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  1. This is super cool! Love how you fit so many functions in such a small space.
  2. The_Icestorm

    [EV3] GLaDOS

    Thanks! I hope to do more builds more often now, although maybe not as frequently as before.
  3. The_Icestorm

    [EV3] GLaDOS

    Already disabled her neurotoxin and turret production, I'm prepared :)
  4. This is a recreation of the robot character GLaDOS from the game 'Portal', using Technic and Mindstorms. Just to answer a question some of you may have: Why Mindstorms? Why not PF? Well for a start, I don't own that many PF motors (only got 2 medium motors and 1 XL motor), and secondly, I don't own any PF IR receivers or remotes. The mindstorms kit has its own IR sensor and remote, so I used that. Functions: 1. Head elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 2. Head rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor 3. Body elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 4. Body rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor These may not be very many functions, but they allow for most of GLaDOS's movement seen in the actual game. The range of movement is quite reasonable. Regarding aesthetics, I don't own a lot of LEGO pieces, so the model may look a bit incomplete or strange in some places. But I think I did an OK job with what I had to work with, especially the head. Some more images: Video: More info about the robot can be found here:
  5. I have a few questions: Are Mindstorms allowed to be used on the vehicle? The rules do state that PF and electronics are allowed, but doesn't state whether Mindstorms can be used. Also, can you build a vehicle that has 2 modes of transportation (including wheels)? For example, can you have a car that drives like a normal car on wheels, but can retract the wheels to be able to walk on legs hidden underneath?
  6. The_Icestorm

    The Technic Confessional

    I haven't modified any of my pieces yet, but I've managed to destroy a ton of black pins when forcing in pieces or quickly taking apart models. Sadly, all those pins made their way into the bin; there isn't much you can do to the pins that would make them useful.
  7. Standing 58cm tall and 59cm long, this AT-AT from Star Wars is probably my largest robot to date. It is controlled by an EV3 p-brick, and is capable of walking, turning its neck, and shooting balls from a twin-ball launcher located inside its head. Here is a list of the functions of the robot: - Walking: 2 EV3 large motors - Neck turning: 1 EV3 medium motor - Shooting: 1 NXT motor Also includes an EV3 IR sensor for use with the EV3 IR remote. After getting the BWE, I had a plentiful supply of grey beams and panels, which I used in the aesthetics of the model. The head design was the most tricky part of the build. I needed it to look good, while at the same time have enough space for the twin-ball shooter with magazines. However, I'm happy with the end result, as it looks quite accurate to the actual thing. With the amount of pieces I had, I was also able to achieve a (almost) full body cover, which although adds to the weight of the robot, looks really nice. There are also two flaps on top of the head that can be lifted up to access the ball magazines. Walking was especially tricky to achieve in this model, as it was so top heavy. Rubber bands had to be used to help pull in the legs when they bore the load of the robot, otherwise the motors would not have enough torque. All legs are controlled simultaneously by the two motors, so the robot theoretically can't turn. However, I doubt the robot could turn even if the two sides could be controlled independently, since it is so top heavy. The EV3 brick can be accessed through opening of the panels on the side of the body. This was the easiest way to access the electronics while keeping a full-body cover (The real AT-AT in the movies also had opening side body panels). Here is a video of the AT-AT walking, turning its neck, and shooting. More information about the robot can be found here: Hope you enjoyed this robot!
  8. I created this modified Bucket Wheel Excavator some time ago, and I thought I would like to share it on this forum. After building the original BWE, I wanted to try to incorporate some Mindstorms functions into it. I managed to motorise all the active functions, using both an EV3 brick and motors, as well as some PF motors. Functions can be preprogrammed, or can be remotely controlled using an EV3 IR remote. Here is a list of the functions: Bucket wheel rotation and main conveyor belt - PF XL motor Lower conveyor belt - PF medium motor Boom arm elevation - EV3 large motor Lower conveyor swivel - EV3 large motor Superstructure rotation - EV3 medium motor Driving - EV3 medium motor Since I owned an NXT as well, I used it to motorise the small mining truck that was included in the set. There are also some LEDs that illuminate the 'work area', but they don't really do a good job, its just a nice thing to include. Here is a video of the excavator in action, as well as the mining truck (sorry about the poor resolution and bit rate): More info about the machine can be found here: Let me know what you think of it in the comments!
  9. Nice setup, everything looks nice and compact, as well as sturdy. Can't wait to see the finished thing! One question: how much clearance is there between the ground and the wheel-frame?
  10. The_Icestorm

    (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    I do wish I did own one, but I don't.
  11. The_Icestorm

    How many spare parts do you have?

    I have around 10000 TECHNIC pieces total. And I thought that was a lot...
  12. The_Icestorm

    Favorite Technic Part

    Probably will say the 5x7 frame. Super useful if you want to build large structures.
  13. I managed to create a MINDSTORMS version of the BWE, a few months ago. The model uses an EV3 brick and PF to control the BWE and an NXT for the mining truck. 2 EV3 medium motors control the drive and super-structure rotation, and 2 EV3 large motors control the boom-arm elevation and lower conveyor belt swivel. A PF large motor controls the main conveyor/bucket wheel, and a PF medium motor controls the lower conveyor. The truck is driven by 2 NXT motor, one for drive and one for steering. More info here:
  14. The_Icestorm

    [MOC] Aliens M577 APC

    Yet another amazing creation from Sariel!