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  1. [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Work on the truck stop continues: Click the link for a bigger image. This is based on the biggest truck stop in my home town, currently a Circle K (formerly a Statoil station). It's not the most spectacular location in the world, but it has three diesel pumps for trucks, four multifunction pumps for cars, bathrooms, trailer- and van rental, a car wash, etc. I've done it up in Octan colors because they're easy to remember. I haven't gotten started on the interior just yet, except for blocking out the rooms etc, will need to study more official sets and things before I get cracking on that.
  2. [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Time for a bit of a WIP: This is the business end of a truck stop I've started working on, to give my trucks somewhere to refuel. It's modular in construction (not quite in the same way as the modular buildings are though), and built in sections that are six (basically the pump sections), ten (the roof inbetween the pumps), and two (the end sections) studs wide, allowing extension to the kind of massive ten- or twelve bay (or bigger!) truck stop fueling stations I found when I was looking for inspiration. It is of course done up in the "Octan Energy" color scheme, and uses modified gas pumps from LEGO's official 60016 Tanker truck - I shortened the pump to fit on a 2x4 by removing the refilling cap thingy, changed the attachment of the refueling handle, and added some color to the top to indicate natural gas (blue) and diesel (yellow). It looks from some of the pics I've found online that I should change the yellow to green though. I'll make another version for regular cars which has a gasoline pump later, I think. Maybe a three-mode where I use one yellow, one green and one blue brick at the top? After that I will of course have to make a decent-sized main building for this, with a convenience store at one end, and an eatery at the other, Anyway, now that I've made the *easy* part, does anyone have any suggestions? An LXF for what I've built so far is available on request, didn't want to upload the unfinished version unnecessarily.
  3. [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Finally got back to actually playing with this again, I was running on a too small CPU fan for a while and it wouldn't have been a good idea to try and render anything until I got a decent one installed. As a warm-up I started building up some official LEGO City semi-trucks to get a feel for how they go together, which went fine until I got to the recent Mobile Command Center truck, 60139. The tractor unit from that is so short it kind of breaks the rules on how semi-tractors are put together to allow full articulation of the trailer, and if you try to use a different trailer on it, you're kind of stuck. So I rebuilt it: LXF file All I've really done to it is stretch it two studs, then moved the rear axles half a stud forward again by replacing the 1 x 4 axle units with 2x2 parts. And added rear lights, because the original set was missing those. Personally, I think this looks like it's supposed to be a Scania T-series - an earlier model of it from before they started slanting the hood so much.
  4. [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    That traffic police car makes me think of a 50s or 60s Yellow Cab, but it's a little too short to easily modify for seating a figure in the back. :( Five-wide is an interesting scale though. A lot more difficult to build than the standard 4- and 6-wide, I sometimes look at these things and wonder how many of the studs in there are actually facing upwards in proportion to the other directions...
  5. [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    I can hear the theme song playing as I look at that... Good job!
  6. [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    I'm not sure whether to post the LXF file for this, as it's another MOD based really heavily on work by custombricksets: Basically, I built a lowboy trailer based on Smigol's from Flickr, which was excellent (not entirely 100% buildable in LDD, but close enough), and then tried attaching it to custombricksets' Scania Heavy Load Truck that he posted to his Youtube channel a couple of months back. Except it wouldn't fit - custombricksets had put the fifth wheel two studs too far forward, and it was two plates too high as well. So I rebuilt the entire back end of the vehicle, including converting it from 2 + 2 axles (which I couldn't find real life pics of) to 1+3 axles (much easier to find), and lowering it the two required plates. And fitting in a 2 x 2 round plate under the round tile so that the hook fits properly. I'll probably wait to post the LXF until I've built my own cab for it as well and made it completely mine, but I figure a picture should be OK to post.
  7. [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    I'm well aware of Extended Mode, I just only use it when I'm forced to because I need something that I know exists in real life but that isn't available in normal mode. Like the 2x2 turntables and such. It really helps make sure that my models are actually buildable in real life, because the Extended Mode would let you do stuff like build the whole model in weird colors which have ridiculously limited parts selection in real life. Also, I tend to use the "filter by color" tool instead of painting with the bucket most of the time. I'm currently working on a cargo handling facility to dock my trailers at, which is looking promising. I just have to stop trying to make them in realistic scale, because 8 trailer docks x 10 studs wide (the trucks are 9 wide over the mirrors) = an 80-stud wide building...
  8. [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Thank you! Working on some less plain trailers at the moment, attempting to use various techniques I found for making containers. Also trying to restrict myself to bricks that actually exist, which makes things difficult since LDD doesn't have a complete color table for some parts. I also need to work on some more truck cabs... In the mean time, have a fire engine (clickable image this time): LXF File This is entirely a MOC from one end to the other, a Swedish Scania P-series fire truck as used by my local fire department. In Sweden, the national organizations for fire fighters and for municipalities got together decades ago to bash out some standard layouts for fire engines, which today are known as the BAS system. This in particular is either a BAS 1 or BAS 3, the difference is whether all the wheels are powered or not. I'm not entirely happy with this as it stands, the equipment locker proportions are way off (it should essentially be a six-wide in front of the axle, and a three-wide behind it, but those frames and shutter pieces only come in one with and it would have looked way too short if I only used one locker in front of the axle). Also, the most recent versions of these have the ladders in encapsulated bins on top which slide over the rear edge and hinge down for access, which I couldn't replicate in this scale. But at least it looks more like a real fire engine than the official stuff... :) Oh, and since fire departments in Sweden tend to pick one supplier of the automotive components and then stick to them for their entire fleet of heavy vehicles, I ended up getting a lot of mileage out of that cabin. I'll share some more of those later.
  9. After some fits and starts with figuring out the render process and the like, I'm finally ready to post some of my work. Let's start with something kind of plain, and see where it goes: LXF File This is a full-length European-style truck and dolly/trailer combination, based heavily on the "LEGO City Scania Truck Instructions" video by "custombricksets" (the front of the cab mainly), and the official 3221 Delivery Truck set for the trailer, but with my own flair on it (three axles and a ball socket at the back so you can connect another dolly if you want), and the truck has a ramp that's based on a MOC by Are Helseldal I found on LEGO Ideas. It's built to a 1 stud = 40 cm scale, which works out to six studs wide, and 62.5 studs long for a 2.5 x 25 meter truck, which is pretty much spot on. The truck is around 28 studs long, the trailer is 33, and there's 1.5 studs of room between the ramp and the trailer.
  10. I'm trying to work out the "proper" length scale for my various 6-wide trucks and trailers to make sure they look realistically proportioned, and after talking to my dad (who is a retired long-haul trucker) and looking at the actual regs for truck myself, it turns out that European trucks are actually built from modules to make it easier to satisfy all the rules - and these rules are built around 80 x 120 cm cargo pallets, that will fit either two or three in width inside the cargo box. My immediate thought was that if you then go by exterior scale only, and assume the real trucks have negligible thickness of the walls, you can basically use 2 x 3 tiles to represent the cargo pallets, and determine the length in studs fairly simply by counting the number of pallets that fits. In Europe, the standard modules are 7.2 meters (for 18 pallets), which translates to 6 x 18 studs; and 13.6 meters (for 33 pallets), which translates to 33 studs. The entire vehicle including all trailers is normally limited to 25.25 meters, which is 63.125 studs. Basically, it has to fit on two 32 x 32 baseplates, and it's road legal in the EU. In Canada, they allow trailers up to 16.2 meters, which is 40.5 studs - I'd call it 40, easier to work with as that's two 6 x 16 and one 6 x 8 plate, and a 23 meter total vehicle length restriction (57.5 studs). The US regs are confusing, because all the ones I can find are for *minimum* lengths. A single trailer has a federal minimum length of 48 feet, which translates to 36 studs; some states have old trailers that conform to longer form factors (up to 59 feet, which would be 40 studs!) They also have a minimum length of 28 feet (21 studs) per trailer in a multi-trailer rig. And of course there are the exceptions, for when your cargo doesn't fit in neat packages. All of this assumes that you're comfortable with minifig-scale fudging, by the way - once you put siding on your trailer there's no way to actually stick that many 2 x 3 tiles in there... (Now, to rebuild my truck MOCs to fit the correct lengths...)
  11. I've been working on building 6-wide trucks in LDD since rediscovered the joy of LEGO again, but I'm rapidly running out of patience for the limitations of that scale (namely, you can have nice looking wheels or structural stability, but not both) so I thought I'd turn to the old Model Team sets for inspiration instead. Lots easier to build 12 or 14-wide, right? Except there's a major snag in that none of the old classic Model Team sets are buildable in LDD due to using the old Technic Plates with rounded ends and holes in them instead of the Technic Half Beams, and all the MOCs I can find instructions for are radio controlled, which I'm not all that interested in and which are a pain in the neck to build in LDD. I'm satisfied with a nice display piece which I can modify to show various truck configurations. Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice and easy MOC or official LEGO set I can use to as a base for some mostly static builds in 12-14 wide using the Model Team wheels, so I can get some idea of how steering and stuff fits together now?
  12. Greetings from Sweden!

    Thanks for the reply! Nice to know you guys actually have a tag for that, it's been so long since I looked up the glossary I'd forgotten there was a MOD tag too. I know what you mean about inspiration - I've been looking at official instructions and modding them to suit my needs because why reinvent the wheel? Also, speaking of trucks, I found an official set (3321 Delivery Truck) that hadn't been built in LDD for some reason, but apparently I need a Brickshelf account to post it, and of course it's giving a server error when I try to register for one. :( Update: Of course I wasn't finding the set in the list, I had the wrong number. It's 3221, not 3321. And it's been done twice and better than mine, so no point posting it again... :(
  13. Greetings from Sweden!

    Hi! I'm Winchester, and I've been building Lego off and on since the 80s, until I gave away most of my collection (it wasn't that huge) to a daycare center for lack of space (and lack of enough parts to actually build anything decent) back in 2000-ish. Recently I'm starting to get back into the hobby though through digital means - Lego on the computer has the distinct advantage of me not being able to lose pieces to the carpet monster or vacuum cleaner, and I'll never have to be afraid of stepping on a brick again. I tell myself that every time I start missing the feel of physical bricks... :) I'm currently building a lot of trucks and fire engines and things - one of my neighbors is a former fire fighter, and my father is a retired long-haul trucker, which helps fuel my interest. I'd love to post some of my MOCs, but I'm not sure what the local definition of plagiarism is (basically, will I get hammered if I post the truck-dolly-trailer rig I just made because is uses the cab of a rather recognizable semi-tractor MOC I found online?) plus I can't really make instruction videos like the people I've been cribbing from do.... :)