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  1. keymaker

    42108 mods and improvements

    Really great upgrades, no question about it. Any chances for instructions or other ways to recreate changes you made in 42108?
  2. keymaker

    42108 mods and improvements

    It looks very interesting, I am looking forward to more info about your modifications of 42108.
  3. keymaker

    42108 mods and improvements

    I really glad this topic is here. I am finishing today this model. And with all my love to the machines/cranes I have to say, it is nice model, but much beter part pack (which is also completely fine with me).
  4. keymaker

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Cumulonimbus I think, as exchange of opinions about new crane is pretty much done, it would be nice to just wait for the premiere, reviews and (at least in my case) personal experiences to evaluate the set instead of continuing of dragging it through the mud.
  5. Hilarious idea with the change the name of the topic, but you are the author, so it is your right to do this. P.S it was ironic statement, if somebody didn't catch this.
  6. keymaker

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Maybe it is only an impression made by couple of people complaining and whining about the set via many last posts. And it is boring. Instead of discussion I see a festival of complains about how bad 42108 is. I like this set, based on the first comments in topic related to 42108 I am not alone. So as you accurately noticed, it only seems, that noone likes it.
  7. I really like this set and also I plan to buy it. Then most propably I will try to improve it by myself and also using ideas which I find in topic related to modding 42108, because I am pretty sure such one will be here :)
  8. As a fan of 8460 I need to point out, that Crane from 1995 has 2 (not one!) steered axles.
  9. keymaker

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    It is normal. H2 sets are always bigger and more complicated than H1 sets.
  10. The longer I look at this set, the more I want it. It will present greatly on the shelf next to my 8460
  11. As a big fan of 8460 it is a must buy for me, great model!
  12. It looks interesting, but I will wait for discount. P.S. They were able to keep this in secret until the official release. Did they improve so much in keeping secrets of our "leak agents" got out of practice? :)
  13. keymaker

    Custom Outriggers for RT Crane 42082

    Can't see the pics.
  14. keymaker

    Nico71's Creations

    I have just finished your D model for 42082. The Heavy Forklift Truck is massive, looks great and all functions work smoothly. What is more instruction is very professional and building process is quite challenging - that's how I like it. I recommend it to all fans of Lego Technic who enjoy not trivial building process and outstanding results.
  15. keymaker

    KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck

    Great model! Building in this scale is not easy but very satisfactory :)