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  1. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    And this half stud whole between edges of plates and beams bothers me. Apart from the fact I do not know how to do this when I have only one stud of width/depth :P
  2. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    Maybe not system plates, but I am just experimenting, do you think it is better like this?
  3. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    @kristl Thank you. I will follow your advice and get rid of macaroni pieces. Then I will use this small system pieces to make the window bigger and symmetric. @Mechbuilds Thank you also! I thought about this idea you mentioned, and it is easy to implement for the upper part of the grill. But I do not know how to do it for the lower - longer part. Why? Because I have only one stud of space there... Do you have some idea how to implement it and at the same time fit in one stud width space? Second problem is fact that technic - odd, system plates - even.
  4. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    @Jundis Thank you! I plan to use those new parts for the roof, I simply waiting to be able to buy 42121, where we have two of them. Roof rack is already ready, as couple of other addons. I didn't show it here because I would like to focus on improving the body itself. I will show all addons and features at the final presentation of the MOC :)
  5. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    I know, that not many of you are interested such a simple car as UAZ, but for those couple of people who are I will share the current state of the MOC. I believe that I reached the point, when I can say, the the body is decent.
  6. I am happy that my estimations about this set were accurate :)
  7. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    I'm not sure what you mean. I have this part in my part collection, trans-clear one. But the part I used now seems to be more similar to real car.
  8. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    The missing characteristic 'shoulder' in the whole bodywork added. I also removed black stripe from the side (I am still waiting for package from Lego shop to be able to finish the hood and replace yellow parts with black ones). What do you think, does it look like counterpart in real life? Have I reached the status, when I can say that the body looks decent? Or should I add/change something more?
  9. keymaker

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    If you have .io file, then open it with, go to instruction maker, create instruction, add some empty pages and add part list.
  10. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    I am not in favour to use many system parts, but here I do not see other applicable solution. So tiles, here I come :)
  11. keymaker

    Cleaning Lego Technic parts

    I hope you are kidding and NOT talking about cleaning shock absorbers and linear actuators.
  12. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    I followed your advices and: - fenders added - headlights are located closer and stick out a bit more than before - grill is changed to mimic original two-part grill with 3 small long holes below it - front part of the body tapers from 19 to 17 studs - hood is narrowed - front wheel arches are now added and visible I know that the main thing is the characteristic 'shoulder' in the whole bodywork, but at the same time, I have no idea how to make it and not lose proportions.
  13. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    @Jeroen Ottens Fenders? Got it, you are absolutely right. I am on it. This characteristic 'shoulder' in the body work you are talking about. I am aware of it, but I won't be able to squeeze internals if I try reduce body width from 19 to 17 studs. On the other hand, making lower part of the body as 21 studs width (and then upper part as 19 studs width to be able to create this shoulder) will be taking it to "out of proportion theritory". So as sad as it is, I need to forget about this aspect :( About the grill, because it is very important part of the look. Are you suggesting to make the front simply as a "wall of beams" - like the sides of the car, but to play with the color (and length of course) of the beams to mimic those two sections of UAZ grill? This is the blue print I used to prepare initial dimensions of the car. The scale is 1:10,5.
  14. keymaker

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    Hi, I am building next MOC based on model which can be found in the game Snowrunner. I picked KHAN 39 Marshall - it is based on real world vehicle - UAZ 3151. I would like to ask for your advice with one of my biggest problem in mocing - creating a decent looking body. When you see the photos and think "It doesn't look like UAZ..." then YES - you are right and: I wish to focus on body and look (I don't want to discuss functions here, they are there and they are fine). As you can see, the main color is picked (some parts in proper colors are missing, but is not a problem when bricklink is around, the same goes for some missing obvious parts), but any smaller recolors are possible. The biggest problem I have is the front grill. It looks almost ok, but as the grill for Jeep or Land Rover, not the UAZ. I tried to recreate UAZ grill, but I failed miserably. As you can see, there is no much space for it and I am also very pleased with perfect connection of the front and the hood and I definitely will keep that. Important factor is also the fact, that body needs to be as one piece, which can be easily removed, so the body demands some rigidity. Also I plan to add front and rear lights, but at first I need to be sure that the body is right. So, could you help me a little to improve the look so it would be closer to UAZ body look? :)
  15. keymaker

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    Sure thing. I was talking regarding to sentence: "we'll get on the future a "pro" hub capable´╗┐ of handling the XL's full power". I believe Buwizz 3.0 will allow to test the limits of C+ L and XL motors.