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  1. Thanks) buggy motors works very good)they give a lot of power for the truck So..Good question) i can't say for sure at now.maybe:) Kelkschiz,LEGO Train 12 Volts,Leonardo da Bricki,braker23,MattL600 - Thank you very much guys
  2. Thank you) thank you so much! I am glad that you like) thanks!yes,i have one photo
  3. I use actuators line linkages for the suspension.They longer,than classic lego links and provide more structural stiffness.
  4. Hi everybody! today i wont to show you my new creation - Gaz 34-6x6 soviet truck. This truck is modification of legendary Gaz 66.I'm crazy about 6x6 trucks,thats why I built Gaz 34. So,here it is: As you see,this is not original configuration of Gaz 34.I'm added portal axles(without diffs),bigger wheels and slightly changed the rear suspension.Finally-it is really good trial truck,with great grip on sand,grass (thanks to the wheels from 42054). So,lets look for the technical specifications: -6x6 wheel drive,without any diffs -portal axles -huge offroad wheels -2 buggy motors for drive -1 medium motor fot steering+micro motor(they tern steering wheel in the cabin) -Sbrick -3s li-fe battery(9,9 volts) -Leds lights(headlights) -balanced rear suspension(thats why truck has really good suspension travel) Let see it in action!
  5. So,it is good idea But as for me 1x16 links are too flexible and elastic and axles can move left-right on high stress.Thats why i use large lineal actuators and beams like linkages. behind little .Thanks to a slight backlash of gray pins, the suspension works well. One day i used 3rd party motors(more powerful than baggy motor a little bit) in MOC,but lego receiver cant provide enough current for the motor and,i think, lego plastic is not designed for such loads:(
  6. i use large linear actuators line linkages for the suspension.They longer,than classic lego links and provide more structural stiffness. Thank you. I think about that.But only with power puller wheels it can be looks like monster truck,because they wider,than wheels from 42054
  7. Thanks a lot gear ratio is 13,8:1(low speed output) i think it's enough for this truck:) thank you am glad,that you like it!
  8. hi everebody! Today i would like to show you my new 4x4 pickup truck. Specifications: dependent suspension portal axles 2 buggy motors for drive(geared 13,8 :1) 1 M motor for steering 107 mm wheels so,here it is and the video available here:
  9. wow,looks great! why without wheels?
  10. Hi! Thats my 2 modifications for truck The truck became lighter and smaller (1870 grams now while the old version weighed more than 2 kg).Technical specifications:4 RC buggy motors for drive+gearbox(2 speeds)1 Medium motor for steering1 Medium motor for gear change2 Sbricks1 —Āustom li-po (2s,1000mAh)6x6 wheel drive (with custom 108mm tires)dependent suspension with portal axles(balanced rear suspension) The video :
  11. this one Art-Tech LiPo 7.4V 2S 1000mAh (JST) photo
  12. thanks a lot! i hope I record the new videos soon
  13. hi! thats my mod for truck it was really slow and i add more power for it! old version new version drive 3 xl motors 4 rc buggy motors steering 1 m motor 2 servo motors controlled by 2 ir reciever 2 sbricks power 1 li-po 1 li-po minimum weight i hope ,you like new version)
  14. I said, but I will say it again...awesome!!
  15. thank you! i'm surprised ,,i didn't break any drive-chain parts) truck has only 4 joints ,and all of them still alive;) thanks a lot! now I have modified chassis,for give it much power. at now truck has 4 rc buggy motors(with 2 speed gearbox) for drive,2 servo for steering and 2 sbricks to control everything. photo 1 photo 2