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Found 19 results

  1. I've already built the Conjunction Junction freight train and The Caboose Who Got Loose (a MOD of a @zephyr1934 model), which you can see in the topics linked and in the pictures directly below. Until recently, however, the fact this freight train had no engine had been a major stumbling block: I looked up the 4-6-2 "Pacific" steamer from The Caboose Who Got Loose book, but it wasn't very eye-catching in the all-black color scheme. I also watched the Conjunction Junction music video and realized the engine pulling the cars is never actually seen / mentioned. This is just about where the steam engine I started this topic about comes in. Originally I had found a late-1930's 7-wide 2-8-4 (the link is to the designer's Rebrickable page) to pull this special freight train, but then I found out how expensive the eight driving wheels would have been from Bricklink. (two blind drivers by themselves are CRAZY pricy - about as expensive as the pre-packaged bag of one blind and two with flange!) So, late last week I went back to the drawing board, taking my set 7597-style MOD engine and tinkering with it. It emerged from the shop a late 1880's 2-6-0 instead of a mid-1870's 4-4-0 as it originally was. Adding working pistons is what forced me to stretch the frame and thus add in two more driving wheels. (NOTE: A four-wheel bogie truck can be easily added instead of the two-wheel one seen above... I just wanted to be cheap and not have to buy more small train wheels than was the bare minimum.) Here is the steamer as far as can be assembled right now. I'm only missing 36 parts until the loco can be completed, and another one part for Katy Caboose. (I slimmed down Katy's roofline to be 6-wide to keep it more in line with the majority of my rolling stock. I also added printed 1 x 1 letters saying "KATY" on the long sides... Not very accurate to the book I know, but it makes for people to understand what it is better.) I also took apart the original, generic green caboose I made for the Conjunction Jct. consist as I needed the parts, and because it was being replaced by the Caboose Who Got Loose. Also, if you are wondering what "WFP" stands for, it is a nod to the 12-inch gauge steam railroad I've ridden on MANY times as a child and adult. I've even displayed there some of my LEGO trains in the past as a part of Gateway LUG displays. To read more about the real Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad, check out their website with awesome 15 engine roster and history sections. NOTE: They don't have a 2-6-0 at the real WFP railroad or a engine numbered 289. This was a gap I naturally filled in, kind of like a fan-fic story but with a steam engine instead. Two boxcars from a part of the Schoolhouse Rock educational cartoon series. This specific early 1970's Grammar-themed rock-n-roll music video featured a diminutive stereotypical train conductor, two hobos (one fat and tall, and one small and skinny), and a train with words on it... not just any words, but CONJUNCTIONS, as the name of the video and location is Conjunction Junction. A tanker and a third boxcar. Refrigerated boxcar and stone hopper. Heavily inspired by Zephyr1934 / Trained Bricks MOC of "Katy" from the classic children's book "The Caboose who got Loose" by ex-Disney animator Bill Peet. Zephyr's version can be seen here. I didn't want to use stickers for Katy's eyes like what's being done by the original builder, so I decided to use the eyes from set 43186 (Bruni the Salamander buildable character) from the Disney Frozen II line . I also added a actual mouth, as just the two eyes without something between them looked kind of odd, most likely because of the specific eyes I chose. The MOC I based this on used a different method for the mouth using a lot of SNOT-work.... I used a brick with 2 studs on the sides and two quarter tiles to give her a open mouth. The "rear" of the caboose is the forward facing part closest to the engine, which is a part of Katy we never see in the book. Confused yet? I took some liberties with Zephyr's design, such as changing the ladders at each end to black from red, removing two wheelsets + the roof chimney, and redoing the roof itself to be much simpler. (This last one was done because I couldn't figure out the original MOC roof's curved design!) I did keep the basic SNOT-work design for the body, but made it so both halves would be stud-inwards. I also changed the roofline to be six wide instead of eight as on my inspiration's model and added the name KATY to the left and right sides. All of this makes the models less accurate to the book it's based off, but I don't really think anyone in the general public will notice. (The general LEGO community might know of some discrepancies and fellow train modelers not of the LEGO-type will not care even if I did make it accurate, as it's not a "real" train.) - More to come when the engine is completed, hopefully by March 1st! - Comments, questions, suggestions and complaints welcome!
  2. Today i decided to create a vossloh G6 3-axle shunting loco. the build was especcialy tricky at the windows/ roof and making the rear axle swivel so that it can get through the curves. but without further talking here are the pics: this one sadly cant be built due to some parts not beeing available in the shade of green of the prototype here are loads of different liveries of the model. some can be built irl like the bottommost one, the lime green white one and the bright light orange one but some arent buildable due to lack of parts in the required colors. Hope you like this model!
  3. After three months of iterating upon its design in LDD, 111.34 Australian dollars and half an hour of building, my McLaren F1 is complete! The total number of parts is approximately individual 165 pieces (this includes wheels and tyres being counted as separate parts), and two of the main body pieces (leading up to the rear wheel arches) come from a 130 dollar LEGO set. There is not an angle that the McLaren F1 has that isn't iconic. From its rounded, short rear-end and taillights to its slim front nose, the car's entire design philosophy was based solely on how light its designers could get it to be - and even then, they weren't happy. What supercar is complete without some rich guy in his freshly-pressed (and very plasticy, in this case) suit and suitcase? It fits a minifigure! Barely. LDD likes to assume you can phase parts together, so while I was able to add a minifigure and let it sit comfortably in LDD, I'm forced to remove the minifigure's hair/hat/etc for it to fit in real life. To say it's a tight squeeze is an understatement. I saved the best for last, so, of course, what McLaren F1 would be complete without a "Longtail"? Images are hosted on MOC-Pages, and will be used in my page when it goes live: http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/429852 Stores pilfered to construct this MOC: SwissBrickPlanet 2AM Brick Store BrickComplete AFOL Supply WLWYB Thanks for the excellent prices & parts!
  4. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    The Aston Martin RB 001, is a Hyper-car designed in partnership with Red Bull racing and Aston Martin. The performance figures have not even been set in stone yet, but claims are being made that it will lay down LMP1 lap times, and sport a V12 in the middle of this beauty of engineering. also expected is a Track only version which will push it even further, F1 times being the targets for that version. weather it lives up to the hype or not there is no denying that beauty of it's styling. (photo of the car: http://blog.caranddr...03-876x535.jpg) this Lego version is just as sleek and impressive as the real thing. and an extreme amount of care went into this model both replicating as many features as possible and the spirit of the vehicle. i spent several days refining the lines and adjusting almost every part of the car to include as many of the vents, ducts, and other extreme body work details as i could fit in a 6wide+ car. and at a mere 16 studs long and 3.33 bricks tall it is one of my smallest city scale cars to date. but that's not what you are here for you want to see the car so lets get to it! So from this angle you can see just how sleek it is, very few breaks on body line, and everything swoops back in attempt to follow the real cars tear drop lines. (note, the raised rear wing, in this image) the Dramatic side vents are a bit tough to see being black on black, but the lighting on this angle shows just how deep some of the cuts are in the body work. (also wing in its down position, which i find so elegant and is my preferred position for it) rear view of the car, there is very little hear as the body lines pull high to the wing and only a lower lip at the break lights to allow for minimal drag and maximum down-force on the read of the car. top view of the near stud-less car, not a lot to see from this angle that hasn't been shown already and lastly a comparison shot (slightly blurry i hadn't noticed till i was posting it here, will try to re shoot that at a later time) Thanks, for taking a look, and i welcome any and all feed back on this model, I'm probably not done with it myself yet, but its 95% the way it will likely stay. hope you liked it!
  5. Freezingvettes99

    BNSF SD60M in 6 Wide

    This project has been a long time in the making. I took the inspiration photos last summer when I spotted a BNSF SD60M in yard switching duty that had remote control equipment installed. I have included a couple pictures of the original prototype as reference, enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated. BNSF SD60M #1417 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr BNSF SD60M #1417 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr BNSF SD60M #1417 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr BNSF SD60M #1417 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-03-08_08-38-20 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 2017-03-08_08-38-07 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  6. Freezingvettes99

    Burlington Northern SD40-2 MOC 6 Wide

    Now that I have finally figured out how to post pictures from Flickr I will share one of my favorite MOCs with everyone. I have been lurking on this site for quite sometime now and just lately decided to become active. I have seen quite a few attempts at MOC SD40/SD40-2s and I really didn't like the way they turned out so I set out to create something in 6 Wide that truly represented the look of the real thing. I live in the upper mid-west so I grew up around the BN so I have a fancy for Cascade Green locomotives. Feel free to provide your feedback. 20170130_080122 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170130_080106 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170130_080045 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr 20170130_080146 by freezingvettes99, on Flickr
  7. Hi =), recently I created many city vehicle MOCs to go with my modular houses. Unfortunately only few of them do exist in real bricks. But I am planning to build more ;). So here`s my city... The scale is a bit bigger than the original TLG scale. Cars are 6 wide+ and trucks 8 wide+. I think they fit quite well with the modulars. Civil - Cars hatchback blue car minivan_taxi sportscar3 sportscar4 red suv pickup_truck sportscar limo sportscar (original design by ER0L) fullsize pickup truck Civil - Trucks dumper truck container_truck tanker truck garbage truck mobile home transporter pickup tow truck (mod of 60081) truck Emergency Services baywatch_pickup fire engine (front inspired by ER0L`s fire engine) ambulance2 ambulance (inspired by Spacy Smoke's Ambulance squad adu_truck adu_suv highway patrol (orginal mustang design by ER0L) police patrol car unmarked suv surveillance van (front inspired by Spacey Smokes ambulance) C&C welcome ;)
  8. dr_sarcophagus

    MOC - San Francisco Taxi

    Here is my 6 wide MOC 'inspired by' the old San Francisco taxis. I was particularly happy with the wheel solution - one of those 'Eureka moments' when all of a sudden you discover exactly the solution you need. ]
  9. dr_sarcophagus

    (MOC) Bluesmobile

    Hi! Here is my 6 wide bluesmobile - the classic 1974 Dodge Monaco police cruiser. 1974 was a good year. I was born!
  10. GallardoLU

    [MOC] KTM X-Bow

    OK, continuing the current trend of building cars intended to give some competition to the up coming Speed Champion cars I've been hard at work on a 6-wide KTM X-Bow. this little speed machine was built to take on the most technical raceways and put out Ferrari level times for a fraction of the cost. Our resident Octane driver liked the car so much he has been begging me for one. so with out further ado here is my latest MOC. EDIT: LDD file added to mocpages entry: LDD KTM X-BOW The X-Bow uses a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 litre Audi engine which produces 237 hp, in a car weighing only 790kg! This beast can run 0-60mph in a short 3.9 seconds. the slot in the orange body panels is meant to resemble a Crossbow which to takes its name from. and here is our happy new owner! i bet he can't wait to start enjoying this little roadster! Comparison pic with the Endurance racer, which shares a wheel base and height, but overall length is shorter on the KTM (3 whole studs shorter) as always Comments and Critiques are welcomed, hope you liked it!
  11. ThePlasticWerks

    MOC: Nissan Xterra(s)

    Hello! This is my first ever post here. I have recently started getting back into Lego - my childhood pile was donated a few years ago (but for a few vintage printed pieces and chewed-up 1x4 plates that I saved). This project mostly came about because I wanted to build a Lego version of my beloved truck, a 2010 Nissan Xterra, which I have heavily modified: I have done all of the modifications myself, including fabricating many of my own parts (I'm a welder). We'll come back to this in a moment :) For those of you not in the western hemisphere or a market where the Xterra is sold, the Nissan Xterra is a 4x4 SUV based on the Nissan Frontier/Navara platform, designed and primarily built in the US. My first attempt at a Lego Xterra was a modification of 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter; you can see the results of it on MOCPages here. I decided to make it a police truck, mostly because I wanted an excuse to buy some BrickArms weapons. The first major revision of this model saw bigger tires with working suspension, along with a lot of fine-tuning in the bodywork: See more here. I was pretty happy with this one, and then decided to order parts to build a model of the actual truck I own. This version features representations of the stock bumper and tires I had at the time, as well as the rear hatch ladder. Its latest revision has a better roof fairing, as well as the mud-terrain tires, custom-painted rims (and yes, I committed the cardinal sin of painting Lego to match), and tire carrier: See more here. I could help but build one more, this time inspired by the City Elite Police: See more here. And I pretty much left that there for most of the year. I bought a few sets in between to help flesh out my off-road vehicle collection, but I had an itch to do something unique. I thought about making a version of the Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept, then about a civilian SUV version of the SHIELD truck from 6867. I pursued the latter option and it evolved into a concept Xterra that I call the X3 "Super Xterra": See more here. This MOC has all the bells and whistles I could think to put on an off-road SUV - live axles front and rear with differential detail (both articulate as you can see), hidden winch inside the front bumper, which also has a prerunner stinger bar, built-in lighting all around, intake snorkel. Here it is compared to the previous version (latest revision): And that's a custom decal for my face. I'm sure I'll be pushing them as I discover better elements (or Lego comes up with better ones - I need a windscreen with much more rake!). I have a few other MOCs, of course, which will be showing up in due time, but I thought I'd kick off my membership with a doozy.
  12. You can never have enough MOW equipment. I made a little catenary maintenance hi-rail truck for my photo a day project. It has a scissor lift platform. The rail wheel retract for highway road travel. It is a good idea to de-energize the catenary section before working on it. Day 091 of 365: Catenary Maintenace by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  13. ThePlasticWerks

    [TECHNIQUE] Mixel Steering!

    Behold, six-wide steering based on Mixels joints! I am upgrading my fleet of Lego Xterras with this neat technique that I thought up early last week. For more info, see them here: http://www.eurobrick...topic=90846&hl= So, it's pretty straightforward: Technic friction ball/pin connector and Mixels 1x2 socket plates. On the Super Xterra, retaining the solid axle articulation! See below. On the regular Xterra, which is based on the Great Vehicle build style, there's much less room to move and the effect is very subtle. The joints have enough friction to stay wherever they're set. Again, subtle effect with a semi-standard City build due to lack of clearance, but it can steer! Utilizing the other axis, the Mixel joints coupled with the solid axle in the rear give a pretty convincing impression of independent suspension. The steering effect really shines when your vehicle is lifted to the heavens: Somebody needs an alignment! Oh dear. (another very convincing independent suspension effect :p) And coupled with some extra articulation... The one downside I've found is that, due to the friciton pins, the articulated wheels don't spin very freely (though it's advantageous for posing). Enjoy, and spread the word!
  14. dr_spock

    MOC: AEM-7AC

    Presenting my first motorized train engine MOC. It is a 6 wide version of the AEM-7AC. The AEM-7AC is a remanufactured version of Amtrak's AEM-7. The rebuild program began in 1999. The AEM-7AC have more tractive effort than the original AEM-7 and can pull longer trains of Amfleet cars. They run in the U.S. Northeast Corridor. They will likely be replaced by the new ACS64 electric locos in the near future. Here it is pulling a very old MOD of my 7710 train set. AEM-7AC by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Barely enough room to cram in a battery box, IR receiver and M-motor. More photos in my Brickshelf folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=535506 Reference: http://www.hebners.n...M7AC/amt929.jpg
  15. Missing Brick

    MOD: Vintage Roadster

    When I saw Erol's (aka Marcus Paul's) brilliant vintage speedster design here, I just had to make one for myself. Here's the result: Cups for lights: Genius! I just need to find me some chrome cups to replace my trans-clear ones.
  16. Hi all, there seems to be a demand for public transport around the City with a few MOC buses being built lately. Consequently I built one over the weekend and here it is. Easy access is gained by the tilting back the roof section. Seating room for 9 minifigs plus a driver. Standing room, no idea but i reckon you could squeezed another 9 in. As always more picture can be found here.
  17. Aussie BJ

    MOC Mega Mini Haulers

    Hi All, I've been building a few trucks lately and thought It was time to share some with you. Yella Fella' Features: Opening doors, hood and hidden access door. Detailed interior for any Redneck Truckie. Detailed engine. Lots more pictures can be found here Red Rig Features: Opening doors, Bumper Bar and Tilting Body. A Trailer B Trailer Lots more pictures can be found here Big Blue Features: Tilting body Opening Doors Detailed Interior Rear access door Lots more pictures can be found here Annual Truck Show Lots more pictures can be found here Most Truckies are bald right....? Since this photo shoot I have built 2 others trucks and trailers and will post the photo's up once they've been processed at the photo lab Edited first post to include Trailers, Blue Truck and new Show photo. I hope you like. Brendan
  18. Henchmen4Hire

    Spider Roadster

    This car kinda reminds me of a spider on the prowl, so Spider Roadster it is. I'm out of my comfort zone building in this scale, hope it doesn't show haha -Can probably easily convert this to a hot rod with the engine exposed. Dark Red and Dark Blue with Lightning Streak variants -Crash bar to protect the gas tank And here's Mr. Frankensquid riding the roadster while making Vroom! Vroom! noises because this is just a showroom car, it doesn't have any gas. Comment/enjoy/berate!
  19. theDeanoRama

    6 Wide delivery truck

    Here is my latest 6 wide. This time it's a delivery truck - i was looking for something to build for my wife's latest town setting and came up with this. This will be one I brick for sure as I have little (read none at all) in commercial vehicles in this scale. I just have to decide what I want to do colour wise, I'm limited in the side panel colour choices as well as the rear hinge/door assembly. All images link back to larger versions on my flickr feed. From the side: Some random but valid colour mixes: and lastly a POV Ray rendering of the front and back An LDD download can be found here on my MOCPages account