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  1. YouTube: Front axle steering RC mod YouTube: LPE powered Lego buggy
  2. LegoEmbodiment

    Torsen Differential

    YouTube: LEGO Torsen Differential (with building instruction)
  3. LegoEmbodiment

    Lego Pneumatic Engine

    The grey tube has a plug, but that tube is needed to connect it to an other cylinder. The bottle has no regular pressure, it's because the sleeve valve closes quickly and then the pressure goes down when the piston goes down.
  4. LegoEmbodiment

    Lego Pneumatic Engine

    In order to make air fill the space faster. That's Dremel.
  5. LegoEmbodiment

    Lego Pneumatic Engine

    Thanks! Yes, I used glue and drilled some parts. And I'm going to put several cylinder in order to see how it works together.