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Found 22 results

  1. This building is inspired by set 10263 (Winter Village Fire Station), while the pumper truck's back half was slightly inspired by CARS 2 set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue). As you can see, the building has been heavily modified, with it having a removable roof and an bright red color scheme along with a rear half added on. The rear of the building has a couple windows. The upper floor roof is also removable, to access the enclosed bunk-room and get at the kitchen better. Four figures can sleep in the bunk beds, (good luck getting the two in the bottom sections, though!) The lower floor is inaccessible except for the front garage door. Speaking of the garage, it fits the vintage fire truck quite nicely. Also, the white panel is supposed to feature this print. Okay, I'll admit it: I can't make a good fire truck. I can built steam locomotives out the wazoo, but I can't seem to make a decent firefighting vehicle, especially older ones. The one shown above took me about three hours to design, and it can only seat the driver and a Dalmation in the cabin. (the dog is missing the spoted print in LDD) The "look" of the rear of the truck was mostly inspired from set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue) from Cars 2. Yes, those black antenna parts are hoses. As for firemen, I have four of these 1980's guys, with one having a gold helmet for us as a Captain. (picture from Bricklink) Thoughts?
  2. Hello there, after the summer break I finally continue with the digital city project. This time I brought the fire station into the city. This lines up directly with the bookstore and completes the block of houses. I also continued to expand the street system. A new crossing was added and the side street by the fire station is also new. To make the expansion look a bit more lively, some new minifigures have also found their way into the city. This time I also tried a new tree building technique that I had seen on the Internet. Again, there is an update video of the construction. I would be very happy if you would stop by my youtube channel I packed the current pictures of the construction progress below the video and add a short explanation to each picture. At first the complete overview of the current city layout. Newly added is the building of the fire station, as well as the intersection on the far right and the side street. Here you can see the current expansion with the fire station and the new roads. All new minifigures and the greened mid strip are also well visible. Here in detail the new trees from technic connectors in different angles. The trees are optimal especially in narrow places. I hope you enjoyed the update of the construction progress. Feel free to let me know. Also, feel free to write me what I can improve or otherwise include in the city.
  3. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] station 19 inspired fire station

    Hello there, The city is growing. Because of this, I build this fire station building. If you know the TV-Series station 19, you may notice some parts of this TV fire station in the lego model, because I added some details and layouts from the station 19 and converted them to the lego fire station. I also did a speedbuild video of this building. Feel free to watch it. Below the video I also added some pictures of the fire station and also the description. The ground floor with the entrace hall. The workspace for the incoming emergeny calls in the right corner. A trophy showcase by the stairs and a tribute wall on the opposite. The Captains office and sleeping area on the left. From the machine hall you can also enter the equipment room. If you go upstairs, you will find the kitchen and dining area. A storage room right behind. A seperate relaxing room is also located on this floor. The upper floor is equipped with the locker room, a small toilet and the showers. A gym also find it´s place in this building. I waive a sleeping room, because I created this as a volunteer fire department. In case of emergency, the firefighters will come to the station. Only the captain will work in the building. Therefore, the sleeping room in the ground floor is needed. I hope you like the MOC Tell me, if you have ideas and suggestions.
  4. Simons Brick World

    Your ideas for future city buildings

    Hello there, I´m about to expand the digital city and want you to have a part in the future planing. This is the current layout: The expansion will be on the right side, continuing the big long street. For this I need 2 new building right of the pub building. The first one will be build on a 16x32 baseplate. The second building will be a fire station. I´m not sure about the size of the fire station. Maybe I will be using 2 32x32 baseplates side by side. Now I need you for some Ideas. 1.: What do you want for the first (16x32) building? It should get the same height like the pub building. In the ground floor we can add another small store or public area. You can also tell me your favourite color which we can use for this building. 2.: Do you prefer a modern shaped fire station like one of this: Or an older one like this: I would be very happy if you write me your suggestions. If you have any other ideas for expanding the city you can also tell me. Thanks for your help
  5. higgins91

    [MOC] Modular Fire station

    Hello everyone I present you my last MOC, a fire station (I know, there are already many!) IMG_20190722_184453 by alex peraux, sur Flickr Quick presentation: On the ground floor two garages for trucks on the left. On the right the hall with accessories, the famous bar to go down. At the bottom, the stairs (to go up :)) IMG_20190722_184941 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the first floor there is a large gym, HQ (I have to complete it), again the bar to go down and at the bottom of the stairs. IMG_20190722_184839 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the second floor there is the captain's apartment. The living room on the right, the kitchen left. The bedroom with the bathroom is at the bottom left. And on the right, the bar and the stairs! IMG_20190722_184553 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the terrace, a barbecue area, a rest area and a small basketball court. IMG_20190722_184542 by alex peraux, sur Flickr I let you discover more in photo: IMG_20190722_185231 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_185002 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184902 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184806 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184724 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184513 by alex peraux, sur Flickr feel free to comment ! more photo on the album:
  6. Bob De Quatre

    REVIEW: 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

    Introduction Winter is coming... And with it comes a horde of undead warriors the new Wnter Village set: 10263 Winter Village Fire Staion. So let's the spirit of Christmas and the smell of burning buildings surround us and let's see what Lego Santa has brought us! Thanks to EB and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for giving me the opportunity to review this set! Set information Name: 10263 Winter Village Fire Station Theme: Creator Expert Year: 2018 Pieces: 1166 Price: $99.99, GBP 84.99, 89.99€ Resources: Brickset, BrickLink Packaging The box has an usual size for medium sets, at almost 50cm height, 30cm large and 10cm wide. It shows a very nice Winter Village scene in front of the fire station building, with all of the smaller builds included in the set. The back of the box shows detail pictures, describing play features of the set, with all the minifigures in action. Content of the box The box contains a sealed bag with a two instructions booklets and the sticker sheet. The seven bags are numbered from one to three. Instructions booklets The set comes with two instructions booklets, a smaller one with 51 pages, and a bigger one with 83 pages. The instructions themselves are simple and easy to follow... Maybe a bit too simple for a 12+ set. In the biggest booklet, the parts added to the assembly at each steps are highlighted in green. Build The first booklet will guide us through all the smaller builds of the set, using first set of bags. Here are pictures of each of those smaller builds: With bags number 2 we'll build the first floor of the fire station. And we'll finish the fire station with the 2nd floor and the roof using bags number 3. The build is pretty straightforward and not very enjoyable, except for the nice snot assembly of the white laticed windows on the tower on the left side. The completed set looks like a nice scene, with all the smaller builds adding life outside of the fire station, and will make a great addition if you already have some of the other Winter Village sets. The fire station feature a lightbrick on the roof, which can be activated to illuminate the 1st floor... well sort of... I think the lightbrick itself could have been a little more concealed. The roof can also be removed to have a better access to the kitchen and especially the coffee machine, that the chief officer seems to like a lot. To me the roof is lacking snow, with all the tan plates showing, something that could have been improved with a few whites plates and slopes. My favorite build is the fire truck, despite the too many stickers used. It's not a complicated build, but it looks nice, and could easily be modified to a more solid build. The christmas tree build is pretty simple but still interesting, using 4 wedged sides to recreate the conic shape of the tree. It could be improved to create a bigger tree, with more space for ornaments! The frozen fountain on the other hand isn't as nice as the rest, and could have been better with higher borders and more work on the firefighter statue pedestal. Minifigures The set comes with a nice selection of minifigures: a young girl, a baby (always protect your baby's hands with gloves when it's cold!), a ice hockey player, a musician with his saxophone, 3 firefighters and a dog. The three firefighters have the same pants and torso, and all minifigures have backprinting, except for the baby and the hockey player, but including the dog! Interesting parts The set includes some exclusive parts (for now): a few bars 6L with stop ring (63965) in tan, the baby with dark turquoise body and the firefighters' torso. The set also contains a big load of dark red bricks, which are always welcome, but I would have liked some dark red brick bricks (98283) as it would have given more texture to the wall of the upper floor. Conclusion Design: 7/10 - A nice design, but with some flaws like the back of the headlight bricks showing both the exterior and interior of the walls. Parts: 7/10 - Some new parts, but nothing too fancy. A nice selections of minifigures. Build: 6/10 - A basic build, with simple techniques for a 12+ set. Some improvements could have been easily included. Price: 7/10 - With a ppp of 0,077€, this set is rather average. Overall: 27/40 (67,5%) - A nice set, especially if you like the Winter Village sets. It makes a good playing set and may please children more than adults, but in this time of the year we're all children again, isn't it? Well...
  7. Firehouse "Engine Company 5" - GBHQ/2 by ER0L This build started some years ago when there was a certain “GBHQ hype” (Ideas sets, official set, plus quite a few nice MOCs). I just wanted to see if a facade with a SNOT windows section could be built to get narrower window bars which for me are an important aspect of the facade. It proved to be possible, however, the build was far from being finished at that time. Fortunately I didn't scrap it though it took a lot of dust over the years. Now that there's another Route 66 layout section to be built (the actual shape of the building being a requirement for that), and now that there’s a renewed pumper engine I took the chance to finish it and to turn it into an actual firehouse again (though the Ecto-1 fits in, too). (Btw. there’s a building fault at the facade which I have seen only after shooting the pictures - does anybody recognize it?) One of the main features of the building is the upside down ceiling: Firehouse - Ceiling by ER0L By using an upside down baseplate as a ceiling several problems are solved at once - you can fix the L&S lighting elements easily, you get a (more or less) smooth floor surface without tiling, and you need relatively few parts. The old 1x2 bricks with cable cutout do a great job here. This is something to be further developed, I guess. Built in ceiling: Firehouse - Detail by ER0L As usual for this type of building there's no baseplate underneath but a 5-layer foundation matching the height of SNOT road plus sidewalk - this allows to strictly separate buildings and sidewalks which provides more variability: Firehouse - Detail by ER0L Furthermore I built a small diorama together with the olden 21-wide Painted Lady from 2013 (see just to see how the firehouse will fit into a downtown surrounding - the modular character of the layout allows quick combinations: Firehouse & Painted Lady (R66 mini diorama) by ER0L By doing so I used the opportunity to update the Painted Lady which also had taken a lot of dust in the meantime. Now there’s a proper chimney plus an exterior light. I also reduced the depth of the building due to layout requirements. Last but not least a night shot of the mini diorama (all the lights being Lego): Firehouse & Painted Lady (R66 mini diorama) - Night Scene by ER0L Thanks for looking!
  8. sasbury

    New Fire Station and MOCs

    I decided I needed a place to land my new Life Flight helicopter. The solution – build a fire department heliport. I've also posted links to a couple of new fire apparatus MOCs on my Flickr. Everything is based on real fire apparatus. Let me know what you think.
  9. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    Hi everyone! I got this interesting idea of a fire station some time ago, and built this in two weeks, the fastest building I have done so far. I have no intention to get the now-expensive 10197 Fire Brigade, which doesn't really appeal to me. However, I am thinking, if I am to build a fire station, what design should it be? All fire stations have the distinctive feature of the big gates for fire trucks and the walls that separate them, no matter what the buildings look like. I took that idea, and thought about extending these bays to the second storey. At the same time, what if the interior walls grow so big that they grow outside of the facade walls? And so I turned the sketches into real thing. I choose dark red as it is less prominent than bright red, giving a more sophisticated color scheme for the city. Inside, you have everything a normal fire station would have: parking bays and equipment racks on the ground floor: Captain talking to the staff... On the second floor, there are pantry, resting room and toilet on the top. There is even a ping-pong table for the firemen! "Hey why are you two playing table tennis on the street, huh?" One of the play features here is the light. I put the red light brick at the corner and so when there is alarm, you can light it up and the firemen will be ready to go! I hope you like this modern building design, thanks!
  10. sasbury

    Steven Asbury Fire Station MOC

    I've uploaded photos of my Fire Station. It takes up 2 XLarge baseplates and uses more than 2500 of Lego's new brick pieces. Photos can be found here. The design is roughly based on a fire station in the city of College Station. Let me know what you think. -Steven
  11. Recently I created some LDD Mocs of buildings fitting my city vehicles I will update this topic with every new building that joins my city. Emergency Services fire_station (modified The LEGO Movie building) fire_station police_station police_station All vehicles can be found here Regards marv
  12. flikebluck

    [MOC] city flikebluck

    Hello everybody! I'm a new french AFOL. Lego take part during all my children and teenage and for 1 year, I made my come back! You can see my town and my project to the following FLIKR link: I'm waiting the last part of bricklink command to finish my moc fire station issued to the lego set 60004. You can see already 7 box for fire truck and it will have 3 floors: first floor is for ustensil stock and shower (I need to work again on this floor), 2nd floor for operationnal center with the call center, the chief's office and a briefing room. 3rd floor is for life with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and TV area. On the roof of garage, you have an helicopter plateform with a refeuling station and water tank for anti fire crash. It's a begining, for the next update, it will have a fitness room, a terrasse with barbecue, jaccuzi and a general detailled items update. the next project is the moc hospital but only the first floor have been created on LDD. It will be a modern design, 3 floors on 2 baseplates 32x32. Emergency ambulance garage, emergency call center, emergency examination room, operating theatre, scanner, radio and irm room, patient room and on the roof, anonther helicopter plateform. Please, I'm open to read your comments ;) Enjoy your life with Lego Flikebluck
  13. Hi All, We recently picked up the LEGO City Fire Station 60004! It's pretty tall and full of fun with awesome play, my kid can attest to it. Was thinking this might be a good set for parts for a future MOD project. Though it would probably still need quite a bit of parts seeing that there are now walls. But hey that's fun on my part. Anyway its our first CITY building and it was a fun build, the multiple vehicles are a plus point. It doesn't have as many pieces and Minifigures as compared to the Police Station 60047 but it still comes with a good amount Firefigher Minifigures. (Different type of play I guess) Hope everyone enjoys my take on it, the full review and detailed pics here Look forward to MOD-ing this set, if my kid agrees to it of course:)
  14. Tobysan

    [MOC] Fire Station

    Hi All, Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. Here's a Fire Station that I was working on late last year, I actually finished it just before Christmas but have only just managed to find time to put together the details of the build. I've always wanted a classic Fire Station for our town so I went ahead on designing and building one. Built on a modified baseplate with 3 Garage bays with Shutter doors the Fire Station was put together with parts and vehicles from a Fire Station 60004 set and quite alot of used bricks to manage cost, The Fire Truck 60002 was also added to this Fire Station crew. Feel free to check out more information of the MOC with detailed images here as usual. Also a video here too. Thanks and enjoy the MOC. [uPDATE: Build instructions now available]
  15. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Conventional Fire Station and Ladder Truck

    This is my MOC of a conventional fire station in Taiwan and the ladder truck. Hope you guys will like it!
  16. omerai

    My collection of city MOCs

    Hi everyone. Looking at all these amazing MOCs here at Eurobricks i decided to share my own. This is a collection of city MOCs that i designed over the past few years. All of these models are made in Lego Digital Designer, and are presented with pictures rendered using POV-Ray. I didn't make a lot of pictures as i'm sharing LDD files in which the models can be viewed entirely. Most of the buildings have roofs built in separate sections that can be removed (using "connected selection" tool) to see the interiors. Also note that because of the high brick count, that some of this models have, slower computers might have problems with opening those files. That's it for the introduction.. I hope to insipre people with my work just like i get inspired by others. Train Station - Train Station.lxf Fire Station - Fire Station.lxf Restaurant - Restaurant.lxf Cafe - Cafe.lxf Fast Food Kiosk - Fast Food Kiosk.lxf Ice Cream Kiosk - Ice Cream Kiosk.lxf Gas Station - Gas Station.lxf Bike Shop & Bank - Bike Shop and Bank.lxf
  17. Eurobricks and Rebrickable were challenged by LEGO to make alternate models for current year city sets. The builds had to only use the pieces in available in the official LEGO model, be made in LDD, digitized, tested in real brick and be a model a 7-10 year old could build!! I received set 60004 "Fire Station" This is a big set with more than 700 pieces. With it's great quantity of red parts I decided to build some alternate "fire stuff". Here is what I have executed the last two weeks: Alternate Fire Truck Alternate Fire Station Alternate Ensemble Rendering of the Ensemble Thx for watching & so long, Jens
  18. Farnheim

    MOC: Fire Station

    As a request of lightningtiger I want to take the chance to show you a few pictures of my small fire station I built in 2011. It's a mixture of the 2009 official headquarter (#7945) with a few more realistic extras based on a classic baseplate. A little garage extension on the left side completes the look. As you can imagine, this station shall not be a headquarter, just a small institution placed in the suburbs. There are only an engine and a ladder for fire prevention. The engine is also equipped with apparatus for technical asstistance. The little car is for every day deliveries between the different fire stations. An old school oberhead projector I put some more more details on it like the exhaust gas hoses or a big foam nozzle There is room for two big trucks The small garage A neat little garden for recreation The fire apparatus And these are some of guys who are on duty. Well, the ballons are in german language only, 'cause they are part of a comic... Hope, you'll have fun watching these pictures. C&C very welcome! Best regards, Farnheim
  19. coghilla

    FDNY Rescue 3

    As a long time builder of fire stations and trucks i thought it was time to build some quality items. After building some stuff for the train group, I have headed towards the CC series of building. It'll be a while before i could afford the cost of an official set I'll continue to dabble. Anyway here is res3cue firehouse modified to suit the CC modular building series. Photos were taken at a Brick Expo I attended. I will complete the internals at some point. It will return to the Bricks'n'fun store for display on the major layout in a few weeks. FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr
  20. This build has been a slow "Labour of Love" since summer 2012. I have made many modifications to it throughout the past 18 months. And now that Brent Waller's Ghostbuster's 30th Anniversary Ecto-1 Cuusoo project won the latest Cuusoo review I thought now was a good a time as any to post this build. There are a few Lego Ghostbuster Fire House's on the web and I drew my inspiration from Sean Kenny's build which you will see some similarities. My intention is to have this as a "Working" Fire station as part of my Scotsburgh Fire Dept. The following pictures are of first version of building. The first photo is of the station footprint and street. This photo is of the ground floor Appliance Hall with appliance doorway. I then realised that the Appliance Hall wasnt going to be wide enough so, I took version 1 down and revised the footprint and changed the door at the back of the Applaince Hall to lead straight onto the pavement And completed Ground floor Appliance Hall with stairs leading to the First floor First Floor in Build Ground and First Floor together with Second Floor in build and roof As can be seen from this photo and the one above, the front and back and both sides of the First and Second floors are symetrical And this photo shows the size of the building with the Fire engine alongside. It does fit into the Appliance Hall under the Archway, just. Well that is version 1 and Version 2. More to follow.
  21. dieheartlegored

    Lego City Fire Station Toy Display !

    This is a Lego created display for use in retail stores. These are created in relatively small numbers and were never sold to the public. This display features motion activated lighting. The two knobs shown on the front of the display work the fire truck ladder and the helicopter. Includes assorted Lego's from the following sets: 7208 7741 3221 "]http://[/url]
  22. one of two other WIPs is this station of FDNY (New York Fire Dept) E277 & L112. (real photo) This is still under development and my budget is a bit tight for the time being and hope to finish before to long. I need to get some slope and inverse slope as well as finishing off the internals. I'm pretty happy with the construction and how it looks so far. All the levels will be accessible and fitted out by constructions end. FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY E277 L112 by coghilla, on Flickr