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  1. Nebulaire

    Scania Next Generation S730

    Amazing truck, congratulations
  2. Nebulaire


    Really cool MOC good job !
  3. I absolutely love it. Is it a one set moc from the Speed Champion Ferrari F40 ? Do you think it is possible that you share the LDD file ?
  4. Nebulaire

    REVIEW: 75895 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0

    Same method for me !
  5. I read all your topic, and all I have to say is congratulations ! I am a big fan of your work.
  6. I got the same idea !
  7. I agree with you, 42077 has some Mégane coupe in its design !
  8. I didn't notice anything on my parts.
  9. This is my attempt on modifiy the 42077 : All the red and white parts of the body have been replaced by dark blue azur parts and the wheel and the wing are black now. I added some light in the front and the intercooler is now from the right color. The exhaust is chrome now. The HOG is now gone, I replaced it by a blue working steering wheel :
  10. Nebulaire

    Motorised Transformer Monster Truck

    Amazing work, Well done!
  11. Nebulaire

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I've made my best bargain during this summer. I buy all these sets for 750€ on : And I sold all of them to one guy for 1400€ a week after
  12. Nebulaire

    [MOC] McLaren 720S

    Bravo pour cette construction ! Comme dit sur YouTube, intègres une école d'ingénieur, bosse ton anglais et fais un stage chez Lego !
  13. Nebulaire

    [MOC] Lego technic repair shop

    I spent some time working on the coffee corner : I've made a table, two chairs with GT3RS seats, and I began the table : Also, some Star Wars heads on display :
  14. Nebulaire

    [MOC] Tow Truck MkII

    I'm impressed by your work, congratulations
  15. Nebulaire

    [MOC] Lego technic repair shop

    Thanks. I was also thinking to add a small furniture to diplay some thing such as a trophey, some automotive goodies and why not adding a bit of star wars things such as the head of dark vador in the 75111 set.