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  1. Basement House, Montoya Street, Jameston, Celestia Jameston had attracted many foreigners over the past few weeks. Rumours had gone around of an orchid to be found on Celestia, an orchid so beautiful that everyone in the world would stop in silent adoration and just want to watch it for the rest of their lives. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo had assembled a small group of people around himself to lead an expedition into the inner parts of the islands, up the mountains. He had recently been to Cocovia, to get an impression of what might be the future of land based mobility: The Wagonway. And impressed he was, though also certain that this was not what it should be in final perfection. When he boarded a ship to Celestia with his servant Barlo Forga, he met a group of people who shared his same goal: Finding the most beautiful orchid in the world on Celestia. They decided to join forces and set up camp in Celestia first. Fontonajo hired a group of builders to construct the house that one of his new found companions, Luca do Figino, had designed. They dug about a metre deep into the ground and made a half open-basement - half of which soon became a barn, while the other half became a workshop. As it was rather warm and moist on Celestia, this was the perfect way to keep the air fresh while working on the preparations for their journey. They had even planted some of the native Celestian flowers, with lightish blue patels. And they planned to add more of the things they would find on this beautiful island. Hence also the barn, which might soon be home to some of the island's native anmials. Fontonajo's expedition group: Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, heir to Román Esteban Fontonajo, fromer member of the Eslandolan Colonial Council and still official mayor of Nova Terreli (though other family members are doing his duties during his absence. Lady Ludovica Grande from Mardier, born rich, married into nobility and a widow for more than 15 years after her husbands mysterious death. After the end of the long-lasting Mardierian Civil War she decided to leave Londa and discover the world with her friend - whereever they might end. Luca do Figino, craftsman, inventor, visionary - from Terraversa. He had left his home in young years and sailed to Mardier in the old world - where he found nothing but hostility towards him, because he was from Terraversa. It was Lady Ludovica Grande who left him into her home and may well have saved his life during the end of the Civil War. "The Doctor", a man from Corrington in his fifties who refuses to reveal more than his profession about himself. He has been with Lady Ludovica for a while, and the two are said to be a couple. Barlo Forga, the bad-tempered servant of Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, who complains that that he has to do all the work. To which Fontonajo replies not with words but with a decent weekly pay.
  2. With only one ship larger than class 6 active in the Eslandolan Navy, shipbuilders throughout the islands have been put to work. In Weelond, the new class 7 flagship of the Sea of Storms fleet is finally ready to sail. Her name, Espada de Luna (“Sword of Luna”), and figurehead pay tribute to her duty as a warship and to the deity favored by mariners in the Church of the Two Coins. On the fo’c’sle, a lieutenant oversees crewmen tending to the mainstay. At the waist of the ship, another lieutenant oversees crewmen securing one of the cannons. On the quarterdeck, Captain de Flynt discusses matters with Lieutenant Jacobs. A member of the rigging crew up in the top mast pauses for a moment to take in a view of the deck below. The large stern gallery is topped by artwork of a raised sword against a crescent moon. And so Espada de Luna is ready to take her place in Eslandola’s fleet. --- This has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of months, and I finally finished up the rigging and sails. As always, all C&C welcome.
  3. The Church of Sol and Luna is a duotheistic religion that worships gods represented by the sun and the moon. Sometimes it is referred to as the Church of Two Coins, as Sol or the sun is represented by a gold coin and Luna or the moon is represented by a silver coin. Sol is highly regarded by farmers who depend on the sun for their crops to grow. Mariners tend to favor Luna, who controls the tides and provides the stars for navigation. While the assignment of a gold coin for Sol and a silver coin for Luna would appear to slight Luna, the two gods are of equal importance; the occasional eclipse is Luna’s way of reminding worshippers of that. Those from outside Eslandola might be shocked to learn that a principle teaching of the church is charity, as one should give thanks for each gold piece Sol provides by giving away a silver piece to honor Luna. While increased giving frequently occurs after an eclipse, the main holiday of giving occurs at the first full moon after the winter solstice. It is considered one of the holiest nights of the year in the church, honoring Luna and the charity she inspires. In the days between the solstice and the full moon, followers donate to local charities. On the night of the full moon -- Merrynight -- followers give presents to the needy and help feed the hungry. As a church member, Governor Guilder faithfully gives to the needy. With the full moon of Merrynight rising in the sky, Guilder, decked out in a green holiday suit, is busy at the Weelond orphanage. He has already delivered a large roasting bird and other food for a big holiday meal, and now he has a wagon full of more food supplies -- and other surprises for the orphans. Guilder directs his helpers to unload the wagon while, because he doesn’t want to flaunt his charity work publicly, he puts on a cap and fake beard to hide his identity from the kids. Inside, while some of the kids are still eating, the disguised Guilder hands out presents! The head mistress of the orphanage can’t recall seeing the children so happy, and is grateful the governor believes in the charity of Luna this Merrynight. --- The full build: Some additional pictures:
  4. Launched from the docks of Bardo is this old merchant sloop, the Mysterious Lady. She has seen a lot of ports and a lot of owners in her day, a frequent traveler among the islands of the Sea of Storms. She is affectionately referred to as "The Gypsy" by her crew. Now purchased by Willem Guilder and refurbished, she is ready to sail again. Hurrying to get underway, the crew is still busy getting things in order, even after setting for sea. Cargo still needs to be stored below decks. At least the sails are set properly, and the men can come down. The captain has the helm on the quarter deck. The cargo is now stored away, and the hatches are closed. The "Gypsy" sails to her new destination, a new lease on life. To be licensed as a class 3 trader. She is very similar to my Lady of Madrice. As always, all C&C welcome.
  5. Buying A new Ship Licence Felipe de la Manazana being absent during his Pirate chase to obtain the second half of his treasure map, It was the captain of the Lady Hawk, el Senor Oliveira Da Manzao, who was commissioned by the fleet to buy more space for new ships. El Senor Oliveira Da Manzao used his stop by Elisabethtown to get an appointment in the Shipyards office. - Hello my dear Senor. Welcomed the shipyard master. - Hello, I am here to buy you a new spot to licence The Messenger and our next ships for felipe de la Manzana's fleet. - Alright, my dear senor,it will cost you 250 Dbs. - Here there are. And Oliveira Da Manzao paid the officer. - OK, Thank you ! Let's do this paperwork then... Here is just a little build in order to open me more ship space. Hope you'll like it.
  6. "How's the work going on that old galleon? Have 'er ready yet?" "See for yourself. She's out of dry dock, just loading equipment and getting her ready to sail." "Why are they bringing her back into service anyway?" "Ah, the MCTC lost the Prince Fernando two months ago. You know, when we had all those bad storms. This ol' mistress of the sea is from the same class, so they're refitting her to replace it." ------ Just a small build to sistership the Prince Fernando.
  7. The campaigns for Eslandola’s second Colonial Council have concluded, and the council’s business will be conducted in public in this thread, unless national security merits private deliberations. Eslandola’s Admius Legistrad, the leader of the Colonial Council, is Willem Guilder, Eslandola Secretary of Trade, Governor of An Holli, and Director of the MCTC; The delegations representing the colonial regions and the trade companies are made up of three representatives each. The East Trade-Wind Company is represented by @Garmadon : Agent Gilles Guelds Lieutenant Horatio Hillsboroughbergmachier, retired of the ETWC Elites Willoughby The Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company is represented by @Kai NRG : Captain Edward Argentum Esterhazy de Troir Chef Jalape The MAESTRO Trade Company is represented by @Legostone: Jerome Monezterrell, Eslandola Secretary of the Navy, Governor of Isla de Victoria, and Mayor of Fuerto Unido; Captain Lamar Evercrees of the Santiago; and Farrucio Paraja, naval architect extraordinaire The Independent traders of Eslandola are represented by @gedren_y: Commodore Hammish Grei Lady Valentia Cantoni Viscount Alexander Doblin The Sea of Storms Region (An Toli, An Holli) is represented by @Capt Wolf: Willem Guilder, Eslandola Secretary of Trade, Governor of An Holli, and Director of the MCTC; Aaron van der Meede, attorney and chairman of the Weelond town council; and Pieter Reyngout, tavern owner and Weelong town council member. The Sea of Thieves Region (Nelissa, Berreli, Ferro Azure, Torrach Bonn, Isla Philippe) is represented by @Umbra-Manis: Revon de Crocodil, mayor of Salida Este Captain Reginald Haddock, retired pirate hunter Councilor Hadelson, jewel merchant The Prio Seas Region (Isla de la Victoria, Otoño, La Sombra) is currently unoccupied! As soon as all members arrive in the council hall, the Second Cycle of the Colonial Council of Eslandola will be in session.
  8. Location: Weelond Type: Medium Educational The shouts echoed through the streets as a large crowd walked towards the library where the independent political movement was making campaign materials. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Some were armed. Some were not. All were angry at the prospect of losing a seat that represented them. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr "We have to go now! They're at the door!" Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr The lead protester tried to kick the door in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr A campaign staffer paused briefly to look at the door as they banged on the doors. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr They dropped their things and bolted out the back. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr With a cry of, "You idiot, the doors open the other way!" the protesters rushed in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr One grabbed a candlestick and brought it down on the printing press. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Outside, the city guard arrived, but were blocked by the protesters. Clearly, it would be a violent campaign season... FIN Thanks for viewing my build for Weelond. C&C appreciated!
  9. [ESL - AMRCA Dec]

    Journal Entry, Unknown day, second day in the jungle. After my unfortunate run in with that dreaded sea disease, scurvy (here). I left for Nova Terreli with my brother, Andrew. On our seventh day of journey, we encountered a furious storm, which blew us in all sorts of directions. Only after the storm had calmed down did we realize that our ship had begun to take in water. Our brave capitan ordered for repairs to be made but we had only just begun when another storm began, this one much worst than the former. The ship was torn apart, and only through sheer luck did Andrew and myself find ourselves together on the beach of some strange island, which I do not like in the slightest. I have the strange feeling we are being watched. I do hear that pineapple is good for those with scurvy, which I see plenty of on this island. I will continue to write when the appropriate time occurs. --Stephen This is a beginning build for my December AMRCA. Hopefully I did the title right. This is my first real build for BOBS. I don't have the largest piece count, let alone plant pieces, so I have to make do with what I have. I'm pretty happy with the turnout.
  10. In Weelond, Gov. Willem Guilder, Aaron van der Meede, and Pieter Reyngout announced their campaign to represent Eslandola's citizens of the Sea of Storms in the Colonial Council. And so they sailed to Bardo, the center of all activity on Eslandola's other island in the region. Around the fountain in front of the Bardo Town Hall, Col. Oystridge, the Mayor of Bardo, introduced the trio to a waiting crowd. Col. Oystridge spoke first. "It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Bardo in the first year of our Colonial Council. ..." After a few words, he turned things over to Gov. Guilder. "Thank you, Colonel, for your service to Bardo, the region, and all of colonial Eslandola!" Guilder began. Turning to the crowd, "I hope that, along with Mr. van der Meede and Mr. Reyngout, I can represent you as well in the coming year as Col. Oystridge has done for the past year." Guilder introduced his running mates and extolled their virtues, both being members of the town council in Weelond, "both local businessmen who know what it's like to carve out a new life in the islands of the Sea of Storms." Then he spoke of his own history in the islands, rising from dock agent to Director of the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company to Eslandola's Secretary of Trade. Guilder then spoke about the need for active leadership in the council. "This is an easy time to become complacent. The war with Mardier is over, the dispute over Isla de Victoria and its refugees resolved, and trade ships sail the seas once more without threat of privateers or foreign navies. Our settlements in the east continue to grow, and new horizons are open to our trade fleets. But unless we are vigilant, making sure our home ports are healthy, and alert to the ever-changing political landscape of the Brick Seas, this time of peace can be squandered." Guilder looked around to make sure the crowd was paying attention. "I was saddened earlier this year when Román Esteban Fontonajo stepped down from his position as Admius Legistrad. He was a strong leader of our Colonial Council and is dearly missed. It is his example -- of stepping up to leadership when called -- that inspires me in many ways." Guilder paused to quietly clear his throat. "And as I stand before you here today, no one has stepped up to lead us in the new year. No one has announced their candidacy for the office of Admius Legistrad. I cannot stand by and watch our ship sail on with no one at the helm. Therefore, as well as serving you as a representative of the Sea of Storms, I ask you to support me in leading all the regions of colonial Eslandola as Admius Legistrad!" The announcement caught everyone by surprise, but the reaction was more than Guilder could have hoped for. The crowd broke out in cheers of "Admius Legistrad!" Guilder raised his cane in acknowledgment. And so, Willem Guilder threw his hat in the ring for a position he had not sought, but one that he felt he must now seek, for the good of Eslandola and its colonies. ------ One more pic of the build: ---------- This is my build to announce Guilder's candidacy for Admius Legistrad. The town hall is copied from Sir Stig's build from last year. I copied it as practically as I could, but did not have the pieces necessary to build it to its full width (or full detailing). it's always fun to work with his designs, as he usually creates good architectural relief and detail that I struggle with. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  11. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Last month I presented "Grist Mill #1"; this month I present the mill cleverly designated in the city ledgers as "Grist Mill #2". It is a post mill like the other one, but instead of the trestle supports being open to view, a roundhouse is built around the supports to serve as a storage area for grain to be milled or flour ready to be delivered. I originally planned on presenting the two windmills as part of one large scene, but I didn't have enough green plates to handle the terrain. But to show that I didn't reuse any of the first windmill, here they are together. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  12. The waves crashed and roared, and the heavy smoke of the combat still hung low in the atmosphere, as the sinking Shuriken, torn and splintered by the iron rain it had just received, sent its bow high up into the air. Captain Gryple took one last glance at his ship as the waves seemed to leap up greedily to swallow their prize, and looked away, while the musketeer still kept up a scattering fire after the victorious pirates. Ever since Captain Whiffo had taken possession of the Shooting Shuriken from the Monezterrel shipyards in name of the ETWC, Captain Gryple had been in command and had turned over some good profit for the company in his work. But now, on what was likely its most important voyage yet, the ETWC ship had found itself set upon in the vicinity of Terraversa by the infamous pirate captain Unrigged Nordau, who had fired upon the ship with such hot haste that in almost less than ten minutes there was nothing of the wreck remaining, except a few loose pieces of wreckage and the jollyboat with the crew floating on the rolling ocean. Captain Gryple frowned, and turned the boat's head towards Kings Port... Couldn't pass up a good sinking! My MRCA result build from... the MRCA before the last, if I'm correct (I'll just be submitting it as a freebuild, anyways). This is pretty obviously what I was supposed to be building when the Midnight's Mist happened, but two is better than one, you know! And yes, I do know that the sails are annoyingly blocky - I wish I could have done better with those, but really wanted to include the dark green sails of the original ship, and didn't have any other material to make them with than the brick! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  13. Pieter Reyngout was still mourning his uncle, Cornelius Reyngout, who was lost at sea when the Prince Fernando went down in October. With his own father also gone, Pieter was now the head of the Reyngout family in the islands. He had a successful business -- a small tavern -- and was already a member of Weelond’s town council, but now he wanted to do more. Aaron van der Meede, the head of the town council, was a common visitor to Reyngout’s Tavern, and many evenings it was an unofficial meeting location for the town council. Aaron was also a member of the Colonial Council. When van der Meede mentioned that he and Governor Guilder were looking for a local businessman to join them in running for the Sea of Storms seats in the Colonial Council for the new year, Pieter knew this was what he was looking for. Aaron made the arrangements, and before Pieter knew it, he was standing with Guilder and van der Meede in front of his own tavern, talking to a gathering crowd about serving in the Colonial Council. Well, Guilder was doing most of the talking. “Weelond and Bardo deserve strong representation in the Council,” Guilder told the gathered crowd. “With Victor Servadac away on a mission for the White Glove Order, and Marquis Alkuda moved to Puerto Desafio, a new delegation is needed for the Sea of Storms. As such, Mr. van der Meede and I will step away from the MCTC delegation to the Colonial Council so we may represent YOU, the citizens of the An Holli and An Toli. Other MCTC members will take our place in the MCTC delegation. This move will allow us to better address the issues that affect all of you, not just MCTC members.” Guilder continued to extol the virtues of having such fine members of the community represent them in the Colonial Council. Pieter found himself listening to his own thoughts, however, as he looked at the faces in the crowd. Suddenly, Pieter was aware that Guilder was motioning toward him with his walking stick and had stopped talking. After a brief silence, Pieter shook off his haze and addressed the crowd. “I know almost all of you here, and I think you know me. You are my neighbors, my tavern patrons, my friends. I already work for you in the town council, but to represent you to all of colonial Eslandola would be quite a responsibility. I know the issues that face us here in the Sea of Storms, the issues that we face running a small business or farm, raising a family, making a better life for ourselves in the islands, and I promise to keep OUR concerns at the forefront of my deliberations on any matter before the council … if you so choose to have me represent you.” Pieter exhaled. “Well said, well said!” exclaimed Guilder. The governor continued on, and Aaron was ready to speak when it was his turn. Pieter went back to his thoughts, trying to put himself into the shoes of the people gathered before him: a baker, a cordwainer, the miller’s wife, a farmhand, a sailor … a wide variety of occupations, but all making their life here in the islands. He knew he could give all of them a voice in the Colonial Council. --------- A view of the full build: Pieter Reyngout in front of his tavern: -------- This is my campaign build for the Sea of Storms seats in Eslandola's Colonial Council. I had hoped to build more of the tavern, but I didn't have the right bricks in the right colors to build it out fully as I have it planned in my head. So I just built the entrance here, and I hope to expand the exterior and detail an interior in future builds. I'll also need to replace those black double doors; they just didn't photograph well at all. As usual, all C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  14. Little was known about the strange, quiet, mysterious fellow who had dropped in to the Port Wilks inn one day - but that little could be summarized in this: He always wore black, used a black sword, sailed a black ship, and wore his black hat at a bit of a tilt. To be sure, there was a little dark brown thrown in here and there, but that didn't always make it in to all the rumors and whispers about the fellow. (A shot of the ship's bow:) All that was know about his own and his vessel's past or future was that the ship was of Terraversan make, was christened the Midnight's Mist, and was impressively armed, and that he had dropped some hints of picking up a crew in Garvey's Freeport and of heading over to take part in the Corry expedition into the inland of Celestia after that. That he is a daring and well-armed pirate-hunter and explorer is accordingly the most popular rumor afloat in Port Wilks at the moment. To be short, all in all, he was quite the enigmatic stranger, and was as likely as not to keep the whispers and rumors going for quite some time - in fact, he really seemed to rather enjoy them... A small ship which got built quite unpremeditatedly, haha! I was busy working on a different scene of a sinking ship (also for BoBS, and I hope to actually build that one soon! ), and then got to liking the ship and tweaking it repeatedly until I got to liking it enough that I didn't feel like sinking it at all and it didn't really resemble the other one much anymore either, so here's the result - the Midnight's Mist: As usual, I couldn't resist the urge to get a little interior in there somewhere! A few other shots: Broadside: Stern: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  15. Weelond, An Holli November 3, 617 The decision had been made. Commodore Hammish Grei, Lady Valentia Cantoni, and Viscount Alexander Doblin made their plans to run as a delegation for the Independents' seats on the Colonial Council. Politics, though, requires popular support. They decided to start in northwestern Weelond, not far from the riverside docks. The trio took to the footpaths, singing the Eslandola national anthem, while their supporters positioned themselves at the planned end of their march. The paved section of the footpath ends at a grassy park, with a mineral spring fed fountain, behind the Crosswinds Trading Post, adjacent to The Treasure Map tavern & inn. A fortuitous stack of empty crates provides the perfect platform to make their pitch. "Good afternoon, Weelond!" Hammish began, "I am Commodore Hammish Grei, to my right is Lady Valentia Cantoni, and to my left is Viscount Alexander Doblin. If you would do us the honor, we would like stand as representatives for the independent shippers and sailors of Eslandola in your Colonial Council." This quickly garnered the attention of those nearby. "For too long," Valentia took up the diatribe, "The trade companies have held considerable sway in our government. Even after the changes that we have made to it to control our own destinies, the trade companies still hold many of the reigns of power. It is time that those who do not belong to those institutions have their seats filled. We humbly ask that you choose us to be your voice." "I have seen much change in my lifetime," Alexander continued seamlessly, "I rejoiced when our people stood up to the Crown, and did my best to bolster the spirits of the young and strong when they were called to war with Mardier. I have staked my personal fortune backing independent shippers, most notably the late Daffyd 'Splattersquawk' Prows, may he rest in peace. I offer myself as a voice of experience, and measured calm in these uncertain times. Thank you for your attention." It looks like Tolan duBroise, the current captain of the Island Rose, has just nearly missed the speech. A local resident and a far traveler look on with interest. A pair of sailors, recently stranded in Weelond because of their over-indulgence at the Oktoberfest celebration, make grumbling noises about 'bosses' in general. Dearji the Windsong and Kali the Phlin stroll on over to offer the blessings of the Triuri to all in attendance. Beneath a rare songbird native to An Holli, Camilla Isobel la Reiy watches the goings on with some interest. She has long been a dissenter among the Royal Family, but she isn't sure that her support would be helpful at the moment. And here's another elusive face. Her wardrobe has advanced considerably, but that is the Oleon lady captain that attended the Day of Blood Ceremony in Stedor last year. It looks like the Guarda de Noblessa have begun hiring out their services outside of the Port of Terreli. Jeorge Ziti is enjoying his current posting. Solas Midori is away from his observatory to offer his favorite assistant his support in her political endeavor. It is a good thing that Jeorge enjoys reading the Midori Almanac, or he wouldn't have such a prime vantage point. This fellow kept to the shadows, with his hood pulled close. His posture proves he is attentive as the others, but whether he approves, or not, cannot be discerned at this time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some shots of the build empty of figs. Empty 01 Empty 02 Empty 03 Empty 04 Empty 05 --------------------------------------------------------- I hope to add more campaign stops before the end of the year. To all Eslandolans, get yourselves to the polls come election time.
  16. Previous chapters: Captain Whiffo's Duel... Sailor Leon's Letter... "Well!" Captain Whiffo went on, "while that oaf was busy getting himself in trouble over in Elysabethtown, I was out a bit more... reasonably occupied..." -=- -=- -=- January, 617, at sea near Elysabethtown "Sail ho!" sang out the sailor in the crow's nest one early morning. Captain Whiffo leaned out over the railing of the White Doubloon and pulled out his telescope. Eslandola had now been at war with Mardier for a few months over some unwarrented predatory attacks on Eslandolan shipping, and the captain was out with his shiny new ship (well, new to him at least - it had belonged to a sea rat before that...) and a Letter of Marque, and he was very much up and ready for the fight. He brought the telescope into focus, and scanned the horizon. "Aha, we've caught sight of those villains at last! Prepare the cannons!" "Er, captain?" queried the first mate; "looks like the Mardierian battle fleet, don't it now?" Captain Whiffo continued gazing through his telescope. "Mmm, that's what I said, wasn't it?" "But sir," added the stuttering mate, "you do know we're just in a tiny Class 2, don't you? Looks to me like that there flagship's got to be a 6 at least, and a couple of 5s with it too." Captain Whiffo put down his telescope and looked over at the mate. "Why, my fellow, we'll just go for the flagship, then! There's nothing like loosing your flagship to a Class 2 to strike terror into a battle fleet! All sail, and set course to intercept them!" ... ... ... "Yarr, you piratical scoundrels! Theives! Villains! You'll pay for this, you will! A pretty lot you Mardierians are, to steal a ship like that! I'll be even with you yet!" Captain Whiffo ejaculated from the little raft he and his little crew had been tossed onto. As it turned out, he had never even made it to the flagship - the second largest ship of the fleet had cut him off before he had come within firing distance with it, and there really wasn't a whole lot the White Doubloon could do against a ship three times its size anyways, to tell the truth. Captain Whiffo's eyes narrowed as he glared at the Mardierian Admiral - the Admiral smirking back in mocking triumph all the while. Whiffo's first mate moaned out loud. The Captain glared. The Admiral glared back, neither moving a muscle as the ship slowly slid farther and farther away, leaving the raft astern. The skull and crossbones- -=- -=- -=- "Captain-" interrupted the first mate, who was listening to the Captain's tale with the others in the inn, with a sigh - "there were no skull and crossbones." "Well, there may as well as have been!" returned the Captain. "If the Mardierian shan't show their true piratical colours it only makes them more the villains for it!" "Well then, no skull and crossbones. But as I was saying, I glared at that scrupulous villain until my eyes nearly popped out o' my sockets, while we were slowly left farther and farther behind..." -=- -=- -=- A few minutes more, and the raft rolled along alone on the bosom of the great blue sea... To be continued... The next installment of that duel collab with Titus which has been in the works for way too long! This was an MRCA result build I always wanted to do (ever since last January ) but never got around to until now. A couple more pictures of the microships (some of the designs stolen pretty ruthlessly from some of KB's great designs!): And a shot of the whole other build, for the curious (no, the sky definitely was not photoshopped ): Kudos to anyone who can guess what famous event/picture the second build here was (roughly) inspired by! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  17. The Messenger The Elisabethtown shipyards worked out very well and built a fast vessel for Felipe de la Manzana to open trade on more destinations. The ship is quite fast with its cutter style rigging and is also used for delivering mail, news and orders to the MAESTRO settlements so the ship has been baptised "The Messenger". Here it is on its first trade mission : A new vessel from me initially built for Brickmania Antwerpen in order to add a sloop of war to the bluecoat fleet at this event. I converted it into a nice fast trading vessel for my personnal fleet after the event. It will be licensed as a Class 3 vessel as it is really close to the HMS Otter (the class 3 vessel of reference) in shape and rigging. Name Class Cost Stats Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Total The Messenger 3 200 15 3 4 2 1 4 1 15 Any comment or criticism is welcome.
  18. And... I know you all thought there weren't any more of these, but... Probably the last micro build prize from Challenge V from an Eslandolan! (Don't take my word for it necessarily, though, I could be wrong ) Every village growing into a town (or into a large town) needs a place to get its horseshoes fixed and its tools and weapons mended! Drop in at the blacksmith's shop outside Puerto Desafio to have all you metallic needs attended to in fashion! Commissioned by Captain Whiffo, who obviously noticed the lack of a blacksmith shop and saw the opportunities - not to say, saw the DB signs... The backside: One last shot: Hey all! Just a little micro-vig from me showing off my light grey texture collection! (Ok, I do have a wee bit more...) I'll be licencing this as a small artisan for Puerto Desafio, which should hopefully boost the settlement up to large town status. Credit for that awesome fence design goes entirely to Full Plate! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  19. On the outskirts of Salida Este, on the island of Ferro Azure, a family goes about their daily chores on their farm. The farmer's wife has just finished sweeping. The farmer chopped and stacked the firewood earlier, and now he is just coming back from feeding the animals. Their son is playing in the yard, chasing the chickens. Or is he trying to catch dinner? Such is life out in the island colonies. ---------- This was my third build over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was inspired by a painting I saw of an 18th century farmhouse, and was an excuse to experiment with a roof technique. I didn't have enough cheese slopes to do a roof for a larger build, so there's no interior. But I'm happy with how the two roof sections meet up. As always, all C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  20. Puerto Desafio sits at the mouth of the Harlin River, where it empties into the Bay of Good Hope on the west side of Isla de Victoria. The river widens gradually, and while the delta is not particularly hazardous, a marker is needed to safely guide ships into the waterway. When Mardier first discovered the island and founded a settlement here, they built a lighthouse on a small rocky outcropping on the far western edge of the delta. During the Eslado-Mardierian war of 616-617, the upper half of the lighthouse was destroyed, but now Eslandola has rebuilt it and returned the lighthouse to full use. Here we see the keeper of the lighthouse and a lovely visitor. She comes to the lighthouse often to gaze across the bay and think about the time her merchant beau will return from his trade run. Meanwhile, the keeper takes a break from his work and scans the sea as well. But soon he will have to be back to work. The lighthouse uses dozens of tallow candles, and they often need to be replaced. Some additional views: As usual, all C&C welcome!
  21. A couple of weeks ago, shortly before trade ships set sail in November... The Weelond harbor was bustling with activity as sailors made their way to their ships and captains checked their manifests with the harbor master. Captain Philip Janszen was one of those captains. The Far Horizon was to set sail for Terreli shortly. But Janszen had received word that Willem Guilder, Director of the MCTC, needed to meet with him. And so Janszen and his first mate, Anthony Crol, headed back to the harbor master's office to meet the director. "Any idea what this is about?" asked Tony. "Not a clue," answered Pip. "But it must be important for the director to want to speak to me personally. Maybe he needs us to see to something for him in Terreli at MCTC headquarters." Pip and Tony turned the corner, and there was Guider, coming out of the harbor master's office. Janszen waved at Guilder. "Director, here we are! I hope we haven't kept you waiting." "No, not at all, Pip," replied Guilder. Janszen thought it odd that the director would call him by his nickname. Usually the director was more businesslike when talking with MCTC captains, but he assumed it was a good sign. "What can I do for you, director?" asked Pip. But Janszen soon found out that he was wrong. "Pip, I have some bad news." Guilder stumbled momentarily for the right words. "What is it?" asked Pip. He had never seen the director like this. "I've received word from Nova Terreli. The Prince Fernando went down in the storms last month." "The ... Prince ... Fernando ... ?" Pip stammered, his voice trailing off. Guilder gave him a moment to compose himself, then Pip continued. "And Captain Reyngout?" Guilder saw the realization in Janszen's eyes. "Yes," Guilder replied, "Captain Reyngout was on board. Commodore Reyngout, actually; the Prince Fernando was his flagship for the convoy. The seas were too heavy in the storm, and the ship was just too old to take it." Guilder paused for a moment. "All hands were lost." Janszen could not muster a reply. When Pip was just an orphan on the street, it was Captain Reyngout who had brought him aboard ship, given him a home, and taught him the ways of the sea. Reyngout was essentially the father Pip never had. Guilder continued. "I know you were close to Captain Reyngout, so I wanted to let you know personally. You've exceeded the promise ol' Cornelius saw in you when he brought me to your attention years ago. I know he was proud of you." "Thank you, sir..." was Janszen's muffled reply. "If you need anything when you return from Terreli, let me know. In the meantime, I'll arrange for a proper memorial for him." Guilder turned to Tony. "You'll see that he's alright, I trust?" "Yes, director," replied Tony. "Very well." Guilder turned back to Pip. "I must be off. My condolences, captain." And with that, Guilder left them to commiserate in private. With the director out of sight, Pip finally broke down. "There, there, Pip," said Tony. "Let's get you back to the ship. I have a bottle I've been saving from that run to Breshaun last year. Let's open 'er up." Pip nodded in agreement, unable to speak. As the two made their way back to their ship, Pip manage to get out a few words. "Rest in peace, Cornelius Reyngout, and godspeed." ****************** Some additional views of the build: ***************** When I saw the MRCA results last month, I had to decide whether one of my favorite side characters would go down with his ship or manage to cheat death. I thought with the dawn of Era II, it was time to let developments dictate the story. As for the build, the structure is copied in large part from one pictured in one of the Lego Adventure books, but I've made enough changes to make it my own. It was a puzzle to figure out how to cleanly manage the recessed walls on both sides of a corner, but I'm glad I worked it out. As the office for the Weelond harbor master, I'll license it as a small commerce property. As always, all C&C welcome.
  22. Dark Green Inn, Port Wilks... Myles Bowditch leaned back comfortably in his seat. The Fog Breaker had just dropped in at the ETWC's new settlement of Port Wilks earlier that day, and was now riding at anchor in the harbor, though Myles was hoping to be back out and continuing his trade run to Weelond with the morning tide. The Winged Shield Inn, or Dark Green Inn, as those that stopped by often expressively called it, was one of the first buildings to be built in the settlement, and was certainly quite well-frequented by those that had settled there and sailors who stopped in at the port. It was a capital place either to get a good meal or to find a comfortable bed for the night. Myles was just getting on to the end of his meal when a commotion was heard outside, the door burst open... And Captain Whiffo strode in, looking and sounding very much like his usual self. Expectant glances and a few winks passed around the room. Whenever Captain Whiffo strode in to such a place, one could be sure of a good, adventure-filled tale before the night was out. He stepped up to the counter. "Your largest glass of chocolate, mate," he whispered to the master, who winked back at the well-known Captain. Then Captain Whiffo turned around, and, spotting Myles sitting at the table by himself, pulled up a small stool and joined him. "How do you do, my dear Captain?" Myles inquired. "Quite well, mate, quite well," replied Captain Whiffo, but grinning over mysteriously at the same time. Just then, an old acquaintance of the Captain's caught sight of him, and, waving, stepped on over. "Why good day there, my old Captain Whiffo!" exclaimed his ex-first mate from many a year ago - "It's been far too long since I've caught the sight o' you! How goes it?" The master of the house came up and handed the Captain a large tankard of hot chocolate, and, seeing that the Captain was about to begin a tale of some sort or another, stayed by to listen. "Oh! I've been through quite the lot of it since I've last had you in my deadlights, mate!" exclaimed the Captain. "I tell ye, it's a long, thrilling tale of adventure, duels, piratical villains, and rivaling trade companies from the beginning to end!" A bit of a crowd by now had gathered around the little group - and even the strange fellow over in the corner who Myles had noticed earlier perked up and looked attentive. "Well then," began the Captain mysteriously, taking a draught of his chocolate and placing the tankard back down on the table, "here goes for the tale of Captain Whiffo's Duel..." To be continued... A few more pics: The counter: A closeup of one side: The waiter: And a final overview: Well! I've had this build in the works for quite a while (and this storyline planned for even longer!), and I hope it's been worth the wait! I figured that a large inn would be a good place to start for any settlement, and since my duel with TitusV was supposed to have happened quite some time ago (back in March, or thereabouts), I thought it would be a good idea to play it out as a story from the Captain instead of as if it was happening at the moment. Titus and I (especially me ) have got a whole storyline to roll out here in the next few... months? ... so keep your eyes peeled for the next few sections, hopefully to come soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  23. Jerome Monezterrell, Eslandola's Secretary of the Navy, was in the office of his chief naval architect, Farrucio Paraja. The Oscuridad had sunk in a storm in October, and a sistership needed to be commissioned. But Paraja could not find the plans! Paraja was frantic as he searched for his plans of the magnificent xebec. "Calm down, Farrucio," said Monezterrell. "Calm down!? How can I calm down? One of my masterpieces has gone down, and now I can't find the plans!" cried the architect. "I'm sure they're here somewhere," offered Monezterrell. "And you have the model right here..." "Hah! That model is practically useless. The Oscuridad was a work of art!" Paraja rambled on, and Monezterrell opted to stay silent for a bit. Finally, the plans were found. "Ah, filed under M, for Masterpiece!" exclaimed the architect. Monezterrel tried not to let Paraja see him roll his eyes. It was a magnificent ship, but still... "Yes, very good Farrucio. See that the shipyard gets them right away." Paraja's spirit had brightened. "Yes, yes. The Oscuridad II will restore my art to the seas! ..." Paraja continued to talk to himself as Monezterrell left the architect's office as quickly as possible. ---------- My apologies if I have disparaged Legostone's characters in any way, but the Oscuridad was his ship, so I felt his characters should be involved in the required sistershipping build. I hope my story simply conveys that it is a gorgeous ship.
  24. One of the signature sights of the Weelond coast are the windmills built on a low grassy ridge, taking full advantage of the stiff breeze blowing in from the Sea of Storms. Here is one of those windmills, cleverly designated "Grist Mill #1" in the city ledgers.. Specifically, it is a post mill with an open trestle design. The grist mill grinds wheat into flour. It looks like several bags of flour are ready for delivery to the city market. The wagon driver takes time to give his horse a treat. His assistant doesn't look too pleased to be loading all the bags of flour into the wagon himself. Sheep commonly graze in the area, when they aren't grazing beneath the bastions of nearby Fort Weelond. The goat appears to prefer the wildflowers. Some more pics: --- I finally found the time to do some building! I wanted to try out the siding style Ayrlego used on one of his builds not too far back. There is a small gap at the top of the siding, and I had trouble with the hinges keeping the wall straight, but I'm happy with the result. I also wanted to represent the open trestle work realistically, and after a lot of experimentation, found something I'm very happy with. The sails turn, and the mill turns on the post as well. As for the terrain, I wanted to get more of a slope effect. It's not quite how I pictured it when I started, but I believe I used 99% of all the green plates I own! The sheep roaming free is common for the time period; fences were used to keep the animals OUT of yards, not in. That was something I wanted to portray in a build, and this was a perfect opportunity. As usual, all C&C welcome.
  25. Toes Up!

    It's been a while since Guy's renown Uncle has appeared on the scene. But don't imagine that he's not been busy! Far from it! Uncle has been occupied in using the best agricultural skills of the Brick Seas to breed the largest size of palm tree yet! Of course, such a beautiful palm tree couldn't go to waste! Guy's Uncle did a little snooping around the account sheet... and got a hold of a certain someone's minion. He also sent a nice note to Countess Agnes Mesabi, asking if she wouldn't be present at an interactive demonstration. She was kind enough to agree. Not only had Uncle grown the largest palm tree in the Brick Seas, but he had also developed a brand new, simplified way to hang people by their toes. After tying the person's toes securely to a hefty rope, Uncle got a strong sailor to toss an empty bucket attached to the other end over the top of a palm tree. Then the sailor climbed the tree and began to drop stones into the bucket. This was something of a slow process, but it got done eventually. Agnes Mesabi watched in admiration... until the sailor started to tie her own toes... "What?!? You can't do this!" "You were in the red last month," Uncle responded. "Me? That was my husband!" "All the same." And so the process was promptly repeated. But fortunately for the poor hangees, a messenger ran to Uncle up just as they were struggling. "Sir! The Colonial Council is considering implementing a MRCA tax on..." "What?!?!? A MRCA tax? I must register my protest instantly!" And Uncle dashed off, faster than anyone had ever seen him run before, and before the messenger even got a chance to say, "on Oleon." Thereupon the messenger and the sailor good naturally helped Agnes and the minion to descend, considerably ruffled in temper, but unhurt in body. That's all for now, I'm in a powerful hurry - sorry the pictures aren't quite up to par, but it rained all day!