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  1. [WIP] Reach steacker

    I know and this is what I'm looking for. I'm sorry but my english is not so well, what do you call "a friction gear" ?
  2. [WIP] Reach steacker

    Yesterday, I finished the rear axle and the steering : Fit quickly an IR recepteur and a battery box. It drives ! It was pleasant to play a bit with it. Steering is a bit tricky since M motor is direcly connected to the steering rack. I think I need to rebuilt the rear axle to make it more simple but stronger and to reduce the speed of the m motor.
  3. I like this set, I think I'll buy somedays. I can't wait to see a MOD without gaps around the wheels.
  4. [WIP] Reach steacker

    Yesterday, I received missing parts for direction and for the fake motor : I also received the power fonction, still need to order an Sbrick : Let's get back to work : Here is the V3 of the chassis with XL motor for driving, M motor for steering and the fake engine between the two axles just like real reach steacker : Now I have to finish the steering : I still have a good clearence for steering :
  5. [WIP] Reach steacker

    Thanks, I try to build a strong chassis, that's why i used a lot a liftarms. The chassis will be partially rebuilt because i figured out that the motor needs to be mounted between the two axles. To be continued.
  6. [WIP] Reach steacker

    My first chassis was too weak, so i decided to rebuilt one this week-end : This time, the chassis is strong, especialy the rear axle support : This allows a good clearence for steering I was able to mount an XL for driving and a M for steering : I have this sepcification for the engine and its placement on the chassis Update coming soon !
  7. Fan of the mid v10 and of the gear box but not fan of the design.
  8. Hello, I'd like to present you my first Lego technic project. I've done already some MOD but I had never started a project from scratch. I want to build a reach steacker, just like those used in rail/road terminals. My work is to manage road/rail trains, I see reach steackers every day, that's why I choose to build one. I have started with the chassis and the front axle (don't mind about the color of parts) : I need to build the rear axle. I've order few parts to move on. I also need to do some research about the position of the motor and the number of cylinders. I'm intend to motorize it with one XL for propulsion and one M for direction. Feel free to comment, any help is accepted
  9. Agree for the tyres ! Great work, great moc, love the mean look ! I love how it is slammed to the ground ! Hope you will make instructions !
  10. [MOC] Truck 6x6

    Simple but very efficient ! Nice work, great moc, I like the design.
  11. 42054 or 42069?

    Definitely agreed with lvdh
  12. Stanced Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    The main goal of adding Camber is being able put some larger wheel. So camber with stock wheel is useless. If you want to stanced your Porsche, try to set up an airride, and add larger wheel or even better try to build and RWB kit with a duck tail.
  13. I'm stunned ! Great job, hope i can' build it soon !
  14. It is a very nice wip, i can't wait to see it finished.