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  1. It looks very nice in black and white !
  2. Nebulaire

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Very nice progession during all those years of Lego !
  3. Very nice job ! Did you consider making the Mansory 6x6 version instead ?
  4. Nebulaire

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Same for me, thanks !
  5. Nebulaire

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    I'll be at the paris motor show thursday, can't wait to see it ! I think i'm gonna start by visiting the Lego stand.
  6. Nebulaire

    MOC - Reachstacker terminal truck

    I've started a topic on all I'm doing in Lego : I need to update it, I finished the wagon, built a 20' green container, a 20' blue container and a 40' LBG container. I try to make a whole rail/road thing.
  7. Nebulaire

    MOC - Reachstacker terminal truck

    Nice work, I currently have the same project. I'm also working on a reach steack on a bigger scale. Your MOC is built with some nice ideas and I might use some of those to built my version of a reach steacker.
  8. Nebulaire

    MOC Lancia Stratos - an alternate build of 42056

    Amazing C model, great job. Et thanks for the instructions
  9. Nebulaire

    Nebulaire's workshop

    Wagon is almost done : I need to order stickers to put the number of the wagon and this moc will be done. I was able to find a mack for a decent price, it will fit perfectly with my wagon. I order parts to built a green container and a blue one ! I hope I can expose in 2019 this railway scene.
  10. Nebulaire

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Your moc is awesome, congratulations for your job ! There are so many clever details !
  11. @Steph : Can't wait to see the final version of this MOD. Good idea for the 4 cylinders. Maybe you can add a turbo ? I think the best modification to do concern the wheel arches. Can't you find the new wheel arches panel ?
  12. Congrat's for your moc, it look great !
  13. Nebulaire

    [MOC] Trial Contest Truck

    Very fun to play with : My 42065 will remember it
  14. Great job. Possible that you share the LDD file with us ?