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  1. Congrat's for your moc, it look great !
  2. Very fun to play with : My 42065 will remember it
  3. Great job. Possible that you share the LDD file with us ?
  4. Nebulaire

    LEGO RC Fiat Panda 4x4

    Nice try but you should use the tires from 42024 set. Do you plan to improve the ground clearence ? It is a big issue for such a vehicule.
  5. Thanks ! I also use trans clear rims for the two other motorbikes you made. This photo was taken in the puissance brick (means pwoer of the brick in French) whitch took place in Montereau (90km south east of Paris) during May 2k18. I also exposed this bikes in a Lego convention in Reims (France) in march. I have 2 or 3 more conventions this year in France.
  6. I forgot to post this : Thank for everything ! And don't worry : all credits during Lego convention are for you
  7. Nebulaire

    Nebulaire's workshop

    While I'm waiting for a better idea for a bulk container, I built Paave's trial truck : Can't wait to get back to my reach steacker build !
  8. Finally able to build your truck : Good job, it is very fun to play with
  9. Nebulaire

    Show us your Working Place

    Like how every set is well placed. Hope that nothing will fall out.
  10. Your models looks very nice, good idea
  11. It could be a 42006 ?
  12. You should definitely make instructions or ldd for this amazing moc. I'll be more than happy to build it.
  13. Nebulaire

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Great job, and yeah Nice background !
  14. Nebulaire

    Harbor Container Crane

    Nice idea for the twist lock. You should built your crane on the scale of the mack, that's what I'm doing.