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  1. Toni-23

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

  2. Toni-23

    Technic SG90 servo holder

    very interesting I'm waiting for updates on this project
  3. Toni-23

    [MOC] RC Buggy

    looks great
  4. 30: 10 16: 6 52: 4 9: 3 29: 2 31: 1
  5. Of course However, the model was built a long time ago, few photos remain Here the link:
  6. Thanks! I can say that the chassis was quite stiff. While holding the model around the edges there was no large drawdown in the center.
  7. A little bit information: 8 power puller wheels 4 XL motors for drive 2 M motors-steering 1 buwizz 2.0+powerbank weight 3.4 kg Tatra suspension+portals+pendular system P.S. The appearance of the cabin and the interior were not finished due to lack of time.
  8. I was very enjoyed of cooperation with Aleh. I got my first and very large and interesting experience in the joint construction and building of one common model. The main difficult was that we are living in another cities(. We calling each other to discuss this or that feature looked exciting! Just incredible feelings enveloped me at the time when building was at last complete and the union of the body and chassis occurred. Hope you guys like our model and such experiments. Any critics will be highly appreciated. What else scale models do you like to see on the trial chassis?
  9. Toni-23

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi imurvai BrickController 2 works very good thank you!
  10. My first released test Buwizz+4l motors 85% time works well) 15%- At high loads, protection is switched on. range of action is good
  11. Toni-23

    4x4 Rock Crawler

    Good idea! It would be interesting to test this system, compare it with sbrick.
  12. Toni-23

    4x4 Rock Crawler

    this crawler was built for fun& fast drive on different kinds of surfaces.not for slow hill-climbing hmm,you are right. running at 10,8 volt model still going really fast(for trial machine) total gear ratio is about 13,8:1(slow mode) and 8,3:1(fast mode) i dont know the exact weight of the model,but it's about 1 kg i think What are you using to control that? Both the Sbrick and PF can't handle that high voltage... Unfortunately yes. max voltage,that we can use with sbrick-10,8v but i know some peoples,who running srick with 3s li-po. Overall i'm don't recommend you do like that,because you can damage the sbrick.
  13. Toni-23

    4x4 Rock Crawler

    hi! as I promised, here is a short video about the hillclimb . angle is about 45 degrees.