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  1. I think if you do not already have tons of police and robber figs from the sets of previous years, the police starter pack with 4 figs is better value for you. If you want something different to your city than police chasing criminals trough fires (being fighted by swarms of firemen) then the buggy is the better value.
  2. Hi. I think that for the price of a Modular (or any City) all sets should contain two heads for each minifigs: one classic smiley and one with expression. LEGO is an expensive toy/hobby. With these set prices they should leave us the option to choose. There are some spare parts in all sets anyway. ...
  3. Epic Split :)

    Come on guys, bumping a 3 years old topic? Oh well, if you ask for it, you will get it: (This time all credits go to Chuck Norris) Original video: My version:
  4. Epic Split :)

    Thanks for the kind comments, folks! All credits go to JCVD - Volvo - Enya
  5. Epic Split :)

    Hi! Today I had some inspiration from this fantastic video: So, here is my version: Thanks for checking it :)
  6. Container Raffle Build

    Hi! This raffle is a good reason for me to come out of read-only mode Thanks CopMike! Here is my entry: Cornelwine