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  1. Hey everyone, I've released a new video featuring the Brickworld 2018 Workshop module ball pump. I've tweaked the looks to my liking as well converted it to run with my simple shared power system. While this module appears simple in appearance / function, the 3 driven mechanisms were very well engineered and I can tell a lot of iteration went into this module. The module was originally designed by Brian Alano and the instructions can be found here:
  2. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    That's a pretty cool self contained circuit!
  3. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    I forgot to post this last week, here's my latest module Upslide. It uses a helical pusher to push balls up a friends slide, and it's powered by a PF M Motor. I tried to run it at BrickCan this weekend, but it only performed for a few hours before having a bunch of issues I'll need to fix. I need to reinforce the input bin walls, tweak the output at the top of the slide, and fix a small gearing issue for the helical drive. Stay tuned for a version 2.
  4. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I like the 90 degree turn Doug. We had an Akiyuki train at BrickCan this weekend, and it ran okay for day 1 and some of day 2. By day 3 we pulled it, due to battery issues.
  5. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] D.R.O.P

    Hey Guys, Here's my latest GBC module D.R.O.P (dark red olive pusher). It's not the most exciting module, nor did I do the original engineering of the mechanics. I did however choose the colours and changed up the original design so that this is a bit more sleek looking. It's kind of slow, and somewhat unexciting, but I did manage to hook it up to a shared power system (later in the video) which runs 3 modules off 1 M motor with a simple axle chain using universal joints. Its reliable up to around 22 balls, any more and the arm may not be able to get underneath the balls to sweep them out. Having said that it *should* be able to clear the 1BPS rate of the GBC standard. I'm planning on running this at BrickCan next week and if the module does seem a bit slow I will regear it from 8-40 to 24-40 at the lift-arm.
  6. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    The appearance of the battery pack would have me believe that it is already running at full speed.
  7. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Tilt-Shift

    The ball agitator was the last thing I added to the module, and it was more of a "hack a fix" type solution then a well engineered solution. I would agree that uneven load on the motor is a result, in fact the entire shifting stairs portion puts way more uneven load on the motor then anything. I ended up using a Power Functions XL motor in hopes that the internal planetary gearing might help it last longer. I will be running this module at BrickCan this year, and be sure to update you all if it fails.
  8. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    Lasse Deleuran has instructions and videos showing his anti-jamming mechanism. He uses this mechanism on a few different lifts including a circular wheel. Check out the wheel with these instructions he provided:
  9. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    Those tubes are pretty wacky, someone should use them to make a rollercoaster for duplo balls. :P
  10. Here is the video for my latest module Tilt-Shift. It is a fully technic built module, that lifts the balls using a tilting-stairs type mechanism. The ball agitator is super-janky because I added it as the last powered mechanism of the build. The module works great, and I will be running it at an upcoming public display. I have no doubts that it will shake itself apart at some point. Images and video below.
  11. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Solaire

    I like your changes, I think these modules are going to look great in a big layout!
  12. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Solaire

    It hasn't yet, and I have thrown all my GBC balls at it batch several times, 45+ balls, it didn't jam up. However with that big of a batch it has a chance to leak some balls over the sides as the balls fall back into the module when being swept up. 30 batch seems totally fine.
  13. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Solaire

    Hey everyone, Here is a very simple, yet elegant GBC module using the old Skateboard Ramps, and the newer large ring gears. It clears balls very quickly, and is rock solid reliable.
  14. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Perfect, I know what I'm building today!
  15. Hey guys, I'm back with another module. This time it's 3 small modules that can be run separately, or you can combine them into one module that uses 1 motor. The modules feature a tipping ramp and double ball pump mechanisms. When combined they use a long sketchy gear chain to pass power to the next module. This will be the first thing I need to fix in the next version. A small tweak to the input bins of the tipping ramp modules is also in order as they are a bit shallow. Here are a few images of the modules. Here is the video.