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Found 33 results

  1. darkhorse00

    [MOC] MG TC Racing Green

    Sharing my MOC 1948 MG TC Racing Green. The build is meant for a series of my modular building MOC 6-studs wide vehicles, this time round for the Pet Shop townhouse. :) Hope you guys like the it! Reference photo of MG TC Racing taken from ClassicarGarage/Marc Vorgers Check out my other MOC vehicles for modular building: MOC Volkswagon Beetle Type 1 for Pet Shop: MOD Cadillac v16 Convertible for Palace Cinema: MOC A4 Checker Cab for Cafe corner: MOC Ford Thunderbird (First Generation) for Parisan Restaurant: MOC Volkswagon Camper Van for Detective Office:
  2. Selander

    MOC:s - A range of 6-wide trucks

    During the past few months I have created a range of 6-wide trucks. Some are brand new, and some are overhauled old trucks that I built 10 years ago. Since 2010, a lot of new elements have been produced, opening up many new design possibilities. Enough said here they come: 1. Volvo dump truck: : 2. Scania cab and chassis 3. Well not a truck but…..a Volvo front end loader: 4. Here's what you get when combining 1-3 with a technic lego based hook lift on the Scania chassis: 5. Mercedes Concrete mixer: 6. Tow truck - platform wrecker: 7. Semi-trailer(-s): 8. Vintage Volvo timber truck: 9. Scania crewcab fire truck: 10. MAN box truck with tail lift: 11. Vintage Volvo box truck with trailer, a common sight in Sweden during 1960-1980's. 12. Volvo garbage truck.
  3. imvanya

    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's sports cars

    So for some reason I have been building sports car after sports car lately, and while most of them ended up looking rather bad, some turned out pretty well like this one. Of course the front would look suspiciously familiar to some of you, but you have to admit that it is a really good way to build a sporty front. The rear end is inspired by McLaren MP4-12C, but is quite a bit blockier Comments are welcome and feel free to download the .lxf As the topic is now quite large and I might add a few more cars to it, I decided to add an index of the cars:
  4. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] 6-wide LEGO Vehicles

    Just two classic vehicles... so far. The first one is a small compact city car with a street-racing paint job. A build that I dug up from my "lost" LDD days before the dark ages of high school and college, but updated and redesigned with new pieces, building techniques. The goal was to make a tiny car to fit two minifies side by side, while still keeping it as small as possible. It's still large and bulky, but I blame the weird proportions of the Minifig for that. Inspired by the classic Mini Cooper and the Fiat 126 (the Polski, as East Europeans know it) The second one is a VW Camper Van, inspired by Hachiroku's design. Actually, most of the inner body was copied from him, as he has posted video instructions. I took that as a basis but I changed the shaping to be more rounded like the real thing. Not much else to be said about this build. Lots of crazy building techniques involved. Took me months to design the front. I want to make more, I just don't know what to build next. Any ideas?
  5. After some fits and starts with figuring out the render process and the like, I'm finally ready to post some of my work. Let's start with something kind of plain, and see where it goes: LXF File This is a full-length European-style truck and dolly/trailer combination, based heavily on the "LEGO City Scania Truck Instructions" video by "custombricksets" (the front of the cab mainly), and the official 3221 Delivery Truck set for the trailer, but with my own flair on it (three axles and a ball socket at the back so you can connect another dolly if you want), and the truck has a ramp that's based on a MOC by Are Helseldal I found on LEGO Ideas. It's built to a 1 stud = 40 cm scale, which works out to six studs wide, and 62.5 studs long for a 2.5 x 25 meter truck, which is pretty much spot on. The truck is around 28 studs long, the trailer is 33, and there's 1.5 studs of room between the ramp and the trailer.
  6. I'm trying to work out the "proper" length scale for my various 6-wide trucks and trailers to make sure they look realistically proportioned, and after talking to my dad (who is a retired long-haul trucker) and looking at the actual regs for truck myself, it turns out that European trucks are actually built from modules to make it easier to satisfy all the rules - and these rules are built around 80 x 120 cm cargo pallets, that will fit either two or three in width inside the cargo box. My immediate thought was that if you then go by exterior scale only, and assume the real trucks have negligible thickness of the walls, you can basically use 2 x 3 tiles to represent the cargo pallets, and determine the length in studs fairly simply by counting the number of pallets that fits. In Europe, the standard modules are 7.2 meters (for 18 pallets), which translates to 6 x 18 studs; and 13.6 meters (for 33 pallets), which translates to 33 studs. The entire vehicle including all trailers is normally limited to 25.25 meters, which is 63.125 studs. Basically, it has to fit on two 32 x 32 baseplates, and it's road legal in the EU. In Canada, they allow trailers up to 16.2 meters, which is 40.5 studs - I'd call it 40, easier to work with as that's two 6 x 16 and one 6 x 8 plate, and a 23 meter total vehicle length restriction (57.5 studs). The US regs are confusing, because all the ones I can find are for *minimum* lengths. A single trailer has a federal minimum length of 48 feet, which translates to 36 studs; some states have old trailers that conform to longer form factors (up to 59 feet, which would be 40 studs!) They also have a minimum length of 28 feet (21 studs) per trailer in a multi-trailer rig. And of course there are the exceptions, for when your cargo doesn't fit in neat packages. All of this assumes that you're comfortable with minifig-scale fudging, by the way - once you put siding on your trailer there's no way to actually stick that many 2 x 3 tiles in there... (Now, to rebuild my truck MOCs to fit the correct lengths...)
  7. Kevin Yoo

    DeLorean DMC-12

  8. pixelpushing

    DB 189 (Siemens ES64F4)

    Hello all! I just wrapped up the brick-build of my latest project... a Deutsche Bahn BR 189! It is a predominantly freight-focused locomotive used on international services (notice the multi-system array of four pantographs). I started the build using, and purchased all of the required bricks using the Bricklink wishlist integration. Very cool and very easy. The prototype... My "final" render (this design was changed a bit during the build process): Papa und kind (Minitrix version): Front lights: Rear lights: Internals: Lokführer Hans:
  9. Kevin Yoo

    (MOC) Renault Alpine A310

    The Alpine A310 is a sports car that was made from 1971 to 1984. This car appeared as a blue customized version in the 1995 anime series Evangelion. I first saw this car from watching that show and liked its design. The back isn’t as accurate as I wanted it to be- the window needs to be wider and the back overall is a bit narrow. However this is the best I could achieve in Lego brick form. Thanks for viewing!
  10. Kevin Yoo

    Detective Car

    This car is my own design. It was based off various cars such as Deckard’s sedan from Blade Runner, the gray car in the live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, and the Renault Alpine A310 from Evangelion. Here is the side of the car. As the sides are made using SNOT techniques, I had a lot of trouble getting the fenders to align with the wheels. The engine is located on the back. This is a police detective car, but the minifigs look like SWAT officers.
  11. My little son is a big fan of the Lego Speed Champions models. When I saw the Corvette I thought it was a good base to build a "Bumblebee" Camaro. So I started with instructions for the new Speed Champions Camaro, a Transformer from the second movie and built a Speed Champions version of the Camaro used in the film. The idea to build a Legoformer based on the movie Bumblebee was in my mind for years, too. So after building the Speed Champions model I continued with a shell of the Camaro and tried to find a transforming mechanism that was small enough to be squeezed into the 6-wide model. The main idea was to get as close as possible to the Speed Champions model (including the wheel houses and wheels) without visible hinges or gaps. The robot looks more like a "Hulk Buster", but I'm still quite satisfied with the look. The wish to have a Barricade as a rival was right there when "Bee" was finished, so I went on. Black mudguards aren't so easy to get, as there is no model with four of the new ones, yet. After all I bought four Audi models to have all the parts for two Barricades (a Speed Champion for my son and a Legoformer for me). Once more I started with the Speed Champion for my son and modified it to include the transforming function. I really wanted to include the "long arms" of the movie Transformers, so I had to modify the transforming mechanism quite a bit to get the desired result. OK, enough words, time for some pictures. Bumblebee Speed Champion and Legoformer Bumblebee Transformation Barricade Speed Champion and Legoformer Barricade Transformation Family picture Wanna see more? You can find Bumblebee and Barricade on MOCpages and some pictures with a higher resolution on Flickr. I hope you like them :-))
  12. Henchmen4Hire

    Vipergini Explosivo

    Move the engine to the back, give it a dumb name, and you've got yourself another obscenely expensive supercar sure to make you the envy of all your friends (as if you need friends, you big sexy rich person). Got bored so here's a quick build. The only thing weird about it is the front wheels obviously. To correct that (move the front tires forward) you need to grind away about half a stud from the round plates on the nose, no other way to get that round nose. The black wedge on the dashboard is a gps screen or radar detector I guess lol. 2014 Vipergini Explosivo by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr 2014 Vipergini Explosivo by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr 2014 Vipergini Explosivo by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  13. 4/4/2015, EDIT: This thread has turned into some weird hybrid of a WIP and a 'let's see where I went wrong' thing. I've requested a name change to better reflect that. ~~~ I'm just gonna kill this project now before I regret my decisions: This is what happened when I tried to combine the styling of a 7-wide model from legoman666 ( http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102535 ) and the mechanics/internal design of an 8-wide model from Commander Wolf ( http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=106654 ). Kudos to both of them for being willing to answer questions via PM, by the way! So, what went wrong? It turns out that you actually need to plan things if you want to do a 7-wide, because there's no good way to try and cram a what I assumed to be 6-wide internal structure into a 7-wide and have anything actually work out right. OH WELL. Could I save this? Maaaaybe, if I was willing to spend way more time than I have on it. Am I going to? Nope. The internal drive system consists of a AA battery box mounted vertically, with two L-motors driving a single four-axle truck each. There's a PF switch crammed in there as an extension lead/motor reversing switch, because I didn't realize until now that the trucks worked against each other if they got turned around by accident. Each drivetrain consists of a 20t bevel driving a 12t bevel, which then drives a series of 12t bevels to bring the power down into the trucks, giving a ratio of 3:5 for in-to-out. If I could somehow lop off everything behind the end of the 6x12 panel and still keep the fancy drivetrain, I'd be happy with the proportions; doesn't look like that's possible, so I'll be moving to a more traditional vertically-mounted motor setup without the extra gears. Maybe losing the extra gears will balance out in that I won't be losing nearly as much power to those gears, so the pulling power and speed will be somewhat similar? On my relatively small test loop, it'll pull five of the six Horizon Express cars (the sixth is the one with the motor and no battery, left out because I already have this engine to test with) plus the two container cars from the Maersk at a reasonable speed. Wheel slippage is definitely a problem, though I suspect it's because all the weight is in the center from the battery box and lack of body structure. The final revision I was envisioning before going to scrap the model would have ended up with the large plates on the side acting as a monocoque skin holding everything together. Leave your ridicule and/or constructive criticism below. Here's a cat picture to make it better:
  14. GallardoLU

    [MOC] 1966 Ford GT40 MKI

    I made Mention in my last MOC thread about building a car from "yesteryear" well after looking over many great cars from the 60s and 70s i settled on the Iconic Ford GT40, in particular the 1966 MKI. *History Lesson* As Many racing fans know the Ford GT40 holds quite an amazing chapter in Le Mans history. starting in 1966 the GT40 had come out of its development years and was primed to dominate the endurance racing scene. the MKII would win 24 hours of Daytona along with 2nd and 3rd. Sebring was another 1, 2, 3 finish for the Ford cars with the X-1 Roadster taking the over all. at Le Mans of 1966 the GT40 was running 1, and 2 late in the race and in an attempt to keep both Drivers happy with the result Ford tried to arrange a tie. Driver Ken Miles was however not satisfied with a tie, and in protest to Ford slowed his car in the final straight still taking second but removing what could have been an amazing side by side finish. 1967 was equally as successful with the MKVI taking Le Mans. in 1968 a rule change was applied that limited engine size and eliminated the MKII, MKIII and MKIV, leaving the older MKI cars still eligible. this change in rules left the MKI in great position for the season and lead to a Championship for Makes victory for Ford. the following year would be the end of the GT40s reign being almost 6 years older than its competitors. in a very close battle with Porsche's 908 the Ford GT would win but by mere seconds unlike previous years. the most remarkable detail of the 68, and 69 victories is that it was achieved by the exact same car - the legendary GT40P/1075. this to date is the only Car to win the 24hours of Le Mans twice. *end of history lesson* I've spent quite a lot of time on this one, more than my previous cars combined. with the history of the car, and my long standing appreciation of the car i had to get it right. My model is 16studs long and only 3 bricks 2 plates tall. so, without further ado here is my LEGO 1966 Ford GT40 MKI (road car). *Update: revised headlights to better match those found on the actual car* Ford GT40 headlights 2.0 as always, I hope you enjoyed my build, there are more pictures of the car in my Flickr, for those that want to see more. Comments and critiques welcomed!
  15. eurotrash

    MOC: Street Car/Tram

    Street Car / Tram I've been working on this for a while and to be honest I've struggled with scale. It started as a six-wide, got rebuilt as a seven-wide (fragile), then rebuilt again as an eight-wide (it looked enormous, but was structurally robust). Then I went back to a six-wide and added a 9v motor. I've also gone through a couple of iterations of window sizes - from 2x2's to 2x3's and back to 2x2's. But something still didn't quite look right so in the end I Bricklinked an order and built two versions so I could see them side by side and compare them. Here's the 6-wide version. It's powered by the 9v motor. Here's the 7-wide. It's currently unpowered and sits on a false bogie, but is easily modded to hold the 9v. And here's a comparison shot of the two together. So which one do you think I should send to the inventory bins? and which one should I use? Or should I scrap them both and start again? Comments, criticism, and ridicule most welcome.
  16. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] imvanya's 4x4s

    Since I already have a special topic for my sports car MOCs, I thought having a separate topic for 4x4 MOCs as well would be nice. So without further ado, I present to you the first entry - a pickup truck. You can get the .lxf here (it has a different color scheme in the file). i. dark blue/reddish brown ii. sand yellow iii. dark green iv. black 1. this one 2. Tow truck
  17. It's been a while and I'm back with another city vehicle. It is obviously inspired by a certain real-life car, the topic name should give you a clue I built a week or so ago, but only got to rendering the images this weekend. It is probably the windows and tail lights that made the rendering process so long, more than a day per image. Anyway, you can download the .lxf here
  18. tedbeard

    [MOCs] Some 6-wide vehicles

    I need to fill a car ferry for a display that is upcoming so I thought I would put together some cars and trucks that I have been meaning to try for a while. Anyway, after a week of building I ended up with six new vehicles. Five MOCs and one using instructions from a couple of years ago (black SUV) that I never bought but had the parts to assemble. I was surprised I had the dark green parts to make two trucks and I was especially pleased with my "Rover" with the canoe on top. Sorry for the crappy iPad pics.
  19. Gwail

    MOC: BMW X6

    I'm glad to present you another MOC in my garage! Today the model based on the mid-size luxury crossover - BMW X6, called by the manufacturer Sports Activity Coupé (SAC). It's not a recreation of a factory stock car, the inspiration was the model tuned by the german company Lumma Design. The car is adapted as 2-seated coupe (a bit shorter than an original), both for minifigs and Friends minidolls. This time the doors don't open in the primary configuration (unless you dismount the mirror clips), but there is still a posibility to use the alternative door design (however, they don't look well). Forgive my little deviation - I don't know why, but I always put the white rims to black cars . The last pic is a little joke - you can see the original here. More pics in my flickr album. My other presentations:
  20. imvanya


    After reading a recent post about 6-wide cars fitting two minifigs in one row, I decided to try to build one myself. Here's the result. It can fit four minifigs and even has something of an engine. The .lxf file can be found here
  21. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] Van with wipers

    As my last MOC (one-and-a-half MOCs, to be precise) was a SUV and not a sport car, and neither is this one, it's safe to say I'm taking a break at building sport cars However, as with some of those cars, this MOC is basically a shell for an idea I had - a minifig-scale car with windscreen wipers. The wipers I came up with turned out rather bulky, so the car had to be rather big as well, hence the van. Obviously, building in LDD sets certain limitations, so I'm actually quite curious whether any of you built or seen minifig-scale cars with wipers. Anyway, here's a link to the .lxf. Once again no renders - the model is rather straightforward and definitely visually unimpressive Comments are most welcome
  22. That_LEGO_Guy

    [MOC][LDD] Unimog 406/416 Doka

    Hello, First time on this forum as I'm exclusively (but not today) a Technic builder so I do apologise if It's not in the right place. After getting a bit stuck on my current project ( a 1/10 scale RC unimog ) I decided to try to build a smaller version out of bricks as a model to copy in technics. I quickly ran out of parts and was forced to move the model to LDD. So the Unimogs, 4 of them, 406/U900 and the longer wheelbase 416/U1100 with 4 seater variants or Doka as they are called Size comparison: From top left 406, 406 Doka, 416, 416 Doka Foreground 406, Background 416 The bodies are 6 wide and the wheels are a little over 8 (the blade on the front is 10 wide) I attempted to recreate the Iconic curved bonnet of the 406/416, while not perfect it's as close as i could do: The doors on all models open to reveal the Minifig seats 2 in the front and for the doka variants a bench seat in the back for 2( In reality they seat 3 on the bench) 406/U900 416/U1100 Doka The 3 sides of the trays all fold down on every model tray sizes 406 Doka: 6x5 406 : 6x7 416 Doka: 6x8 416 : 6x10 Each has portal axles (406 show only difference is red axle is longer on 416) there is a 3-point hitch front and rear on all models
  23. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] Van

    Built this today, tried to capture that American Chevy or GMC van feel. It turned out even better than expected. You can download the .lxf here. UPD: PDF instructions for a slightly reworked model are available at my Bricksafe here.