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  1. 19 or 21 studs wide would be much too wide for the scale you're aiming for. I could be wrong but the 42009 is only 17 wide. I dont see the bed needing to be much wider than the truck.
  2. fasterthanlight

    LDD Export BOM is crashing

    Thanks again guys, rebrickable is absolutely phenomenal!!
  3. fasterthanlight

    LDD Export BOM is crashing

    Thanks for the ideas guys - sorry that this is in the wrong forum, I have a bookmark set to the technic forum, I had no idea LDD had its own :D Is rebrickable bombproof? Because I tried importing into LDraw and it was missing 30% of the parts...
  4. Is anyone else experiencing this? I cannot export and of my models as BOM, which is very frustrating. Maybe someone with a working version of LDD can export these for me? I'd be very very grateful......
  5. Not so much though, if the tracks are built that far apart they would have to also be wider, it just looks off-scale, thats all.
  6. the middle structure looks a little wide considering the scale of the tracks -- something to consider :)
  7. Damn - I tried to search, couldn't find anything - I thought I was going to be a trend-setter Maybe I couldn't find it because its within the MB 42043 thread?
  8. As the title suggest, I'm curious what plans everyone has for the new pneumatic system when it becomes available? I'm going to use the new 1x11 pistons to build a Wasteco front loading garbage truck ** Hey can a MOD change the title from "move" to "moc" ? My computer auto-corrected me ............
  9. in other photos of the same display both sides are very clearly 1x3 and 1x2 DBG tiles
  10. I'm 100% certain that angled DBG 3x1 tile (above the licence plate, part of the grill) is improperly placed on the two technic half pins by half a stud. Its been bugging me ever since I first saw these photos.
  11. I wish they made the new pneumatics in a neutral colour like LBG so they wouldn't stick out as much in well colour coordinated MOCs...
  12. Hrmm... from the video this "new turntable" still only has 3 pinhole mounts on the top, and seems to be the same dimensions as the current "flimsy" turntable. If they were to introduce a new sturdier turntable, would it not make sense to scale it up appropriately? Part of the issue is that the current one is so small compared to the size of the new MOCs everyone is building these days.
  13. I can't remember but was 8436 the flagship of that year? If it was, times have definitely changed! Its easy to sit here and wish for more functions, but look at the model we're getting compared to every flagship in the past 1,000,000 years
  14. This is a great day to be a technic fan!! dual rear wheels (not seen since 8285 i believe) Longer pneumatics, suspension, its a fanboys dream!