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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Don’t you just love how all up tight we get when we think we should know something. The lack of a sneaked photo or set number and name sends us all into a right tizz. I’m just the same, but can’t really justify buying much as I’m saving for the GBHQ. It’ll have to wait till whatever it is hits real live shop shelves before I pick it up.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Totally agree. I’ve actually returned the pieces for the “limo” to my parts bins. I’d much rather have a solid build with finished interiors than studded ground floor, and ugly add on items to raise the part count.
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Calm down one and all. I’m sure that we’ll get a new modular soon. We just have to assume that TLG has tightened up security. I for one, and hoping for a delayed or even summer release, just to protect my battered pockets.
  4. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    I stand corrected. I still maintain that excepting the PR, all the more recent ones have a flow to them that make them seem like a city block.
  5. [MOC] Bay 327 - A Star Wars Museum

    I love this idea. I’d pay it a visit. Just one thing, I’d have the photographers background in bright green, or bright blue, so then you’d get your photo with the scenery from the films. ;-)
  6. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    I get the impression that a few of the older modulars sit better with PR, than the new ones. I read of a Phase 1of modulars and a phase 2, which the DO, AS, BB, and PC belong to. PR was phase 1 and so more individualised. I can’t tell as I only have the last 5 modulars. Cant wait to see the next one.
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Loving this. I quite like the challenge of making a river at street level. I was about to drop my modulars onto a 3 brick high base to achieve a river bridge that worked.
  8. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    Hi all, So I’ve just finished rebuilding all my modulars after moving home. I never had the space to get the 5 all lined up in one go before and I’ve realised a couple of things doing it. Firstly, although I love the Parisian Restaurant, it really doesn’t look right sitting next to any of the more recent modulars. So much so, that I’m almost tempted to discount it as a modular. It’s smaller in stature, and the style is more house like than any other building. Any thoughts? Secondly, despite meticulous deconstruction and then reconstruction, I’ve found I have some missing parts and some extras. Weirdly, quite a few of the extras are the little things you lose, if you're not careful. The missing bits have tended to be regular parts I could resupply from the parts bins. Although I am missing the top of the palace cinema sign altogether, which is more than a bit odd. The building and demolition took place in a hard wood floored room, and furniture has been thoroughly checked. It’s driven me mad. Has anyone else experienced this strange phenomenon? Any way, it’s nice to have all 5 built together, in some form of street. Considering a GBHQ to add in to the street, with maybe a mod or two, since I can’t wait for the 2018 modular to hit the stores near me. That’ll be the summer realistically.
  9. [MOC] Roman History Museum

    Not as such. I've had the fortune to visit a number of museums from the US, UK, Europe including the Vatican. Amoungst others, and the creation you've made has a little taste of all of them. It's fabulous. I wish I had your eye for detail, and skills for building.
  10. [MOC] Roman History Museum

    Fabulous. Looks like it's taken from the real thing. Detail both inside and out is really good, and evocative of the real thing.
  11. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If only. Looks like it'll either be tomorrow (unlikely) or next week. In the mean time peeps, let's get back to building. 😁 Sadly, I can't, since A) I'm on holiday, and B) all my bricks are packed as I move when I get back. 😭😭
  12. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think it matters when the actual set was boxed up as it were. I nipped over the border to France to pick mine up, since nowhere here has them in stock, to be told that the one I purchased was only on the shelves a couple of days. They seem to fly off, said the lady at the till. Perhaps the latter ones have been more carefully checked as I had zero missing parts and quite a number of spare translucent 1x1s, flower heads and sundry bits and bobs.
  13. [MOC] Vive la France!!! French Town Hall

    That's a superb build. The diagonal ground floor tiles gives such a twist to the building that I'd never thought of trying. Beautiful French style too. Congratulations
  14. Custom Floor Tiles

    Hi whilst I'm sure many will like these, I'm a purist, and only allow official LEGO manufactured pieces into my builds. good luck with your venture though.
  15. 10255 Assembly Square

    So now many of have build the assembly square, other than super sizing it's, what other MODs or improvements are people making? I'm starting to look at the bed settee as for me it sits real high. I might try to build it into the floor more. Also might hinge part of a redesigned train layout against the wall.