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  1. Nebulaire

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    Really nice entry. The motor is awesome, I'm working on a drag school bus on the same scale, I will put your motor into my bus, thanks !
  2. Nebulaire

    Ferrari F12

    Did DDE ask you to built it ?
  3. It looks sick, well done ! Definitely looks like the TJ Hunt one, except for the wing !
  4. Nebulaire

    [MOC] US Truck

    This thing is crazy and very nicely done. Even the idea of wanting to built a truck that can carry the 42096 is crazy. Can't wait for your next built, since you level up each time !
  5. It worth trying it !
  6. Have you tried corvette tires on the mustang wheels ? You should get a nice stretch tire.
  7. Nebulaire

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    it looks amazing, the inventory is cool and the new brake rotor are just
  8. Nebulaire

    [Moc] Datsun 240z

    This thing is amasing well done. The wheels look like some rims from Rotiform !
  9. Nebulaire

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Nope, just like you, I wait...
  10. Nebulaire

    [MOC] RC itasha tuner "2BX" + video

    Totally agree with you ! @Syclone : great work, the result is amazing. I think you could improve the wing, your current wing is bit empty. It is possible to have more picture of the turbo ? If you doesn't mind, I have a Lego V10 in a dragbus and I would love to add two of your turbos !
  11. Nebulaire

    Show us your Working Place

    You have a lot of Lego pieces ! It is nice to see how organized you are. But the video is a bit too much detailled for me. I would prefer to see the whole room with the sets and MOCS exposed in it.
  12. Nebulaire

    Scania Next Generation S730

    It looks amazing. you now have my vote !
  13. Nebulaire

    [MOC] Island Living : Her Quiet Place

    Very nice little scene, good job !
  14. Nebulaire

    Fourteen module-wide offroader

    It looks very good !
  15. Nebulaire

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Can't wait to put 42050 tires on it !