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  1. Lego is proven to last for decades. But if I'm not mistaken and I can also see this in newer Lego sets, they started to use different kind of plastic, some plant based? And now I'm not so sure if this new kind of plastic is as durable as the old one. And in case of Cada? Who knows, company is rather young (started at 2016), so there is no valid data about its durability.
  2. I will say again, it is beautiful model. For sure I check this one more deeply when I will start building my version of this Mercedes truck, in RC version of course.
  3. I planned to buy this one because of gears. But now, I will buy it for this part. It gonna be very useful.
  4. I really like solution used in front and rear axle, the minimalism which is behind it. Also rims from Camaro plus RC tires, size 54 or 56mm, right? Great addition to overall very nice look.
  5. Yes. RC tires for 1" rims are designed for ~25mm rims, but they play well with 30mm lego rims (20mm wide). I bought 58mm and 62mm tires, They all look great. If you chose some smaller ones, then I believe 30mm lego rim (14mm wide) will be useful too. "Super Swamper" tires you can find here: But I don't like their tire pattern. I bought variant B. I see them in mini MAZ 537 or in general, small trucks.
  6. I bought couple types of tires for 30mm lego rims, all are good, but those (the most expensive I bought) from INJORA... I am absolutely amazed by them. I do not regret a single PLN on those. They are sticky, super softy, with great pattern and overall very high quality. I cannot wait to build a crawler with them.
  7. Thank you so much. This is what I was looking for. I prefer this small scale and my goal is to build capable crawler in this size. And lego tires are not enough to do it properly.
  8. Hello, does anybody know where I can buy third party tires for 30mm Lego rims? Something like on video below? (I couldn't figure out the proper link to shop or something based on this video).
  9. @Fluwoeb I think it will work if not high torque applied. But just in case, you may be interested ;) LINK
  10. Yes, there are some Snowrunner's fans here :D I'm glad that there are still designers, who decide to recreate in Lego version vehicles which are - let's face it - rather ugly. But seeing it in Lego version, done with skill and understanding of aesthetics gives those vehicles second live. Great model, no questions about it, especially when, over all, original is rather dull and quite useless in game :D
  11. I was waiting for someone who will take this model. I also planned to take this one, but due to other duties I resigned. Nevertheless I hope this model will fight for victory :)
  12. Thank you for bringing my attention to it. In case of your question, you probably already know the answer. It is, as in many other cases, a "borrowed" case. I didn't agreed on that, I didn't even know about this before you message. All photos are mine, description is mine. Pity that in case of technic models using different bricks than a Lego one can lead to getting models which do not work as their maker designed them to do. And it is shame, because (of course apart from theft part of this whole situation) people who will build such model with not original Lego parts can get the impression, that model is poorly designed.
  13. Superb part pack, must buy for me.