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  1. Nebulaire

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    I'll be at the paris motor show thursday, can't wait to see it ! I think i'm gonna start by visiting the Lego stand.
  2. Nebulaire

    MOC - Reachstacker terminal truck

    I've started a topic on all I'm doing in Lego : I need to update it, I finished the wagon, built a 20' green container, a 20' blue container and a 40' LBG container. I try to make a whole rail/road thing.
  3. Nebulaire

    MOC - Reachstacker terminal truck

    Nice work, I currently have the same project. I'm also working on a reach steack on a bigger scale. Your MOC is built with some nice ideas and I might use some of those to built my version of a reach steacker.
  4. Nebulaire

    MOC Lancia Stratos - an alternate build of 42056

    Amazing C model, great job. Et thanks for the instructions
  5. Nebulaire

    Nebulaire's workshop

    Wagon is almost done : I need to order stickers to put the number of the wagon and this moc will be done. I was able to find a mack for a decent price, it will fit perfectly with my wagon. I order parts to built a green container and a blue one ! I hope I can expose in 2019 this railway scene.
  6. Nebulaire

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Your moc is awesome, congratulations for your job ! There are so many clever details !
  7. @Steph : Can't wait to see the final version of this MOD. Good idea for the 4 cylinders. Maybe you can add a turbo ? I think the best modification to do concern the wheel arches. Can't you find the new wheel arches panel ?
  8. Congrat's for your moc, it look great !
  9. Nebulaire

    [MOC] Trial Contest Truck

    Very fun to play with : My 42065 will remember it
  10. Great job. Possible that you share the LDD file with us ?
  11. Nebulaire

    LEGO RC Fiat Panda 4x4

    Nice try but you should use the tires from 42024 set. Do you plan to improve the ground clearence ? It is a big issue for such a vehicule.
  12. Thanks ! I also use trans clear rims for the two other motorbikes you made. This photo was taken in the puissance brick (means pwoer of the brick in French) whitch took place in Montereau (90km south east of Paris) during May 2k18. I also exposed this bikes in a Lego convention in Reims (France) in march. I have 2 or 3 more conventions this year in France.
  13. I forgot to post this : Thank for everything ! And don't worry : all credits during Lego convention are for you
  14. Nebulaire

    Nebulaire's workshop

    While I'm waiting for a better idea for a bulk container, I built Paave's trial truck : Can't wait to get back to my reach steacker build !