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  1. Edwin Korstanje

    [MOC] 42 FERRARI 312 F1 67

    Absolute stunning creation, love all the details on here.
  2. Edwin Korstanje

    Christmas tree ornament

    Great Christmas bal, but have nothing to do with true scaled models here in this forum.
  3. Edwin Korstanje

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    After LW was well into the rag basket and after a forehead cavity inflammation with a huge cold which lasted a week directly had the flu over it which also lasted 5 days. Two days what can strengthen, when I got a throat inflammation, with the tickle cough and that also lasted four days and two nights I could not sleep at all, I was already broken, I also lost a spine with the first day of work and there were a nerves and could only come out of my bed in the poop position. Enough about my shit had and fortunately the last 2 weeks the set of the Game Changer complete all modifications that can be implemented by the customer in the construction steps, had to make a complete redesign for the two snot hull halves and also a few small ones remove mistakes and cut down on unnecessary parts. So I could take out more than 200 parts per set extra and can not be seen on the outside. With its 70 cm length and built in the scale 1/100 with 3272 parts it remains my biggest set ever. Am now busy with all hundreds of thousands of parts to share and is my buddy Hans Tolhuisen busy with the building instructions of me to turn into his piece of art. IMG_9225 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_9227 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_9224 by VFracingteam, on Flickr IMG_9228 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  4. Edwin Korstanje

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I think that was not his choise. they could better use a 2 long axle to lower it down. I am always struggle with it and sometime one plate thickness makes the complete differents in the design.
  5. Edwin Korstanje

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I can almost feel the pain of the designer Paul. Design this monster with only 400 parts and created this beauty with no budget. It's looks how i sometime must work.
  6. Edwin Korstanje

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    For just a smaller mid range kit it's not the best, but still quit recognizable.
  7. Edwin Korstanje

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    For people that have follow me now for many years, knows that my lovely daughter brings me back out my darkage than. She is now 13 and have no intrest anymore to make here own models(IPhone, YouTube and many other streaming is now her thing), but she love helping me on the big builds and counting parts for the constructions kits i make to earn some good pocket money. Now at middle school she don't speak open anymore that her father is a fulltime Legobuilder, but when bringing friends to our house is the first thing, is showing to them my building cave. I am proud of my lovely daughter and that she still helps me. 45661000_523632784774021_2204716990617092096_o by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  8. Edwin Korstanje

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    Absolute stunning model with tons of functions, also the pressetaiton is top notch.
  9. Edwin Korstanje


    Nice work André.
  10. Edwin Korstanje

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    Thanks @roadstermatt and i am very pleased with the result, but more important is, that the owner is extreem happy with her. Yesterday i got the news that the owner have seen his model of the Game Changer in real and is extreem happy with the result and stand now with proud temporarily onboard in the salon. The crew and staff is already sad that she is leaving soon of board. Now hoping that she will arrived safely to her new home base. GC onboard 1 by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  11. Edwin Korstanje

    Crude oil plant / Atmospheric distillation unit

    Best @stratyd, very nice creation, but i think this is not the right forum for you her at the Scale Modeling forum for your post.
  12. Edwin Korstanje

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    It was great to see that you got after a lot off stress at LW, finale got almost everything working on her. I hope that you also got a great time at LW and was great to meet you and your fantastic MOC. The small bugs in her is only fine tuning.
  13. Edwin Korstanje

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    Thanks buddy and also very pleased with the outcome of the GC and glad i got the real scaled drawings from the owner for the big model and for the kit. Maybe now looking back i could make some extra lines in the bow to mid sections, but building with this deadlines, i did not got the time to improve some sections of the build. The rest of the build is spot on the drawings and is between one millimeter of ore on de spot. so the client was more than pleased and can now not change one bit of a thing any more. You said that i surpassed myself, but a model is never been perfect for my feeling. Here a extra answer to your question @Jubuilder. My great buddy @JunkstyleGio makes a simple render in scale with the smaller construction kit of the GC so far and the both scales will be not fit together with the Tower bridge 10214 set. GC with tower brigde by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  14. Edwin Korstanje

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    Thank you @Jubuilder for the kind words and never use software ore computers to create my builds. Only when a prototype for a construction kit is approve by the client than my great friend @JunkstyleGio makes the digital instructions from my photo steps. The smaller version is build in scale 1:100 = 70 cm long and don't know exactly in what scale the 10214 set is build. I think this is the picture what you mean. c2790a00403a04c9b876a9e6b701bc3f by VFracingteam, on Flickr
  15. Edwin Korstanje

    Grum's Shed

    I feel the frustrations on some parts on the build for you. even i got that feelings on my own builds, but come not close at yours. time after time with your life energie and building flag models, gives me extra strenght to go on and never give up, for my creations. So please bring up all the progress my dear friend.