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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone, I visited the "Skaerbaek Fan Weekend" which was surprisingly located in Skaerbaek, Denmark ;-) Here is a video I made with lots of impressions and interviews. I hope you'll enjoy it :)
  2. Hi everyone Last weekend the Bricking Bavaria 2022 took place in Fürth, Germany. LEGO builders from around Europe travelled to Fürth to show their models. This year large cranes, lang heavy load transporters and even a technic locomotive in scale 1:17 were shown. It was really inspiring to meet other builders and learn about their building techniques, concepts and how their model work. For all people who had not the possibility to come to BB22 I cut a video with as many models in action as possible.
  3. Hi everone Last weekend the Modellbaumesse Ried took place together with the LIGA+MP and the AFOL Technic Team action area. I was also there and made a video recap of the action area. New and old scale models were shown. This year the first time a large conveyer belt and gravel plant was presented and was fun to play with our models. The next exhibition with the AFOL Technic Team will take place in Fürth, Germany at the Bricking Bavaria from 18. to 20. of November.
  4. Hi everyone! I have a big question. from the 7th of may to the 15th of may (26th of february to the 6th of march was the old date) we will do our next "phaenoBRICKS" exhibition. We, means the "Steineland Harz + Heide" RLUG which is a part of the "Stein Hanse", a big LUG in the Northern Germany. The phaeno ( is a very famous science-museum and we are glad und proud to have the possibility to do our LEGO(R)-exhibition in it again. The last one was in the year 2020, one week before the great pandemic had forced us to stop holding exhibitions. It was a great success, over 13K people visited the phaenoBRICKs on it´s playtime. Now I started planing for 2022 and here is the reason I came to you. The phaeno is a museum to do experiments, learn physics, mechanics, chemistry .. and many more. The perfect area to present a nice GBC-project. The last time we only had a small circle with only about 20 GBC-elements. This time I hope to make it larger und bigger. It fits perfect to the phaneo, how you can imagine. I hope .. no it will be great, if it were possible to find and build a community here in this forum that would have the time and desire to carry out this project together with us. I am sure, the phaeno will support you and us, with paying the hotel and getting here for example. The details we can clear up personally later. At first I would be happy to hear from you, we all are very dear and nice AFOLs with familiar atmosphere. We always try to accomodate international guests, last year from France and Austria, next year from Denmark and France again. It would be nice to create a recurring GBC-attraction at the phaenoBRICKS. Greetings from Wolfsburg! llap Olli picture from:æno Von Richard Bartz - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  5. Invitation to the 3rd Bauspielbahn-Treffen in Schkeuditz (Leipzig)) Dear LEGO® train fans, also this year the BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN takes place, the modular L-gauge event. For the third time, train fans from all over Germany and the neighbouring EU countries come together to build a large joint layout. Next to it is place for individual layouts and models. Like in recent years we are provided with the „Altes Straßenbahndepot Schkeuditz“ (old tram depot Schkeuditz) offering a total area of 700sq m round the clock. Beforehand we, the LEN railroaders from Leipzig, create a as varying as possible track layout. The foundation will be provided by us. We want to establish the BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN as a networking event for „L gauge railroaders“, ... ...thus we are looking for LEGO® railroaders ... ... who are in the mood for networking and are looking forward to lively exchange. ... who contribute a landscape to the joint layout. This can be a station, independent track (track through landscape), a factory, a bridge or a tunnel. It's important, that your module is built in a way, that it connects to other modules or other track. ... who want to drive their trains long distances (in august 2020 the maximum driving route was about 400m). ... who built nice, preferably realistic vehicles and want to display or drive them. ... who can bring along buildings, accessories or other appropriate urban buildings. ... who own working models with lights, motors, ... It doesn’t matter, … … whether you’re building with a system (MILS, LEN, …) or not. … whether you’re using LEGO, self-made or third party tracks. … how you’ve build your landscape. Everything can be integrated in the layout, from first work through to professional models. … whether your locomotives are powered by LEGO® 9V, Power Functions, Powered Up, SBrick or Buwizz. We invite all L gauge railroaders to be part of the joint layout: Participants with modules, landscapes, stations, etc. Everyone who wants to participate with one or more modules (stations, free track, bridges, tunnels, railway sidings, …), please sign up with us until April 30th, 2021: Subsequently we’ll send you the registration form and a planning sheet. Please enter your module as precisely as possible into the planning sheet and return the documents until April 30th 2021. They’re essential for your participation in the event and the track layout creation. Those who return the documents are considered as registered and their modules will be integrated in the layout! Please use a separate planning sheet for each module. For large modules please use multiple planning sheets. Do not cheap out on them! The tracks of the joint layout are planned by us including the registered modules after everyone signed up. We’re aiming for a varying vehicle operation. Please keep in mind, that we might place your modules separated from each other in the layout. The participation fee for every participant is 25,- Euro. Every LEGO® train fan from 14 years may participate. Participants with independent layouts / display models Layouts or models, that won’t be part of the joint layout can be brought along, too. Please sign up with us until April 30th, 2021: We will send you the registration form as well. Please enter your model, especially its size and type. Individual models and layouts will be arranged after the creation of the joint layout. Please return the documents until April 30th, 2021! After the creation of the joint layout we will send you the hall plan including the location of your layout. Modules with existing circular layouts won’t be included in the joint layout. They are welcomed as individual layouts. Participants without module / only with rolling stock / guest driver Participants without any landscape modules will be treated as guest driver. If there will be limitations due to Covid-19, guest drivers might not be allowed to participate on all days of the event. Please sign up with us by mail, too: We will subsequently send you the register form. Please enter what you want to bring with you. If you have any desired dates on which you want to take part, please enter them in the form as well. Return the register form until June 30th, 2021! We will report back, on which days you’re scheduled. Guest drivers don’t need to pay the participant fee. A small donation is asked for. Expected schedule: Wednesday: Arrival and construction oft he joint layout Thursday: Construction of individual layouts, test drives, presentation of modules Friday: Driving day without visitors, AFOL evening Saturday: 1st visitor day (12pm – 10pm), workshops, locomotive parade, night drives (open end) Sunday: 2nd visitor day (10am – 4pm), workshops, dismantling and return journey We will be on site from Monday to Monday. We welcome any assistance for constructions and dismantling. Audience: We can’t say yet, whether the event will take place with public audience or not. Unlike last year, we schedule to welcome audience on Saturday and Sunday. If this will be possible due to Covid-19 will be announced. Workshops: Just like in 2020, we’d be glad if this year some participants and guests share their knowledge and ideas. Last years workshop topics where for example building techniques, layout digitalization, bridge building, … you can enter further workshop ideas in the registration form. Further information: To show the wide range of possibilities of building with LEGO® bricks, we ask you not to bring modules or rolling stocks from sets but rather self-built models. Participant fee: After last years accounting we noticed that we’ve budgeted too much which is why we have adjusted this years participants fee. If we are allowed to welcome public audience on Saturday and Sunday, a partial or full refund oft he participant fee might be possible. The participants fee is used to fund the halls rent, foundation of the joint layout and non-alcoholic beverages for the participants. Review of BSBT2020: please check out our last train fan meetings: in 2019: review of the BSBT 2019 (only in german, but with a lot of pictures) Video 1 from bananenbuurman Video 2 from him in 2020: review of the BSBT 2020 (only in german, but with a lot of pictures - only train fan meeting, no visitors) "room tour" at the BSBT last year (at instagram or at youtube): tour all over the layout with a BR628/629 railcar at youtube We’re looking forward to a marvellous railroading experience, your BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN team! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in this thread or by mail. Ken, Micha, Pelle, Kevin, Florian and Stefan
  6. Dear LEGO® railroaders, dear LEGO enthusiasts, dear model railroaders, We are LEGO train fans from Leipzig, Germany. From august 13th to 26th 2020 the BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN (train meeting for LEGO fans) will take place for the second time in the "Old Tram Shed Schkeuditz": You can find a review of the first BSBT in June 2019 here (only in german, but with many pictures) ( here and here (video by bananenbuurman). Like in the previous year, the focus of the event is at the large collaborated train layout we want to build together with your modules and models. We want to build a railway line across the old tram depot in Schkeuditz. For the second time, we will creating a large railway landscape with a double-track high-speed route and some side tracks on over 600 square meters of hall space. If you want to be there this year, you have to register yourself ans your models until may 31th 2020 by send us a mail (see bottom of this article). Some hasty interested guys have already submitted their advance registration to us; we wil send you the planning sheets for the BSBT20 in a while. We absolutely need photos and informations of your models in order to plan the layout. example for "landscape with rails" by Pelle We are looking for: LEGO train and railroad fans who want to be part of a large collaboration train layout with your railway landscape model (free route, industry, level crossing, tunnel, bridge, train station or anything else). For this you should have built a MOC with a railway connection, ideally embedded in a landscape. This can be detailed as best, but it doesn't have to be. What should you ever get: For such a large system, we always need tracks and switches, whether 9V- or Power Functions, third party manufacturers or even self-made. Transformers (we need a lot of power feeds, maybe we uses block operations again...) If you want to bring a train model, please bring at least as many tracj as the model needs (standing model) or more (driving model) Extension cables (sockets are available, but only in the walls, not in the floor or in the middle of the train shed. And finally: We don't want to have more empty tracks as nessessary between all the great models. That's why we will be happy about everyone who wants to bring along an additional part of "landscape with rails" - whether straight route, curves, switches or similiar - using as railroad between stations and other models. In last year, we hat a six train stations and some other stuff, but only a few tracks with landscape to connect them :D It doesn't matter... ... whether you build in a system (MILS, LEN, ... ) - or not. ... whether you use LEGO or third-party or DIY rails. ... how long your landscape is (everything from a half up to many meters can be planned. ... whether your locomotives run with 9V, PowerFunctions / Powered Up or SBrick or Buwizz or something else. ...if yor models need or have a certein curve radius - just let us know. Whenever possible, we strive to take all factors into account. However, the entire system cannot be planned until all participants have registered. Therefore, please note the registration deadline until may 5th 2020! For registration, please send us a mail: The following is currently planned: Thursday, August 13th, 2020: Building day Friday, August 14th, 2020: Driving day without visitors. Testing some play features (shunting, train cards, or something else) Saturday, August 15th 2020: Visitors day I, Exhibition from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., maybe AFOL evening Sunday, Autust 16th 2020: Visitors day II / exhibitions from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. - dismantling Like 2019 this year it's also possible to sleep in your tent or camper on the site of the tram shedule. We can also assist you in choosing a pension or hotel. We're looking forward to a wonderful railway experience.
  7. Video from the yearly model railroad exhibition in the danish city of Helsingør earlier this month. The LEGO contribution was done by our new (and smallish) train club, Togklodsen. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate but a lot of my trains did A rather spectacular crash occurs around the 12 minute mark
  8. This weekend the swedish exhibition Klossfestivalen hade it's 5th run. The show Swedish AFOLs teamed up with MVL Designs to give you a tour of all the builds. For all of you that was not able to visit Sweden. Hope you enjoy it ?
  9. Sebeus I

    LW 2019: Windfall Island

    I wasn't going to post this initially but decided to do so anyway, It's going to take some time before it gets into the next stage. Windfall Island, as it was when I presented it at Lego World Copenhagen in Februari; I apologise for the quality of the pictures, the lighting on these events is rarely optimal for taking sharp pictures. One of the latest additions was the Firenze-style tower, which served as the most prominent and tallest building in the center of the town. It is however going to be replaced later. For the next time I exhibit the Island I'll be bringing smaller ships along, these big ones tend to obstruct the view. The northern cliffs, with the small soldier fortress on it, is currently being completely reworked into actual cliffs. The light bluish grey rocks were from the beginning a temporary solution to compensate for the lack of bricks and allow me to present a complete Island in the earlier phases. Time for some closer views . There are quite some rough edges still. I can tell you it's not evident to keep up the quality of a MOC this big, especially considering it has to be moved time from time. I don't know where that guy got his drink, the bar isn't finished yet. Good old Redbeard seems to have chosen this place to spend his retirement days. On this side I originally intended to have a complex structure of piers and scaffolding which I would have called 'Little Venice'. I'm not sure now if I'll ever build that part. The greatest challenge remains transport solutions. Well, I hope you like it. It might look quite different once finished. If you were interested in some of the ships part of this display, these can be found on this forum (some of them are quite old though); Christine, HMS Elizabeth, Red Beard Runner, HMS Marianne, Flying Dutchman, Piercing Flame, Raging Fire, Trading ship.
  10. Here is my medieval landscape from HUNLTC's recent exhibition in Budapest, Hungary. Only about 150 out of my 700 soldiers were present, but this time the emphasis was on landscaping. This 35-baseplate display is just the first step: I'm planning to expand it to 60 beseplates by next year. Inspiration & ideas for this came from a multitude of great builders here, among others Derfel Cadarn, Sirens-of-Titan, DNL, Mark of Falworth and Jojo. Thanks, guys!
  11. Dear LEGO® Train Fans, (You can found a german translation here.) We’re planning a new event for lego train fans, who want to be different then other lego train exhibitions and so we're proud to present the “Bauspielbahn 2019” in Schkeuditz, a town next to Leipzig, Germany. Schkeuditz is next to the Leipzig airport and it’s easily accessible via the Autobahn A9 and A14. "We" - these are a handful of lego train fans from leipzig. In last five years we were part of a lot of lego and model train exhibitions all over germany. But now it's time to cook our own soup and we want to make some different like other train shows. the 'Bauspielbahn 2019' will take place from 14th to 16th June and is primarily intended as a event for LEGO railway fans to get to know each other, assemble a huge common layout and to play together. The exhibition will be open for the public on 15th and 16th . Welcome is the entire range from 4.5V to the new Powered up, from the more classical station to the shrill fantasy landscape. As a single model or contribution to the common layout. For the joint layout, the assembly is planned for Thursday (13th), single layouts/mocs can be build up on Thu or Fri. Over the days, we’ll do sightseeing, have barbecue in the evening (depending on the weather) and introduce every tourist trap in Leipzig to you. You can camp on the enclosed grounds or park a caravan there (toilet on the premises available, shower unfortunately not); Hotels in different price categories are available in Schkeuditz, we are happy to help you with addresses. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, should any occur. Invitation to a Train Enthusiasts Weekend From 14.06. to 16.06.2019 Goal We would like to use the weekend to assemble a common train layout, with LEGO fans from everywhere contributing their modules. Anyone can take part, as long as the segments meet the requirements listed below. A prior registration is necessary to enable us to plan the layout of the railway. Any kind of modules with e.g. train stations, connection tracks or just regular tracks, landscapes etc are welcome. (Maybe you know the modelrailroad - Meetings like FREMO - or others.) pictures are from our lastest exhibitions. but the layout of the get-together-weekend / Bauspielbahn 2019" will look some different, of course. Location We have gained the opportunity to use the Historic Tram Depot Schkeuditz as fitting venue to assemble our modules. It’s not just its history that makes the old depot a fitting location, but also its size. The available hall area is about 1000 m2 and well lit by skylights. Exhibition The event will be open to the public during the weekend. Aside from spectating the traffic on the main installation, visitors will also be able to see single exhibits with models or segments that couldn’t be integrated. Common layout We will be contributing multiple segments to combine with yours for a large installation with diverse train routes. Modules that fit our specifications would be appreciated, but are not necessary. The detailed methods of construction and basic requirements will be published during the next few weeks. However, segments with differing designs can still be utilized. The main routes of the common layout will consist of 9V tracks, operated with the classic speed regulators. Multiple electrically separated routes are planned, to allow for power supply for the individual modules and to enable the simultaneous operation of multiple trains. Non-electrified tracks can, depending on the available amount, be used for connection tracks or individual routes. The same applies to 12V tracks. Differing types of tracks could also be connected via train stations. Every module of the collaborative layout will require at least one track with possible connections to other modules, ideally on multiple sides. Exceptions are welcome, but need to be agreed upon on an individual basis. However, the final layout can only be determined after all participants have registered. Individual modules and installations. Any model related to trains is welcome and can be displayed on additional tables. Registration Participants can register with their name and a short model/modular description until Sunday, 31.03.2019 at We reserve the right of admission. To allow for the best possible planning we require specific information from you. After initial registration we will send you a form for the specifics of your modules. Please fill it with all the information about your contributions and send it back to us. I hope we will see us in June. Michael / MTM
  12. Hi all. I’m hoping to find out about any groups or events in the UK that are particularly interested in Technic Mocs, mods etc. Or at least include some in their collection. I see lots of videos and photos of gatherings on YouTube or Flickr in the US and Europe. I am aware of adult Lego groups in the uk however they are not really interested in Technic. I know that the Technic side of the community will always be smaller and I think that by nature we are more solitary creatures. I do wander why it is so hard to find this kind of thing over here though, I know there are many talented builders In this country. Are we just a miserable lot? Do I really have to get on an airplane and cross the channel to see some of these custom creations in the flesh? Many thanks Troy
  13. SpinX125

    (MOC) Lego Exhibition / Klodsfest

    Lego Exhibition / Klodsfest. This MOC is made for a competition in my local LUG (Byggepladen), the creation is our annual lego exhibition called Klodsfest. :-) klodsfest1 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr klodsfest2 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr klodsfest3 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr
  14. Last weekend the 6th SteineWAHN 2017 exhibition took place in Berlin. On around 1'400 m² nearly 50 exhibitors showed their MOCs for two days. Far more than 1'000 visitors came to the north of Berlin - and hopefully had much fun. I as one of the exhibitors can say: It was a great event - well organized and with really good creations. If you like you can get an impression of the Berlin SteineWAHN by my video (Sorry! The two days were so fast over that I didn't manage to film all MOCs). On my Flickr account there are many pictures showing nearly all MOCs: Pictures of SteineWAHN 2017 Berlin
  15. On 27th of august, there is an event called “Brick Wars” in the museum of the 20th century in Hoorn in the Netherlands. It is a small event with a group of 6-7 people exhibiting with models and diorama’s based on Lego Star Wars. The exhibitors can tell you all about the builds and there will be a small stand where you can buy small sets, minifigs and other. In the museum is an exhibition of Star Wars merchandise. It is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and you can see the merchandise from 1977 to present. You can take place in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and dress yourself as characters from the movies. There are two rooms with merchandise and there is a corridor with showcases with Lego Star Wars after the permanent exhibition with living rooms from the 20th century. In the corridor is a building competition for the visitors. You can win prizes with this competition. In the museum is a small gift shop with Star Wars merchandise and there is a place where you can get your drinks and/or snacks. It is a small event. If you are in the neighborhood of the museum and you like Star Wars and Lego, feel free to pay a visit. Parking information is on the website of the museum (it is in Dutch). Museum of the 20th century You can also find pictures of the exhibition on the facebook page of the museum.
  16. The Kent & East Sussex steam railway is pleased to announce its first LEGO® show. This exhibition of stunning models, created solely from LEGO® bricks, charts the history of Britain from the Neolithic Stonehenge through to the supersonic age of Concorde. Featuring over 30 models created by Bright Bricks (as featured in Channel 4’s Inside Lego at Christmas) and using hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks, Bricks Britannia opens on April 1st at Tenterden Town Station. The centrepiece of this amazing exhibition is an eight metre long model of Flying Scotsman, the world’s most famous steam locomotive, and three Pullman carriages! There's also an opportunity to join our workshops where both young, and young at heart, can build their very own LEGO steam locomotive and Pullman carriage. These are exclusive to the K&ESR and available at the special price of just £10 when booking online. This exhibition is FREE to K&ESR ticket holders - SELECT YOUR DATE TO BOOK ONLINE BELOW & SAVE 10%!
  17. Dear Eurobricks members, Freelug (national French LUG) organize their first exhibition (1000m²) in Lomme, near Lille, the 8th and 9th of October. Of course there will be a lot of French exhibitors, but as Lille is at a crossroad in Europe, we'd also be pleased and honoured to welcome exhibitors from abroad! Lille is at 1h30 from Brussel, 3h from Köln, 3h from London, and (for reference) 2h30 from Paris. The main theme for the exhibition in Movies & TV shows from the 80s, but it is not mandatory to follow it and any creation is welcome. Registering is of course free of charge. Expect contests, games, and a lot of fun in a friendly atmosphere! Inhabitants of the North of France have the reputation of warm and welcoming people, and we certainly want to prove we deserve it! The location (Maison des Enfants - Lomme) is easily accessible by any mean of transportation:,16.19z Complimentary meals for exhibitors are in order, as well as goodies and surprises. Solutions for sleeping accommodations can be found. There might be a token fee for an AFOL party on Saturday evening. Please feel free to visit our webpages and ask any questions - don't let the informations in French fool you, we'll be pleased to answer in English: https://www.facebook...55015654610409/ Registrations close the 15th of August.
  18. Hello everyone ! Is anyone coming to the Lego exhibition that will be in Casteggio (Pavia) Italy, 19-20 March ? Here is the link:!programma/bbr0m
  19. Hello, the Zusammengebaut 2015, our first Lego exhibition, was so much fun. In the middle of Germany, in a small town named Borken (Hessen), there have been so many people of all ages; great. Eleven exhibitors, for example Gábor Horváth arrived from Hungary, have presented fantastic Brick-Worlds. If you like: Many images and more information (in German) you can find here. This is the official Zusammengebaut 2015 video. And if you would like to join us next year, please contact me at any time. We will be in Borken at the end of November, again. Best wishes Andres
  20. Serbian LUG "Skockani" is proud to announce its 8th exhibition, to be held at the Belgrade ZIRA Shopping Centre from April 11th until April 19th. Spectacular space, city, friends, and castle dioramas, numerous stand-alone MOCs, and rare sets will be on display within the 700 square metre exhibition area. In addition to the exhibition, visitors will be able to: - Try out the interactive Technic creations - Play the latest Playstation and XBOX LEGO video games - Participate in creative LEGO workshops - Compete in 4 different competitions, including obstacle course and speed building - See the latest LEGO Wear collection at the LEGO Wear fashion show Discover more at the Official LUG website and Facebook page.