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Found 15 results

  1. Ultrament

    My new GBC module

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, so comment on any questions and request for GBC modules. Just a few days ago, I was on Rebrickable for a little bit, and thought of finding GBC modules. Well, I wasn't very lucky, because the only one I could find was a back-forth style lift. It was made using the First Responder set. I did not even have that set, as my largest Technic set was Street Bike. I decided to get my Street Motorcycle set, and make this:
  2. Here is the video for my latest module Tilt-Shift. It is a fully technic built module, that lifts the balls using a tilting-stairs type mechanism. The ball agitator is super-janky because I added it as the last powered mechanism of the build. The module works great, and I will be running it at an upcoming public display. I have no doubts that it will shake itself apart at some point. Images and video below.
  3. I forgot to post this last week, here's my latest module Upslide. It uses a helical pusher to push balls up a friends slide, and it's powered by a PF M Motor. I tried to run it at BrickCan this weekend, but it only performed for a few hours before having a bunch of issues I'll need to fix. I need to reinforce the input bin walls, tweak the output at the top of the slide, and fix a small gearing issue for the helical drive. Stay tuned for a version 2.
  4. Great Ball Pit

    LEGO Boost Pachinko GBC

    Ask me anything about my Lego Boost GBC Pachinko module. It has a jackpot payout when the ball goes into the jackpot area. The conveyor is run with the Boost external motor, and the onboard hub motors are controlling the aiming mechanism and the jackpot payout door. Video below
  5. Hey everyone, Here is a very simple, yet elegant GBC module using the old Skateboard Ramps, and the newer large ring gears. It clears balls very quickly, and is rock solid reliable.
  6. Hey guys, I recently finished my vertical sweeper module which uses Brick Separators as the main feature. I was inspired to build this based on a module I saw in the Brickworld Virginia 2017 GBC layout video by Beyond the Brick. It uses 2 PF motors, one to drive the conveyor belt and one to drive the "tri-sep" lift. I spent a little bit of time trying to get it to all run off one motor using a bunch of 61903 propellor shafts to connect the drive axles but it was too jittery. Having the conveyor use its own motor is better anyways, because i can jut pull it off the "tri-sep" and use it as a gbc module on it's own if I need to. Please enjoy the video
  7. Hey Guys, Here's my latest GBC module D.R.O.P (dark red olive pusher). It's not the most exciting module, nor did I do the original engineering of the mechanics. I did however choose the colours and changed up the original design so that this is a bit more sleek looking. It's kind of slow, and somewhat unexciting, but I did manage to hook it up to a shared power system (later in the video) which runs 3 modules off 1 M motor with a simple axle chain using universal joints. Its reliable up to around 22 balls, any more and the arm may not be able to get underneath the balls to sweep them out. Having said that it *should* be able to clear the 1BPS rate of the GBC standard. I'm planning on running this at BrickCan next week and if the module does seem a bit slow I will regear it from 8-40 to 24-40 at the lift-arm.
  8. Hey guys, I'm back with another module. This time it's 3 small modules that can be run separately, or you can combine them into one module that uses 1 motor. The modules feature a tipping ramp and double ball pump mechanisms. When combined they use a long sketchy gear chain to pass power to the next module. This will be the first thing I need to fix in the next version. A small tweak to the input bins of the tipping ramp modules is also in order as they are a bit shallow. Here are a few images of the modules. Here is the video.
  9. Hey everyone, Today I present the video for the G-Model of the 42062 Container Yard set. It is a simple tipping ramp mechanism that can be hand cranked (why???) or upgraded with a motor for GBC layout use. Tires are used as counter-weights and as a bumper for the tipping input bin.
  10. Here are my two Star Wars GBC Modules BB-8, and more recently Trench Run. Trench run was built from scratch and my first attempt at "greebling" something. Creating the small ships was also an interesting challenge, as I've never seen an X-Wing done this way before (especially because it uses one of the new parts for 2018). Here is an image of the micro scale ships I built. And the video is below BB-8 was built from the 75187 set, which I gutted and installed a ball pump and a light up welding torch. I kept the dimensions of the original stand but rebuilt it out of Technic for strength.
  11. Hey guys, Here's my latest module. It's a simple conveyor in the Lego Star Wars theme, which depicts the famous trench run scene in Star Wars Episode 4. There is an X-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie Fighters and Vaders Tie Advanced. Mechanically the conveyor is very simple. Surprisingly, animating the Turbo Laser took quite a bit of time to get the movement and speed to something I was happy with. Images and Video below.
  12. Hey everyone, Today I present the video for my Bucket Boost module. This module was previously seen in my "Greyline Layout video" but now receives it's own feature. This was the second module I ever built, and took quite a bit of time throughout 2017 to get built. I ended up building the prototype mechanism 3 times to get it right. After that I had to build the ball indexer that would be synced to the first cup. The last things I worked on was revising the input bin and the output splitter. It is powered by an XL motor due to the high amounts of torque needed to drive the gear stack which is connected to 4 axles that drive each lifting bucket. It is fairly reliable, however it does tend to drop balls when it's sitting on an uneven surface. Please enjoy the video.
  13. Great Ball Pit

    Hello from Canada

    Hi guys, My name is Matt and I'm a Lego GBC builder from Canada. I've been lurking on Eurobricks for many years and some of my favorite Lego themes are Classic Space, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and more recently Lego Minecraft and the Marvel Cinematic Universe sets. I've attended one Lego Convention as an attendee and I really enjoyed myself, displaying a few MoC's that I made. I'll mostly be posting in the Technic forum here, but I do like to lurk in some of the other sections as well. Mostly the Sci-Fi and Licensed sections. Hope to chat with some of you soon!
  14. Hey guys, Since completing work on my Tri-Sep module, I've completed what I'm calling the Greyline Series of modules. This series includes: Greylime, Reservoir, Bucket Boost, and Tri-Sep. It is all running off of two 9 Volt Train Controllers. Please enjoy the video. Individual videos for these modules are available on my channel, the Bucket Boost video will be released later this month. It is the most complicated module I've made.
  15. Good and warm morning everyone! Today I present you the last GBC Module that has left my hands, a Lego Ball Accelerator. Original name: Accelerator Module Number of pieces: 335 Bulilding Time: 5 hours (not counting the fail of the first version) Size: 16×32 studs Instructions available: YES Lets see a general overview of the module. The mechanism is relatively simple. A Lego PF M motor moves an axle. This axle is divided into two, one part goes to move the wheel, increasing the relationship between gears to go faster, while the other continues straight to the hopper, where a liftarm moves the balls so they don´t roll into a ball. In the first version the wheel was very loose and not all balls had the speed needed (Some even stayed on the ramp) with the result that it was not effective. In this version the wheel is secured to the floor, the baseplate, so that every ball (Or almost all) pass. The height is over 10 bricks, complying with the rules of the GBCs. The hopper is my typical 11×11 studs that you can find in the Ball Pump Module. Without further info, here you have the video. It includes a brief explanation of the module and the itself in action. Hope you like it! Finally, remind you that you can dwonload the instructions for this Lego GBC module here: http://www.hispalug.....0;attach=25818 Use them at your discreccion , but give feedback! Thanks to all who have made this creation possible, especially the GBCers Philip Verbeek for encouraging and Eran (LegoGBC) for their assistance with Sony Vegas! You can check YiharuaBlog Flickr photostream here for extra pics: The article on my blog:http://yiharuablog.w...rator-module-2/