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  1. [WIP] 1:350 Scale Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo

    Hi @Commander Wolf, Just like every shipbuilder in LEGO knows, that the underwater hull is just one of the most diffecult part in model building. From the start the complete hull is part of the design and will do the trick for me, but you have build your Kongo first at a waterline model and than wanted make a underwater hull is a lot more painfull.
  2. Tropical bird : Troupial

    Hi @LegoAfol, Very warm welcome at EB and realy like your birds and the Westertoren. Your models are amazing pieces of art. This part of the forum is only for real scaled models and your Westertoren fits perfectly, but your birds belongs to the Special LEGO Theme forum in my mind. Maybe the mods will find the best forum of your amazing birds.
  3. [WIP] 1:350 Scale Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo

    Hi fellow shipbuilder @Commander Wolf, Personal i don't like warships in LEGO and only build commercional ships, but you capture the line in this scale quit good. I am curious about the underwater ship. Here is the only ship at the scale 1 to 100 i build for Damen Shipyard that's looks like a military ship, but is a coast guard vessel and so it's a non military and your ship belongs to the Special LEGO Theme Forum.
  4. The Westertoren - Iconic landmark in Amsterdam

    Stunning Westertoren you build there with great details.
  5. Scale Modeling Building Help

    In shipbuilding we use a minifig scale of 1 to 40 so your pyramid will be 3.65 meter high.
  6. Edwin Korstanje scaled custom construction kits

    Finaly all the construction kits are deliverd to my clients for these year and with 5 differents kits and counting more than 500 K of bricks for the kits , that i am complete done with it. Lucky for me that's from now on to the spring next year only have to build 6 one of a kind and complete different models . Here are the last two construction kits. For Saam Smit Mexico, Canada and Panama my biggest kit jet i have created with 1892 parts. And for Royal IHC a small construction kit with only 154 parts and is a cutter suction dredger. I wanted thanks @JunkstyleGio for his amazing instructions and renders and @jaaptechnic for his great sticker sheets.
  7. Never ask Aleh, then you got not disappointed to get the HoF.
  8. [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    It's not my kind of ships , but the revieuw is excelent and with top noch photo's. Many thanks for that Jim.
  9. [MOC] Peterbilt Truck

    Hi Meatman, Bricksonwheels never make instruction and @wallyjarek was only inspired at his work.
  10. MAN TGS 41.480 8x8

    Very warm welcom @TGS and a great model you build there.
  11. + 1 for me for @mahjqa stunning creation.
  12. RC Dodge Challenger SXT

    Very warm welcom at EB @Mr Smith LEGO Models. Great Challenger you build there, but it's could be better placed in the Technic forum.
  13. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Wow Mahjqa, you did it again and have seen here last year at LW. The video is also a masterpiece.
  14. AMELS 180 Limited Edition Superyacht build at the scale 1 to 53

    Got blogged by the TLCB. https://thelegocarblog.com/2017/09/06/im-on-a-boat/
  15. Show us your Working Place

    Very nice sollution for a small house @Jurss