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    <p> My favourite is Town/City.</p><p> I recently purchased set nr. 60222</p>
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  1. Cornelwine

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Hi! I think 60222 Snow Groomer needs some modding: The roof comes off too easy and that snow cannon is totally unnecessary. For me it looks better with a small crane arm: Cheers, Cornelwine
  2. Cornelwine

    Speed Champions Ford Raptor MOD

    Thank You!
  3. Cornelwine

    Speed Champions Ford Raptor MOD

    Hi Folks! A long-time lurker is back on the surface again. :) I was never satisfied with the proportions and the stickered headlights of the official LEGO model, so I made some modifications. I lowered the roof and the chassis and made some brick built lights. Here are some pictures, hope you like it:
  4. Cornelwine

    Epic Split :)

    Come on guys, bumping a 3 years old topic? Oh well, if you ask for it, you will get it: (This time all credits go to Chuck Norris) Original video: My version:
  5. Cornelwine

    Epic Split :)

    Thanks for the kind comments, folks! All credits go to JCVD - Volvo - Enya
  6. Cornelwine

    Epic Split :)

    Hi! Today I had some inspiration from this fantastic video: So, here is my version: Thanks for checking it :)
  7. Cornelwine

    Container Raffle Build

    Hi! This raffle is a good reason for me to come out of read-only mode Thanks CopMike! Here is my entry: Cornelwine