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  1. That would not be a problem on the real crane since the real one does not have those white ball stabilizers
  2. The shot right after that one shows the counterweights falling off on a flat surface, but I actually appreciate you pointing that out and in future videos I’ll definitely try to avoid unrealistic play like putting it on a small rocks. And I definitely should’ve included more shots of that I’ll do my best not to make the same mistake. Anyways, no I don’t think it’s geared too fast. It goes at a good speed for the set. I feel like the superstructure motors have enough torque.
  3. The counterweights often fall off even on perfectly flat surfaces. That was just the first shot of that shown in my video. You pick up something heavy, turn the superstructure, the model tips sideways and the counterweights go falling off. There are plenty of other ways the counterweights always fall off. Or even if the superstructure gets stuck, then released, and the counterweights fall off. I’m glad you liked it, and thank you for explaining how to clean those white ball stabilizers. I also appreciated your explanation on making the set truly measure weight.
  4. I strike again! Personally I think it's a phenomenal set. Its proportions don't bother me at all. However, it has other REAL problems, like those supporting white balls, the tracks snapping off while turning around, and those counterweights not being attached at all to the crane.
  5. I appreciate the supporrt, but I am also incredibly grateful for all the honest opinions shared about my video! The only way I can learn, improve, and make better content is if people aren't afraid to criticize me. Reading all of these comments was a nice change of pace from all the "great video" comments I typically get on all my videos. I appreciate the support of my audience, but I value honesty even more
  6. In an in person interview I did with the legendary racingbrick, I asked him many questions regarding powered up, technic itself, gearboxes, and much more. I strongly suggest to watch it, since it provides a ton of useful information.
  7. But the L motor just got updated with the CЄ logo and yet it was never removed from LEGO’s website
  8. Here is my review Unfortunately it still has the lime discoloration problem as the lamborghini sian from 2020
  9. In this case it actually says "retired product" like on all discontinued sets. It's never coming back. When the error of taking it off the website, and returning happened, it never said "retired product." I'm guessting it's retired because that XL motor literally had the same torque as the L motor, and was identical in almost every way except for the form factor. Supposedly it could handle slightly more load before its power was cut by the hub, but it was never worth it to use in your own creations.
  10. Guy with the inappropriate facial expressions, has brought back an inappropriate facial expression for this video! He strikes again!
  11. That guy with the inappropriate facial expression strikes again with a LEGENDARY build and review!
  12. Guy with usually the inappropriate facial expression strikes again