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  1. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    My Solaire GBC module was featured by Lego Technic today on Facebook. It's nice to see more and more GBC making it's way mainstream. If you didn't know you can get free instructions for the Solaire module on the website linked in my signature.
  2. Great Ball Pit

    Lego GBC "Tri-Sep" Vertical Sweeper

    Module has been updated with an input hopper that is much more "standard" and reliable. As well the module can now recirculate and only uses 1 motor now.
  3. Was expecting a smart fortwo. Click baited.
  4. Great Ball Pit

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    Like @RohanBeckett, I'm also a GBC builder who displays a dozen modules at public events. Now even though I've been able to hard wire my Boost Hub to work with 9v AC power, I don't want to have to go to the local electronics shop, buy some kit then come home and bust out the soldering iron every-time I need to use more of the new tech. GBC builders need a LEGO created solution to being able to use the old 9v Train controllers with the new motors... How about a a new extension cable so that we can just use the motors with the Classic train controller, that's all we need! Overall after reading that Q&A, I'm not impressed... I forsee a huge number of GBC builders that will have to purchase a hoard of PF motors to use over the next decade.
  5. How high can this module pump?
  6. Cool set, and nice review. I really like the huge bucket piece. As autonomous vehicles are becoming more commonplace I think it's great that Lego has taken the initiative to get some sets out there representing what's to come in the future. Having said that, it would be nice to see some Technic space vehicles.
  7. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Simple Conveyor and Alternate Builds

    Added the video for the Dragon Variant to the Original Post.
  8. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    For anyone interested I've created instructions (not free) for the updated version of this module. After a disappointing showing for this module at BrickCan 2018 I've made a few fixes and improvements which has resulted in a successful hour long soak test. I will be bringing this module to BrickCon 2018 for another "real" test later this year. Head on over to my website in my sig if you are interested.
  9. I'm back with another module and video. This time I've created a small, simple conveyor belt that is proving to be quite reliable. As well I've shown how you can modify it to make it your own creation. Instructions for this module are available on my website. Here is another version I've made. I'll be posting the video for this one next week. Here is the video for the Jade Dragon variant.
  10. Hey everyone, I've released a new video featuring the Brickworld 2018 Workshop module ball pump. I've tweaked the looks to my liking as well converted it to run with my simple shared power system. While this module appears simple in appearance / function, the 3 driven mechanisms were very well engineered and I can tell a lot of iteration went into this module. The module was originally designed by Brian Alano and the instructions can be found here:
  11. Great Ball Pit

    GBC General Discussion

    That's a pretty cool self contained circuit!
  12. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] Upslide

    I forgot to post this last week, here's my latest module Upslide. It uses a helical pusher to push balls up a friends slide, and it's powered by a PF M Motor. I tried to run it at BrickCan this weekend, but it only performed for a few hours before having a bunch of issues I'll need to fix. I need to reinforce the input bin walls, tweak the output at the top of the slide, and fix a small gearing issue for the helical drive. Stay tuned for a version 2.
  13. Great Ball Pit

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I like the 90 degree turn Doug. We had an Akiyuki train at BrickCan this weekend, and it ran okay for day 1 and some of day 2. By day 3 we pulled it, due to battery issues.