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  1. Lucien70001

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    @Dan-147 Your saying the click bricks at the base of yours were weak? I just assumed when the head spun around on mine, the weight caused the whole assembly to fall down. I might have to check the clutch between the ones that came with and what TLG sent me.
  2. Lucien70001

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    I asked TLG for the pieces to their solution of the neck problem and this is what I got: 20151107_094108 by Lucien70001, on Flickr WTH?!? I've done the McVeigh mod, so I'm not bothered by this, but I find it interesting that they think the problem lies in the base of the neck.
  3. Lucien70001

    Lego Batpod Contest Winner

    Came in today. Probably put it together over the weekend. 20150916_184123 by Lucien70001, on Flickr 20150916_182939 by Lucien70001, on Flickr Thought this was limited to 750 but the card that came with it says 1,000. 20150916_182853 by Lucien70001, on Flickr
  4. Lucien70001

    Lego Batpod Contest Winner

    Received a FedEx shipping confirmation from Lego tonight. As I haven't ordered anything recently, I'm assuming it's the Batpod. Arrives Tuesday.
  5. Lucien70001

    Lego Batpod Contest Winner

    Thanks everyone.
  6. Lucien70001

    Lego Batpod Contest Winner

    I just received an email from Lego stating I am a provisional winner of the Batpod and need to reply with a certain statement for them to ship it within the next 8 weeks. Anyone else receive this yet?
  7. Lucien70001

    Sorting old grey

    Going through my bleys, I found greys as well. So now we have light & dark grey, bley & old grey. Too confusing. I'm reluctant to add my old grey to my drawers because it will be too difficult to tell the difference.
  8. Lucien70001

    Sorting old grey

    I bought a bunch of Sterlite drawers recently and have been sorting my collection from bags of color to types of pieces. My bag of old grey (classic space) has been left untouched however. I'd like to know the community's opinion on sorting old grey parts into your collection.
  9. Lucien70001

    LEGO Lego Shop Man Set 5001622

    Received mine today with an order placed through S@H via a laptop.
  10. Lucien70001

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Thanks GRogall for adding this to your modular lineup so we can get a sense of height for it. My main concern was how it would stack up to the others.
  11. @MikeTwo9398. I do believe you're the first top 100 to post to this thread (aside from rm8, of course). Might I ask what place you finished?
  12. @750ace. That's what I'm talking about. I've been a member for years, but this set has got me talking on the forums! Back on topic, what # do y'all have?
  13. Thank you guys for acknowledging. I would have liked my birthday (81476) but that obviously wouldn't have worked. This was a present to myself & to those of you who are tired of the threads : tough! I was a little kid again when I opened that box.
  14. @FuzzyBallz See now that's funny. That's the kind of discourse I was hoping for.
  15. I understand. And that is a good idea. I was only interested...