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  1. keymaker

    Paid instructions

    I would advice you to stop telling other people what they should and shouldn't do with their own time and resources. Nobody tells you what you should do with your time and money, so let others do what they see fit.
  2. keymaker

    Paid instructions

    No. I treat MOCing as a hobby, a way to put my creation skill in use, maybe also to left some sort of mark in this world when I will be gone :) Sometimes I decide to do free instructions, sometimes paid ones. But it is still a hobby, not business. Some extra money for a MOC as a sign of appreciation is a nice thing, but definitely not an important factor.
  3. keymaker

    Paid instructions

    I am not sure what is going on here. If somebody decided to create MOC and sell instructions for it, it is his/her decision. And you have your own mind and will and you can buy it or not, no pressure here. If the MOC is trash, price is high, the market will verify such creator very rapidly. MOC designers with paid instructions are not the problem, it is TLG selling sets without B-models. If you have some complains, you should direct them to TLG.
  4. keymaker

    LDD projects and buildings

    Start from using lighter background, then we'll talk :D
  5. keymaker

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Because small models are for weak! :D I am kidding of course. I prefer much smaller scale, but at the same time I constantly admire creators who can build such a huge models with lego. I designed barely one, let's say, big model (Kirovets K700A - I must say quite popular among Russians :D) and that showed me how many problems such scale generates :)
  6. @HectorMB thank you! About the tires, I understand you fully, that the default tires I used in standard version (52985) are quite expensive, because the were used only on one set so far :( But you can use tires shown in the video - like 61480, they are super cheap. And this is for setting when suspension is lowered. When you raise the suspension - you can basically use any tire up to 82 mm. So you can use 56907, it will fit, but it won't look so good, because the rim is bigger. I think, that the best cheap option is to use 45982. The are cheap, available and they look good:) PS. With lowered suspension you can also use this tire 44771 - it fits and you will get this NFS Underground vibes :D
  7. I prepared instructions for this MOC :)
  8. It looks great, I wish to see more close up photos of the suspension ^^
  9. keymaker

    BuWizz Motor

    Hmm I can live with that, but as mentioned, is it true, that Buwizz 3.0 can handle 2 Buwizz RC motors at the same time at full power?
  10. keymaker

    BuWizz Motor

    I am a little worried, so I would like to ask about one thing. I ordered 2xBuwizz RC motor and I have Buwizz 2.0. I am wondering if I will be able to use two Buwizz RC motors (each connected to separate port of course) also in Ludicrous Mode or only in Fast mode? Have you guys already tested your motors with Buwizz 2.0 in such configuration?
  11. keymaker

    RC Cheap Baja bike

    I am not into motorbikes but man, great work with this balance/steering mechanism. Simple and effective and those new tires are really great for such constructions.
  12. keymaker

    General Part Discussion

    @astyanax I am waiting for my order with 10 pieces. We will see if I get the same quality as you mate :D
  13. Apart of great look and features, it is such a funny car to drive in real live. I have seen it in Top Gear when Jeremy was rolling over every turn he took :D
  14. Ach ok... In that case, frame is pretty stiff, it doesn't bend when pushing it down at the middle and compressing suspension.
  15. keymaker

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    It looks very poorly for revealed price... Totally "meh"