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Found 27 results

  1. Operacion Saturno

    Condor IX Deploy ship

    Colaboration with Jason Andrew Davies. 100% Classic Space pieces.
  2. Hi everyone! I present to you the third module of the Medieval Village. Hidden in the forest among large trees with dark trunks, surrounded by vegetation, in perfect symbiosis with nature... there is an outpost, a stronghold where the Forestmen live! These famous archers, children of the forest, live hidden among their trees. Through ingenious secret passages they can reach the village to be able to fight enemy factions and grab gold to survive. This new module connects to the previous one (#2 medieval bridge and water mill) and represents an important presence in the Medieval Village that is gradually emerging. The module is composed of 4 trees typical of forestmen with black trunks. A large waterfall is the protagonist of the scenario which gives life to the stream already seen in the previous module. Next to the waterfall there is a tree with a special branch... if activated it opens a secret door in the rock that allows the Forestmen to reach their outpost through a tunnel carved into the rock that runs along the back of the waterfall. The Forestmen's stronghold consists of a ground floor with a main room with a fireplace, an armory and a wardrobe that can be opened revealing the secret passage to the tunnel. On the first floor we find a dormitory room and another room where the forestmen eat. Above we find a turret used to spot enemies from afar and where a powerful crossbow makes its presence to shoot arrows far away. With a non-LEGO rubber band the crossbow actually works! A further lever behind the base allows you to move two Forestmen children playing among the reeds. There are also Easter eggs. The base is made up of 5,800 pieces, the outpost alone is made up of around 1800 parts. The three floors of the outpost are separable to better observe the internal details. You can view all the detailed photographs of the moc in this Flickr Gallery: I hope you enjoy my latest work and stay tuned for module #4! Sandro, SDRnet Questions and comments are welcome!
  3. jan kusters

    [MOC] Whale Rock Outpost...

     (I have spend a lot of time looking here at Imperial builds for inspiration, trying to design something like a smallish Imperial Outpost into my Crimson Mermaid display. It has been very educational, I still have a lot of trouble mocking with 'modern' Lego (anything past the sixties really). You all have been a great help and sown fantastic ideas, thank you so much!). So without further ado: time to introduce a new faction onto my briney display shelf... The Briney Brick 65: Meet the Empire... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr However, life for the basic imperial Solder is not as easy as it might seem... The Briney Brick 69 (b): Meanwhile, far, far away... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr ''See the world' they said...' The Briney Brick 69 (a): Meanwhile, far, far away... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr 'I wish someone had told me about the rowing though...' The Briney Brick 70 (a): Meanwhile, still far, far away... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr 'My dearest Petronella Gertruda, I have finally been offered my first command! I will be in charge of a fort at Whale Island. I will also be in charge of the rest of the Island! I am a deputy Governor so to speak! No more counting uniforms, no more signing paperwork! Granted, I had hoped for a slightly bigger detail at my disposal, but I am sure I can make something of the recruit I have been issued. And the sergeant seems to be an experienced man, if a bit rough. Best wishes and love, forever yours, Rupert... The Briney Brick 70 (c): Whale Rock Fort... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr It's not just the rowing; that old sergeant has some harrowing stories to tell! I think even our Lieutenant gets scared by his tales, although he does not show it... The Briney Brick 70 (a): Whale Rock Fort... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Finally! The Briney Brick 70 (b): Whale Rock Fort... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Soon life on the outpost fell into some sort of routine... The Briney Brick 71 (a): Atten...TION! by Jan Kusters, on Flickr 'Morning sergeant. Have the men... man... up on the platform, ready for inspection sergeant.' 'Sir!' 'Dear lord this is sad, we really need to flesh out our detail a little on the first possible occasion sergeant.' 'Sir yes Sir!' The Briney Brick 71 (c): Atten...TION! by Jan Kusters, on Flickr 'Every now and again we stumble into some left overs from former Outpost crews. Like the skeleton of a prisoner in the brig, And the one on the roof. Although I don't think that was a prisoner...' The Briney Brick 71 (d): Atten...TION! by Jan Kusters, on Flickr 'Ahum... uhm, sergeant? Why is there a skeleton standing to attention?' 'Left over from the last detail Sir. I remobilized him Sir.' 'Yes I could hear some rather colourful language coming down through the roof sergeant... But he is dead!' 'Still a soldier Sir. Got his shako and everything Sir. ' 'Dead, sergeant, he's very dead! He's just a skeleton! How is he even standing to attention?' 'Four years as drill-sergeant Sir.' 'Yes, right. Well... Take him below, find an empty box, we'll send him off for a decent funeral with the first supply ship sergeant.' 'Sir Yes Sir. PRIVATE BONES!!! DIS... wait for it you rattling heap of calcium... MISSED!!!' Yes, life at an outpost is never dull... Entr'acte: Whale Rock Outpost by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Time for a little exposé in broad daylight of my Imperial Outpost./Fortress. The fortress has a few rather 'intimidating' sides, but also a slightly less intimidating and more 'improvised' looking side. Never look behind the golden curtains... Big canon on the front, tall look out tower, and some enclosed spaces for the crew. Note that it is not a 'roof top canon' like so many Lego sets offer. I have always had my doubts in roofs as a big gun platforms... The back (and one side) offer a small dock with a rather minimal crane to load and unload goods. I think it is safe to say this is no harbour for large vessels... Entr'acte: Whale Rock Outpost by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The whole thing is based on the Sabre Island' set (6265) and the Broadside's Brigg' set (6259). I managed to get both sets not too expensive on Bricklink. I bought those to get an idea about how to do a fortress, but also because the sets offered a slightly cheaper way to get soldiers and a few expensive parts (bricked wall panels, big Imperial flag and soldiers). I liked the tower from Sabre Island a lot, and decided to keep it mostly 'as is' (added a few ladders and threw in one more panel). I also kept the basic prison cell from Broadside's Brigg, but sank it into the Rock (to keep it all within the small space I had for it). Since my display space is limited, I wanted to build it all on a 16x32 plate, no bigger. That is half the size of the classic Eldorado Fortress. But at the same time I wanted to get most 'functionality' into that smaller space. It turned out to be a but of a squeeze, but I like the general shape better than I expected. Entr'acte: Whale Rock Outpost by Jan Kusters, on Flickr For those looking for building detail (I.E. me when I want to rebuild this thing in a couple of years) showing the 4 sides. I know some bricks looked rather yellowed, and the while thing has a slightly rickety appearance; I like it that way. (in fact, I l like that so much that I am wondering if I could ordered 'yellowed' white stones from Bricklink for a castle I would one day like to build). I wanted it all to look like a very old building that has been handed down through many years, probably first build by the Spanish (hence the slightly 'Castello' look of the upper levels). Entr'acte: Whale Rock Outpost by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Taking it apart... This is perhaps the first time I tried to design and build a real interior. For play- and posing-possibilities roofs can easily be removed, as can part of a wall and the prison cell front. As it turns out, my wish to keep it all small made the interiors a bit TOO small to get into that with my camera. Ah well, at least it is a small build. And while taking pictures and telling stories is a big part of my pleasure, in the end, I mostly want a good looking build. And when put together, I am pretty happy with how my fortress looks... Entr'acte: Whale Rock Outpost by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The 'dirty' working backside; and a look into the barracks. Entr'acte: Whale Rock Outpost by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The officers can just squeeze by (no bed, real gentlemen sleep standing straight, leaning in a corner to avoid wrinkling) but the barracks with their bunk bed are really way too small for any posing or pictures. As for the sets all this was based on: Entr'acte: Imperials sets 6265 (Sabre Island) and 6259 (Broadside's Brig) by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The sets provided some 'special' parts I did not have yet (jail cell door, Imperial flags and, most important, Imperial Soldiers) plus some white and yellow bricks. But of course after receiving those sets, I had to build them as designed first, to get an idea about those sets, and just to see how they were. Sabre Island looks better in real life that in photo's. Although the watch tower is open on 2 sides and only fully closed at the front, it looks less like an open play set than I expected. Just add two ladders to the back, and you have a rather convincing watchtower... Broadside's Brig on the other hand is really just a play set. With doorways leading no where and an absolutely minimal jail cell, it looks more like a stage set from a play than like anything real. But, in true Lego tradition, the potential for play is huge. Places to put minifigs all over, and with its bright colours it does invite to do so. On the left in the background is my first attempt at 'Whale Rock', the base for what became my -very small and minimal- Imperial Outpost. Pity the poor soldiers who get banned to that outpost... 
  4. This is my reimagined version of Saber Island - this time the outpost has been built on the former volcano that makes up Volcano Island. Set on a 32x32 base plate, made from under 1600 pieces with seven minifigures, a seagull, a shark, a crab, a lobster, a clam and a starfish. The little dock is served by a crane that can lift the cargo up to the fortress. For the poor Imperials, it's up that rickety staircase we go. The staircase is in a bad state and many of the handrails have rotted away. Some supports have been put in to hold up what's left, let's hope they're strong enough. A view up at the outpost from the staircase. I added an extra level to the original set. I also added a little extension to the side. The roof also has a tiny bell tower build to raise the alarm when enemies approach. The cannon emplacement and tree are present as they are in the original set. I added a creeper plant up the other side of the building to add a bit of visual interest. I chose dark red as the base colour, I almost went for dark tan. All three balconies and windows in the middle floors have different builds. The roof has been enlarged and I used the broken rungs technique from the Elusys Ra Anwal's Forbidden Island build to make the tower look run down. I would ideally have the telescope on pearl gold, but the sextant piece isn't available in that colour. The roof has a sextant and compass accessory, you can just about see the alarm bell in the tiny building. Below the roof is the Governor's office. The Governor's table is complete with maps, quill and ink pot, goblet and decanter, with a nautical painting on the wall. The office is lit by a chandelier, the table build, and most of the interior is SNOT. Below that is the barracks with two bunks, below that the entrance hall with a store room to the side. The barracks has a little weapon rack, the entrance hall has a banner and chest full of gems. 'In real life' there would be a mess hall and kitchen closer to the camera. And now to the Volcano Island. One thing I always wanted to do was have a skull that was solid rock, not with gaps for the eyes or nose. The skull opens up to give access to a hidden cave where the Pirates can store their loot. I did want to add a subterranean prison with access to the cave, but there was no room. The Pirates have to be very sneaky to get in their hideout under the watchful eye of the Imperials. I should have rendered these without the roof, it's very dark. There are little islands dotted around covered in coins. There is also a carved stone skull with glowing eyes, I wonder who carved it... The hole here is big enough to get your hand in for play in the cave. So that's it, I hope you liked my take on a combination of these two older sets. Any comments or criticisms are, of course, welcome
  5. Hi all I have uploaded a new castle ship submission on IDEAS with custom torso designs, shields, flags and more. Please check the link below for better pictures and let me know what you think and if you like it support me :) LEGO IDEAS SUBMISSION - THE BOWMEN GUILD SHIP and OUTPOST An adventure awaits! As the old kingdoms went into war and forced many out of their homes some have decided to form a new guild and set sail for a new adventure! Led by Sir Joe many mercenaries, merchants have joined on a long journey down the river, through the sea, down the river again and some lakes and more rivers and so on... till they have reached a new tropical paradise! Setting up a simple outpost to resupply and rest they have now started to explore a new area. With many having a somewhat bandit history they all agree to use bow and arrow as their main tools and symbol. On their journey they have met a little girl. A self proclaimed princess with a magical flying chicken. Only the girl can understand her and talks about a treasure. That treasure is a magical egg? What will hatch out of it and will they ever find it? Danger ahead! Sharks ,alligators ,venomous insects everywhere they venture. Other lost knights might pose a danger or could join and help with the mission. Includes 6 New Minifigures all with new exclusive torso prints! Bowmen: Sir Joe, Swordsman, Archer, Knight, Princess Aki Other: Lost Ben (falcon knight) & 5 Bowmen printed shields (4x oval) 1x (triangular) - mounted on the ship Set contains: The Flying Chicken (main ship) 38 x 26 x 14 cm ( L x H x W ). There are not many castle ships out there and instead of a castle I have focused on something that has nice playability, looks great, is not too big or small and can have it´s own unique story and a is a new non existing faction. The ship alone has about 540 pieces. And should also have a sail in yellow colour with black cross inside and the bird symbol in the centre but I need to figure out how to make it in designer :) I will update it when I figure it out. or if not I just post a standalone picture of the sail. The ship has a secret storage room under the back section and comes with Bowmen printed Flags. Outpost A simple building standing in the swamp or near water. Has a table, few supplies, secret storage a lookout and a balcony for fishing. Looks great requires only about 200 pieces to build and add a lot of playability to the set. The outpost comes with a plate on the bottom and is removed in some pictures but it definitely must have a plate for stability :) Raft of Lost Ben Basic raft made out of bamboo to survive till help arrives! Additional content The set also includes lots of tools like fishing poles, gold coins, bottles, bags, containers, spyglass, compass, paddles and other accessories. Cancer, rat/mouse, crab, shark/alligator, parrot, chicken, sea star, monkey The whole set is about 822 pieces and should be affordable for the majority of customers and big enough to be a complete standalone product that can expand the existing LEGO themes and connect to their existing stories. I love designing this set and as much as I would love to make it huge I had set a target that I don´t want to produce a set that will be unreachable for many castle fans. I also tried to be true to LEGO official sets and also don´t "overdo" with tiles to cover studs etc. And off-course to limit the piece count! In the end I want it to be really affordable, playable and easy to build. No weak points and illegal connections and no falling off pieces too! :) maybe just a drunken knight might fall in the water after too much ale! :) All of these designs are my original content and builds except the little falcon logo on a customized falcon knight torso. I wanted to connect to an existing castle storyline. For the sake of copyrights that can be removed if necessary and replaced with a "generic" knight. But I assume the Falcon logo is a LEGO original design =) I wish LEGO will finally revive a castle storyline or choose a castle set for Ideas and well .. may it be this one :). If you like my design please share it and support it. I am still working on the ship design (sails and the holders) so you can post your suggestions but basically I wanted to include an rolled sail but that is not really possible in studio. I will add a picture I have also built the first prototype of the boat which is a bit smaller and different from the final submission. Thank you all ♥
  6. I would appreciate your vote on my Lego ideas MOC especially if you like the castle theme, dwarfs and Lord of the Rings Legos! You can vote for it here on the Lego Ideas website. My children are my inspiration for this Lego build. The dwarfs are some of our favorite castle minifigures and there are not many sets featuring them. This build is intended to feature the dwarven race and their unique home set robustly within the natural elements.
  7. This morning, the guard of a remote outpost in Acropolis was surprised by the arrival of a group of Oleander regulars and a ox cart full of supplies and armaments. Seeing them arriving, the old guard knew something was happening, and his apprehension was confirmed by the sergeant leading the small group. -"We are at war with the Corries." Said the sergeant in a monotonous tone, effectively, the wars were so frequent between these two kingdoms that no one would raise a eyebrow if someone said they were at war, again. Still, the old guard noticed that these newcomers were all of a certain age, with the ongoing TV affair, most of the troops available were sent to that island, and the veterans were recalled to active duty. Vive le Roi!
  8. Plate

    [MOC] Redcoats Outpost

    It's been a long time since I built my last MOC. But I received my BSB some days ago ( new fan of Lego Pirates here!) and havent any soldiers. I bought 4 redcoats and while they arrived I did this outpost. Most of the boats approach from the east, so it has a loophole on that side. Access to the upper part is via a wooden staircase inside (there is a wooden hatch door). The lower part is also used as a prison, in case of capturing a pirate. I hope you like it ! Full gallery here:
  9. Back to the Brick

    [MOC] Big Small Imperial Bastion

    Hi all Pirates and LEGO fans! I share with you my latest MOC called the Big Small Imperial Bastion. I just wanted to create a playable bastion to use with the very nice Pirates of Barracuda Bay set. Hope you'll like it. Any comments are welcome. View form behind. Mmh... It seems the monkey stole something from the Captain's office. Door is open on purpose for this picture. No pirate escaped from this small cell since its construction. Various treasures and Captain's teddy bear (shh!). Three cannons are always better than one. Captain and his favorite chair. Captain's office. Another view from Captain's office.
  10. SpinX125

    [MOC] Soldiers Outpost

    My latest project. Soldiers Outpost I was a big fan of the first pirate sets as a child, so I had to throw myself in a pirate-inspired MOC. Two soldiers are standing guard, the third tries to catch something eatable, while the general is guarding the treasure. They have caught a pirate who has been sitting in jail for quite some time now. It is important that the soldiers make sure that the pirates don’t free their mate... hmm maybe it's too late. Of cause the general is holding on to the biggest treasure chest any man have ever seen, so if the pirate is escaping there is always a reason to come back and conquer the island. 1-DSC03262 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr 2-DSC03270 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr 4-DSC03244 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr 16-DSC03236 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr More pictures:
  11. With the celebrations of Oktoberfest coming to an end Hernan Orellana sets out from Weelond to begin his planned economic endeavors. Prior to his arrival to Weelond Orellana had tasked his right hand man, Gonzalo Carvajal, with constructing an outpost on the island of An Toli. Intent on establishing a sugar plantation on the Island, Carvajal learned the regions north of the Bardo River were perfect for sugar cultivation. At the foot of the western mountains Carvajal built a Presidio to serve as an outpost for the plantation and the other industries that would follow it. After some time, Orellana finally lands on An Toli and heads into the interior. For the first time he arrives at what will become his home. (Freebuild for the island of An Toli) Spanish Presidio 1600s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Orellana greets his friend and lieutenant Gonzalo Carvajal by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  12. [GoC - FB - COR] Spirdkirk Forward Outpost Follow the recent attack by the Loti on the budding settlement of Spudkirk, a forward outpost has been set up overlooking the harbor. Watchtower 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Located not far from the newly erected Fort Nithsdale, this watchtower will serve as a more effective way to monitor the new harbor until more defenses can be set up in the lower portions of the settlement. Watchtower 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The Marines stationed here are wearing the better suited jungle attire with wide brimmed hats to help with the sun. One of the sergeants has walked up to check on the men and make sure there is nothing unusual to report. Watchtower 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr As this was hastily constructed, the men stationed here are currently living out of a tent until more permanent housing can be built for them. Most of the time was spent on the watchtower and cannon defenses. --------------------------------------------- My first entry for the GoC Strategic Outposts for Task #3. Ownership is forthwith transferred to the faction as per the task requirements. I believe either a military residence or a small fort would best suit this build. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! @Bregir @Ayrlego @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  13. Eoin Wallace

    Orc Outpost

    Recently, Eoin had heard the news that the traitor Erdan had escaped captivity! Instead of sending someone else out to look for him Eoin had decided to take matters into his own hands, he had known Erdan for along time. So he had set out into the woods, but instead of finding Erdan he had found the out post of a few orcs. he did know Erdan had been rescued by orcs so he decided to investigate... The first orc had already readyed it's spear by the time he approached, so soon he was stuck in a battle to the death! This orc was not the best fighter though, so he managed to strike it down with little trouble. Soon another one came round so he finished him off with a few swift blows. Now all the orcs were gone, he decided to search the outpost for any information on why there was an orc outpost so close to Mirandor Castle. He soon found something that looked like their orders! He was lucky he had learned orc before his posting at the castle. It read: These are the orders of Mok and Bugh You are to wait at this outpost until further instructions. You must watch the humans, and make sure they don't take any more of our land back from us! Signed: Zogh human smusher Now he could understand! The orcs didn't want trouble, they wanted to defend their land, although they had rescued a criminal wich was, of course against the law. He would need to think on this one...
  14. sander1992

    [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Hi everyone, Last year someone asked me if I was planning to build a layout based on the Space miner from the Collectable minifigures. I thought that was a nice idea and during Lego World in the Netherlands previous year I received a lot of Bricklink part 30022. I had no idea what to do with that until my neighbor was creating a big triangle with three of those parts. That is where my idea started to create a tower for the outpost. To give a better image of the tower. I show you a picture from the side. More pictures of the outpost are in my Flickr album,. In the Flickr album are more Space MOCs. The last four pictures are from the outpost. Flickr album Various Space Creations Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  15. Alas, The Return of the Long Forgotten Captain Picard - Upon an Unknown Oleon Post. After a disastrous maiden voyage of Picard's little known vessel the Finch (sight unseen before engulfed in flame soon after it's first departure) Picard and the last two remaining crew members escaped the fiery wreckage onto an escape boat. For a mere two weeks they survived off of rations which kept them from the likely barbary of cannibalism. Staved off this horrible fate they did, however. All the while, Picard somehow mustered the sense of mind to map his way to known Oleon waters (but not recently noted) in hope to find some sort of refuge. With a great stroke of luck, and not a day too soon, Picard and his weary crew arrived upon a tiny outpost adorned with the Blue and White "Vive le Roi!". Never had someone so tormented by the endless blue of the infinite seas been so thankful to see more blue, a different kind of blue, the blue of the Flag and uniform he had come to love as much as life itself. Quickly greeted by the commanding officer of the outpost followed by his orderlies, the man's name was Barry and Picard embraced Barry with kind regards and politely suggested with some urgency that he and his remaining crew were in dire condition. Embarrassed for not being quicker to realize and knowing to ask questions later, Barry escorted Picard and his two crewmen into the outpost for food and sleep. The next morning Picard awoke to a lovely midsummer afternoon. Picard felt refreshingly human again, after good sleep and sufficient nourishment, but soon remembered and became mentally enclosed in what transpired what happened on his ship weeks back. His brief bliss was instantly dowered by the memory of the happenings which precipitated his being there at the outpost. About an hour after he awoke, Picard was greeted by Barry with some bread and coffee. Picard could tell from Barry's steadfastness in demeanor he was eager to smooth over his impending inquiry into the fate of Picard's vessel and the story of his journey which lend him to the outpost. Barry worried most about how many men Picard had lost during the ships demise, and how that it weigh upon Picard once shock wore off. "So..." Picard said wearily "You'll be wanting to hear about the boat fire which cast me upon the sea with only two men and a row-boat". Barry leaned back in his wooden chair which exerted a long creak "I'd be lying to say it weren't on my mind". "Well" Picard responded with intent "It was no accident, it was an act of malice and insurrection from within the ranks of my tight crew". Barry now knew he was involved in a story much larger than the day-to-day of his quaint outpost... ~ Thanks for reading, im glad to be back posting again! I have a lot to catch up on. Suggestions for a location of the outpost are welcome! ~
  16. Inspired by Battlefront 2 and the final book in the Aftermath Trilogy, Empire's End, I decided to build a MOC of the ruins of a Star Destroyer - a motif that Jakku is famous for. Instead of just building some wreckage though, I wanted to build an Imperial camp, so I built this Outpost within the ruins, featuring a command station, lots of crates, some barricades and one of the star destroyer's battered computers that are, at the moment, being powered by a gonk droid as a stormtrooper does the boring work of searching through its files.
  17. Episode1 This is the first day for me after finishing the Academy as a Trooper, ... a Stormtrooper. I have done the one-year junior academy for cadets on Lothal and after that I had the standard stormtrooper training. Now I'm officially a member of the Stormtrooper Corps and I got the code name: TG-0222 I was sent forth Takodana to an Imperial Outpost to serve the Galactic Empire there. I travelled with a bunch of experienced soldiers, so I was the only one 'shiny' , new recruit on that shuttle. The Captain of this facility welcomed us at the yard. He is a characteristic imperial officer, strong-willed and disciplined. Unfortunately the other shipment didn't arrive yet, which means our equipment and blasters are still in crates. Our Officer said we will do repairs and cleaning as technician, until the supply come. Today finally the new shipment arrived, so we're lined up on the yard of the Outpost. The Technician brought the crate with the Captain , and then they started divide the guns to the troops. I was the last in line, so I got the one remaining blaster. Somehow it was a non-standard EE-3 blaster. I don't know how this happened, but I now this is mine. After spend a decent time training, I'm very good in aiming and shooting with this Gun, certainly among the bests at trainings. Anticipated this outpost will be my home for a long time, to serve the Galaxy, gain experience and maybe it's just the beginning of a great carrier...
  18. Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Military, Building A quick jump to the surface of Freegate led Octan's acting CEO, John Hannibal, on a much larger and more significant mission to welcome the Merchant Confederacy into Octan's family. Much of Hannibal's recent work would be much easier, as his pool of colonists exponentially rises. New colonists in greater numbers would mean trading networks could take the place of the Mercy Brandy's irregular supply drops. But with more colonists, other threats would present themselves. Zoid slavers, for example, would soon find these soft targets. It was this problem that Hannibal and Callahan were looking to solve in the Fascini Cluster. Most of Octan's pilots were experienced in taking long hauls across desolate space and making smooth landings in alien atmospheres; there had been little need for combat roles as Octan's dominance had always come from procuring more strategic market shares instead of stockpiling bullets. But there were several select pilots that Hannibal knew could lead combat detachments to protect the civilian convoys. After catching a ride on Long's Axle, Hannibal intercepts and takes on a delivery of tech heading out to the very outpost they seek. Their ride is a light space hauler used for navigating between asteroids. While not fit for the greater depths of space, this small rig is incredibly light and therefore maneuverable in the vacuum of space. They will not be able to go far, but their pilot's outpost is just outside of the regular rock formations of the asteroid field. [E11] Asteroid Short-Range Hauler - 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The outpost was chosen because of it's vicinity to the Fasicini Cluster. A solitary rock, the pilots would not have to compete with other asteroids immediately on takeoff. They could therefore set quicker and more accurate attack vectors, should the main station or outlying miners come under attack. Callahan chuckled a little as Hannibal told them where they were going, but he wouldn't say just yet what was funny. [E11] Asteroid Outpost - 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Finding the outpost empty, the two unload their cargo and inspect the Octan hardsuit they came to resupply. Their cargo was a number of new attachments that would allow their pilot to make more extensive repairs on-site. This current model was good for repairing scrapes in the hulls of both ship and habitat, but it would need finer implements to keep their ships active longer. [E11] Asteroid Outpost by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Callahan was especially eager to see the inside of the outpost, so the two headed inside to wait for and discuss their pilot. The pilot, Ziggy, flies an O.S.F. 1983 Vandura, the Pentacle. It is a tight and highly maneuverable fighter ideal for the Fascini Cluster but vulnerable in open space due to it's speed. While quick to accelerate, the low overall speed of this craft make it easy prey outside of the asteroid belt. The extremely advanced Octan stealth technology, developed by Executive Pombe, can provide a great deal of protection from this, as long as the pilot can avoid drawing unwanted attention to himself. [E11] Octan Stealth Fighter - 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Before Ziggy even returns, the two have already agreed that he would make an ideal pilot to lead the security network on Crofter's Ridge, the first destination for the new colonists. However, Callahan insists: "But, you have to provide better accommodations for your pilots. First, I want them living with the colonists whenever possible. And second, don't make them live in a hollowed out piece of space-whale dung, like you're doing with poor Ziggy. John, there's a reason why this 'rock' is outside the main cluster... it's not a rock..." C&C appreciated.
  19. Ahoy Mateys! I have redesigned my favorite set from childhood, 6263 Imperial Outpost for Turklug Redesign Contest. Hope you like it too. 6263 Imperial Outpost 1 More @
  20. Horsecreek

    The Soldiers Outpost

    Recently I finished my rocky island moc. I started building on this moc late 2011. Then I shelfed it. But now it's done and has been on display at LEGO World and Klodsfest (the Danish lugs annual LEGO event) If you haven't build rocks an mountains before you'll be surpriced at how many bricks it takes. Apart from the small DBG baseplate i'm satisfied with the result. More photos at
  21. GeneralWashington420

    MOC - The Imperial Canal

    The Imperial Army has built a canal passing through a larger island. The exit and entrances are guarded by Military outposts with few soldiers stationed in them. It's not the best, but I thought it turned out nice. Enjoy!
  22. On May 4th we startet a contest in our Star Wars LUG asking for MOCs based on what we've seen from Episode VII so far. I never though I'd enter, I'm finishing college in three weeks and with assignments and hand-ins and all time was sparse. I couldn't stop thinking about it though and I wanted to prove that you need no Episode VII minifigures to do something cool. I also had to prove wrong some friends of mine that complained that I never do Star Wars creations I'd like to present a garrison of Episode VII stormtroopers rallying in front of the iconic banner of the First Order on some outpost in the snow: I'd like to thank Ryan / Eldeeem for the hexagon design he posted on flickr years ago that I used as a base for the banner. I hope you like it. Looking forward to your comments and criticism! Best Markus
  23. My entry to Warzone 5, for the High Council. Aymeri and his men occupy a recently constructed outpost in the Deep Sands of Kaliphlin: If I win, I would like to pick D3 as the next warzone. Sorry about the bad pictures, it was getting late when I took them. You can see a few more here: Link All C&C appreciated
  24. soccerkid6

    Knor Interstellar Outpost

    This build is for the Interstellar Outpost contest on Flickr. The idea is to build a one-man starfighter, landing pad, ground support vehicle, and comm station that together form a space outpost. I don't build sci-fi a lot, so this was a good challenge. After so many Castle builds, using lots of bright colors was really fun. The starfighter's wings rotate with a twist of the knob on top, to switch between flight and hover/landing mode; it also has a functional landing gear. The tanker truck has working steering (also operated by the knob on top) and 'suspension'. The comm station has a full interior and the landing pad doubles as a storage area. And just for fun, a picture with the colors inverted: See more pictures here: C&C welcome
  25. Mestari

    [MOC] Small soldiers' outpost

    [pid][/pid] 250B I'd like to present to you my first MOC in the Pirates theme. Since Pirates are coming back I think it's good moment to present it :) This is a small outpost for the soldiers. It has removable top floor, interior, cannon, some surpluses and outdoor place for cooking meals. As you can see I don't really have all the minifigures that should go there (just 2...) and I also got there one lady (governor's daughter ;) ) that is a mix of Paradisa girl and vampire lady from haunted house. She looks pretty nice ;) The instructions are freely available. Rebrickable page is here: http://rebrickable.c...-island-outpost. I hope you'll enjoy looking and possibly building this :) C&C are welcome.