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  1. jus1973

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am not sold on the black boxes for any of the sets. Having seen some in stores now, I’m not drawn to them. I wonder if the reason the website still lists the expert range is simply down to the large number of existing sets with the old packaging still for sale, such as the vehicles (Mustang, London Bus etc) and the other buildings. I guess it would be too expensive to repackage them now as well? In the end, don’t we all buy the contents rather than the box, so isn’t that a bit irrelevant?
  2. I’d first of all decide on the stud width and depth of the main floors, and then build each above ground floor as a simple square of 1 stud wide bricks, and use the standard doors as a guide to height. Make a rough studio, or LDD plan of each floor to make a best fit for interior walls and from there, using photos as a reference, grab your real bricks and, I’d look at working in the interior walls, windows, stairs etc. It might be that you have to stretch out a couple of studs to get it to work in minifig scale, so this way it’s not a major rebuild of a base And subterranean parts, if you find on floor 3 that somethings just won’t fit. Once you have the rest of it build, work through the partially and totally submerged floors. This method uses more pieces to start, but saves the annoying possibility of having to rebuild the whole thing.
  3. jus1973

    Building LEGO Trains book

    Hmm, quite interested in this. I don’t know much about lego trains, but want to add them to by currently virtual, but eventually real logo town and seaside resort. After all, that’s how seaside resorts got popular, the summer trains - right?
  4. jus1973

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I’ve not seen the ship in the brick as it were, but I’m interested in possibly picking one up when it gets discounted, and converting it to a container ship. Need to figure out how to do that of course.
  5. jus1973

    New Lego City (Update 3: Roller Coaster)

    I’ve just finished building mine. Overall a good finished product, but I don’t think it sits well with the others. I might team it up with my GBHQ somehow.
  6. jus1973

    New Lego City (Update 3: Roller Coaster)

    This looks like a great start. I look forward to seeing the progress here. That’s about the same sort of space I’ve got for my town, with similar ambitions, having got 8 modulars so far, the four large fairground sets, plus various others to fit in.
  7. jus1973

    MOC:s - A range of 6-wide trucks

    Some great work there, especially to keep it looking so realistic at such a small scale. Do you have any build steps or stud.io files or anything that you share or sell.
  8. jus1973

    [MOC] Cletrac K20

    That’s a really tidy little build. Nice one.
  9. Mine will arrive today.. soooo excited. I don’t mind repetitive builds if the end product is worth it. Have read a few reviews of actual builds and there appears to be no real value in motorising it using the Powered Up functions as there is an issue with incremental errors in the app for this ride. I was wondering if it could be something that might be better done with a sensor and 2 motors from one of the mindstorms range. Dead simple programming i would have thought.
  10. jus1973

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I always wondered why they stopped this. After a long Dark Age, coming back and finding a lack of ‘inspirational second and third builds’ on the back of the box puzzled me. As a kid i used to love these, and sometimes purchased a set based more on these than the original build.
  11. jus1973

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Thanks for the link. it’s an odd angle on the box and I can’t see if it sits on regular rails or not. It might not and be an 8 wide over wider rails. If it’s a 6 wide then I think it’s got to be sold as a static model, rather than motorised. If it’s motorised then the battery has to be in the central section, so I’m wondering how much traction it’ll have if the motor is in one of the ends. Can’t see any powered up logo either.
  12. jus1973

    New xtra road tape - thoughts...

    Thanks one and all. I thought that i was being a bit cruel about it not being right for AFOL use. Since my budget for roads in my town doesn’t stretch to brick built, or possibly even base plates, as I’d have to cut them as I don’t want the extra studs at pavement height at the sides, I had hoped this might be a suitable replacement. Perhaps I’m going to have to go down the non Lego route. Having no colour printer at home, means possibly some inventive solutions.
  13. jus1973

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Would you like to share at least where you saw them? I’d be interested to see that.
  14. jus1973

    New xtra road tape - thoughts...

    I figured with the boarder it worked out at 8 studs road width, so for the 6 wide trucks it’s going to be a bit tight. I might buy just to see tbh.
  15. jus1973

    New xtra road tape - thoughts...

    Just been browsing the store and saw this. https://www.lego.com/en-ch/product/road-tape-854048 initially hopeful that this might have solved the issue of placing roads between modulars, but i think its going to be too narrow and repetitive skid marks and grass verge drawn into the road kinda ruin it. I’m interested in thoughts to persuade me differently.