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  1. keymaker

    Nico71's Creations

    I have just finished your D model for 42082. The Heavy Forklift Truck is massive, looks great and all functions work smoothly. What is more instruction is very professional and building process is quite challenging - that's how I like it. I recommend it to all fans of Lego Technic who enjoy not trivial building process and outstanding results.
  2. keymaker

    KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck

    Great model! Building in this scale is not easy but very satisfactory :)
  3. keymaker

    Axle Collection Thread

    Yes, I am aware of that. After fast check the change you are proposing is possible, but it also has a couple of drewbacks: - it will change geomatry of the front suspension quite a lot - springs mounted closer to ther center, more movement of the axle, in the result tires touching the fenders in maximum positions - less robust connection of the axle and springs
  4. keymaker

    Axle Collection Thread

    A while ago I looked for reliable solution for narrow live front axle for my Kraz 255 model. I end up with below solution. It should be useful for small scale models. Building instructions included.
  5. keymaker

    [MOC] KrAZ-255

    Thanks to all your comments now I understand better why perspective is so important and why @Sariel so often put banana or some popular canned drink next to his mocs :)
  6. keymaker

    [MOC] KrAZ-255

    Many thanks! I added white clutch gear to prevent M motor from stalling when reaching maximum angle.
  7. keymaker

    [MOC] KrAZ-255

    Thank you. It is my first video, a bit long I know. I added time stamps to video description :)
  8. keymaker

    [MOC] KrAZ-255

    Hi, I would like to present you my last creation - russian truck KrAZ-255. I was inspired by the model which is available in PC game: Spintires. The truck is built in scale 1:23. I tried to implement some key features of real truck, like suspension, drive train, details like engine and easy aplicable additions, which are present in the game. Enjoy :) Some details: - weight: 995g - dimensions LxWxH: 49x15x18 studs (without mirrors and additions) - live axle suspension - separate drive shaft for each axle - 6x6 drive, no diffs (L motor) - steering (M motor) - front and rear lights - working fake V8 engine - openable hood and doors - additions! There are some additions too! All of them are easy to connect or disconnect to swap to another. The first is simple crate: The second addition is prepared to wood transportation: The last one is the most advanced one - the crane. It is also partially remotely controlled. Functions: - rising/lowering two sections of the arm - crane rotation - gripper rotation - gripper closing/opening - extendable and lockable outriggers - openable maintenance section More photos: Video: I hope you like it :)
  9. keymaker

    Axle Collection Thread

    No no, the gray gear is a "dummy" gear. It is there only for support and look ;)
  10. keymaker

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    "Well yes, but actually no"
  11. keymaker

    Technic 8460 Crane

    I have this set, I bought it as used, the turntable also was hard to move when the crane was finished. It hasn't changed even when I cleaned it carefully, so I assumed that the age of the set (24 years!) is the reason. I used a drop of machine oil and now it works smoothly.
  12. keymaker

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Wow, so early comparing to last 2 waves. But now I am more interested tomorrow reviews by Sariel.
  13. keymaker

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    and in Poland it costs even more ~ 235€ (1000PLN) - just great ;/ How I shuold not be pissed? Data from december 2018: Average month salary in France: 3137,34€ and 42099 cost 230€ Average month salary in Poland: 982,32€ and 42099 cost 235€ I know I know - "Go to better job and earn more" and believe me, I do, but still this prices pissing me off.
  14. keymaker

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    The set is a great part pack for me, but I need more info about those new XLs and Ls and how they behave with the app.
  15. keymaker

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    This is the set I will definitely buy :) Edit: First thought after seeing the reviev (very informative btw) - it's strange, that there is so low torque in this set, or I would say in the PU XLs? It seems that 4x4 had much more power during presentation showed a while ago.