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  1. You are good man. Thank you. Well yes, but actually no :D
  2. I bought it for 340 EUR. I had fun during building it, I had fun during playing with it. And I am happy as it is a great part pack. Maybe it is a bit out of proportion, but still it looks good and this is proper technic set.
  3. It is great model, so many functions in such small scale! But if I am not wrong, steering wheel steers in opposite direction than the wheels?
  4. keymaker

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    Watching reviews I have strong feeling, that maybe some people are 100% sure that if something doesn't work as smooth as it should, it is definitely construction or/and designer fault. Some people do not allow such thought to their mind, that they could make some mistake during assembling (for example left some parts squeezed to much where they should be loosely connected).
  5. Thank you! As there are 3x7 panels in white introduced in 42137 even less parts need to be adjusted to fit this color :) Please share some photos of your version in photo section on rebrickable :)
  6. I am curious how well this combination matches, can I ask for more photos? Different angle for example?
  7. @2GodBDGlory As you can see, somebody already did that, even added lights. So it didn't take long :D
  8. But the Mustang looks good in my opinion! ^^
  9. Thank you. In case of front wheels, small hubs are not the strongest one, you are right. But I wanted to keep them small, to achieve good ground clearance and avoid dominating front look by this part of the car.
  10. In case of front, axles with stop weared a little, but it was expected in this kind of connection and speeds. In case of the rear, there is some sort of wear visible on axles connected directly to the wheel, but I would call it normal (I don't use any lubricant so plastic vs plastic). In short answer is no, I didn't observe significant wear.
  11. Thank you! Fight against dust is rather uneven but still, it was worth to try :D
  12. I think it shouldn't be a big problem and I would love to see results of such modification.
  13. Hi, It lasted a bit, but I managed to finish this project and here I am. I would like to share with you my latest MOC - Armored Trophy Truck. It was designed mostly to test new Buwizz 3.0 unit and Buwizz motors. I also wanted to increase my own experience in building fast MOCs this time. As there are many trophy trucks out there created by many great builders I tried to take some different approach. So to protect cabin and motors, I put armor on my creation :) Thanks to panels both motors and cabin are protected from dirt, dust and stones. I also added roll cage to protect the driver. More details and presentation how fast this truck is you can check on the video below. Instructions are free of charge, I hope many of you will be able to build it and have fun playing with it outdoors as I did. Link: Details and main functions: • dimensions LxWxH: 36x16x14.5 cm • weight: 1.22 kg • RWD drive (2xBuwizz motors) • steering (C+ L motor) with positive caster • double wishbone suspension at front • live axle suspension at rear • additional suppressors in rear suspension to protect frame during high jumps • high ground clearance • front, rear and whole truck chassis are protected against dirt, dust and stones • roll cage • rear wheels are connected via portal hubs - gear ratio can be adjusted More photos:
  14. I unfortunately also was able to shut down my Buwizz 3.0 with two Buwizz motors. But at least I can recover it by connecting power supply. It is scary perspective if my solution someday will stop working for me.