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  1. Yeah rumors do have a very high success rate. I mean, I guess LEGO can break the two year pattern on occasion. the bucket wheel excavator, rough terrain crane, 42100 excavator, and the cat d11 bulldozer are all considered to be part of the same series. Their release schedule, respectively, is this: 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021. However, notice that 2019 was the first year in lego technic to get the new control+ system, which possibly led to the excavator being released a year earlier. In fact it was supposed to be released in August of 2019 because it was supposed to be the set that introduced the control+ system, but due to production issues it got pushed back to october. So that's the main reason for the breaking of the two year pattern here, control+. There are plenty of other sets that follow the two year pattern, such as the 1:8 supercars. porsche 911 gt3 rs - 2016 bugatti chiron - 2018 lamborghini sian - 2020 ferrari daytona - 2022 Also the small $50 cars chevrolet corvette - 2019 mclaren senna gtr - 2021 bugatti bolide -2023 Maybe the $50 pullback sets of 2022 can be put into this category as well? That would break the two year pattern, but those sets are pullback so they don't really count in my opinion. But if the two year pattern follows, I guess we can expect $50 pullback sets again in 2024 Also the 1:10 scale cars have a 2 year pattern porsche 911 rsr - 2019 ferrari gt3 rs - 2021 According to the pattern we should have seen a 1:10 scale car in January 2023, but we didn't. According to rumors though, we will see a $200 Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar on May 1st. Perhaps LEGO still follows the two year pattern with the 1:10 scale cars but the release just got pushed back a few months. I mean, fair enough, considering January isn't the best time to release expensive sets, since people just bought expensive things a few weeks earlier for christmas. I mean, it's always possible that the two year pattern breaks, but I feel like LEGO already had a very strong schedule with these two year patterns.
  2. The crane was only rumored to come out in 2022, it was never confirmed by LEGO. It's possible that the leakers simply got this wrong. Maybe the design process of the crane is already finished, which is why leakers thought it would be released this year, but LEGO just decided to hold off on releasing the product, not because they need more time developing the set, but simply because they want to align with the 2 year pattern. Not all rumors end up being true. The farm truck was rumored to be the delorean time machine but nope it turned out to be a farm truck.
  3. Right, what I meant to say was, that the delay had nothing to do with redesigns or perfecting the functions or anything like that. The delay was purely for marketing
  4. No there is a 2 year pattern. 2019 had the 42100 excavator, 2021 had the cat d11 bulldozer, and according to that two year pattern, 2023 will be the year to get the next giant technic set in october. I don't think that the rumored crane was delayed I think its release schedule was just pushed back to meet the 2 year pattern
  5. Good points, although I strongly doubt that LEGO would make a truck based on the Kamaz trucks
  6. I believe that this model was designed by the legendary Markus Kossman because the license plate says "KM42147" and I think that KM stands for Kossman, Markus. Also he loves to design construction vehicles and the B model is an excavator, so that's another reason as to why I believe that he was the designer
  7. 177 pieces was also confirmed by LEGO
  8. Yeah pretty much! Honestly it was a great set! I have it
  9. Guy with the inappropriate facial expression strikes again! And he even brought you a complete parts list for this set in his video:
  10. Yes it is a very fun build! One of the best technic sets ever! I strongly recommend it
  11. Unbrickme

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    the lego technic zetros was one of the best technic sets
  12. Thank you for the kind words!
  13. That sounds so awesome! I did something similar once to rebuild my 8043 motorized excavator!
  14. All LEGO needs to do is to make the ipa file for the robot inventor app available to download on their website, then it can be downloaded to iOS from the web. They can also do the same thing but with an apk for android
  15. With the beta apps, my point was that it is entirely possible to download apps from the web onto your iOS device. By removing the account requirement, and with a few tweaks, this could be a solution ready to be used by the general public! The mobile app does not have to remain on apple's or google's app stores, but rather, the mobile app can be stored on LEGO's servers, ready to be downloaded by anyone at any time. Regarding implementing missing functionality into the spike app, while I agree, I still think that the Robot Inventor app should continue to remain available. People need to be able to experience a set as if it were never discontinued. Also, programs you create in the spike app are saved as .llsp files, whereas the robot inventor programs are saved as .lms files. There are also a few other key differences in the apps that make compatibility challenging. Also the Robot Inventor app has far better documentation, tutorials, and more! Both of these apps are fundamentally different, and while bringing things like hub-to-hub communication to the Spike App would improve it, I do not believe that it is the ultimate solution.