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  1. Below you can check blueprints I used. Nevertheless there are very interesting solutions and I'm looking forward to see more. And you should not hesitate to build it in real life, because thanks to my experience with such solutions based on renders I already see what can be a problem when you will put it together :D
  2. I'm glad my MOC can be inspiration for other builders I'm curious what you will create with even smaller scale, but you didn't mention what this scale would be. My KrAZ 255 is 1:23 which leads to 15 studs wide body. This gives me 11 studs of place with standard rims for axles (or as in my KrAZ 2.0 13 stud axles with special rims). From what you write I see you will face or already faced problems I had. I really want to see how you are going to solve them, especially something like this in such small scale :D
  3. Ah ok, you mean THIS diff. It would be so great if possible, but I think it is not. Best you can count on is the normal, standard old DBG one, so nothing special.
  4. But why to care about presence of diff? From part pack point of view - it is irrelevant as this is very common part. From "coolness" pov, yes, it would be a next function, but not very impactful one.
  5. I have a 3k parts MOC - UAZ 3150, and is is quite successful, work on instruction for next one with just over 2k parts is ongoing. But from my experience, if you aiming at financial success, then the look of the MOC is superior over functionality. It is a bit sad from my point of view, as I mainly focus and will focus on functions, mechanics etc, but I acknowledge that this is the reality and I will not bend my aims to earn couple more $. After all designing MOC is a hobby and not what I do for living :D
  6. I admire pricing of this after all nice MOC... I think I will never have as much faith into my creations to put similar prices next to them. But who knows, maybe inflation will eat us all and such amount of money for a MOC will be real :D I'm not going to tell anyone what is correct price for their creations, market will verify profitability of it. Nevertheless, I wish you lack with selling it and I hope you will grow some modesty in you. I realize that most of the people know very less about mechanics, but some people know quite a lot. And if you challenge them, as you did, they will answer. So be prepared.
  7. It looks like superb part pack. I do not care about the model, but amount of new panels is no less than great.
  8. Interesting, for me (considering Technic theme) it looks like this: 2017 - 2 2018 - 2 2019 - 3 2020 - 5 2021 - 6 2022 - 1 2023 - ? So I would say: or 2022 was a year with not interesting Technic sets or I achieved collection which doesn't need so many new "part packs" (but unlikely :P)
  9. The new version KrAZ 255 is finished, so I can also say, that I end the experiment of mine called "preparing WIP topic for MOC". Thank you for all participants. KrAZ 255 ver 2.0 looks like below. I believe, that from mechanical, functional and level of detail point of view, KrAZ 255 2.0 can fight as equals with my other MOC - UAZ 3151. Nevertheless the original KrAZ 255 is still available for free for anyone interested. As this is direct successor of my first KrAZ 255, so I did some brief comparisons on equal terms. It means I removed all additions from new version and put both trucks side by side. Dimensions are almost the same, new version is 2 studs longer and 250g heavier (but it has 2 more motors!). In case of parts count, new version has 410 parts more. Drive train is the most important and the bigger difference between those MOCs. But this is only a beginning of long list of changes and improvements. Space for the engine is the same, but using it is a complete different story. But in both cases there is V8 under the hood. Also space for the cabin is very similar, but many new features found their way into the 2.0 version.
  10. I rebuilt bull guard to be lighter in appearance and to show more of the front of KrAZ. What you think, is it better than old one? I also finished the engine. I was able to add even such small detail like engine oil dipstic.
  11. I have nothing to add here. This is exactly that. I can only say, that this scale forces you to use every cubic stud of space. It's clearly visible on this render also:
  12. Thank you, could you elaborate more about what you think is useless?
  13. I made some progress. Couple of parts are still missing (already ordered) but I think I am close to the end of designing. Any comments, advices, sugestion you have, please share them. Whatever can be improved, I will try to do it. Guided by the game and what can be found in it for this truck I added some necessary additions useful in the wilderness. You can see bull guard, exterior roll cage, roof rack with lights and fuel canisters, tool box just under spare wheel and double snorkels. I also added cargo bed to complete the look. I redesigned front lights to make them more solid and added black background, what you think? I looks better or worse than previous version of lights? Front grill is also changed to be more transparent to let you see even more what is going inside of engine bay. I also added horizontal element to make grill looks more like in the real truck. I changed hood a bit to be more sturdy and most of all not coliding with the grill like previous version. Engine itself was also improved by many elements you can find located next to real engines. I am still waiting for some parts in better colours. If you have some ideas what more can be done, please do not hesitate to point them out :)
  14. At last available for Poland! Order already done.
  15. As requested, I made some tests and it works pretty well considering design choices and complication of drive train. I also made some progress with body work. All your comments are welcome, what is ok, what is not ok and why, what I can add/change etc. Some comments about design choices: - color of the body - I know it is not a blast, but due to used parts and their color availability I am quite limited in this matter - lights are rather simple, but they are ready for LEGO LEDs - roof is ready for some additional lights or roof rack, I will see what can be added - still I am not sure If there should be additional step on the side behind fenders or not (original truck doesn't have them) - I think that system pieces used on sides of the hood can be located one plate lover - cable management is still not done Considering the scale, I think that shape of the body looks quite similar to the original, I put blueprint at the end. More photos you can find here