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  1. Great Ball Pit

    [MOC] Technic Abomination

    This robot is really well done, nice job.
  2. I lowered the turntable, and have the friction bands. I will try the 2 track slope out next.
  3. I built your turntable or something very close to it today @Doug72 and it worked a treat. My only concern is how much straight track run-up is needed to meet the height of the turntable.
  4. Great Ball Pit

    [MOC] Spooky Train

    Haha I like it! Evil train.
  5. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    I'm hosting a small GBC building challenge over at my website / discord server if anyone here would like to participate. There is a prize for the module that I think is the best. Details can be found on my homepage linked in my sig. Hope to see some of you there. - Matt
  6. Great Ball Pit

    Mindstorms & GBC Trains ?

    There's been a few RCX trains in some of the older brickworld videos. Looked like they used colored flags to control speed. Some of them use more then one RCX. One for the train, and one for the loading station.
  7. Great Ball Pit

    LEGO Boost Pachinko GBC

    Here is a new video featuring this Boost Pachinko Lego GBC module. In this video you will get a closer look at all of the mechanisms that make it work including how the jackpot works underneath the game area.
  8. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    Great video, nice to see 4 of my designs made it in there 😀
  9. Great Ball Pit

    LEGO Boost Pachinko GBC

    Ask me anything about my Lego Boost GBC Pachinko module. It has a jackpot payout when the ball goes into the jackpot area. The conveyor is run with the Boost external motor, and the onboard hub motors are controlling the aiming mechanism and the jackpot payout door. Video below
  10. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    I've finished uploading 4 videos featuring all sorts of GBC from BrickCon 2018 that was held in Seattle, WA last weekend. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the modules.
  11. Great Ball Pit

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    A "Programmable Lego" sub-forum would interest me, as I've started working with BOOST, and will pick up some more powered up sets soon as well.
  12. Great Ball Pit

    R-Type Battleship

    Very nice, R-type was one of my favourite games as a kid. I can remember flying under this thing many times.
  13. Great Ball Pit

    [MOC] Ice Planet 2002 | Mobile Research Laboratory

    Nice build, but I was hoping to see some sort of living quarters inside.
  14. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    Be nice to the PF motors! They won't be around much longer. :(
  15. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    That articulated stepper is pretty neat.