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  1. The_Icestorm

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Time for another update. Been working on the lifting mechanism. Able to lift whole structure up and down by a considerable angle using 2 linear actuators. The battery boxes at the end of each arm are filled with batteries as counterweights. Also managed to motorise the outer ring via some convoluted method using u joints. Honestly its better than using gears, and it works quite well, so I think I'll leave it like this. Gif of all 3 rings moving at once: The inner ring isn't actually powered in this video, it moves by itself due to the rotation of the other 2 rings. While it's not ideal, I might consider not motorising the inner ring if issues occur. Next up is reinforcing the whole structure.
  2. I love the use of the rims. Some hubs would make it really look good! Interesting to see that people are converging on recreating certain rides, like you/mocbuild and myself/shadow_elenter.
  3. The_Icestorm

    [TC14] 3D Dizzy

    I like the inner passenger seats! I guess we will have to see how different our builds are at the end, I wish you good luck with building!
  4. The_Icestorm

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    I'm not entirely sure about the geometry of that mounting system (it was just a quick way to get the motors on), but geometry wise it looks close enough to be viable. Strain might be a problem, I don't see a good way of attaching another mounting point to secure the motor. Also what is this 'big EV3 robot' you are working on? Sounds like a large project...
  5. The_Icestorm

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Another update on the build. Finished making all 3 rings, replaced some of the structural O-frames in the outer ring with dark grey beams to fit the colour scheme better (rings are still very structurally stable). All the power transmission system in the rings is also installed. I also had to increase the overall reduction via the bevel gears to decrease the torque necessary to operate the system smoothly. Hooked up the system to some EV3 large motors to test out the inner rings spinning. I'm pretty happy with the result so far.
  6. The_Icestorm

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Update post. Due to space constraints, I've decided that my original plan of having a 3x3 cross section for all 3 rings is too small, so I've redesigned some things and bumped it up to a 3x5 cross section. This allows for more room for motion transfer axles/gears, as well as making it easier to reinforce things. Pic below shows the new 2 outer rings vs the original middle ring. At the moment the middle ring can move independently, controlled through one of the grey axles sticking out to the sides (the other grey axle controls the innermost ring). The outermost ring rotates via the turntable. Due to the larger size of the rings, I found it was easier to transfer motion via bevel gears rather than u joints. Overall there was surprisingly little friction in the system, which means I should be able to get a smooth and accurate rotation of the final structure. I may need to decorate the rings with more beams or technic panels to keep the colour scheme consistent (I don't own a lot of system pieces). I want dark grey for outer, light grey for middle, and black for inner.
  7. The_Icestorm

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Had a look at it, looks pretty similar to what I have in mind. I probably won't be using gear train system to transfer motion though, due to my lack of pieces, and the rectangular nature of the rings. U-joints sond like a better idea for this design. At the moment, I aim to make each ring's cross section 3x3 studs. The black ring I made is approximately the size I want for the middle ring. I don't have any AAA battery boxes on hand, or IR receivers, so thats not really an option (I also have a lack of PF motors and cables). Besides, I like the idea of the ride automatically operating via Mindstorms, so I think I'll stick with that. Uh oh, judging on your previous builds, it looks like I have some serious competition now . Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  8. I thought I might try to replicate this ride design for this contest. The ride consists of 3 spinning 'rings' with the riders attached to the innermost ring, and the ride rotates them around 3 axes. Some functions I want to include in the ride: Independent motorised control of each spinning ring. All motors external to ride, using a Mindstorms EV3 controlled system. Whole ride raises and lowers to allow riders to get on and off (like in the video) As I want all the motors to be external to the ride (having motors attached to the rings will cause wire entanglement issues) I have to somehow transfer power through the rings to spin the inner ones. Here's a diagram showing how the power will be transferred to spin up the inner rings. Red line is power transmission. Some pictures of the middle (green) ring and a basic mounting frame (not final). Black axle is input and tan axle is output.
  9. Would rollercoaster carts (or similar objects that transport people on rides) count as 'trailers' in this context?
  10. The_Icestorm

    [EV3] GLaDOS

    Thanks! I hope to do more builds more often now, although maybe not as frequently as before.
  11. The_Icestorm

    [EV3] GLaDOS

    Already disabled her neurotoxin and turret production, I'm prepared :)
  12. This is a recreation of the robot character GLaDOS from the game 'Portal', using Technic and Mindstorms. Just to answer a question some of you may have: Why Mindstorms? Why not PF? Well for a start, I don't own that many PF motors (only got 2 medium motors and 1 XL motor), and secondly, I don't own any PF IR receivers or remotes. The mindstorms kit has its own IR sensor and remote, so I used that. Functions: 1. Head elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 2. Head rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor 3. Body elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 4. Body rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor These may not be very many functions, but they allow for most of GLaDOS's movement seen in the actual game. The range of movement is quite reasonable. Regarding aesthetics, I don't own a lot of LEGO pieces, so the model may look a bit incomplete or strange in some places. But I think I did an OK job with what I had to work with, especially the head. Some more images: Video: More info about the robot can be found here:
  13. I have a few questions: Are Mindstorms allowed to be used on the vehicle? The rules do state that PF and electronics are allowed, but doesn't state whether Mindstorms can be used. Also, can you build a vehicle that has 2 modes of transportation (including wheels)? For example, can you have a car that drives like a normal car on wheels, but can retract the wheels to be able to walk on legs hidden underneath?