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  1. Great Ball Pit

    GBC Event Kit

    Good reliable modules ->
  2. Great Ball Pit

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Thank you for the research and information!
  3. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Sawtooth (BW2019 Workshop Module)

    There are a bunch of other great mods for this module that people have come up with. I have done the 20T bevel gear reduction mod.
  4. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    Masking tape and a sharpie with an arrow drawn pointing to the correct speed for that controller.
  5. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Multipath

    Hello, here is my latest module which will allow me to split the flow of balls into two separate outputs. I've wanted to do a path splitter for a while. So after seeing a module in a recent European GBC layout that used the Sports ramps in this manner, it inspired me to get started. This module has a recirculation function, massive input bin, and the ability to move balls out quite quickly. The biggest challenge when building this module was getting the sweeper motion to work as intended. If anyone here has a better solution for the sweeper linkage please leave a reply as it is something I'd like to improve.
  6. Great Ball Pit

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Looks great, I'll be getting this one for sure.
  7. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Sawtooth (BW2019 Workshop Module)

    Hi Doug, all of the clips in my intros are taken from full length videos available on my YouTube channel. That intro has "Morgan's Mine", "Tilt-Shift" and "Solaire". If you are talking about the Minecraft module, it's based on GBCRamps which was designed by Brian Bonahoom. Instructions available here: I did build something similar called Inclination which can be seen here:
  8. Here is my version of the BrickWorld Chicago 2019 Workshop Module. It is a jigsaw style stepper and uses a Power Functions M motor. The motor and powertrain are built in such a way that they are supported by the main drive axles which is quite interesting. It is mostly studless Technic which is a departure from the BW series of modules.
  9. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    It's an interesting module @Lasse D. I think it needs to be themed as a "Dippy Bird" 🦜
  10. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    @dunes Amazing! 🥳
  11. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Old Town Road

    The module was definitely inspired by many different round racer track modules I've seen in the past, not a specific one. None of them were referenced when building the module. Interestingly some like @Maico have the break in the track where the sweeper has to jump back down, I decided to keep the track in one piece and use a conveyor to get the balls up. I'm expecting this module to be really useful @ public layouts due to the ability to handle corners and U-Turns.
  12. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Old Town Road

    Here is a GBC module built using a conveyor, and the older "Racer" track. The theme is based on the song of the same name. The conveyor is powered by a PF-M Motor, and the Sweeper is using a PF-XL motor.
  13. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    Thanks Doug! I'm not sure if this would improve performance over the Technic connector that is currently used, but it's something we could test out.
  14. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    What is the part number for the "changeover arm"? I'm not familiar with that name.
  15. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    I like the new slimmed down version you've made as well!