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Found 23 results

  1. Well here I am with another exclusive review! I had no idea what to really expect with this set, so I was quite excited to see it arrive on my doorstep last week. (Though a package from Denmark is always great!) It's been a few years since my last large Technic set, but I knew a little bit about the original model released last year. When I found out I was getting this set, I did some digging and discovered that it was probably going to be pretty cool. Shall it live up to my expectations? Read on! Set Information: Name: 4X4 Crawler Set Number: 41999 Pieces: 1585 Price: $199.99 Ages: 11-16 Minifigs: N/A Theme: Technic Year of Release: 2013, Only 20,000 Made Brickset Flickr Set with all of the pictures in full size. Box: Well here's the box! This is the first set that I know of that doesn't have the completed model on the front of the box. However, it is also one of my favorite boxes, just for that reason. The stripes and dark blue, along with the LEGO and Technic logos make for a great box front. However, on the back of the box there is the usual collage of images. Most showing off the features, as well as some words, in several languages, proclaiming what features are what. Also of note, is the huge brand proclaiming this a Limited Edition set. The top of the box shows all of the Power Function elements included in the box. The 1:1 image is that of one of the new rims for the tires. Some shots of the other three sides of the box. Most giving warnings, or proclaiming in different languages that the set is Limited Edition. After slitting the tape that kept the box closed, the top of the box slides off. I do not remember a set like this one either. Most have some sort of flap that opens. I noticed on the inside of the box lid, there are signatures from what I can assume are members of the Technic design team. Do note that these are reprints and not actual signatures. And to the left as well as the right of the signatures, there's the LEGO logo and the Technic logo. Here's how the inside looked when I popped it open. This box is full to the brim! Contents: I could only fit all of the bags with pieces in my studio. There are 11 bags in total. And quite a few of them are full. The items I wasn't able to fit in the last picture are here. All of the Power Functions elements, the manuals, and all four tires. Which came out of the box that way. I believe they were packed so that the white print on the rims doesn't rub off, and it's done by hand too. That's a lot of tires! Inside the sealed manual holder that are the four manuals, the stickers, and the string. Everything was nicely flat. Quite a few stickers in this set! They really add to the set if you ask me. So I'm going to apply them all! Do note all of the rather funny designs on the stickers here before I spread them all out. The string is interesting. It's very, very thick. I had trouble threading it through the hook... New/interesting parts from the bags with a 1 on them. The large spring is cool, as well as the new joints for the drive chain. Parts that I found new/interesting from the bags with a 2 on them. Several large dark blue panels, chrome elements, and some redesigned elements. The extra parts from the bags labeled 1. Almost all of them are Technic connectors, but there's a 2x4 tile too. In case one would like to put that as their license plate instead of the specially printed one. Lastly the extra parts from all of the bags with a 2 on them. Just a few items, again mostly Technic connectors, but a few brick pieces too. Manual: The front of the manual has what I imagine the front of the box would look like if it had the truck on the front. It still has the nice dark blue with the white stripes. The first inside page tells you how to put the batteries in the multiple PF elements that need them. The next page is taken up with warnings, and then a nice image telling us only to drive it inside. Yeah I think mine will be going outside at some point. After you get through all of the warnings, the usual don't pour it out on the ground images come up and the first steps. The nice blue background is fitting for the Technic theme. The 'Smart Motor,' used in the steering column. I really think it's quite cool that it goes back to perfectly straight. Two of the manuals have build related material on them, but these two have ads for other sets. I really find these images that feature the functions from the set quite fun. There are two pages of them for this set! The first page of the part listing. And the second image of the part listing The Build: Very quickly, the steering chain is built, and the steering columns are added. The drive motors are added, and the truck starts getting taller. After the bags with a 1 on them have been emptied, the truck looks like this. You've pretty much finished the frame of the truck. Moving through the first few steps the truck gets the structural support that is needed to hold on the body panels. You quickly add the dark blue panels, and the body starts taking shape. She's all done! Boy she looks good. Completed Model: I made a few pictures of the truck before I put the stickers on it. I had no problem putting them on but I know some of you don't put stickers on at all, these pictures are for you. I really could have gone either way with the stickers. It looks great without them, but I think the stickers add just enough to make it look a TON better. This one has stickers on it. I immediately notice the stripes on the doors when I look at this picture. Though you can see quite a few of the stickers that have been put on the truck from this picture. The rally/muscle car design is great. I really prefer it over the SUV design of the original model. And the dark blue. Here's a front on shot. You can see the four headlights, the winch and the slight slope up of the engine cover. From the side shot, one notices most of the stickers that are put on the set. I also noticed how much room there is between the tires and the bottom of the car body. And a back shot. One can see the nice tail lights, the license plate, and some of the stickers on the back are visible. A close up of the front of the truck. The first thing I notice is the lovely chrome elements that make up the bumper. They really look great. Cockpit shot. Do note that the chairs don't go all of the way down, and you can also see the lever that operates the winch. And the back 'trunk' area of the truck. And yes, all of those are individual stickers. But they really make it look nicely like a rally car. The white print on the rims is nice. I think LEGO was trying for a white walled tires look, and it looks pretty good. As I said, LEGO only made 20,000 of this set. Each set came with an exclusively printed license plate with the number your set is. I got set 01366 of 20,000 which is a pretty low number. Opening the doors allows one to pull up the top so you can access the electrical components. With eight PF components there are quite a few wires in there. The winch mechanism. That small motor is jammed in there, and there's also a clutch gear to keep you from killing your motor trying to pull something. The red Technic bar slides into the two 2x1 rubber pieces to keep the door closed. Very interesting and works well too. One can see some of the large number of wires that are jammed into the body of this guy. LEGO has done a good job keeping them contained though. Drive chain close up. Not much to see on the outside but, this shot does allow you to see that the whole drive chain moves up and down. Here's the steering motor. It's encased in quite a few Technic parts. To try to give you a sense of scale, here's a shot of my sigfig standing next to the truck. It is HUGE! I rebuilt my Technic Bulldozer to get some comparison shots. It really is just about the same size. And a profile shot of the two vehicles. Functions: Just watch this video. It features all of the functions as well as some nice driving. Please try to ignore the television noises in the background. Conclusion: Well, she's complete! The design on this truck/muscle car really does a lot more for me than the SUV style original model. The build was thoroughly interesting, and the functions are quite fun. I can see myself using this quite often. Nice job Rm8, I really like your new cover design! And a big thank you to Eurobricks and LEGO for letting me review this set! Ratings: Playability: 10/10 I can't think of much else this should be able to do. And what it can do makes quite an extensive list. Design: 9/10 The design is very nice, like I've said it looks much more like a muscle car. Price: 8/10 Price wise, I think it is decent. If the price was $150 or so, I think it'd be a little bit better. Parts: 9/10 There is quite an array of parts in new colors here. Total: 36/40 This box is so cool, here's another shot of it. Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!
  2. First if all I totally forgot to post this model here on the forum, guess better late than never Now to explain a bit about the motives behind this model before I go into specific details. Counter on my youtube channel was nearing 10.000 so I wanted to make something trully special. I was not sure what kind of a model I want to make, a sportscar, offroader, construction machine, so the decision came to MAKE ALL AT ONCE. The model would also incoporate ideas from the last decade of Lego technic product to go along with my 10 years on youtube. Starting with the design, the front end is heavily inspired by 42083 and 41999. Notice the front wheels are from 42056. The first motorized function is adjustable front suspension inspired by 8297: The front end can raise by 3 centiemetrs to allow the model to negotiate rough terrain. Continuing towards the cab, which was inspired by 41999, we can pop up the hood to find a green colored 10 cylinder engine inspred by 42030: Cab doors are inspired by the doors from 42069, which open at the angle. Opening the doors you can find a full interrior with two adjustable seats andworking steering wheel: In the center of the cab there is a gearbox which movel lineary to switch between 3+R gears using a special mechanism. This emchanisem translates the sliding action into usable inputs for the gearbox: Going further back, there is a section holding the battery box and, orange lever and utensils on the left side. I will explain the function of the orange lever later. On the opposite, right side there are 2 M motors powering all the motorized functions. Notice the mysterious red lever which is used for switching motorized functions. Notice the pump used to power the pneumatic functions. There are also two electric switches to reverse the two driving M motors. If we continue towards the back, we can see there is a pair of linear actuators used to manipulate the container. The red lever switches power from one of the M motor between the adjustable front suspension and linear actuators. But not only can the linear actuators tilt the container, but they can also pick up and load the entire thing. To switch between tilting or picking up, the orange lever is used to lock the individual segments of the lifting arm. This function is inspired by 8052. The arm can reach out and pick up the container with ease: If we continue and look at the photo of the back side you may notice a PTO output along with a strange mechanism with rubber bands: Same motor that powers adjustable front suspension, linear actuators also powers the PTO output via 24 tooth clutch gear. Notice that the PTO output uses a CV joint in order to slide the axles into it without friction. The rubber band mechanism is used to hold the rear attachment. This was inspired by 8110 and 42054. Here is a sum up the functions of the model so far: 1. Motorized functions Adjustable font suspension Tilting of the container Picking up and lifting of the container Pneumatic compressor and storage provided by two air tanks powered rear PTO 2. Manual functions: 10 cylinder engine powered via rear wheels through a 3+R gearbox 3+R gearbox Steering controlled by steering wheels inside the cab AND the light on the right side of the roof Openable doors Openable hood Adjutstable seats Independent front suspension Solid live axle assembly in the rear - inspired by 42043 Features: Both front axles are at a positive cats angle, allwing the fat Porsche wheels to self-center Due to the immense weight, each rear solid axle is supported by 4 yellow very hard springs The 3+R gearbox is derived from my diagonal gearbox featured in the Dominator TRS Due to its framed design the gearbox provides a very rigid backbone to the model A 5 tubed exhaust seemed appropriate for the 10 cylinder engine I hope this photo helps you understand all the functions and features a bit better. Each color of the model's chassis represents a different module. Next we will look at the rear attachment built for this model. The attachment is multifunctional, combining linear actuators, pneumatics and 4-way switchbox to actuate all the functions: In total the attachemnt features following functions powered by a PTO via 4-way switchbox: Extension of the control arms via small actuators and a lever mechanism Lowering of the control arms via large actuators - inspried by 42009 Rotation of the arm Spooling up a winch which allows the arm to be used as a crane arm - inspired by 8258 Additionally there are 4 pneumatic function powered by the compressor and air stored in the two pneumatic tanks on the truck itself: Raising of the primary arm joint Raising of the secondary arm joint Tilting of the showel - inspired by 8043 Closure of the blue pneumatic claws - inspired by 8110 Some intersting facts about this attachment module: All of the penumatic functions + rope of the winch pass through the turntable. Rotation of the turntable is limited to some 350 degrees to avoid all those tubes and rope tangling up The structure of the arm with diagonal arms is inspired by crane arms Frictionless 8 tooth gears allow the white 16L axles to slide with ease while powering the two large actuators used for support legs The 4-way switchbox is one of my most complex and sense assemblies and it took me 2 days to design with support of LDD. Winch uses a friction pin to keep the rope from unloading when the winch function is off. The blue claw uses rubber bricks for better grip Combining the main model with the atatchment resluts in a model which weighs around 5 kilograms and is over a meter long! Some facts about the design, and build of the model: The whole model took me over 2 months to design and built, biggest challenging being the gearbox, container arm and rear attachment switchbox. A lot of care was placed into keeping all the functions working reliably with a limited power source (M motor) and safely with no gears skipping or breaking. The model uses around 16 universal and 3 CV joints to transfer the power to the suspension lifting mechanism, PTO, both steering sytsems and drive axles. Each rear axle is capable of supporting the whole model's weight, the weak point are the Power Puller tyres which sag quite a lot, especially on the third axle. Thanks to it's stiff gearbox, this model has one of the stiffest central frames I ever built allowing the model to be easily picked up by diagonal front and rear wheel without excessive flex. Gas canisters and first aid from 42069 are featured on this model The hood ornament is a bunny from a Lego Friends set This is my first model to use the white pneumatic air tanks for it's intended purpose. The model is covered with glow in the dark parts close to its edges, so its visible at night - useful when you are wandering around your building area at night A photo of the mashup's total of 8 glow in the dark bionicle claw/eye pieces: You can see the model in action in the following feature video: Finally I would like to thank you for reading through this massive post and for helping me reach 10.000 subscribers.
  3. Hi there! I'm selling set, located in Belarus. 5571 - used, 99% complete. Some minor parts lost. With manual building instruction. Truck has been standing on the shelf for the last 10-12 years. Ready to ship immediately. Photo by request. Ready for offers.
  4. While the Metallic Silver parts still don't exist outside of the official 41999 set, the new 42083 Bugatti makes it possible to source and build the main body from Dark Blue parts. Those that missed out on 41999 at least now have the option to build it from parts if they wanted to.
  5. Hello everybody! A long time ago I got my 41999 and decided to turn the hull back to the car that it was initially - a classic American muscle car. Initially it was just the same car with a lower chassis, but I preferred to make it more authentic and more detailed MOD (and a bit MOC  ) saving as much as possible original solutions and parts. There were a lot of speculations of the exact model (41999-question), but I like Dodge Charger R/T 2nd generation ('68-70), so it's the final target and magic has been started... First of all, I started with modifications of 41999 Crawler. It's a great model and I was just happy to see how Egor turned the car shapes into the curved panels, but Boss Crawler was too high, so lowered the chassis by 4 studs (removing the bottom section with Servo and two 5x7 frames), added a front axle with an independent suspension and a rear live axle. Both of them uses a shorter shock absorbers, meanwhile the front axles has a torsion suspension in the real live. I've made a draft of it and will add to the model some later... So, the result is following: v1. The chassis. Muscle Car 41999 MOC v1 Chassis.lxf v1. A road version. Muscle Car 41999 MOC v1 Road.lxf I's a default hull with some minor visual modifications, mounted on a lower chassis. However it's still too high, in my opinion. v1. An off-road version. Muscle Car 41999 MOC v1 Offroad.lxf I liked @efferman's Station Wagon and @NOS_Dylan's modification, that better meets a lower chassis. v2. A major modification. And finally the better version that I've made so far: even more lower than version 1, wider by 2L and now has a Big Block - fake V8 engine. To be continued...
  6. Hello everybody! I'm a newbie here, but Lego Technic was a part of my live many years ago. Recently it turns that that we meet again and I'm ready to discover or invent something new for me. About several months ago I got the well-known 9398 Crawler - amazing flagman model with a lot of pro and cons (I believe that many spears and axes were broken, so I'll skip the long list). The main disadvantage is differentials (also known as diffs) that makes the off-road or crawling ability so close to zero. A common recommendation is to get rid of them by replacing by the knobs. It works, but I faced another issue then: now it can't go on a flat surfaces. Really, now the rear axle tries to pull the vehicle ignoring the forward one and broke the axels or suspension. As solution I remembered the limited slip differential based on the 20-tooth clutch gears: add the one more axle between the left and right wheels that has one (or two if necessary) clutch gear. It allows to have some difference between the wheels rotation angle, but in the same time provides some friction that prevents the free rotation. I remember that I saw it at somebody's MOC, so I will add the credits a bit later. Let me don't bush around and provide the my receipt (sorry for the quality, it was a phone): 1. The additional axle. 9L axle with two 20t gears, normal one and clutch, and connectors. Plus 2L beam to reinforce the connection (you'll see it later). 2. Place where to mount it. You'll need to remove the 11L beam from the steering arms add this assembly. 3. Mounted. 4. Now let's move the 2L red beam to lock the connection. 5. The result! Completely mounted and covered by two 3x5 Bent beams (instead of two 3L beams at the original model). As summary, I have to say that now it works fine everywhere (limited only by Crawler's design) and requires a minor changes for the original model. That's all so far, hope that it still actual since the model is relatively old.
  7. I have a 41999 4x4 Crawler gathering dust on a shelf - 100 % complete, with extra LED lights, with box and instructions. (one instruction book has a small tear on one page), otherwise everything is in great shape. Crawler is taken out occasionally for a drive across the carpet. I will consider suitable trades for large, flag-ship Technic sets (Hint - we really want the MB Arocs), with due consideration for difference in value, I suggest BL for value reference. USA only due to postage costs. Each of us pays for postage. Please, Eurobricks Citizens or above only. Me - I have 100+ positive feedbacks on Bricklink (JGW3000) and 350+ positive feedbacks on e-bay (stonycreekminerals). Will provide pictures on request. No longer available
  8. Since many of us became owners of 41999 BOSS crawler, this thread became actual. 99% modifications will be about body design and color, since there is nothing new we can do with chassis. I am waiting for pickups "El camino" style, wagons (like effe mentioned), new lowered chassis and other mods. I will update first post from time to time to make database of mods with link to posts. May be we can make our unofficial challenge with voting? What do you think? I have an idea what we can do with the best models from voting:) thats a surprise. First we have to,fill this topic with cool creations;)
  9. Hi, Here is a very nice MOC ,created by Filsawgood (Russia) that I can not hide from you. Author is not presented here yet. He was inspired by Ford Bronco 1994 He promised to finish LDD soon. For full photoset and video visit http://brickgarage.b...ce-rancher.html Sure you love this and cat-diff-inspector at the video
  10. While driving my crawler over some text books and pillows i noted that it would stop and get stuck on easy obstacles that it used to climb and a distinct whining noise could be heard. I couldn't find the source of noise, but I tried replacing the batteries in both the remote and the crawler which changed nothing. Anyone else experience this problemin their 41999 or 9398? If so do you guys have any solutions? Sorry if there's already another topic like this but i wasn't able to find one
  11. Hi everybody, Here is my review of 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition "BOSS Crawler". Set that was coCreated by me and TLG. Hope you like the review. My reviews Full review Comparison review of 9398 and 41999 (use translate button at the right side of page under LEGO Technic logo). Comparison with 9398 Review from Masked Builder ( http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84293 Review from Anio ( Review from Conchas ( Part I Part II Official Building Instructions:
  12. OK, this is driving me nuts. Toys R Us has discounted the 41999 crawler to $199.00, as listed on their website today (Dec. 6, 2013), available only as an in-store pick-up. So, like an idiot, I go to TRU, as it is only a 90 second drive and across the street from McD's for lunch, so I have an excuse to pop into TRU quick, and of course its not there, and hasn't been there for months. So what gives? TRU has an inventory control problem? They are holding back on some sets? or there is actually a TRU store somewhere with these in stock???
  13. Hello!! After seeing the Technic Set 41999 in which I found aesthetically very beautiful, I decided to make a replica of it in minifig scale :) is actually a Dodge Charger 1970 with big wheels :) I will build the same physically, there are these renderings This MOC its also on Cuusoo Full resolutions
  14. Posting this warning for those with small children: Last night my six year old managed to get his finger stuck in or near the rear differential of my 41999 - he is really fascinated by gears and wanted to see or make them spin. At the same time, he disconnected the corresponding L-motor from the IR receiver and attached it to the winch's power connector, and of course the battery was on, spinning the gears, wheels, etc.. After about five agonizing minutes, I managed to free his finger, but not before much wailing and tears. He is fine now, and lesson learned about machines and proper lock-out / tag-out procedures, related to his level of course. Please watch your smaller children when they are playing with PF equipped models! Certainly in my house he will need to be supervised, I am planning to get a simpler model he can build to help him learn about gears and rotating devices.
  15. ...for those who did not cancel their orders. I just got this email:
  16. I start this thread not to mess 41999 review or 2h2013 threads anymore. What we know so far*: 1. Placing a first order ever in S@H triggers extended procedure of payment verification - and in effect it delays shipping 2. "Backtracked" order status means that you will (almost for sure - but I do not know every case) receive your set after 22nd of August - then the second batch will be ready for shipping 3. If you have placed an order in the morning or later - when the "Out of stock" information was already there - there is a high possibility that you will not get your set - you need to verify this by calling Customer Support and giving them your order number 4. Lego employees are manually verifying every order - and they started at 7am (1st of August) - so number of sets left for potential "daylight"/"next day" buyers is not yet known. *Based on few emails to Customer Support, one call and experience of other buyers - might not be an objective and unquestionable truth Please feel free to spam this thread with your questions, case descriptions - share your knowledge to help and comfort your fellow 41999 fans :)
  17. Hi Everyone Here is a 3d version of a massive rock crawler course being designed as a collaboration. Some people have suggested some awesome ideas, and thought about putting them all together and see what it is like. This course has 41999 and 9398 in mind, but of course other MOC's are welcome. Inspiration has also been drawn from real courses designed to test off-road and military vehicles. If you have any ideas now it the time to share! All comments are welcome and greatly appreciated. I should also state that the final design WILL be built. As we have the time, resources and motivation to get it done. (I realize that the bridges are a little low. ) Kind regards.
  18. I just wanted to compare the price in for different regions. Poland: 799 PLN ~= 250 USD ~= 188.45 EUR
  19. You may have seen the detailed reviews of the upcoming 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition Set. Written by rm8, Masked Builder, and Conchas), these reviews may have convinced you whether or not to buy one or more 41999s when available on in August 2013. Only 20,000 have been made. This is a private poll -- your answers cannot be identified as being from you. Please reply in an honest, truthful manner; you can come back later and change your answers if you wish. Thank you.
  20. As I am running out of money (bought 8110 and 9396 already in the past 3 months) I am trying to find any drawbacks of 41999 that will discourage me from getting one. I have found few: 1. Not so technically complex 2. Expensive (in Poland it will be ~$245 - S@H delivers it "for free" but shipping cost is already there, included in the price) 3. Parts in unique colors that will not easily blend with standard colors in order to build MOCs Anything else?
  21. Here is my comparison review of 9398 and 41999 Please, use translate button at the right side of page under LEGO Technic logo. After reading give a feedback here about google translated text: is it understandable or I have to translate topic by myself?! Thank you.
  22. Hi, This topic is for posting modifications of 41999. I am planning to do lot of them. 1. The first is pimped with the help of Chrome Block City BL store. You can buy parts used in this modifications here