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  1. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with the model of a rolling stock with a width of 8 pins. Crane rail KZH-462 with a barrier platform:
  2. Nemo57

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    I represent Paul's opinion on this difficult issue, with which I completely agree. "I'm always glad when someone collects my model, but it's a shame when it's done for enrichment, and even more so it's unacceptable to do it without information about the source and authorship ... On the other hand, if the author of the channel published a link to the resource from where the model was taken, indicated in the video that the model was not his, explained how and where to download it and what program to use for viewing, thanked finally the author of the model for the work done and the file provided for free, then this video I would consider a good advertisement for the resource (site, forum) from which the model was taken and, of course, to its author. Well, if advertising will bring a small income, then advertising is not free and the author of the video also did the work ... But, and if the income is significant, then it's worth to contact the author of the model and negotiate a fee with him." From myself I want to add that this problem is not a problem of the forum, authors and lovers of the Lego. Most likely, this is a problem for a person who considers necessary and permissible the use of someone else's labor, love of lego for their own mercenary purposes. That's all. I apologize for the difficulties of translation (this is all Google translator).
  3. Nemo57

    [moc] The Pier - 90ies Nostalgia

    Lovely large-scale buildings and cars. Excellent choice of color solutions. The wooden part of the pier very much. Thoughtful and faithful work turned out.
  4. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    10.8, now 6. Text from the author - pavlo Hello! Today in our virtual depot is a long-awaited replenishment: Electric locomotive VL80 (Vladimir Lenin) - a two-section cargo electric locomotive of an alternating current with the axial formula 2 (20-20). Electric locomotives VL80 were built by the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant in the period from 1961 to 1995 - this is the most massive series in the NEVZ series from AC locomotives. Since the mid-1960s, the VL80 was the main freight locomotive on the lines of AC railways of the Soviet Union. Each electric locomotive VL80 from the plant came out composed of two sections, but the scheme of electric locomotives VL80с provides synchronous operation of three or four sections. cargo main electric locomotive VL80 side view, the electric locomotive consists of two sections front view view from above electric locomotive section left view back view right view view from above cab of locomotive, on roof of typhon, searchlight and communication antenna To access the model's cabin, the roof part is removed pantograph to access the battery pack, the roof is removed ... ... but to turn on the BB does not necessarily remove the roof, just click on the technical information front trolley back trolley three-section locomotive
  5. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    Thank you very much for your feedback. The author reads them and is immensely grateful for his criticism and wishes. Maybe I, someday, persuade him to join the wonderful community of train lovers on this forum. TEP70 - teploploz with electric drive of the driving wheels of the passenger. Personally, I believe that this is a unique model in terms of the degree of similarity and use of the traditional style of construction in Lego. Excellent work from Pavlo! !! In the vast expanses of our homeland there are still a lot of non-electrified railways, and when traveling on them you will certainly meet the hero of this narrative, I will say more, it is very likely that he or his modernized version will drive the train you are eating. TEP70 side view view from above cab (on the locomotive two identical cabins) for access inside the part of the roof is removed, the walls of the cabin from the inside are made with traditional green inside, two figures are freely flowered, the handle of the thrust controller as on TEP60 - between the seats (the "handlebar" TEP70 does not fit on the panel) for access to the battery pack, a fragment of the roof is removed (a large WB is lost in the womb of this mastodon, and I completely forgot the signal receiver inside ...) to fix the battery pack made a kind of easily removable frame truck trolley, side view automatic coupler and windrower, unlike the original, do not attach to the frame, but to the kilevka The third axis is mounted on the hinge, which allows the trolley to take steep Legian radii On the recommendation of Nemo 57cs___V34 extended the handrails, and at the same time repainted the model in the more common colors for LEGO colors, but in accordance with the coloring of real locomotives: Passage of turns: the additional axis of the trolley is installed closer to the center of the locomotive, thus it turns out that the axis of rotation of the trolley is in the middle of the trolley, departures at the same time are minimal ... view from the outside of the turn view inside the turn front view Thank you for attention! Until next time! LDD: tep70v111.lxf (model from cubes of common (red and gray) colors) LDD: tep70v110.lxf (model painted in realistic but rare for cubes of LEGO color) Here is a photo in comparison with the original And here is my attempt to build TEP-70 in width 6 (we built it simultaneously with Pavlo, in comparison, we can immediately see how much better the scale is at 8 than 6. Plus, Pavlo's excellent ability to build on 8. And on 6 width it builds well very cool.) Very stylish. As they say, feel the difference !!! proportions. original Pavlo Nemo57
  6. Nemo57

    [MOC] My broken heart.

    Cool done, adult and masterful, especially liked the lack of a mouth in the face, combined with a trained hairdo and such eyes, just a killerly beautiful combination. Then it happened somehow in an unexpected way, touching and sad.
  7. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    Thank you. There is no limit to perfection, I guess . I think that this small model of the tramway from Pavlo is quite recognizable and looks detailed, despite the small width (details will be later). Thank you very much for your feedback. The author of the pavlo does not plan to assemble such a huge car with a length of exactly 100 pins, so the problem of reinforcing the stiffness of the car will fall on the shoulders of those interested in creating this virtual model in cubes. It is obvious that not everyone can realize such big models in reality, but I think that this fact is personally known to you in the affirmative manner of creating super detailed models of the German rolling train.. Personally, I plan to assemble such cars on a smaller scale with a width of 6 pins, using a kindly designed model of the same all-metal wagon from the pavlo. (by the way, this is pro-formally obtained by a length of 50 pins and two base boards with a length of 24 pins are used, which is very convenient). When I gather, I will necessarily share photos with forum users.
  8. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    Thank you so much. All works of Pavlo will be presented in detail.( I apologize for the translator Google.) I waited for the permission of the author and received it. Based on respect for his great talent. I invite all interested to leave comments. Comments of the author are saved from the first person. Perhaps someday, I will persuade him to join this forum, having overcome his inertia. Let's start with a beautiful highly detailed model of a passenger all-metal car with a width of 10 pins. author: pavlo model: compartment CMV - all-metal wagon common in the USSR. The model is not motorized. A model with a width of 10 pins The model is created in the program LEGO Digital Designer. Yes! Yes! Yes! You are absolutely right! The model of the rolling stock with a width of 10 pins is a monster that can stand on the shelf beautifully, but it is unlikely that ever it will go on the train ... But I always wanted to try to make a train or at least a trailer on this scale, especially since such a scale gives an excellent opportunity to make a believable interior, well, that's what happened. Unfortunately, it was not possible to make a full set of cars (reserved seat, sedentary, postal, luggage, restaurant) (there was not enough time or desire), but the compartment one is certainly not perfect, but it is worthy to be put on public trial ... Meet the model of the compartment CMV - 2915 parts: TSMV, view from the non-brake end of the car kind of half-turn, old car - the handrails were not yet sunk into the wall side view from the side of the compartment side view from the side of the aisle view from the brake end of the car, the conductor gives the driver a signal of readiness for departure kind of half-turn on the side of the passage the kind of half-turn on the top from the side of the compartment, judging by the roof equipment - this car without air conditioning for access inside the roof is removed ... .. part of the side wall from the side of the compartment ... and a part of the wall on the side of the passage view from below to the brake line, receiver, etc. Underneath are also boxes with batteries that feed the on-board network of the car in the parking lot on the run the power supply of the car and charging of the batteries is carried out from the generator, the rotation of which is transmitted through the belts from the wheel pair The aluminum car is by itself much stronger than the wooden car, but it can not do without a spinal beam car wagon, suspension spring with telescopic shock absorbers, on each wheel brake shoes As they say "the theater begins with a hanger", and the car from the vestibule: usually everyone gets into the car through the door of the vestibule, located from the brake end of the car, where the stove, titanium and the compartment of the conductors .. when landing from a high platform, open the door ... and when landing from a low platform, we also raise the platform You can also get into the car from the next through the transitional platform and the front door of the car ... We lower the transition platform, open the door and welcome, right at the stop-tap course, to the right of the door to the corridor Well, enough to stamp around the car, let's go already look at the interior. Despite the width of the car at 10 pins, much could not be realized: - there is no handbrake in the tambour - there is no heating system, - doors in the toilets do not open ... But even with all the shortcomings the interior turned out to be very detailed and believable: through the door we get from the vestibule into the corridor ... closing the entrance door we find the door to the toilet, next to her fire extinguisher, a tap with drinking water, to the right of the door to the service compartment, opposite the titanium ... in the toilet toilet, washbasin, mirror, in the corner a cabinet with pipes and manometers ... in the office compartment of the conductor the control panel of the power supply of the car, dish washer, above it a shelf with cups, under the seat a capacious locker ... a long passage, the floor is covered with a carpet, along the windows of the rail ... in the aisle 10 sliding doors: 9 in the passenger compartment (to the left of each plate with the number) and one double compartment for the rest of the conductors ... in each compartment are placed in two tiers of soft seats, each passenger has an individual lamp, above the window cornice, above the door a niche for luggage ... at the window table, the upper seats rise for a person slightly taller than the average is not very comfortable to sit resting his head under the lower shelves of the lockers. at the end of the passage is the same as at the beginning of the transparent door that leads to the small corridor, there is another fire extinguisher and toilet in it. The whistle of the locomotive whistled, the brakes creaked, the train started and slowly left the station under the measured knock of the wheels. For comparison, a few photos of the original Here is the LDD file, courtesy and completely free of charge provided by the author. LDD: kupeynyyvagonsssr.lxf (compartment all-metal car of the USSR)
  9. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    I'm trying to drag a very good builder of trains to EB and everything related to railway construction, pavlo, which lives in the Russian Lego forum. I obtained permission from him, I will now publish his works here. They are valuable in that they cover a diverse railroad park of the USSR / Russia, the work is done in the same style and at different scales (in 6, 8 and 10 widths), have an LDD file, and those who wish can collect these, modelism in the part of railway. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks in advance. First of all, a picture with several of his works. Gradually I will replenish this topic with new models from pavlo
  10. Tell me, please, at least 60 pins on the axes of couplings? And is the width of the object unlimited? And I would not be allowed with the locomotive TEM14, since its length is only 58 pins. But he also very funny goes through the turns of the standard kind.
  11. Nemo57

    DB 200 116

    Great job. Adaptation of the complex form of the original locomotive was carried out by you impeccably, in the style of lego construction of railway equipment. And it's not a drill at all, but a great ability to model.
  12. Significant work. Liked absolutely all the locomotives. Very similar shape, beautiful coloring, stickers - very high quality. Afflicts only one thing, vertical rails are a bit thick. But, as I understand, otherwise they can not be done. Chic models.
  13. Nemo57

    Karlsruhe Tram (GT8-70D/N)

    A beautiful embodiment of a real tram in the Lego. Very stylish and similar.
  14. Nemo57

    What did you buy today?

    Bought a helicopter 4473. It remains to buy up to the complete collection of the city from 2005, inclusive, only one set 7997.
  15. Nemo57

    LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    Great work. Perfectly implemented in the model is a very complex geometry of different angles. Attention to small details is amazing.