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  1. v01p

    Squid Game BrickheadZ

    Nice, I really like these. Perfect mix of dark/cool and cute. Also loving the rubber band shapes.
  2. Thanks for explaining. I tried to draw a diagram and my head exploded. It makes enough sense that I think I get why gates need to be driven backwards. It didn't occur to me that to make this work mechanically you need a neutral state in addition to the counter-clockwise 0 state. This is far more complicated than I imagined. Eagerly anticipating the final reveal :) In the meantime, loving the systemic bottoms-up building blocks. Looking forward to the demux.
  3. Very cool and elegant! Apologies if this is a dumb question -- what's the reason for the "output needs to be driven" constraint? In practice, would the inputs ever be neutral?
  4. Wow, this sounds phenomenal! And thank you for sharing the small mechanisms -- they're incredibly helpful. Really excited to follow your progress on such an awesome feat.
  5. v01p

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone! My name is v01p from California. I've only recently discovered LEGO Technic and have since become absolutely obsessed I built my first set (42110 Land Rover Defender) in July 2021, got really into figuring out how its gearbox and drivetrain worked (these diagrams by TinkeringJohn were incredibly helpful, btw!), found the 42110 mods thread fascinating, and fixed the "cracking". Since then, I've built just about every 2021 Technic set but am still figuring out how to get started with making mods and MOCs. Excited to learn from everyone on here. Happy building!
  6. Hello, test size without a name. Here is a link to a photo.