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  1. Vociferous AFOLs and World War III

    I am the opposite of @Paul Boratko and i belong to the team against everything and hate ABS bricks. (joke off course), funny topic btw.
  2. [MOC] Cutaway Leadsled

    Stunning creation and love the out of box thinking.
  3. MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    Thanks buddy and three weeks of no building, internet and telefoon cleared my head complete. Also Thailand was extreme beautiful.
  4. [W.I.P] BMW i8

    Stunning update @Rolic
  5. MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    Thanks @LEGO Train 12 Voltsfor the kinds words and the word end is for me the new begin. After a great holyday in Thailand, i made some small progress on the Telstar for Iskes Towage. The roof include lightning and mast are standing to. Only some railing, chimney pipes and small details are add to. IMG_7561 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7558 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7568 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  6. 1968 FIAT 500 F

    Stunning creation and great use of parts.
  7. Lada VIS-2345 "SPAZM" by dokludi

    I have never seen so much fancy Lada, but yours is the first Lada i like.
  8. Attitudes and mindsets

    Very interesting discussion here in this topic and fortunately you quickly learned how the forum works in a short period of time, then on entering with your Game Change. Because we are dealing here with EB with a lot of different builders, collectors, moccers and people who all build on their own level, you got given a lot of unanswered reactions, from very short, to long and constructive criticism. I use the LEGO stone as a medium to do model building and do not see the product as a toy, I have been outgrown a very long time ago for that. What gives me a pleasure to post here, that you friends makes me still better and helps a lot of you to make you better.
  9. [MOC] 1:350 Scale Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo

    You did a great job on the underwater line hull and know it's looks at a ship for me.
  10. For me when a model is finished i am done with it and glad that i only build the last years only in commission and never got a change to upgrade my models.
  11. MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    For this ship I have chosen to make the superstructure with wheelhouse modular to the hull. Because there is also a visible engine room at once coming. Do I have to be able to access it.
  12. MOC/WIP Iskes Towage & Salvage Telstar build in scale 1:40

    The week was very busy with new requests, quotes and also a repeat project for a set of Royal IHC. Today I was finally able to continue with the tug, Telstar for Iskes Towage and I made the lighting of the superstructure and was again a lot of fiddling and soldering. Because the real ship as the first tug has the gangway lights with built-in LED spots that are under the railing, that I have been able to convert a nice translation into LEGO. Tomorrow I am going to work on the mast and the work lighting and hope that I have enough parts in my house to continue well. IMG_7548 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_7546 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  13. [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    Absolute stunning work again Eric. Love all the details on the tractor and trailer.
  14. Audi quattro s1 rally Lego 1/7

    Nice Audi, but why so much pictures.