Wooden Wharves, medium commerce, Capt Wolf Post Master's House and Office, medium commerce, The Neighbourhood Merchant (via Ayrlego) Factories: 3 Watermill, large factory, The Neighbourhood Merchant (via Ayrlego) Residences: 1 Farmhouse, small residence, Eslandola (via Ayrlego) Art and Culture: 0 Educational: 0 Plantations: 1 Uncle's Palm Tree Plantation, small plantation, Kai NRG Mines: Forts: 1 Other Builds: Autumn Prospects, prospecting build, Elostirion A discrete arrival, Phadeout A Curious Story, gedren_y
  20. The Young Boys Pontelli have arrived at their destination - and they all stay at a youth hostel. Oh what fun they had! At least some time is devoted to football... ... but pranks were also happening .... ... but they had a splendid time! That's my Cat B entry.
  21. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 11 - The Past and the Present The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships Chapter 10 - Even More Questions & Stranger Things Chapter 11 - The Past and the Present (you are here) Interrogator: Does the Marquis have any family – or is he in some kind of relationship? Lady Bonny (sighing): I wish he were… Well, that is also a difficult story. He seems to have lived a life of solitude until recently. He still travels a lot. Lady Bonny: Every October he usually disappears from Pontelli or Oleon or wherever he is at that time of year. Nobody knows exactly where he is going... ... but it seems to be important to him. Lady Bonny continues: But to get back to your question - recently it seems, that the Marquis has met someone special Over in Eslandola’s colonies – in the city of Pontelli - there was a grand reception at the Mayor’s palace. For some reason the Marquis was also there, awaiting to meet his old friend Colonel Brickinson. Interrogator: His drinking buddy? Lady Bonny: The same. Brickinson arrived accompanied by a young lady from Terreli. Brickinson: Lucy, may I introduce you to a friend a mine, the Marquis Eek d’Ape. Lucy: Oh, a monkey. (Everyone, except Brickinson, looked a bit indignant at this unbelievable uttering) Lucy: Here, have a banana! Catch! (Everyone frowned upon this insult.) The Marquis, however, seemed to take no offense. Since then, Lucy and the Marquis have often been seen together. They seem to get along quite well. (sigh) Interrogator: Another of his platonic relationships? Lady Bonny: Yes. But why does he not go out with me? (sigh) In case you wondered what has happened to Lucy... That was my favorite chapter in this storyline.
  22. Dexus Rolander (after witnessing the epic showdown between the King and Count Lewisham) made up his mind pretty quickly. And he decided to show his support for King Fernando and his own leadership capabilities for the party in rather unusual fashion. But there's no denying the efficacy of it on the masses - who wouldn't want to support whatever faction this guy does? This was fun, A 12x12 "prominently featuring the color green," so, after a few failures it occurred to me, of course, crocodiles! And also, 12x12 is awfully small, hahaha! I had forgot how tiny that is! Not eligible for prizes, of course, but built for the Return of the King mini-challenge! C&C welcome as always!
  23. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships(you are here) Interrogator: I have more questions for you. Where were you on the night of the 9th two months ago? Lady Bonny: I don't remember. Interrogator: Was the Marquis involved in the Tulip Trade? Is it true that he made a fortune there? Lady Bonny: Hmm. Not that I know of. He has already made a lot of money just by winning poker games. Interrogator: Do you remember those strange events on Gunpowder Island? Lady Bonny: You mean the volcano eruption? Interrogator: Yes. And more. Lady Bonny: Dunno. Interrogator: Can you confirm that he has commanded a ship capable of coconut bombing? Lady Bonny: What? Interrogator: Nevermind. Interrogator: Has the Marquis ever been seen with Colonel Brickinson of Eslandola? Is it true that they are drinking buddies? Lady Bonny: Not that I heard of. Interrogator: Has he or has he not been in contact with Herlock Sholmes, the famous detective from Corrington? Has he been on a camping holiday with Herlock? Lady Bonny: Where do you get all these questions from??? (cut to a nightly scene) Herlock Sholmes: Why are you waking me? Marquis: (points to the stars) Herlock: You want to know what I see? Marquis (nods) Herlock: And what I conclude from it? Marquis (nods) Herlock: Well, astronomically there are millions of galaxies out there. And that there is a full moon. I also deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meterologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. And what do you conclude? Marquis: Vous vous vous! Herlock: Oh, I see. Someone has stolen our tent! Marquis (nods) (to be continued) If you want to take a look at the storyline about the Pontelli Tulip Trade, you find the start here  and all the chapters are listed there. Should you be interested in the events around the mysterious Gunpowder Island then look here. (at the end of each chapter is a link to the next one) And the joke about the tent is not mine. I just found and re-used it.
  24. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 10 - Even More Questions The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships Chapter 10 - Even More Questions & Stranger Things (you are here) Lady Bonny: Are you finished? Interrogator: No, not yet. I have sooo many questions! Lady Bonny: Like what? Interrogator: Does the Marquis have any connection to the infamous Captain Cookie? Lady Bonny: Certainly not. Interrogator: Has the Marquis met with Dr. Thaum on the 15th last month and was seen singing and making music on the beach – despite the fact that he only knew three chords? Lady Bonny: Seems unlikely to me. Lady Bonny: Are there more than three chords? Interrogator: And you also do not know about any of his associations to secret organisations? Lady Bonny: I have no idea what you are talking about. I certainly did not expect a kind of Oleon Inquisition! (a door bursts open and a voice shouts:) “Nobody expects the Oleon inquisition!” “Bugger, wrong room...” (to be continued) That was fun!
  25. A glimpse of the future, once King Fernando has returned: Let's bathe again.... ... like we bathed last summer. Come on, let's bathe again, like we did last year. Do you remember when things were really hummin'? Come on let's bathe again, bathin' time is here! Challenge entry for King Fernando!