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  1. Happy Easter! with a twisting easter rabbit cube
  2. Diamabolo

    folding kaleidocycle

    Inspired by a paper origami kaleidocycle, various Lego versions were created. In contrast to the kaleidocycles I have built so far, the construction folds up and down as it rotates. One version requires a central axle ring around which the joints rotate. The second version stabilizes itself with the help of rubber connectors
  3. MODified Kinetic version of the creator 3in1 31157 set
  4. Diamabolo

    tumbling man toy

    A wooden toy once again served as inspiration for me. What is the toy called in your language? No question that I had to try out motorized versions of the toy too.
  5. another alternative model with the education set 9686 Simply mechanized, the helicopter takes off and starts its circular flight https://pin.it/58GxKJq
  6. I saw this attempt... https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz37DEMsgkZ/?igshid=NzBmMjdhZWRiYQ==
  7. Diamabolo

    swinging coaster loop

    I present swinging roller coaster loops. The cars are set in motion by making the entire coaster model swing concentrically. The coaster rails have the shape of a double spiral or various knots
  8. Diamabolo

    pecking chicken toy

    Inspired by the vintage wooden toy
  9. Everything revolves on this marble run. Either the track revolves around the center or the central lift transports the balls up....or both at the same time The construction of the ball track is inspired by the GBC model from NICO 71
  10. Diamabolo

    spinning spiral coaster

    Spinning spiral roller coaster The track consists of a central lift system and rails with two counter-rotating spirals. The exciting thing in this case is that the rails revolve around the lift. Rails and lift can be driven separately. I've seen a coaster spiral lift at @MasaoHidaka in the past. The Lego Idea project by @nachpon lego then completely inspired me to build this lift mechanism into a spiral sculpture. Actually I wanted to recreate the kinetic sculpture "Wonder" by Tom Lawton....but that will be another project.
  11. Diamabolo

    worm gear spinning top

    For the mechanic I use the lego parts 7376-3 / - 4 including in the Set : Police Training Academy
  12. Diamabolo

    worm gear spinning top

    This gear worm screw has so much potential! .....here i present one of my gimmicks with the new part 7376-3 /-4
  13. Diamabolo

    Geared cube net

    mathematical art: Replica of a 3D Printed Model by Henry Segerman and Sabetta Matsumoto This cube net unfolds evenly through the gears and can also turn inside out
  14. I present a replica of the well-known physics gadjet. In the original, the "perpetuum motion machine" is generated by induction. In my case, a wheel in the collecting funnel provides the drive
  15. (cub) octahedron / spheres with 14 "surfaces". I love to tinker with the brick 76797 spherical segment. These brick begs to be build as a sphere. i was wondering what diameter this sphere might have? There were different balls with different diameters