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  1. Significant work. Liked absolutely all the locomotives. Very similar shape, beautiful coloring, stickers - very high quality. Afflicts only one thing, vertical rails are a bit thick. But, as I understand, otherwise they can not be done. Chic models.
  2. Karlsruhe Tram (GT8-70D/N)

    A beautiful embodiment of a real tram in the Lego. Very stylish and similar.
  3. What did you buy today?

    Bought a helicopter 4473. It remains to buy up to the complete collection of the city from 2005, inclusive, only one set 7997.
  4. LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    Great work. Perfectly implemented in the model is a very complex geometry of different angles. Attention to small details is amazing.
  5. [moc] GWR 1442 engine

    A beautiful model. Very large similarity with the original.
  6. BNSF SD70ACe - 7 Wide Diesel American Goodness

    A beautiful and very accurate model. I liked the general shape of the locomotive (very similar and proportionally made), the frame of wheel sets, as always a good job with stickers.
  7. What did you buy today?

  8. Multi-Purpose tracked vehicle

    Beautiful and bright work. Pleases a huge number of functions, a high degree of the game's possibilities, and, at the same time, the dimensions are preserved in the classic tradition of the city's Lego. We do not have such a means of transport and repair in the collection and in homemade clothes. I'll have to collect something like that.
  9. RE 460-084

    Excellent model. Briefly, everything is proportional. Very interested in cars to locomotive, the edge of which is visible in the photo. Excellent detailed embodiment, beautiful stickers. I look forward to the models of the German rolling stock. Italian locomotives and locomotives you have already collected everything? Suddenly, even before the Russian locomotives, your interest in their modeling will reach.
  10. MOC: BB 162

    Very interesting locomotive and wagons. Beautifully chosen colors, skilful design. Is this already an historic Italian locomotive?
  11. EMD GP-30

    Thank you. I really wanted to make models that look like such beautiful originals. As far as possible to do in the style of the Lego Сiiy. When the stickers for the locomotives are made, they, I think, will become even better. Thank you so much. This design was made because I wanted to do a little bit similar, and the width of 7 when building model trains allows you to do a little more than six times the width, the standard for the city. But, when comparing these models with models from sets of city, there is no big discrepancy. It seems to me personally that from 7th width is much closer to 6 width, than from 7 width to 8 width. At least, I see it so. Thank you. I am very pleased. Thank you. Just here is a very beautiful original train. I tried, as best I could, not to spoil it in my model. Thank you so much. Yes, the model is motorized. Each locomotive has two motor carts. The battery pack on the sides has stickers made of lego sets.
  12. EMD GP-30

    EMD GP-30 I present to your attention the model of the American locomotive EMD GP-30., Made strictly in the format of the Lego City.
  13. WIP - SNCB/NMBS AM08 Desiro

    Great job. Beautiful train turned out. Personally, I have no idea how to improve the train. He's already great. But you can also build a train six broad. Here's the Russian version of Siemens Desiro RUS from the builder of the pavlo.
  14. Minifig-scale cars

    I like the growing skill and level of your crafts. The only wish is to reduce the height of the machines a little to approximate the vehicles mini-figures.