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  1. Winchester

    From to Blender.

    Decided to try building a double modular from an official set, and discovered that at some point in the recent past, has added limits to the number of bricks you can use from a palette generated from an official set by default. I.e. if the official set only has one white 1x6 plate, then one white 1x6 plate is all you can pick from the palette and then it goes away. That, as far as I remember, didn't use to be the case last time I built an official set in, and I'd very much like to revert to the old behavior of unlimited bricks, just from the limited selection. Anyone know how to do this? Edit: How did this end up in *this* thread, I was looking at a more general thread...
  2. Winchester

    Pictorial Review: 8860 Car Chassis

    This review brings back such nostalgia. There may have been multiple released versions of this set, because it was on sale for a very long time in LEGO terms (eight years, as it wasn't replaced until 1988), and I got mine in 1987. I'm pretty sure I remember building mine with black pins (the friction kind) for most of the chassis, as opposed to the grey ones from the original release. I can't prove this anymore, since all my Lego and all the instruction scraps I still owned were given away twenty years ago.
  3. Winchester

    [MOC] Turning 60051 into a *real* Inter-City Express

    I felt a little inspired, so I made some changes to the train to make it into a Eurostar train instead of an ICE - more color variation is always good, right? :) I've revised the window layout radically, as well as the roof of the train. The Eurostar, while being based on the same train as the ICE 3, is double the length - I haven't found references for all the car types yet, so I haven't built more than the first four though, and even the ones I have built aren't completely finished. This train is *definitely* a static display piece, because in order to get the doors into their proper locations, there's a bunch things that hang on only a single stud that would *not* agree with trying to go around any kind of bend. :)
  4. Winchester

    [MOC] Turning 60051 into a *real* Inter-City Express

    Thanks for the feedback. Just to re-iterate though - this is meant as a scale model to match some of my other work, it's not meant as a practical "can go around a standard Lego track" play set. Getting it to look accurate was my primary consideration throughout the build - that's why the cars have their own boogies, and why I bothered designing the coupling method the way I did. I do use Jacobs boogies where it is appropriate to do so - it just wasn't for this particular train. (The Horizon express on the other hand... though not for the whole set, as the first three boogies at each end of the train are similar to these in real life). For some reason, I can't resist building everything ridiculously huge in LDD - I have a fire station that would fill half my living room if I built it in real life; with 20 different vehicles and a 3-story office-and-barracks building with conference rooms, a dispatch central, and a gymnasium; I've been working off and on for some time on a truck cargo terminal that looks like it's going to be just as monstrous in size; and if I ever build a train station don't expect it to fit in your average house...
  5. Winchester

    [MOC] Dome Car for 60197

    I need those train fronts in LDD... :) Very nice dome car, I wish they'd sell the cars separately though.
  6. Winchester

    [MOC] Turning 60051 into a *real* Inter-City Express

    I don't know how useful it would be for an actual motorized train, LDD says you can only get 11 and a bit degrees of bend out of the whole assembly and it will probably be quite stiff to bend in the first place, but I've made a close-up picture for you. Basically the bottom of the hinge is a 4x4 plate with two jumpers arranged as shown. The top of the hinge is two 2x2 round tiles with one stud, which hold the cylinder halves together; and which in turn are held in place by the center pin of the roof piece. The cylinder halves come in 2 brick and 5 brick heights, I used one of each basically because it fit rather perfectly once I had it together. It should be possible to modify the construction to provide a two-stud gap between the train cars, by putting the pivot points at the edges of the cylinder (use 2x1 jumpers at the top, and use a 2x1 plate to interface with the jumper at the bottom), which should give the train a whole lot more ability to bend - but it will still be kind of stiff due to the joints being jumper plates.
  7. Winchester

    [MOC] Turning 60051 into a *real* Inter-City Express

    If you mean color variations (because the real trains are used in at least three different liveries that I can name off hand, and possibly a few more that I've forgotten about), then yes, I've already worked out how to do a few. Problem is, they're digital only, because that train front only exists in white. :( If you mean older versions of the same style, sure, now that I know how to do the coupling mechanism, there's nothing stopping me from doing something very similar with 7879, which looks very much like an older version of this anyway. I've also done an extended version of the Horizon Express, but it's not full length like this just yet, though it does have appropriate boogies (the real train has shared boogies between most of the cars, only the first and second cars from each end have non-shared boogies). Here's a set of rails with an overhead power transfer system I made a while back, working out how to do that was an interesting exercise to be sure. Also featured are the original 60051 and 7879 with some extra cars to make them longer. I've also done some work on rolling stock for cargo trains, here's a set of European-style trailer transport cars I made, easily converted into double-decker container carrier cars for full size freight containers (just add sides...) They actually fit under the same overhead lines as the other trains, at least with just trailers loaded. I have a US style flatbed car for trailer transport as well, but that doesn't work on electrified European railroads.
  8. Winchester

    [MOC] Turning 60051 into a *real* Inter-City Express

    Ah thanks, I wasn't working from any kind of references for that, just a half remembered "didn't I see this somewhere?". It doesn't really belong on that train anyway, I just did it for fun to work out how. :) From the look of those profiles, ICE 1 would be a lot easier to do as a motorized train than ICE 3, not only are the motor cars just motor cars, they also have the extended boogies that look like the Lego train motors already. That saves a lot of trouble.
  9. Winchester

    [MOC] Turning 60051 into a *real* Inter-City Express

    It's not meant for a standard Lego layout, those have problems even with the length of cars that Lego designs themselves. This is a scale model, meant for scale track layouts, with turn radii in the hundreds of studs. If I've done my math right, the full eight car train can bend somewhere around 80 degrees, maybe as much as 90 - in four meters of track. Which sounds about right compared to the real thing. Also, I didn't motorize it at all, so it's basically a static model.
  10. I really liked the *idea* of 60051, it has sleek modern lines and everything you want in a modern high speed train... except due to Lego's format, it's way short. It's not just five cars short of a full train, the cars themselves are basically half their scale length. So I decided to fix it: Problem number one with the train set, if you want to use it to replicate an ICE-3 (which is what it's closest to looking like unmodded), is that the length of the cars are way short. So I fixed that, by using two 6x24 train baseplates for the end cars, and two 6x28 train baseplates for all the other cars. That netted me a length of about 58-59 studs per car, which is very close to 1/50 scale. It also gives more room to work with for an interior (which I haven't made yet). Problem number two with it is that the real train has really close connections between the cars, and 60051 as built has not just a 1 stud air gap, but the airlock thingies add another two studs to the total. This took a bunch of revision before I hit on a decent method, and I'm still not entirely satisfied with it. Basically I did away with the magnets entirely, and the actual coupling between the train cars is a 4x4 round plate that sits on a jumper on each train car, with another jumper on the same axis at the top connected to the roof of the train. In real life, it would probably be too stiff for use on an actual track, but it *will* bend, and it's the closest I've been able to manage at this point. But the result of it is that the connection between the cars is reduced to 1 stud in length, and there's no air gap at all. And problem number three was that there wasn't enough cars. The real train has eight cars - two end cars (one first, one second class), three regular passenger cars without a pantograph (one first, two second class); two passenger cars with a pantograph (one of each class); and the bistro car. I've so far made the end cars, the regular cars, and the pantograph-equipped ones, and the Bistro car is up next. But I also decided to have some fun and make the double-decker car that some of the older ICE trains had. It uses a brick-built base, so there's no edge "skirt" around the top of the boogies unlike the others, which is a thing I'd like to fix if I can, but I am fresh out of ideas for that...
  11. Winchester

    [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Work on the truck stop continues: Click the link for a bigger image. This is based on the biggest truck stop in my home town, currently a Circle K (formerly a Statoil station). It's not the most spectacular location in the world, but it has three diesel pumps for trucks, four multifunction pumps for cars, bathrooms, trailer- and van rental, a car wash, etc. I've done it up in Octan colors because they're easy to remember. I haven't gotten started on the interior just yet, except for blocking out the rooms etc, will need to study more official sets and things before I get cracking on that.
  12. Winchester

    [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Time for a bit of a WIP: This is the business end of a truck stop I've started working on, to give my trucks somewhere to refuel. It's modular in construction (not quite in the same way as the modular buildings are though), and built in sections that are six (basically the pump sections), ten (the roof inbetween the pumps), and two (the end sections) studs wide, allowing extension to the kind of massive ten- or twelve bay (or bigger!) truck stop fueling stations I found when I was looking for inspiration. It is of course done up in the "Octan Energy" color scheme, and uses modified gas pumps from LEGO's official 60016 Tanker truck - I shortened the pump to fit on a 2x4 by removing the refilling cap thingy, changed the attachment of the refueling handle, and added some color to the top to indicate natural gas (blue) and diesel (yellow). It looks from some of the pics I've found online that I should change the yellow to green though. I'll make another version for regular cars which has a gasoline pump later, I think. Maybe a three-mode where I use one yellow, one green and one blue brick at the top? After that I will of course have to make a decent-sized main building for this, with a convenience store at one end, and an eatery at the other, Anyway, now that I've made the *easy* part, does anyone have any suggestions? An LXF for what I've built so far is available on request, didn't want to upload the unfinished version unnecessarily.
  13. Winchester

    [MOC]/[MOD] Winchester's 6-wide trucks and things

    Finally got back to actually playing with this again, I was running on a too small CPU fan for a while and it wouldn't have been a good idea to try and render anything until I got a decent one installed. As a warm-up I started building up some official LEGO City semi-trucks to get a feel for how they go together, which went fine until I got to the recent Mobile Command Center truck, 60139. The tractor unit from that is so short it kind of breaks the rules on how semi-tractors are put together to allow full articulation of the trailer, and if you try to use a different trailer on it, you're kind of stuck. So I rebuilt it: LXF file All I've really done to it is stretch it two studs, then moved the rear axles half a stud forward again by replacing the 1 x 4 axle units with 2x2 parts. And added rear lights, because the original set was missing those. Personally, I think this looks like it's supposed to be a Scania T-series - an earlier model of it from before they started slanting the hood so much.
  14. Winchester

    [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    That traffic police car makes me think of a 50s or 60s Yellow Cab, but it's a little too short to easily modify for seating a figure in the back. :( Five-wide is an interesting scale though. A lot more difficult to build than the standard 4- and 6-wide, I sometimes look at these things and wonder how many of the studs in there are actually facing upwards in proportion to the other directions...
  15. Winchester

    [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    I can hear the theme song playing as I look at that... Good job!