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    <p> 29 years old from germany </p> <p> I like technic, city and castle </p>

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  1. Yes I was thinking about it. Especially in the "road works" area. The hole thing is pretty much a WIP at the moment. I was also thinking about some elevation for some parts of the road/buildings. I made some better pictures of the vehicles
  2. Some pics of my almost square modular city. The layout consists of a lot of SNOT road and nine 32x32 plates. All modulars are placed on baseplates with plates under the modular baseplate. Sorry for my bad photoshopping skills. Most vehicles are mods or Mocs.
  3. marv

    10278 Police Station

    I think "PP" for Police Precinct or "PD" for Police Department / Police & Donut Shop would be good ideas :D. I like this modular very much. When I first saw the front I was kind of hoping for a garage / parking spot for a police vehicle in the back.
  4. marv

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like the new modular very much. Just a few more decorations on the back would have bee nice. This does not look like an "expert" building to me:
  5. marv

    Varuna Amphibious ATV

    Love the shape of the cabin and the combination of Sci-Fi looks and Lego Technic functions Why did you steer the middle axle? Would the vehicle not run smoother with 2 steered axles (front and back)?
  6. 60240 Kayak Adventure - Theme: City LXF File (LDD 4.3.11) Errors: 6207258: Fender, Front, No.1 missing, replaced with brick built version 6231925: Mini Clothing, No. 9 missing, replaced Some decals are not correct - Stickers are missing
  7. marv

    Small Modular Building Standard

    Maybe ... when I was a kid I loved everything that could be combined or put together in different ways. I spent hours just combining the interchangeable modules of technic sets , and I also look forward to see these new sets. I liked 31605 Park Street Townhouse so much. Thank you all for your comments. Since TLG buildings often are fire or police stations I also tried to "modularize" them: Here is a row of small modular official sets together. and a MOC
  8. when I look at LEGO City buildings like this one or these buildings I always think: Why can't these buildings form a true city? How can you put them together? Why is there no possibility to close the buildings up? I put some thought into this...and my answer is: the small modular building standard: the standard elements are: small modular half building small modular sidewalk small modular half building with sidewalk small modular garden element they can be combined easily: two small modular half buildings with sidewalk form a 16 wide modular building one small modular sidewalk and one small modular half building form a small modular half building with sidewalk one small modular sidewalk, two small modular half buildings and a small modular garden element form a 16 wide modular building modular half buildings with or without sidewalk can be put together in a row here a some examples for small modular sidewalk elements They could be parts of sets like this , this or other "car(s) and a bit of scenery" sets here a some examples for small modular half buildings derived from official sets by buying two sets you could get beautiful closed up houses for your city here is a small modular half building with sidewalk (60008: Museum Break-in) and also a MOC you could combine different small modular half buildings they look beautiful with modular buildings or as a row what do you guys think about this idea? Would this be a possibility for future city sets? Why not? regards marv
  9. I got 42084: Hook Loader for christmas and created a little C-Model: Here is a video ... the functions are tipping the bed and hog steering. I think it turned out quite nice. What do you think?
  10. marv

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would love a 16 x 32 police department with 16 x 32 crooks hideout. With proper buildings it would be the perfect homage to the city sets :-) Jokes aside ... I think a garage is an interesting opportunity. An old tow truck would be the perfect fit
  11. marv

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I found some on Lego Ideas...
  12. marv

    2018 Creator Sets

    Maybe a stunt show could work with a fairground?
  13. marv

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have to say I like the set and even think the car is not so bad. Are double-sided heads still a possibility?
  14. Wayne manor sounds exciting. Do you think it will include a batcave? I hope it will look a bit like this:
  15. When I saw the picutres of 70917 The Ultimate Batmobile I was instantly in love with the overall design and the splitting function...but also I thought "the ultimate batmobile" was way to big. So I created my own version... Decently sized ultimate batmobile Decently sized ultimate batmobile Decently sized ultimate batmobile Regards marv