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  1. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Sand Speeder

    Just a quick build with just a few parts. I’ve built it in one hour. The Sand Speeder is a fast, small speeder for travelling and exploring the planet. Equipped with a laser gun. Pictures also on Flickr:
  2. A quick built: Johnny Thunder’s Desert Tracker. The Adventurers use this small car for exploring the desert of Egypt. It has a small cargo box for transporting tools and other stuff. 01_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures are also at Flickr:
  3. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] [SHIPTEMBER] Sebosaurus terraformeur

    Very great and detailed ship! Well done!
  4. LegoMathijs

    [LEGO Ideas] Crown Dominion Fortress

    Great work!!
  5. The Cave Driller is built with 94 parts. Built for a contest, which contains a amount of max. 100 parts. The Rock Raiders use this vehicle for mining in small caves. It carries a magnet container for storing energy crystals. 01_Cave_Driller by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Cave_Driller by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Link to Flickr: I hope you like it
  6. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Dark Voyager

    The Dark Voyager is a fast spaceship, which travels trough the darkest areas of space, searching for planets and civilizations for plundering. Pictures: 01_Dark_Voyager by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Dark_Voyager by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr: I hope you like this micro-scale spaceship
  7. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Arcadian Exploration Vessel

    Quick build form last week:) The Arcadian Exploration Vessel is a large spaceship, which travels through space to discover new planets and civilizations. The spaceship has two cockpits and at the bottom a third large cabin where the rest of the crew stays. The spaceship has a large radar on top. Pictures: 01_Arcadian_Exploration_Vessel by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Arcadian_Exploration_Vessel by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr: Hope you Like it :)
  8. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Witch Den

    Thanks all! The bird on the top of the ruin is a vulture.
  9. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Witch Den

    The Witch Den is a old tower, which is destroyed by a dark power. Witches uses this place to perform their dark rituals. Pictures: 02_Witch_Den by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 01_Witch_Den by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Witch_Den by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I've built this MOC for a medieval contest at our LUG. We had to build a medieval MOC on a 8x8 plate. I hope you like it
  10. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Xerion Mining Corporation

    Back in 2015, Ive started to build the Core Mining Unit. That's a mining unit which will be used by the Xerion Mining Corporation. The Xerion Mining Corporation is a group of miners and researchers who discover new planets to search and mine ores. I've finished this MOC in 2018. The Core Mining Unit is a modular mining vehicle, which can be used in various mining and exploration missions. The vehicle have several modules: Drill, magnet crane, transport module for a small spaceship, sattelite launch module, laser cutter, tool module. The cabin contains a small speeder. Core Mining Unit modules: Several configurations: More pictures: More pictures at Flickr: I hope you like it
  11. This Tunnel Speeder will be used by the Rock Raiders to explore small tunnels and caves. This speeder contains 14 parts. I've built it in less than 10 minutes, late in the evening :P Pictures: Pictures also on Flickr:
  12. They look very great! I like the Zelda games.
  13. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Classic Space Excavation Site

    Very nice Space MOC with great building and vehicles! Nice you made some references to other Space themes.
  14. Nice work! I'm looking forward to the final result! It's a nice Oriënt Expedition set.