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    Scale models of real objects, especially making models of american trucks scale 1/16


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  1. legotechnicus

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Thank you for the compliment! That means a lot! He’s the reason I started making trucks like that, used to talk to him a lot. Sad he’s no longer with us
  2. legotechnicus

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    I saw the thread about the trucks and thought I would share some of mine quick. They’re not all done yet but when they are I’ll be making a topic per truck, hopefully soon :)
  3. legotechnicus

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Times have changed, I myself also started with making scale models of existing trucks. I find the challenge to create something real with LEGO bricks very intriguing. But I have to say I miss the times when there were a lot of mocs that focused on the building experience and functions like instead of all looks. Also noticed that the paid Mocs and instructions are what people are going for these days, the creativity has been lost a bit in my opinion, lots of copy’s of existing models. Hard to say what the cause is...
  4. legotechnicus

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Looking a bit like a MAN tgs truck. Is it a 8x8? Or a 8x4? (Just saw the driveshaft, so it’s a 8x8) Looking good so far!
  5. legotechnicus

    [MOC] MAN TGX 18.500 Semi Tractor

    Looking good! 1 question, I noticed you have some black rims. Did you paint those or are they another brand? I’m also building a truck and I need black wheels for that. Thanks!
  6. Looking awesome! Is there a topic already concerning the trucks? They both look good as well!
  7. legotechnicus

    [MOC] 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

    This model looks amazing! I used to work at a Mercedes-Benz garage on these pagode’s and I have to say all the small details look great! Love the interior also, very regonising!
  8. legotechnicus

    MAZ 537 8X8 (WIP)

    Thanks! The original plan was to use the 5 stud length suspension arms but I don’t own enough of them so I used the 6 stud instead but mounted them in the fifth hole. Because of this all the arms going to the hubs are 5 studs long, front and back. So I guess you can say it’s done on purpose haha
  9. legotechnicus

    MAZ 537 8X8 (WIP)

    Took some photo's without the wheels to try and show how it's build... But it's still tricky to see and capture the axles and suspension setup. I guess i'll have to make a mock-up in LDD or build a axle similar to it and make some photo's of that. Next step is building a cabin for it. I made a version out of bricks a while ago but that had to be taken apart for some other models. Recently i got the 42110 Defender and the color matches the real truck really well, so i'm thinking of making the cabin out of techic also. The model uses 1x PF Medium motor for steering and 2x PF Large motors for driving. I tried different ways of driving the axles but found out that this solution works the best. The axles are 15 studs wide (without wheels) and it has independent suspension in the front and in the back it has double wishbone suspension connected with a horizontal bar that turns with the mini turnable. http://Untitled by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr http://Untitled by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr http://Untitled by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr http://Untitled by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr What do you guys think? Cheers, Legotechnicus
  10. legotechnicus

    MAZ 537 8X8 (WIP)

    Hi guys, after a while of being not so active on the forum I decided to share a MOC (still wip) of a MAZ 537 8X8 truck. When I saw the 42099 I knew I needed some planetary hubs, so I got myself 8 of them :). Around this time I started playing with LEGO again, but kept it at american trucks (which i will post later). I started making a simple axle, because I really wanted the independent suspension on all axles like the real truck has. After this I build a test chassis and one thing led to another and now I have a rolling chassis for the truck. I came across these actions photo's of the truck and i'm planning to make some more and better pictures of the drivetrain and such. http://MAZ 537 WIP by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr http://MAZ 537 WIP by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr http://MAZ 537 WIP by J. van Veldhuizen, on Flickr Will keep posting updates! Have a nice evening, Legotechnicus
  11. legotechnicus

    Kenworth K100

    That’s a great looking truck there! Love the details and the functionality! And also the small diorama makes a great scene
  12. legotechnicus

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    To be honest, don’t think I will get this one. It’s not visually appealing and the functions are just not there for me, at least my wallet is happy about that haha
  13. legotechnicus

    Axle Collection Thread

    That’s funny, I was thinking the same. Currently working on a project that uses a similar setup. Only need to figure out a sturdy steering system
  14. legotechnicus

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    Devastating new... I remember how Ingmar inspired me to build again and he was happy to share any advice to help others... May he rest in peace keep on trucking
  15. legotechnicus

    [WIP] Tatra 6x6 midscale

    Huge fan of tatra trucks! Looking promising! Currently also working an a 6x6 tatra in the Same scale. I could share it If You like. keep up the foto’s!