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  1. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Ore Research Centre

    Last week, I’ve Built this space station for a build challenge at Lowlug. The only rule was to build a space base on a 32x32 plate. I’ve built a Ore Research Centre. In this station, the astronauts research the ores. The Ore Research Centre has a working conveyor belt and working radar. When you rotate the conveyor belt, the radar rotates at the same time. A crane for loading the ores and a small mining vehicle are part of this MOC. 01_Ore_Research_Centre by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Ore_Research_Centre by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Ore_Research_Centre by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 04_Ore_Research_Centre by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 20200508_155039 by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr:
  2. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Amazon Expedition

    After 20 years, the Adventurers returns tot he Amazon forest. The Adventurers have to find the rest of the Sun Disks, which are hidden and protected deep into the ancient Amazon forest and temples. An old tribe lives in the Amazon forest. They respect the nature and protect it’s ancient riches. The Temple Of The Seven Gods is the main temple in the Amazon forest. In this temple, most of the Sun Disks are hidden, deep into the dungeons and protected with a mysterious, dark magic. The Adventurers will face to temple guards, which protects the Temple Of The Seven Gods. They also face dangerous creatures, traps, living statues and vicious witch doctors… Will they succeed again……….? At the backside of the layout, the temple dungeons are visible. The waterfall is motorized with Power Functions. The inspiration for this technique came from Kevin Wanner’s Tomb Raider layout. 03_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 05_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 07_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 16_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 18_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 23_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 24_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 28_Amazon_Expedition by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr A link to the pictures: I hope you like this layout
  3. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Amazon Expedition

    The Adventurers characters in my layout. A lot of them are well known characters from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. 02_Characters by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Link to a larger picture:
  4. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Town Square Toilet Paper Statue

    Thanks all for the nice comments!
  5. This picture shows a teaser of the layout I've built in 2019. 01_Teaser by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr In the following days, I will post more pictures about this project. I know for sure some of you recognize the parts in this picture.. Stay tuned for more..!
  6. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Town Square Toilet Paper Statue

    In The Netherlands, people are hunting for toilet paper because the Covid-19 crisis. People are afraid the toilet paper runs out of stock, so they go to the supermarket to buy as much as possible toilet paper rolls. We have to take care of each other and the toilet paper. That's why I built this statue The Toilet Paper Statue brings people together to celebrate the existence of the toilet paper Pictures: 01_Town_Square_Toilet_Paper_Statue by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Town_Square_Toilet_Paper_Statue by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr:
  7. Whooaaa This is awesome! Lots of nice details, and extra details comparing to the original set. Build more of this MOC's!
  8. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Orient Expedition - Red Eagle

    Great work!! Nice to see a Orient Expedition MOC
  9. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Witch Cottage

    Thank you!
  10. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Witch Cottage

    This witch house is part of a community layout from Lowlug. This layout was seen at Legoworld Utrecht 2019 and Bricks am Meer 2019 in Germany. My module was seen at Legoworld. I’ve built a witch cottage, where dark rituals and spells are used. I’ve added a play feature in this module, the witch cottage can be opened and have a full interior. Pictures: 01_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 02_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 03_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 04_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 07_Witch_Cottage by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures at Flickr: Pictures of the whole community layout. A link to the album of Eti, who collaborated in this project too: I hope you like it :)
  11. I’ve built this vehicle for the 20 years anniversary of LEGO Rock Raiders. To celebrate the 20 years anniversary, I’ve built this vehicle. This small digger can mine and transport energy crystals and rocks. Pictures: 01_Small_Digger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Small_Digger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Small_Digger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictureson Flickr:
  12. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Endarmire Iron Mine

    This small walking mining unit will be used in the iron mines. It has a drill which will be used to chop iron ore. This vehicle is part of the Endarmire Iron Mine. Vehicles pictures: Pictures: 01_Walking_Mining_Unit by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Walking_Mining_Unit by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I'll post the other vehicles soon
  13. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] M-Tron Space Train

    Very nice design!
  14. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Endarmire Iron Mine

    Last year, I've expanded my Steampunk layout with som extra buildings, like a second Steam workshop. In this workshop, steam-powered mining vehicles were build. Also a harbor with a dock for boats and airships. And I've added some new vehicles, such as tracked mining units, a large mining and transport unit and a steamboat. Pictures: 33_Endarmire_Iron_Mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 34_Endarmire_Iron_Mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 35_Endarmire_Iron_Mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 37_Endarmire_Iron_Mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Tracked Mining Unit 40_Endarmire_Iron_Mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Steam Workshop 52_Endarmire_Iron_Mine by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Walking mining and transport unit More pictures here (and pictures of the original layout):