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  1. Thanks! Sorry for the trouble
  2. Hi! Yeah I'm sorry for doing that, staying in one topic would be better. I'll try to delete the older ones. Or is it better to merge them?
  3. 3650tom

    Conveyor belt

    Hi, I made an update on the conveyor belt!
  4. 3650tom

    Conveyor belt

    I made new post where you can see the updates! ;) Thanks for the tips and the nice comments!
  5. Hi guys! As I told you before I was working on a gravel plant from lego that I designed in LDD. I ordered the bricks from bricklink and I started building. The model needs some more modifications before it will be fully running without cranking it by hand. The conveyor: - At the first tests, there was a problem with the belt. It wouldn't take the shape of the V-rollers. I made a few changes to the design and now it's working properly. First prototype: New design: The jaw crusher: A hopper for the material that is too small for the jaw crusher: A couple videos: Thanks for your tips guys!
  6. 3650tom

    Conveyor belt

    That sounds like it could work!
  7. Hi! I'm building a prototype conveyor belt system from an inner bicycle tube. The problem is that the belt won't really take the V-shape of the rollers. Is there anyone with tips? It's gonna be used in gravel screening and crushing plant. Thanks! :)
  8. 3650tom

    Conveyor belt

    Yes, that's the plan, using an inner tube from a bicycle. I'm making some modifications in the design so there are no angled conveyor belts in the model. Thanks for the tips!
  9. 3650tom

    Conveyor belt

    I'm planning on using an inner tube from a bike! Thanks for the tips, do you have pictures of your build? It sounds really interesting.
  10. 3650tom

    Conveyor belt

    Thanks! Yeah sounds great, but I'm afraid it wouldn't really work out, because I made some crushing mechanisms like in a real gravel plant. Thanks! Yes that would be much easier to work with, but the problem is that the conveyor would have small holes in it, where the material falls through.
  11. Hi there! I was wondering if there are people here who have experience with building conveyor belts from lego? I'm making a design for a crushing and screening plant. It will use crumbled biscuits as material. I already built a model in LDD, but I'm not really satisfied with the design of the conveyor belts. It's necessary to have a curved belt, so there will be no material that falls of the conveyor. I made another design for a conveyor, but it uses a lot of parts and I'm not sure if this will work. Thanks guys!
  12. 3650tom

    Lego Gravel Plant 2

    Thank you! That's the plan ;) I expect lots of problems before I could get this thing running
  13. A small gravel crushing plant I designed on LDD. The gravel is sorted and crushed. I will try to make the conveyor belts out of innertube from a bike. The hardest part to make is gonna be the hoppers so that all material stays on the conveyor belts.
  14. Thank you for the tips! Thank you! Thank you for the tips! I'm going to use the inner tube of a bike!
  15. Hi! This is a gravel plant I'm building on Lego Digital Design and I would like to build it. Any tips from people who worked previously with conveyor belts, jaw crushers, impact crushers...? https://www.flickr.com/photos/91041924@N06/33883296710/in/album-72157681210784970/