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  2. Sir E Fullner

    [VOTING] Create a Theme Contest - Best Theme Category

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  3. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Thank you. I could also imagine these sets taking a winter-style look, or autumnal. Perhaps a warm winter cabin or a deer hunt amongst colorful autumn trees.
  4. Sir E Fullner

    [CATC] Paladins

    Excellent work on these builds. I especially like the brickwork on the outpost set.
  5. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Well, best of luck to you on your entry! The fun part is just seeing what everybody has come up with, and who knows? I might create a few more [non-contest entry] sets for my theme just for kicks.
  6. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Whoops...thanks for the heads up! Guess it's a good idea to get a good night's sleep before posting....
  7. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Thank you. I decided to photograph the minifigs in a more suitable surrounding, namely a nature trail south of the town where I live. Just had to make way for cyclists.
  8. Frontier Adventure
  9. Sir E Fullner

    [CaTC] Frontier Adventure

    Good afternoon. Here is my entry for the Create a Theme Contest, for both the set and minifig lineup categories. Following the example of past historic LEGO themes like Pirates and Wild West, I have decided to create... Frontier Adventure Category I: Theme Concept Based off the westward expansion seen in the Ohio River Valley and Upper Canada, the theme sees various settlers exploring the open frontiers around the Clay River Valley: trapping, trading, hunting, and scratching out a homestead. The settlers trade with the local tribe and their leader Chief Redjacket. Redjacket's tribe in turn keeps peace with the settlers and their leader Governor McCaine. However, the fierce River Rats led by Captain LaCrosse cause mischief along the river valley: robbing flatboats, destroying homesteads, and stealing whatever isn't nailed down. It is up to Governor McCaine and the militia commanded by Colonel Blaire to round up the River Rats and lock them away. Birch Hollow Campout (78 pieces, $9.99) While trekking through the woods, every hunter needs to stop awhile to enjoy a decent meal and a warm fire. And it's also nice to have a friendly tribesman to share it with. This is an excellent starter set for anyone wanting to build up their frontier community. Includes a campfire with turkey, a birch tree, flowers, owl and snake, and two minifigures: a native tribesman and long-hunter. Flatboat Landing (940 pieces, $99.99) One of the River Rats is lying in wait of a flatboat loaded with silver, while the local long-hunter has alerted the Governor at the Flatboat Landing cabin. While the boatmen work to unload the cargo to store in the cabin's cellar, the River Rat knows another way inside. This set features an open-backed cabin and flatboat with cargo hoist, flowers and full birch tree, and six minifigures: Governor McCaine, a long-hunter, a settler woman, two boatmen, and a river rat. The flatboat's cargo hoist can rotate 360ยบ (although has its limitations when it comes to string attachment). The flatboat also features a front grasshopper gun and long oar at back for steering. The interior of the log cabin has a table, bookshelf, and fireplace, along with a cooking-pot and secret hatchway to the cellar. The cellar is filled with all kinds of goods: bottles of sarsaparilla, a box of hardtack, a barrel of gunpowder, a musket, and a chest for other oddities, plus a ladder to the main cabin. On the cliffside of the bluff, there is a tiny entry-way for the River Rats to sneak through and take away whatever goods they want. Naturally, this theme would include further sets, like a militia outpost, Chief Redjacket's village, and a River Rat hideout. Category II: Minifigure Lineup Much like Pirates, Wild West, or Castle, this theme has a few factions making up its lineup of characters. The River Rats: Fierce robbers and river-pirates who are the scourge of the Clay River Valley. On the left is their leader, Captain LaCrosse, a lifelong criminal making a dishonest living in the forests of the new frontier, and not above evicting widows from their homes or kidnapping children for ransom. The Territorial Militia: Formed by the local settlers, the militia's duty is to keep the frontier safe for everybody, namely by smoking out the River Rats. From left to right, we have a private, a sergeant, and Colonel Blaire. The uniforms are based somewhat off of Canadian militiamen from the War of 1812, using Star Wars torsos. I think they look pretty good. Chief Redjacket's Tribe: This native tribe has lived peacefully in the Clay River Valley for hundreds of years, and offer to help out and trade with the new settlers in the frontier. They dress in a mixture of European and Indigenous clothing, much like the historical tribes living in the Ohio and St. Lawrence valleys during the early 19th Century. From left to right, we have an alert hunter, a young brave-to-be with his trusty hatchet, a tribal woman, and Chief Redjacket himself. Governor and Mrs. McCaine: The McCaines are the leaders of the settlers in the Clay River Valley. While both appreciate the finer things in life, they both care about the people depending on them for guidance, along with keeping peace with Chief Redjacket and trying to find a way to take down the River Rats. The Settlers: The settlers are a brave group of farmers, hunters, craftsmen and their families trying to make a living out on the frontier. They try to keep friendly with Chief Redjacket's tribe, and try to band together against the vile River Rats. From left to right, we have a farmer, young fisher-boy, long hunter with his trusty rifle, a pioneer girl collecting wildflowers, and housewife out drawing water from the well. Thank you for stopping by, and best of luck to everybody else in the Create a Theme Contest!
  10. Sir E Fullner

    Henri & Edmond - Four Studs

    I have enjoyed watching these shorts ever since the release of "The New Neighbor" back in 2008. And I hope to continue enjoying them in years to come.
  11. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Chilean "Gondola Carril T-1024" in 1:22.5 scale

    All of a sudden, I'm reminded of the opening to Secret of the Andes, and Charlton Heston trying to shoo some alpacas away from his Gondola Carril.
  12. Sir E Fullner

    [MOD] LEGO Barracuda Bay MOD

    Thank you. To be honest, I didn't notice I was channelling the original design. Perhaps my subconscious was directing my building...
  13. Sir E Fullner

    [MOD] LEGO Barracuda Bay MOD

    Hello. It's been some time since I last posted in this forum, but I'm back with a new-ish creation. Last spring I was able to snag the LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, mostly for the build of the updated Black Seas Barracuda. However, once the Dark Shark is separated from the build, it leaves behind a very sad-looking planks and timbers on a sandbar. So, I got the idea to put together some new structures onto the old shell. The result: The Barracuda Bay Trading Post. The new structures are almost entirely composed of timber facades, but the foliage provided from the original Barracuda Bay set allowed for some variety in the build. A look outside the rebuilt Jose's Inn, with the notorious highwayman Brick Turpin looking for some easy cash. On the other side is Rosie's Supply Shack. Dangling from the roof is a customer who wouldn't pay, and the guy who came before him hanging a little ways away. On top of Jose's is an old field cannon and the Pirate Sheriff (I thought a pirate lawman to be slightly humorous). In the background is the old jail cell and its occupant. A look inside Rosie's Supply shack. She has a small weapons shack and a shelf full of...bottles. Perhaps they're poisons, or medicines, or a jar of dirt (Insert Jack Sparrow meme) A bird's-eye view into Jose's. I had a whole assortment of junk to put inside, but I'm still wondering about what works and doesn't work. I like the bar and the spit-barrel, but I might do some more interior design later on. On top of Rosie's Supply Shack, Rosie's sister tries to catch some much-needed rays. Don't forget your sunscreen, kiddies! That's about it. Feel free to comment below. Sorry if my photos don't exactly scream quality, but I've been experimenting with my camera to get things right. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  14. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Asterix & Obelix on LEGO Ideas

    These AFOLs are crazy!
  15. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Southern Railway L1 Class

    It's been a long time since I last posted here, since I've been busy the past couple years. Anyhow, I'm finally back with a new locomotive. This engine is based off the Southern Railway L1 Class, first built in 1926 and commonly found on the line between London and Dover. None of the original 15 engines made it past the cutter's torch, but still had a good running career. My model incorporates power functions into the wheelbase, with the battery box and IR receiver in the tender. A close-up of the locomotive chassis. The front wheels are attached with a technic connector to prevent any derailments. The lone locomotive. The boiler assembly was inspired from the recent Hogwarts Express, and doesn't look to bad in my opinion. A view into the cab. The connection to the PF train motor is wired through the firebox door. The locomotive tender. Based off the Fowler tenders commonly found on the SR. The back axle is able to pivot left and right when going around curves. You can see a video of the locomotive running here. Hope you all enjoyed seeing the new build, and hopefully I'll show more in the future. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always: