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  1. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Separation Anxiety

    Thanks for the feedback. While the module looks great, it could use some additional strengthening as only the middle section has beams bracing it together. Also a ball can sometimes get in a strange position on the separators and miss the output. I have a bit of work to do on it before I bring it to a public show.
  2. Nice work doug, another great addition to the akiyuki v2 system. I might want to use that scissor lift mechanism as a stand alone GBC module :)
  3. Nice work doug I like the scissor lift mechanism.
  4. Great Ball Pit

    Starfire Bust

    Really nice work, it's always a great MOC when I'm trying to figure out how some pieces went together or even which piece was used! What piece was used for the necklace? (not the microphones) it looks like some sort of mini-fig accessory?
  5. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Separation Anxiety

    Hey everyone, here is a sideways conveyor I've made using 25 brick separators. It is quite a simple build, and has some input restrictions. It can handle a fast stream of 1-2 balls but would fail the 30 batch standard rule. I think it looks great even when turned off. Some people have said it looks like an insect, and I think it has that nice baggage carousel effect when it's turned on. Please enjoy the video.
  6. When I was shown this video, I also asked myself where is the M-Motor from the Batman set...very strange Lego didn't send those to you. I'm also pretty sure that the newer LEDs have been on sale since the new PU trains were released so that people could light them.
  7. I've had to make even more changes since switching to a new motor. The speed was a bit much and it would jump off before full rotation. Added rubber to the stopper and changed out the end of the hanging liftarms.
  8. Mine is 15 minutes reliable. Didn't run it longer then that. Here's some closer images to how I achieved it.
  9. Here's a quick gif showing the speed. I'll do a video soon and can post some close up pics tonight.
  10. I've actually taken what you've done a bit farther and it's much faster then even the 2nd and 3rd iteration you did. I will post a video clip much later tonight when I can build a second copy.
  11. Thank you for the updates to the turntable @Doug72 I appreciate it!
  12. Thanks @Doug72 I'm going to try out your changes!
  13. @Doug72 Do you think it would be possible to speed up the rotation of your turntable module? I'd like to use 2 of them for a small GBC train module but I find they turn so slowly I don't think I'll be able to meet the output standard with just one car.