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  1. Polarlicht

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I am waiting too. Still no discounts in sight
  2. Looks like it's got "THE" grabbing function
  3. These 4 "space" technic sets next year looking great!
  4. I want to set so bad! But to me, all the RC components are useless and i will leave them out of the model, unless Cada makes a static version. Yes i know they are needed for all sorts of functions and it probably won't work in a static version..., but most of these models are shelf queens and get driven once!
  5. Really hope they also make non-RC version of this AMG one. Worst case, wait for a discount (which will happen, even on Lego sets on day one) and leave the rc stuff out and sell it lol
  6. I think i got it from amazon, and it came from china
  7. ... I don't know, i never complained about that! And calling other people weird just for their different opinion, doesn't make you better, does it?!
  8. Thats the reason i am not getting it. At least for now, maybe once the price dropped. But the steering wobble and instability in reviews looked ridiculous
  9. The Sian is 1:8. The bigger the car, the more detailed it gets
  10. None of those 1:18 Technic cars do look like their IRL counterpart
  11. Don't get why TLG still has no generic forest/construction/whatever machine rims to fit existing tires! I can't see those sporty six spoke JDM race wheels anymore!!
  12. Still zero information about the 61503 AMG One out there :(
  13. How on earth (no pun intended) does this steering mode selector work?
  14. Because it simply doesn't need one! No manual pneumatic set needs one! I have 8462, and it has 2 air tanks... but they are useless. You have to pump way more before anything moves, because the room for compressed air is way bigger. Without an airtank you have to pump like 2-3 times for a fully extended or retracted cylinder, depending on the load and such... Lego got rid of airtanks not because to annoy people, but rather because they are useless in most cases.