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    <p> Greetings. I'm Nemo 57 from Russia. My favorite subject is the city, in particular, the lego of the train. I have a complete collection of the city since 2005 inclusive. We use half a ton of lego. Thank you. </p> <p> I often participate in exhibitions. In the photo below, the exposition of the city is our own development with the son. </p> <p>   </p>

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  1. Nemo57


    Thank you very much. Dizay house fictional, not based on anything. Rather, it is based simply on the desire and sensations of building a large cafe in more or less real sizes, so that the cars against the background of the building do not look huge. And the format of large exhibition buildings at the Lego exhibition itself is more preferable and interesting for viewing. At least I want to think so ... Thank. Indeed, the feeling of summer, and probably joy when communicating in good company with good food. Photos of the inside of the house will be later, as the interior will be finished, but there is enough space, for example, the hotel has 8 rooms. Thank you very much. Here are some quick photos of some houses, but the models require some refinement and, I think, probably, a separate topic for lighting on the forum for each building, because the objects were sufficiently spent, although everything was very simple there. By the way, these houses in the photos below are made on real samples and have, as I immodestly think, a sufficient level of similarity. Maybe. Houses will be completely completed and photographed necessarily, but a little later. Thank you very much. The roof for the sheds was found at random, I realized that we needed some kind of color shed, since the main color of a rustic building is plain dull white, although the facade of the first floor is completely made of sandy green cubes. But, whatever the multi-colored cubes, I did not set as a canopy, they looked quite cumbersome with such a total size and length of the walls of the house. And so there were panels for garages of a transparent bluish color in large numbers, only because it was impossible to use them as window glass in other houses because of the color itself. That's how it turned out and airiness, and joyful color. The top canopy attachments had to be added, because the canopy is too large. It may fall and nail minifigures, which is impermissible in Lego-city !!! By the way, the house took about 150-170 pieces of 1x2x3 sand-green windows.
  2. Nemo57


    My son and I have built several houses for the exhibition, we present to your attention a cafe-restaurant with a small hotel upstairs for weary clients of the establishment. The house is modular, the floors are removable. Inside there is a layout of rooms, stairs, the interior is in the process of execution. Thanks for attention!!! Actually, we have built a little more. I hope for useful comments and suggestions. Thank.
  3. The highest level of modeling !!! Even additional photos of additional details can be viewed as a high art object. Of course, I cannot understand how everything is arranged there, but no one can take away feelings of joy for the appearance of such an accurate and beautiful model for public viewing !!!
  4. Nemo57

    DB Cargo MaK / ABB 6400 in 1:45

    Awesome model accuracy !!!
  5. Nemo57

    [MOC] FR-62-13 diesel locomotive

    Great designs. Fine mechanistic design. You have such a beautiful digital image of the model that the real cubes are definitely not needed. At least, these images are much better than real photos of my real models. Congratulations.
  6. Nemo57

    Moc: DUz 93

    Skillfully designed carriage. Perfect proportions.
  7. Nemo57

    DB 203-112-8

    In fact, you have surpassed the design component of the 3677 set.
  8. Nemo57

    Torpedo Wagon

    Gorgeous view. As well, that turning back was enough for the whole car-torpedoes. And, nevertheless, he goes !!! Congratulations on a successful copy of the model, which coincides with the original.
  9. Nemo57

    Passenger wagons from Spain

    Very neat and similarly made wagons. I was interested in the origin of the window in the transition door at the end of the car.
  10. Nemo57

    [MOC] Space Fish

    Divine work.
  11. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    Thank you. Believe me, it will be very pleasant to see your assembled locomotive or wagon. Try uploading a photo to a third-party drive, for example, to a flickr. LDD. Diesel locomotive 2TE116 with the composition of the pipeline. Hello! The next replenishment of the six-rod rolling stock: diesel locomotives 2TE116 and wagons of a platform for transportation of pipes. "The main directions of the development of the national economy of the USSR for the years 1976-1980" is envisaged to master the production of two-section freight locomotives with a capacity of 8,000 hp. The prototype for creating such locomotives is the locomotive 2TE116, which laid the foundation for the construction of a new family of freight diesel locomotives, the first sample of which was built in 1971. The main two-section diesel locomotive 2ТЭ116 with a capacity of 2 × 3,060 hp, designed for cargo service on the railways of the USSR, was designed by the Diesel locomotive plant named after. October Revolution (Voroshilovgrad) in cooperation with the factories: locomotive diesel locomotive. Kuibyshev (Kolomna), transport engineering them. Malysheva, "Electrotyazhmash" them. Lenin, "Electromashina" (Kharkov) and branch institutes of diesel locomotive building (VNITI) and the Ministry of Railways (Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Railways). "Fantomas" (as the diesel locomotive was nicknamed railwaymen for the characteristic shape of the cabin) was produced at the Lugansk diesel locomotive plant until 2007 - at that time the plant switched to the production of the upgraded version of 2TE116U. locomotive 2TE116 diesel locomotive 2ТЭ116 painted green with yellow stripe locomotive 2ТЭ116 with the composition of short platform cars for transportation of pipes and wood diesel locomotive section left view back view right view front view view from above cabin To access the model's cabin, the roof part is removed To access the battery pack, the roof is removed front trolley back trolley electromechanical equipment of the model, the rear truck is driven by a vertically positioned small motor ... ... the front carriage is driven by the same motor, but located horizontally The simple system of gears inside the trolley is the same for the front and rear trolleys view from the bottom, from this perspective you can see that the drive is placed on all three axles of the trolley bottom view as a rule, the locomotive is operated in the form of two sections, connected in a single locomotive side view view from above 2TE116 in a more modern blue color scheme with a white stripe side view view from above for comparison: VL80, 2TE116, ChME3 short platform car for transportation of pipes and scaffolding side view half-turned view end view view from above 2TE116 of a later modification with a low arrangement of buffer lights and air conditioning on the roof of the cabin 2TE116 with the composition of long platform cars for the transportation of pipes section 2TE116 of a later modification, buffer lights are installed below side view changed the equipment on the roof of the cabin, there was an air conditioner for comparison: sections of early and late modification of the locomotive long wagon-platform for transportation of pipes side view end view view from above Thank you for your attention! Until next time! LDD: vagon.lxf (wagon for transportation pipe (second embodiment)) LDD: 2te116snizkimraspolozheniembuf.lxf (Section locomotive later 2TE116 (low buffer location of lights, and air conditioning to the cab roof)) LDD: vagon.lxf (flatcar for transportation of pipes) LDD: 2te116.lxf (Section of diesel locomotive 2TE116 in green color) LDD: 2te116siniy.lxf (Diesel locomotive 2TE116 in blue coloring)
  12. Nemo57

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    If, in view of the categorical response of the company's representative, it is not possible that there will be no adapters from the new system to the old PF system, can one be asked to provide adapters from the new system to, for example, the 9V system, and then, indirectly, a complete and harmonious connection of all systems , both old and new. Given that the adapters from 9V to PF were from the company itself. Thank you.
  13. Nemo57

    Trains from pavlo.

    You are welcome. Thank you very much for your feedback. By the way, TEM7A yu is built from real cubes by one user according to the instructions of the pavlo. Looks very good. We are waiting for you and photos of real models built. The author and I will be very pleased to see this.
  14. Nemo57

    SJ Da 939

    Well, I think you can always find something cult and interesting in any country.