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    Because of speek with al my Lego friends

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  1. Edwin Korstanje

    Superyacht explorer ship in scale 1:40

    Great to been back here in the group again
  2. Very clean and nice review Jim
  3. Edwin Korstanje

    Magne Viking AHTS

    Stunning work Jim
  4. I will be hapy to come back here. The SMF forum is complete dead for years now and only 10 people where to put some regular post or reply.
  5. Edwin Korstanje

    Superyacht explorer ship in scale 1:40

    @Toastie Sorry for the late replay, but thanks for you kind words.
  6. Edwin Korstanje

    Superyacht explorer ship in scale 1:40

    Thanks @kieran, She got already a new toy on her deck and is the big 375 Intrepid tender. Only when the real ship returns this spring back to Europe i can sercure here on a fix place on the deck.
  7. Congrats with your first frontpage buddy
  8. Buddy congrats, you got blogt https://thelegocarblog.com/2021/03/14/dutch-rudder/?fbclid=IwAR3EEKSmAcXh_NSgwU7DhB7UHDGSA5s5KGbrpauywwEPefVNLwNbzMnBrQY
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186749819@N06/with/51007476807/
  10. Great to see that you got it all working here on EB @Jebbo and we have fun last week with the photoshoot at my studio. Your old ships are a peace of art and love them. Also glad that you build your own version of my commission to you of the Intrepid tender powerboat. Glad you listen to my advice for choose the stickers not in silver, but in white on the hull and in dark red on the engines and looks stunning. Also the tan decks inside looks SuperB. Hope we can work many times togehter my great friend.
  11. How big you can upload the pictures here on EB?! Wanted help my buddy Jebbo that's have problems with the size of the photo's to upload from Flickr here. In the past was the max sice 800x 533 ore can you now upload here in bigger size like 1024x683 ore even bigger?!
  12. This Hercules is also such a beauty and one off your first one's And your Furie is one off the most Dutch icons in history tugs.
  13. Love your steam tugs
  14. Edwin Korstanje

    MOC Intrepid 375 at the scale 1:40

    For a six meter light rib ore speedboat is more than enough. My clients wanted always more, bigger, extra power, as their neighbour. Just follow the steps i told you.