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Found 14 results

  1. Bulk Material Train Unloading Facility features: TRACK 1: Single Car Rotary Dump (Tipper) with electric drive, servo adjustable slip wall for various width cars, mechanically automated clamps that self adjust for various height cars, wheel clamps, car vibrators. Electric Cable Drive Car Indexer with adjustable cable tension. Works with metal axle, standard size wheel cars. Electric drive, jam proof apron feeder and conveyor belts. TRACK 2: Bottom Discharge Bridge with directional discharge chute.
  2. Building B-models between major projects has become quite normal for me. Such a break and playing only with Technic bricks is a very good way to reset my mind 😊 This time it was the 42114 set and the Mining Dump Truck was created as an alternative model, for the excavator from the 42100 set. The plan to build this vehicle from the 42114 set appeared a few months ago. I put it off for later, because I thought I wouldn't have enough panels to build a nice dump box. Over the weekend, I sat down with bricks and in a few hours the first version of the tipper was created. I liked it so much that the final version differs from the prototype only with minor changes. The biggest difficulty in building this model was its size of frame. When planning, I insisted that the model must use the original app, because that could be easily configured and played with it immediately. The machine has double wheels on the rear axle, so the frame basically contains the engines, gearbox, and a rear axle. In addition, the set has only long actuators so placing them in the dumper was also not easy. At the end, everything was packed into a pretty nice model, which uses over 78% of the set elements. The tipper was supposed to look good with the R9800 excavator from the 42100 set. So I scaled the Liebherr T282 to 1:42 scale and built the model on it. The appearance of the dump truck is a combination of the previously mentioned Liebherr and CAT 793F. It is not an exact copy, but there are similarities. Building instructions: Check out photos and a short video presenting the model's functions: Video:
  3. A new project I started working on. It'll be a model of a classic dump truck, with a pickup truck style body and two axles. It'll be something similar to the following: So far I've only done some preliminary modeling, but I already have a general idea for the cab. The model will feature a lime green cab with a gray or black dump bed, two axles with pendular suspension, and BuWizz (not for speed, but to save space as the battery/controller are all in one unit), a fake engine with mini cylinders under the opening hood, and lights. I'll either use the tires from the 42122 Jeep or the the tire/rim combination from the 10279 VW Camper Van and 10290 Pickup Truck. I've wanted to make a lime MOC for a while now (haven't made one since my CLAAS Challenger 95E MOC from 2018). I've expanded my collection of lime pieces a bit after getting the 42138 Mustang set at BrickFair this year, so I decided to make at least the cab for this model in lime. I'm definitely planning to further expand my lime collection in the future, especially with pieces from the 42115 Lamborghini Sian set. Photos:
  4. A classic-style dump truck model with BuWizz. Features drive, steering, dumping, V6 piston engine, and working headlights and taillights. Functions/features: Drive Steering Dumping Working headlights and taillights Oscillating rear axle Opening doors and hood V6 piston engine Instructions available on Rebrickable: This model was originally conceived as a MOC I would make with the sets and parts I got at BrickFair VA. My initial plan was to make it in lime, as one of the sets I got was the 42138 Mustang and that one had most of the lime parts I would need. I have not made many lime MOCs due to not having that many lime pieces, so this felt like another good opportunity to make a lime MOC. However, I could not help but feel that green would be a strange color for a dump truck, so I then changed the cab color to red. My initial finished design in had a red cab and dark bluish gray cargo hold. I also tried a white cab with black cargo hold and rims, but felt that an orange cab and black cargo hold with white rims and accents was the best color scheme to go with. I decided to use BuWizz to control the model despite it not being made for speed - due to the smaller scale, it would be difficult to fit both a battery box and SBrick so using a BuWizz which has battery/control all in one unit was the best option. The model is built very compact - the drive and cargo hold elevation motors (both PF L motors) are placed side by side, and the PF Servo motor for steering is placed directly below the cab to leave room for the fake engine. Unfortunately, due to the small size of the model and the oscillating rear axle, there isn't much room for reinforcement (there's only one pair of beams going over the oscillating rear axle) so the chassis tends to bend. I was concerned that the chassis would bend too much as the cargo hold elevates due to the forces exerted on the end of the chassis, but fortunately it didn't seem to be much of an issue in the finished model. As for the functionality, I decided to take advantage of BuWizz's 4 speed modes to adjust the power supplied to the motors and LEDs. While the model is not that big, it does pack quite a punch when driving in ludicrous mode. And because I'm not using the power-hungry RC motors, there's no issues with power cutting out. The LEDs are also brighter on fast and ludicrous modes, which I like. The oscillating rear axle worked very well on slightly rough terrain as seen in the video - the only downside is the ground clearance as the L motors for drive and dumping sit pretty low in the chassis. There weren't any issues with chassis reinforcement either despite my concerns. I was also concerned that the Servo motor being connected to the steering mechanism via a CV and U-joint would lead to excess play in the system (as the Servo motor is not placed directly next to the steering mechanism due to the space the fake engine takes up), but steering always functioned properly without any major issues. Overall, the small size of this model and the use of BuWizz made all the functions work very smoothly. It did not take long for me to finish the virtual model in and the building process is straightforward, but this MOC still turned out to take longer than anticipated. I ordered most of the parts I needed in a single Pick A Brick order so I can avoid buying from multiple Bricklink sellers, but because my order consisted of all "standard" parts, it took over a month for me to receive it. My order was also on "In Warehouse" status longer than usual. In retrospect I should have ordered all the parts for this model from Bricklink if I wanted to finish it earlier, but being able to order all my parts in a single order was definitely convenient. Overall, while the functionality turned out pretty well for this model, it was still a project I felt that I started too hastily. I had to modify the virtual build several times (including three color changes) before starting the build IRL. A number of features had to be included (there's no interior due to the BuWizz unit taking up most of the interior space), but I am still happy about being able to include a fake engine at this scale. This was also my first MOC to use multiple pairs of PF LEDs - after getting one pair in late 2013 I always wanted to get a few more but never had a MOC where I thought of including multiple PF LEDs. Last summer I got a set of PF/WeDo elements from a friend which included two pairs of PF LEDs. This MOC felt like a good opportunity to use them as I used PF elements with no power-hungry RC motors. The amount of electronic elements in such a small model (3 motors and 3 pairs of LEDs) meant a lot of wiring to manage, but I was able to get the wires to all fit nicely inside the model. Video: Photos:
  5. Hi! Finally, I present to you my dump trailer for Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC, which I've built quite a long time ago and teased you with in this topic. My intention was to model a really cool looking trailer Krampe HP30 - a 3 axle offroad heavy haul trailer, which goes perfectly to Claas Xerion 5000 set. I didn't actually scale it, but scetches/blueprints on the official site were of good use. As you can see on the photo below, I made a fake front cylinder, which unfortunately doesn't exist in LEGO Technic, so I had to cheat and used a pulley system to lift this huge red bathtub. String drum located on the front of the trailer is rotated by rear PTO of the tractor. I used the fantastic Efferman's motorized remake, but an OOB 42054 model could run it too. The trailer is steered as well - BUT! - Shamefully, I've realized 1st and 3rd axle should be steered and not 2nd and 3rd like I built it. And that happened just an hour ago while editing the video! Oh well, I will have to put more effort in research next time Somehow, I missed the video explaining the steering part on YT. Steering is modelled by levers and works according to the angle between the tractor and the trailer. The 3rd axle has larger steering angle than the 2nd. As you can imagine, it has some play in it... All three axles are suspended (normal springs for 1st and 2nd axle, hard springs for the 3rd.) - I borrowed and altered axle designs from MB Arocs set. Tailgate raises automatically and is locked when the dumper is lowered. Here are some details, to make the trailer more juicy . ...and the underbelly - for those eager Technic fans, who can't do without . For the end, here's one with a little breeze and a video of course. I hope you enjoy it! You can find more photos here. Partlist and instructions here. Thank you for your attention and constructive criticism! Best regards, Miha
  6. I have build a dump truck withe the 8258. But my problem is That the linear actuator isn't strong enouth with a down geard XL motor. Is there a diference when I use two LA's? or are there LA's who where stronger?
  7. Hi eurobrickers This is what we will talking about here: a mini scale semi dump truck based on a Mercedes Arocs 6X4 and a solid tilting bed mounted on one 3 axle trailer. This time I decided to keep it small. My son asked me for something simple this time but fun to play with. So I do. I worked hard on the design of this little set. The smaller it is hardest the design is I found. I am however quiet happy with the end result. From the front view you can see I choose a contrasted color scheme for this truck. Regular blue frame, white cab and black to simulate the plastic covers and accessories of the cab. I place light, traffic signs, rear view mirror, antenna and gyro on the top. All we need to make it look good, as in real life model. The top view show the roof treatment. This part was particularly hard to find. You have a discreet HOG, the security roof trap that opens and two small panels to finish the roof line Viewed from the back you can see I managed a space for the rear window, exhaust pipe, spare wheel and a toolbox. I do not forget the back lighting with one projector but also rear stop and traffic lights. The 5th wheel is a simple pin connection. I found another system (mechanical lock) but it doesn't match perfectly the scale of the model so I decided to remove it. But there is something more about this tilts and the doors can be opened showing the interior with two seats and steering wheel (not it is not operational ) The complete model is 36X8X11 cm. I am particulary satisfied with the proportion of the whole thing. Rear view of the trailer, same detail attention than for the tractor unit. You can see at first plan the locking system of the bed's door (simple friction pin). And here is the view of the railer once lifted. The mecha is dead simple: one linear actuator in direct link with the HOG place on a real ergonomic place. Few pieces, great playability. The trailer as also a retractable parking support with simple linkage command and lock point to assure it's stability. Here it is: But that's not all. I manage the all wheel one good ground clearance as my son play with it on it's bed (often by night ) and I realized a quiet complex pendular suspention on all axle. The system is based on Pippasseyeyoyo's one developed on his own semi dump truck. I just scale it down a little . Suspention in action. the first axle is rigid on the tractor unit So here it not hesitate to comment it and any good idea to improve it is welcome. Steph.
  8. Hi everyone, Here's an older MOC virtually no one has seen. It's my first fully RC model: Thanks! C&C PLEASE! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  9. Wished I posted this sooner......... When I was originally had the model normal it couldn't go over an half inch actual brick tile :(. Due to that I spent a long time modifying it to barely go through grass about as tall as the pretend sticker grill. This thing can go over an emaxx tire with its 2 not one xl motors and it had an l motor for steering (only do if your not using 3rd party tires) if using 3rd party tire use an xl motor for steering (I only had 2). I'm now building a a25E tanker to spray weed killer for me so I don't need to sweat to death. Since its super easy to detach the bed I could be able to switch the tanker and soon changed bed be swappable maybe? Picture from very first successful time. Version 1.0 instructions: Video as just a quick demo of some average grass: This is what I'm building while doing Ingmar Spijkhoven 6x6 truck and stay tuned!
  10. Hi to everybody! It's been a while from my last MOC...a year and 1 day to be precise ..well, how some of you already knew, the last year I bought and refurbished a home and that involved much of my free time. Now that the home is almost finished (I doubt that it ever will), a baby is coming ...that's mean that I'm planning to do instructions, but I don't know when. Now, that's my new MOC. It's a Dump truck 8x8. The scale is about 1:11. It was inspired by the Iveco Trakker (more than anything else to derive the dimensions), but the front grid ended to be more a beheaded batman logo. It's 8 wheels drive, moved by 4XL Motors connected to the wheels via a driveline, it has a differential per axle. 2 XL Motors drive the 1st and the 2nd axle and the other 2 drive the 3rd and 4th axles. This allow to have a virtual central diff and stress a bit less the drivetrain since the torque is splitted. A fake 6-inline engine is connected to the driveline of the 1st and 2nd axles. The 1st and the 2nd are steering axles via 2 PF Servo motors (one for each axle), with different turning radius and working steering wheel. The suspensions system consists in 4 live axles. Shock absorbers for the 1st and 2nd axles, with an anti-roll bar for the 1st axle, leaf springs for the 3rd and 4th. The Pneumatic system consists in 2 small pump driven by an L motor, that provide compressed air for tilting the cab, elevate the bed and to an hypothetical trailer. The lightening system consist in 4 PF Led, 2 in the front and 2 in the back for the headlights (and 2 extension wires). In the back there is a connector where is possible to connect lights of a trailer. There is even a winch in the front moved by an L Motor. It uses 2 SBrick that control everything, with the exeption of tilting the cab and providing compressed air to the trailer, that are actuated manually. It has openable doors (manually) that allow access to detailed interiors of the cab and it has a trailer coupling. The truck itself is built to be a base for several future MOC/MOD. In fact, tipping bed system a part, everything is contained in the chassis or in the side tanks. Weight and dimensions: Length: 93 studs (74.4 cm) Width: 29 studs (23.2 cm) (without mirrors) Height: 42 studs (33.6 cm) (without antennas) Weight: 6 Kg PF elements: 4 XL Motors for drive. 3 Servo Motors, 2 for steering and 1 for the tipping bed pneumatic valve. 2 L Motors, 1 for the pneumatic pump and 1 for the winch. 4 Led, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. 2 Li-Po battery. 2 SBrick. 4 20cm extension cables. 1 50cm extension cables. Pneumatic elements: 3 new long pneumatic cylinders 2 new small pneumatic pumps 3 pneumatic valves 2 M pneumatic cylinders A video is coming soon For more pics see: I hope you like it!
  11. Hi Guys, I would like to share my 8x8 medium dump truck with you. The target was to create 8x8 dump truck with 4 differencials in compact size with good driving abilities. It drives quite well, but due to large amount of gears, even XL motor have some trubles (wont stop, but you can hear little bit) while steering/climbing, but I'm happy with result, even view could be better. Some info: Propulsion: 8x8 by PF XL Steering: 8x4 by PF Servo (different angle for second axle) 1 Differencial for each axle Dumping by 1 M motor. No suspension, but thanks to flexible body, it can go well over obstacle. Opanable doors I'm sorry for really bad quality pictures, will upload short video soon. What do you think?
  12. My first creation, a European three axle dump truck. It uses 2 XL motors for drive, a servo for steering, L for dump and M for winch. I have decided to use 3 small turntables to create 2 pendular solid axles in the rear. I am happy with the result as this is not meant for heavy offroad use. It does the job nicely. No front drive, but oh well, goals for next model. I am very happy with the looks and color scheme and am hoping to find a good reaction from the community any questions about model I am happy to answer! Thanks for viewing! Photos are here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=559019 Sorry for giant sizes, you'll have to zoom out Files may not be public for a bit, sorry! May as well deep-link the photos http://www.brickshel...mg_2602-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2603-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2604-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2605-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2606-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2607-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2608-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2609-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2611-min.jpg
  13. Based on 2013 Volvo FH16 6x4 its equiepted with ampliroll or hook lift system [media][/media] Features: 1 M motor for steering 1 XL motor for drive 1 M motor and 1 linear actuator for the sliding/locking mechanism 2 Recievers 1 Standard battery pack 1 Flat bed 1 Wood log carrier 1 Open dump body? (i dont know how to call it) And openable doors Some more info: It uses 2 linear actuators for the jib but in order to make it work i needed to get more range so i used 2 tipper scissor style mechanisms to achive it. The sliding/locking mechanism uses a 12t to 24t because the jib flexes at the middle and its only got 2 fixed points this also means that it can only be powered when the jib is in the lower position something that real trucks use to prevent the jib from being accidentaly disengaged when its at the tipping position which could cause damage cause the body would fall down. The rear pendular suspension is achived by meshing a 12t to 20t gear so that they can rotate at the mesh (this is something i saw Zblj do in his videos) Things that can be improved: The rear chasis flexes cause it only uses 2 beams at the rear where the wheels are connected The linear actuators are too slow specially the sliding cause it uses a worm gear but i didnt have more room for other thing Since i build it i was told that in the real ones the 2 parts of the jib when they are in the hook position the jib has a contac point and then both of them move together so that the lenght of the point where it pivots to the point of the hook changes to have more power in the initial part of the lift http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=527652
  14. I made a dumptrailer (not yet finished) for the truck i've copied from Jaap. (Very nice truck btw). It uses 1 m-motor for the legs and 1 m-motor for the linear actuators. I must fix the lifting of the bed because it's a little bit heavy. hope you like it. Stephen