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Found 14 results

  1. Inspired by Battlefront 2 and the final book in the Aftermath Trilogy, Empire's End, I decided to build a MOC of the ruins of a Star Destroyer - a motif that Jakku is famous for. Instead of just building some wreckage though, I wanted to build an Imperial camp, so I built this Outpost within the ruins, featuring a command station, lots of crates, some barricades and one of the star destroyer's battered computers that are, at the moment, being powered by a gonk droid as a stormtrooper does the boring work of searching through its files.
  2. MOC Soldiers Outpost

    My latest project. Soldiers Outpost I was a big fan of the first pirate sets as a child, so I had to throw myself in a pirate-inspired MOC. Two soldiers are standing guard, the third tries to catch something eatable, while the general is guarding the treasure. They have caught a pirate who has been sitting in jail for quite some time now. It is important that the soldiers make sure that the pirates don’t free their mate... hmm maybe it's too late. Of cause the general is holding on to the biggest treasure chest any man have ever seen, so if the pirate is escaping there is always a reason to come back and conquer the island. 1-DSC03262 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr 2-DSC03270 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr 4-DSC03244 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr 16-DSC03236 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr More pictures:
  3. Episode1 This is the first day for me after finishing the Academy as a Trooper, ... a Stormtrooper. I have done the one-year junior academy for cadets on Lothal and after that I had the standard stormtrooper training. Now I'm officially a member of the Stormtrooper Corps and I got the code name: TG-0222 I was sent forth Takodana to an Imperial Outpost to serve the Galactic Empire there. I travelled with a bunch of experienced soldiers, so I was the only one 'shiny' , new recruit on that shuttle. The Captain of this facility welcomed us at the yard. He is a characteristic imperial officer, strong-willed and disciplined. Unfortunately the other shipment didn't arrive yet, which means our equipment and blasters are still in crates. Our Officer said we will do repairs and cleaning as technician, until the supply come. Today finally the new shipment arrived, so we're lined up on the yard of the Outpost. The Technician brought the crate with the Captain , and then they started divide the guns to the troops. I was the last in line, so I got the one remaining blaster. Somehow it was a non-standard EE-3 blaster. I don't know how this happened, but I now this is mine. After spend a decent time training, I'm very good in aiming and shooting with this Gun, certainly among the bests at trainings. Anticipated this outpost will be my home for a long time, to serve the Galaxy, gain experience and maybe it's just the beginning of a great carrier...
  4. [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Hi everyone, Last year someone asked me if I was planning to build a layout based on the Space miner from the Collectable minifigures. I thought that was a nice idea and during Lego World in the Netherlands previous year I received a lot of Bricklink part 30022. I had no idea what to do with that until my neighbor was creating a big triangle with three of those parts. That is where my idea started to create a tower for the outpost. To give a better image of the tower. I show you a picture from the side. More pictures of the outpost are in my Flickr album,. In the Flickr album are more Space MOCs. The last four pictures are from the outpost. Flickr album Various Space Creations Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  5. Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Military, Building A quick jump to the surface of Freegate led Octan's acting CEO, John Hannibal, on a much larger and more significant mission to welcome the Merchant Confederacy into Octan's family. Much of Hannibal's recent work would be much easier, as his pool of colonists exponentially rises. New colonists in greater numbers would mean trading networks could take the place of the Mercy Brandy's irregular supply drops. But with more colonists, other threats would present themselves. Zoid slavers, for example, would soon find these soft targets. It was this problem that Hannibal and Callahan were looking to solve in the Fascini Cluster. Most of Octan's pilots were experienced in taking long hauls across desolate space and making smooth landings in alien atmospheres; there had been little need for combat roles as Octan's dominance had always come from procuring more strategic market shares instead of stockpiling bullets. But there were several select pilots that Hannibal knew could lead combat detachments to protect the civilian convoys. After catching a ride on Long's Axle, Hannibal intercepts and takes on a delivery of tech heading out to the very outpost they seek. Their ride is a light space hauler used for navigating between asteroids. While not fit for the greater depths of space, this small rig is incredibly light and therefore maneuverable in the vacuum of space. They will not be able to go far, but their pilot's outpost is just outside of the regular rock formations of the asteroid field. [E11] Asteroid Short-Range Hauler - 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The outpost was chosen because of it's vicinity to the Fasicini Cluster. A solitary rock, the pilots would not have to compete with other asteroids immediately on takeoff. They could therefore set quicker and more accurate attack vectors, should the main station or outlying miners come under attack. Callahan chuckled a little as Hannibal told them where they were going, but he wouldn't say just yet what was funny. [E11] Asteroid Outpost - 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Finding the outpost empty, the two unload their cargo and inspect the Octan hardsuit they came to resupply. Their cargo was a number of new attachments that would allow their pilot to make more extensive repairs on-site. This current model was good for repairing scrapes in the hulls of both ship and habitat, but it would need finer implements to keep their ships active longer. [E11] Asteroid Outpost by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Callahan was especially eager to see the inside of the outpost, so the two headed inside to wait for and discuss their pilot. The pilot, Ziggy, flies an O.S.F. 1983 Vandura, the Pentacle. It is a tight and highly maneuverable fighter ideal for the Fascini Cluster but vulnerable in open space due to it's speed. While quick to accelerate, the low overall speed of this craft make it easy prey outside of the asteroid belt. The extremely advanced Octan stealth technology, developed by Executive Pombe, can provide a great deal of protection from this, as long as the pilot can avoid drawing unwanted attention to himself. [E11] Octan Stealth Fighter - 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Before Ziggy even returns, the two have already agreed that he would make an ideal pilot to lead the security network on Crofter's Ridge, the first destination for the new colonists. However, Callahan insists: "But, you have to provide better accommodations for your pilots. First, I want them living with the colonists whenever possible. And second, don't make them live in a hollowed out piece of space-whale dung, like you're doing with poor Ziggy. John, there's a reason why this 'rock' is outside the main cluster... it's not a rock..." C&C appreciated.
  6. MOC - The Imperial Canal

    The Imperial Army has built a canal passing through a larger island. The exit and entrances are guarded by Military outposts with few soldiers stationed in them. It's not the best, but I thought it turned out nice. Enjoy!
  7. The Soldiers Outpost

    Recently I finished my rocky island moc. I started building on this moc late 2011. Then I shelfed it. But now it's done and has been on display at LEGO World and Klodsfest (the Danish lugs annual LEGO event) If you haven't build rocks an mountains before you'll be surpriced at how many bricks it takes. Apart from the small DBG baseplate i'm satisfied with the result. More photos at
  8. On May 4th we startet a contest in our Star Wars LUG asking for MOCs based on what we've seen from Episode VII so far. I never though I'd enter, I'm finishing college in three weeks and with assignments and hand-ins and all time was sparse. I couldn't stop thinking about it though and I wanted to prove that you need no Episode VII minifigures to do something cool. I also had to prove wrong some friends of mine that complained that I never do Star Wars creations I'd like to present a garrison of Episode VII stormtroopers rallying in front of the iconic banner of the First Order on some outpost in the snow: I'd like to thank Ryan / Eldeeem for the hexagon design he posted on flickr years ago that I used as a base for the banner. I hope you like it. Looking forward to your comments and criticism! Best Markus
  9. My entry to Warzone 5, for the High Council. Aymeri and his men occupy a recently constructed outpost in the Deep Sands of Kaliphlin: If I win, I would like to pick D3 as the next warzone. Sorry about the bad pictures, it was getting late when I took them. You can see a few more here: Link All C&C appreciated
  10. Knor Interstellar Outpost

    This build is for the Interstellar Outpost contest on Flickr. The idea is to build a one-man starfighter, landing pad, ground support vehicle, and comm station that together form a space outpost. I don't build sci-fi a lot, so this was a good challenge. After so many Castle builds, using lots of bright colors was really fun. The starfighter's wings rotate with a twist of the knob on top, to switch between flight and hover/landing mode; it also has a functional landing gear. The tanker truck has working steering (also operated by the knob on top) and 'suspension'. The comm station has a full interior and the landing pad doubles as a storage area. And just for fun, a picture with the colors inverted: See more pictures here: C&C welcome
  11. Ahoy Mateys! I have redesigned my favorite set from childhood, 6263 Imperial Outpost for Turklug Redesign Contest. Hope you like it too. 6263 Imperial Outpost 1 More @
  12. [MOC] Small soldiers' outpost

    [pid][/pid] 250B I'd like to present to you my first MOC in the Pirates theme. Since Pirates are coming back I think it's good moment to present it :) This is a small outpost for the soldiers. It has removable top floor, interior, cannon, some surpluses and outdoor place for cooking meals. As you can see I don't really have all the minifigures that should go there (just 2...) and I also got there one lady (governor's daughter ;) ) that is a mix of Paradisa girl and vampire lady from haunted house. She looks pretty nice ;) The instructions are freely available. Rebrickable page is here: http://rebrickable.c...-island-outpost. I hope you'll enjoy looking and possibly building this :) C&C are welcome.
  13. [Datalog:] It's my first MOC in quite a long time, so I'm well aware it's not much. I'm happy with how the snow turned out. I was going for a windswept look, and I think it looks alright. I tried to use as many angles as I could, rounded or otherwise. Those little 2x2 corner esque-pieces are going to be very, very useful for Imperial-styled windows, they round off the corners very nicely. Here's an additional shot of the E-Web, just because I like it a lot more than I thought I would. The barrel's longer in person, the angle of the picture cuts down on length. Thoughts? Comments? Most importantly, advice? (I'd like this judged, by the way.)
  14. MOC: Amikvale Outpost

    Well, I've been meaning to join Eurobricks for a while now, but have only now gotten round to creating an account. You may have previously seen me around on MOCpages and Flickr. Here is a MOC I built a month couple of months ago for the Auckland Lego Show, which was here in New Zealand. More and better pictures can be found here: Thanks for looking, and I look forward to my time here! ~~~~~ At the heart of the Lion Kingdom lies a green valley, where the soil is fertile and the produce is abundant - this valley is known as Amikvale. Due to its central location, many travelers of all races pass through here. It is not unusual to see elves, dwarves, and minotaurs. Even orcs will occasionally wander into Amikvale! However, these creatures are not always peaceful, so to protect the villagers, a mighty fortress has been built.