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  1. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Chilean "Gondola Carril T-1024" in 1:22.5 scale

    All of a sudden, I'm reminded of the opening to Secret of the Andes, and Charlton Heston trying to shoo some alpacas away from his Gondola Carril.
  2. Sir E Fullner

    [MOD] LEGO Barracuda Bay MOD

    Thank you. To be honest, I didn't notice I was channelling the original design. Perhaps my subconscious was directing my building...
  3. Sir E Fullner

    [MOD] LEGO Barracuda Bay MOD

    Hello. It's been some time since I last posted in this forum, but I'm back with a new-ish creation. Last spring I was able to snag the LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, mostly for the build of the updated Black Seas Barracuda. However, once the Dark Shark is separated from the build, it leaves behind a very sad-looking planks and timbers on a sandbar. So, I got the idea to put together some new structures onto the old shell. The result: The Barracuda Bay Trading Post. The new structures are almost entirely composed of timber facades, but the foliage provided from the original Barracuda Bay set allowed for some variety in the build. A look outside the rebuilt Jose's Inn, with the notorious highwayman Brick Turpin looking for some easy cash. On the other side is Rosie's Supply Shack. Dangling from the roof is a customer who wouldn't pay, and the guy who came before him hanging a little ways away. On top of Jose's is an old field cannon and the Pirate Sheriff (I thought a pirate lawman to be slightly humorous). In the background is the old jail cell and its occupant. A look inside Rosie's Supply shack. She has a small weapons shack and a shelf full of...bottles. Perhaps they're poisons, or medicines, or a jar of dirt (Insert Jack Sparrow meme) A bird's-eye view into Jose's. I had a whole assortment of junk to put inside, but I'm still wondering about what works and doesn't work. I like the bar and the spit-barrel, but I might do some more interior design later on. On top of Rosie's Supply Shack, Rosie's sister tries to catch some much-needed rays. Don't forget your sunscreen, kiddies! That's about it. Feel free to comment below. Sorry if my photos don't exactly scream quality, but I've been experimenting with my camera to get things right. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  4. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Asterix & Obelix on LEGO Ideas

    These AFOLs are crazy!
  5. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Southern Railway L1 Class

    It's been a long time since I last posted here, since I've been busy the past couple years. Anyhow, I'm finally back with a new locomotive. This engine is based off the Southern Railway L1 Class, first built in 1926 and commonly found on the line between London and Dover. None of the original 15 engines made it past the cutter's torch, but still had a good running career. My model incorporates power functions into the wheelbase, with the battery box and IR receiver in the tender. A close-up of the locomotive chassis. The front wheels are attached with a technic connector to prevent any derailments. The lone locomotive. The boiler assembly was inspired from the recent Hogwarts Express, and doesn't look to bad in my opinion. A view into the cab. The connection to the PF train motor is wired through the firebox door. The locomotive tender. Based off the Fowler tenders commonly found on the SR. The back axle is able to pivot left and right when going around curves. You can see a video of the locomotive running here. Hope you all enjoyed seeing the new build, and hopefully I'll show more in the future. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  6. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] These Romans are crazy..!!

    These AFOLs are Crazy!
  7. Sir E Fullner

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    My take on St. Nicholas has him delivering presents via railway.
  8. Sir E Fullner

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    2 - 1 10 - 2
  9. When traveling around the world, it always seems one has to sacrifice style for substance. Not anymore, with the all-new: All-Terrain Saloon Car This attractive model comes complete with an all-leather interior, opening doors, folding windshield and a rack on top for carrying luggage and cargo (or in this case, a cooler filled with sausages). Inside is enough room for one minifigure, along with some trunk area for suitcases or small parcels. The rubber tires can counter the toughest terrains, while the low-slung body allows for achieving the highest speeds possible. On the back, there is more area for carrying accessories, like a frying pan for camp cooking and a red tail-lantern so cars can't crash into you on the highway. And there we have it, folks: a car that combines both style and substance for a truly enjoyable ride. Pick yours up today and travel the world in style! Feel free to question and comment, and thanks for watching, folks! Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  10. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: Europa Castle

    During a bout of cold, I happened to do some expansion on the build, constructing a small farmhouse, field, and a tavern.
  11. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: Europa Castle

    A few years back I did a small vignette based on the cancelled Europa theme; a photo can be seen here. Now, here is most likely the main attraction to the theme: Europa Castle The castle is heavily based off the one in the promotional image, albeit with a few modern flourishes. The castle is guarded by three Royal Guards, dressed in white uniforms with red epaulettes and bicornes. A drawbridge spans a small moat, and edelweiss grow wild by the rocky castle slopes. The back of the castle can be opened up to reveal a detailed interior. The lower floor has two suits of armor standing guard, while the upper floor features the Crown Prince's throne room and a ceremonial sword and bicorne for inspecting the Royal forces. The Crown Prince is accompanied in the throne room by his Princess consort. A bird's-eye view of the castle grounds. In the courtyard are two marble fountains flourished with bubbling waters. A demonstration of the drawbridge. A longer one will be constructed some time in the foreseeable future. That's all for now. In the future, I intend to construct more buildings related to the theme, along with soldiers and hopefully the Europa State Railway. In the mean time, feel free to comment and reply. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  12. My ideal tree: one made entirely of large gingerbread men. My mug is ready for dunkin'!
  13. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: NWR No. 1 "Thomas"

    Thanks for the complement. To answer your question, I'm using black wheels since they're the only set I have at the moment due to budgetary constraints. Currently they're being shared between Thomas and another loco I have.
  14. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: NWR No. 1 "Thomas"

    Well, I currently don't have the funds for stickers or decals at the moment, so that will have to wait. I've seen examples of faces being fit to Lego models of Thomas engines before, and I find the results rather jarring. Thus, I'll probably have the model displayed a la Rev W. Awdry: engine w/o face. Thanks for the notice. I'll give it a shot!
  15. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: NWR No. 1 "Thomas"

    Back again, this time with one of the most beloved steam engines in all the world, re-made in Lego form. Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas, as he appears in the Railway Series books by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry, is a London, Brighton & South Coast Railway E2 Class Tank locomotive, with extended side tanks for holding extra water. As described in the story "Thomas and Gordon", the engine has "...six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome." Thomas served as a station pilot for Knapford station, but was given his own branch line to run between Ffarquhar and Knapford after saving the new engine James from an accident in a field. Thomas enjoys running on the branch line, along with his coaches Annie and Clarabel. Here is the Lego model next to the real-life E2 Class tank engine. The E2s had terrible fuel consumption, so were often stuck in station pilot jobs. According to steam locomotive enthusiast Chris Eden-Green, Thomas did to the E2s what Back to the Future did to the DeLorean. My model combines aspects from both the real-life E2 and the illustrations in the Railway Series. There are downsweeps for the buffer beams on both ends of the engine, along with a wheel arch at the front end of the water tank. The wheels are from Big Ben Bricks, while the side rods were purchased from a specialty shop on Bricklink. Birds-eye view, showing the red stripes on the boiler. Thomas' two coaches, Annie and Clarabel, are based more off their TV series counterparts than the Railway Series counterparts, mostly due to budgetary constraints. Annie can only take passengers, while Clarabel can take passengers, luggage and the guard (conductor). Clarabel also has extended side windows to give the guard a better view of the line. Both coaches rely very heavily on SNOT techniques, with alternating directions for windows and bottom sides. They're rather an attractive build I am very proud of, and they add a whole lot to Thomas, making him look like a very busy - yet Really Useful - tank engine. That is about it. I hope you enjoy the build, and any comments or questions are most welcome. Thanks for viewing! Always entertaining, always inspiring, always: