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    This model was in my todolist for a long time, but I guess you are faster than me Anyway, you did perfectly, and all I have to do now is waiting for instructions
  2. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    Another great MOC by charbel. Well done !
  3. Nico71's Creations

    Congratulations Nico71 for this new creation. I'm also a huge fan of this old NSX. I can't wait to have the partlists to begin this amazing model ! Will you post it on rebrickable ?
  4. [MOC] 31070 alternate Porsche

    I built your Porsche, thanks again for sharing your LDD files
  5. Nebulaire's workshop

    The truck is done and well loaded Featuring : Porsche 964 convertible by Paave 42022 C-model by Jensbrix And also a roadster by Frantisek Hajdekr (kind of a 42022 c model also) and a 42010 C model by tomik
  6. Of course I can wait. Take your time, i'm not in a hurry I'm ok for the partlist, thanks
  7. Can't wait to see it on tyres ! Can you share you LDD file ? I want to building your go kart !
  8. [MOC] 31070 alternate Porsche

    If you can make this LDD file, I'm interested. I ordered this set and I want to build your Porsche :-)
  9. It looks very mad, great work !
  10. Nebulaire's workshop

    I started building the 42009 D model from mrtekneex yesterday. Building installation : Where I left things yesterday evening : I hope I could continue building it tonight
  11. Spotted this amazing 42056 one set moc in a Lego convention closed to Paris this week-end :
  12. I agree about the size of the wheel. Your charger looks like a low rider with those wheels/tyres. Why don't you try to fit the rear tyres of the 42050 to make you charger like a drag charger ?
  13. Nebulaire's workshop

    Thanks guys This week, I built the 42069. It tooks more time to build it, because of non numbered bags ! On the sheld with the mystery machine : Next project : Build the 42009 Dmodel car transporter to put the Porsche 964 by Paave on it !
  14. Hello, I start this topic to share with all my work with Lego : MOD MOC Reproducing your MOC Bargain on buying/selling The Lego convention I participated on To begin, please find a MOD of the mystery machine. I modified this nice and gentle van into a Carmaggedon version : I like the thumbler tyres, they fit very well to the Mystery Machine ! Hope you enjoy
  15. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    I like your ideas, keep going on