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  1. Edwin Korstanje

    Grum's Shed

    Wow that's a beast of a mini. Big collover shocks. biggest truck turbo ever. Wow just wow buddy. My doghter just got here 18e birthday and build this monster for her
  2. @efferman sorry in my mind it was 7 years ago, but 10 years ago to make a Voith Schneider was stunning for these days. @JoKo did a great job and is almost close to a Voith Schneider and works great. I failed in 2013 for the model Staeldiep ferry and was to big to use it. Build 2 models in 2014 later my biggest working Technic model the SL Gabon where almost everthing was work at trusters, working winches ancors lifting,towing pins and radar all remote PF controle also all official Lego lighting and a complete interieur. But you are the master in technic
  3. @GerritvdG You hit almost the jackpot, only forgot the azimuth trusters
  4. Love the way you got the idea after a Voith-Schneider prop system in a small two prop system and it works great in your video. I tried it on a biggers scale on a 8 blade, but was to big, but @efferman build a true working Voith-Schneider some 6 ore 7 years ago Maybe you can ask him how he have done it in full indepandent pitch all the blades
  5. @GerritvdG Do you have find all the manual functions
  6. Thanks all for the great comments @Maaboo35 great to see that you understand my and your joke about the scale. I got hundreds of pictures off the real one and use for here the promo sheet from Damen that small isn't bad. For Lego i hate to build in this scale and like more the scale 1:40, but i am not the client and have to build what the client wanted and hope that the next project will be in the right scale
  7. Edwin Korstanje

    Grum's Shed

    You are toooooooo strong Clive and bend it with your mind. Great to see your back building again buddy.
  8. Dear friends, I did a commisionned project again for Damen Shipyard and was given away to their clients Boluda Towage at the Maritime Gala Awards 2022 in Paris last week. Even i don't like the sice of this small scale, the outcome is quit nice. The 2312 ASD Tug is a strange ship and very short in lenght to the width and have a one, dubble drum winch inside the superstructure and in the model are many funy manual working functions. Hope that you like this small models.
  9. Edwin Korstanje

    Grum's Shed

    Great to hear you are back and have missed you my friend
  10. Your are correct @Doug72 and the lifeboat is missing, because the deadline was to close. Only 3 hours before complete the model i had the delivery and will send them later to the client.
  11. Thanks @Pato Sentado It's looks good, but unfortunaletly mine client's only wanted that i work with LEGO®. I don't know this brand, but know that COBI have many more bricks tiles, slopes, curved slopes, plates, and are way better than LEGO® have and the qualty is great. The only problem is i can't work with clone brands even they are good ore even better.
  12. @Pato Sentado What is TENTE?! to make better ship hules.
  13. Thank you Milan for your reaction and happy we got people here can sorted thinks out on adult way by ourselfs.