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Found 19 results

  1. This is a manual wheel loader that has the following features: Gearbox with lever inside the cabin to change between arm or bucket movement. Rear axle suspension. 2 differentials. Folding ladder. Working and removable V12 fake engine. Openable cabin doors and bonnet. Hand of god steering. Short video here Video I hope you like, the instructions are available here Instructions The build MOC process is here WIP Thank you for watching it.
  2. First of all I started this MOC just due the audi 42160 wheels. I bought mine one week ago so I do not have them yet... that is why I am using the zetros wheels. They are a little bit wider so I think the new ones will fit perfectly if I do not have any surprises with the measures... For now we have a manual MOC with pendular suspension, two diffs, gearbox to alternate between the two functions of the arm and a simple steering mechanism. I am being faster that I use to be because I started it last thursday so I am quite happy with the result until now. My next goals are choose the reference machine that could be a caterpillar 992 or 988 and based on that do it the corresponding engine a v12 or V8, I also think to do another little gearbox if I have enough room to operate the machine more faster without load but I hope not to have room enough . Problems right now are that the machine has more travel that the real one in comparison... but it is a small problem because I usually see just the opposite problem and that is a serious problem for me at least...
  3. Finnaly found some time and inpsiration to build a proper alternate for this amazing set - Front loader. Functions: HOG steering - whole front section pivots Pendular rear axle Working 2 cylinder inline engine at the back Fully operating front boom - uses ratched mechanism to keep the desired height Angle of the shovel can be changed Opening doors As there are no access to worm gear or linear actuators, the lifting capacity is limited, but still it's possible to lift some lighter cargo. Rear axle can move freely without any suspension, therfore it's easy to overcome smaller obstacles. Whole front section is steering and is connected via the small turntable to the rest of the superstructure that enables easy and smooth steering using gear on top of the front loader. Just like with other alternates, it's possible to buy the instructions on REBRICKABLE. Cheers, TGBDZ
  4. I have passed too many years discarting good machines because I hadn´t got its colour scheme or couldn´t represent perfect its measures, it has been enough, here I will build generic machines based or not in real ones. My goal always has been building RC with the less motors possible, as small as I can and only with Lego parts so I will try to do that. Maybe the colours or measures won´t be correct but the fun will be in the mechanisms, linkages or ideas that could be usefull for another MOCs. I will start with a beautiful machine I recently discovered, I can pass a lot of time watching its video. It has a too small body for gearbox and big cilinders for Lego linear actuators ones, maybe it would be good to build custom bigger actuators with the Gear rac housings but the machine would be bigger than I use to build... any advice is always wellcome. The machine is a Broyt D1000, be careful with its video can be hipnotic , it works like a man with a shovel .
  5. Good day. For a long time I wanted to create a moc with various functions apart from steering and drive. Overview: -4x4 drive with 2 diffs -3 steering modes : rear only, crab and all-wheel steering -Boom ascention -Boom extention -Forks tilting -part count of approximately 1000 pieces The forks on the end of the boom were able to be replaced with another attachment by pulling out two 8l axles with stop. The cabin has on openable door , adjustable seat and a lever to switch steering modes. The steering is a very basic type, the front stering motor is attached to a switch , which neutralizes it's movement or decides the direction of steering. the boom is extended through a pulley system , which was done due to lack of 4 stud gearracks. total boom size being fully extended is of 60 studs. The video below shows basic functionality. Something I learned with this build is that I should stick with smaller size mocs and not to rush into medium sized model. All photos here
  6. BrickWild

    [LDD MOC] Wave Pool Blowers

    Early this December, I went to an indoor aquatic centre called 'Bayswater Waves' in Western Australia. And the main attraction is a big pool with 'active' waves at the deep end provided by means of centrifugal blowers and oscillating butterfly valves, hence the name above!
  7. lightningtiger

    MOC/MOD - Tractor & Machinery Dealer

    This is a MOD of a MOC, changed a hardware store to a tractor and machinery dealership. More to come please keep watching and Brick On everyone !
  8. AyliffeMakit

    [MOC] L'Supervivere

    L'Supervivere Over the course of several years during the great industrial age, this mechanical suit was created by the lesser-known Professor Stewart Phoenix out of disused parts scavenged from various scrapheaps and abandoned factories around the outskirts of Victorian London, hence L'Supervivere's rather cobbled together and unusually complex appearance. The original and sole purpose of L'Supervivere was to be used by Professor Stewart Phoenix to protect his family and his estate, Phoenix Manor, from destruction, but over the years this technical monstrosity was also used for several other suitably vital causes, such as fixing leaks in the Manor's roof and rescuing cats from trees. The most notable alternative use of L'Supervivere was during a lengthy voyage abroad, in which it was used to navigate the treacherous rainforests of the Amazon and defend a party of explorers (including Professor Stewart Phoenix himself) against any threats they may have encountered. At the end of Professor Stewart Phoenix's long and fruitful life, he proclaimed in his last will and testament that L'Supervivere would be passed down to his eldest and only son, Dr Joseph Phoenix, on the sole condition that it mustn't be used for any type of criminal activity and that at the end of his life, he should also pass on L'Supervivere to his eldest son, and that this son should pass it on to HIS eldest son, and so on until what is only described within Professor Stewart Phoenix's will as "The end of all days", but so far no-one has been able to fully understand the meaning behind this choice of words. Mysteriously, after being passed down through several generations L'Supervivere and the Phoenix bloodline completely disappeared from public view in the early 1920s. It is still rumored that L'Supervivere still exists in its original form to this day, but the location of the suit itself and it's rightful owner is currently not known... More images on my Flickr. Enjoy!
  9. A small Caterpillar Challenger with just 4 functions, towing hitch, hood and tracks (left and right ) .
  10. Another wheel loader , a small beast, 2 motors on board and room enough... look out what narrower it is...
  11. I had unfinished the MOC and this is the perfect excuse to finish and make it better. Let me know Jim if there is something wrong, there is an old topic about it but I never finished it.
  12. Like the 8043 but with 6 L.A.s. Tracks, rotation, gearbox are ok, I have to build a lighter bucket, carry trasmision to the second arm and think about a special linkage to achieve more travel for the first arm, a lot of work but very entertaining. Maybe I could build a normal undercarriage in the case someone want to build it.
  13. Still a lot of work to do but it works better than the old one. '>
  14. My mini is finished, it is a wheel loader and it has 199 parts. It has functional arm, bucket, wheel steering, hand of god steering, pendural rear axle, cabin door and hood. I tried to build it as real as technic posible. Video And more pics You can see the evolution of the MOC, more videos and instructions in the old topic, thank you. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96518
  15. Not for challenge only a nice idea for pleasure . It has a V2 fake engine, pendular axle, steering wheel, hood and hand of god steering, maybe doors if I can finish it.
  16. It is just the beginning must improve it....
  17. Not my style, too small for me , but not bad for an hour.
  18. Wellcome to my new machine, it is a Komatsu D575. Functional features - 8 bogies - 2 flexible track idlers - Suspended undercarriage - Tracks - 8 cylinders: 2 independent blade lift cylinders 2 blade angle cylinders 2 ripper lift cylinders 2 ripper angle cylinders - Blade - Adjustable ripper - Operable door - Extinguisher, you never knows... (not functional yet ). What's in it? It has 5 motors, 3 normal ones and 2 L-motors, 3 receptors, 1 rechargeable battery, 5 pneumatics valves, 2 pumps, a 2 speed gearbox, a small linear actuator and a lot of pieces more. How it works? First gear - Channel 1 - Left and right tracks. Channel 2 - 2 ripper lift cylinders and 2 ripper angle cylinders. Second gear - Channel 1 - 2 pumps and 2 blade angle cylinders. Channel 2 - Left blade lift cylinder and right blade lift cylinder (tilt function). Channel 4 gearbox shift. I hope you like, I'm still doing more pics and the video...
  19. Watching all machinery sets that Lego has released I wonder, what kind of equipment would you like to have?. In my opinion a grader, a forwarder or a front shovel they would be perfect but to be more accurate and just choose one I would choose the grader, in fact I already have a front shovel . What do you think?.