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  1. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: Great West City

    Did I spy a Lucky Luke reference in the build?
  2. Sir E Fullner

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. B Voting

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  3. Sir E Fullner

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. A Voting

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    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. C Voting

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  5. A very cool build. I can imagine Johnny using this setup in Egypt, chasing down Baron von Barron. Do the oars mean it also works as a boat?
  6. Thank you. I did my best with all the parts I had on hand, and am quite satisfied with it.
  7. Sir E Fullner

    25 Years of Adventure Cat. B Entries

    Here is my entry for our Adventuring Heroes:
  8. When you're not adventuring, you just need a place to sit down, kick back and relax. While the villains more often than not find themselves in Baron von Barron's creepy haunted mansion, our heroes choose to vacation at Johnny Thunder's bungalow in the Australian Outback. Suffice it to say, with adventuring all over the world, Johnny has certainly let the place go a little bit. Still, always a decent time to get the friends and put some sausages on the barby. "Wish I could get some shrimps on here, mate!" While waiting for lunch, Johnny's friends soak up some of the warm Outback sunshine. While Pippin works on a lovely suntan, Kilroy is more invested in his light vacation reading (Sir Grafton Smith's On the Significance of the geographical distribution of Mummification). On the opposite side, Johnny's old Scorpion Tracker catches some rays out by the old kerosene tank. Inside is Johnny's desk and bookcase. It seems during this vacation he's studying a curious-looking skull found in the Outback desert. The old Egypt map is getting some attention as well. Perhaps that jar of reagent on the desk will reveal some more secrets... Of course, this wouldn't be an Adventurers home without weapons! Bound to be some good music on the radio, while the old potbelly stove keeps the place nice and toasty on cold nights. More pictures can be found in my Flickr gallery here. The original picture that inspired this build can be found here. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  9. Sir E Fullner

    25 Years of Adventure Cat. A Entries

    One of Johnny's early adventures in North Africa.
  10. Before Johnny Thunder became the bold adventurer we all know and love today, he found himself serving in the French Foreign Legion in North Africa. By the end of the First World War, Captain Jean Tonnerre (really imaginative, I know) was called on to investigate the theft of the Sultan Ibrahim bin Kalmadhi's treasure. Joining his friend and pilot Harry Cane, their search brings them to the fort of Al'Houetta, commanded by Colonel von Barron and Sergeant Sleuboothen. After being welcomed warmly by the Commandant, Johnny and Harry watch the fort for any suspicious activity. "Soon..." says the Commandant, "soon all this wealth shall be mine! The sergeant and I will sneak it out tonight!" Just when the two renegades thought they were in the clear, Johnny comes in. "Hold it right there, mate!" A sword fight worthy of a truly smashing adventure serial breaks out. The sergeant tries sneaking away, but didn't expect Harry waiting around the corner. "Hold it, Slyboots!" Johnny eventually gained the upper hand (every pun intended). "Blast you, Thunder! I'll get you for this one day!" "Tell it to your court martial, mate!" And so, the treasure was recovered, the bad guys escorted to a comfy cell in Legouat Prison, and Johnny's new adventures just about to begin. This build measures 24 x 32 studs, build using as many bricks as possible from my own collection due to...budgetary constraints. The fort itself is 11 bricks high, with an interior including a rifle rack, drinking water barrel, handcart and storage room. Minifigures included are Johnny Thunder and Harry Cane, Colonel von Barron, Sergeant Sleuboothen (or Slyboots, if you will), and two Legionnaires. I often wondered what an early adventure for Johnny would be like, specifically during WWI. Considering his knowledge of the desert in the Egypt theme, it made sense to put him in North Africa with the oft-Romanticized French Foreign Legion. Having Baron von Barron as a corrupt commandant just made things all the better. Feel free to comment below on what you think Johnny's early adventures would have been like. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
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  12. Sir E Fullner

    [VOTING] Create a Theme Contest - Best Theme Category

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  13. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Thank you. I could also imagine these sets taking a winter-style look, or autumnal. Perhaps a warm winter cabin or a deer hunt amongst colorful autumn trees.
  14. Sir E Fullner

    [CATC] Paladins

    Excellent work on these builds. I especially like the brickwork on the outpost set.
  15. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Well, best of luck to you on your entry! The fun part is just seeing what everybody has come up with, and who knows? I might create a few more [non-contest entry] sets for my theme just for kicks.