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  1. It looks very mad, great work !
  2. Nebulaire's workshop

    I started building the 42009 D model from mrtekneex yesterday. Building installation : Where I left things yesterday evening : I hope I could continue building it tonight
  3. Spotted this amazing 42056 one set moc in a Lego convention closed to Paris this week-end :
  4. I agree about the size of the wheel. Your charger looks like a low rider with those wheels/tyres. Why don't you try to fit the rear tyres of the 42050 to make you charger like a drag charger ?
  5. Nebulaire's workshop

    Thanks guys This week, I built the 42069. It tooks more time to build it, because of non numbered bags ! On the sheld with the mystery machine : Next project : Build the 42009 Dmodel car transporter to put the Porsche 964 by Paave on it !
  6. Hello, I start this topic to share with all my work with Lego : MOD MOC Reproducing your MOC Bargain on buying/selling The Lego convention I participated on To begin, please find a MOD of the mystery machine. I modified this nice and gentle van into a Carmaggedon version : I like the thumbler tyres, they fit very well to the Mystery Machine ! Hope you enjoy
  7. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    I like your ideas, keep going on
  8. I ordered mine today for 100€ on amazon. Can't wait to receive it !
  9. I'm impressed by this moc, well done !
  10. BMW vision M power

    I love how you design the ///M logo
  11. Awesome big foot, great job again ! Hope you plan to make instructions
  12. Thanks, but I won't cover these gaps because they do exist on real race trucks (in Europe) Thanks, but I don't think so, but that's could be a good idea. I changed the title sorry for the mistake. Thank you I will work on a closed cabin
  13. Hello, I modded the Lego Technic 42041 Race truck. Here are the modifications : Full black color with grey pin's New exhaust Trucks wheels (2 in the front and 4 in the back with a modify rear axle) French flag on the front intercooler Yellow and red colore on the back intercooler (in reference to the Wroclaw's speedway club) Differents curved 3x11 panels on side One stud lowered trailer attached Some pic's