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  1. Very cool and compact model. I love trucks on this scale. The number of functions is more impressive, and this is from just two engines!
  2. I didn't have a prototype, only my imagination. The frame was an improvisation, without it the model looked empty. Thanks. I'll change cards a little later when I'm at home.
  3. 42099 was my first model with suspension and electric drive. I really liked its chassis, but the body was too simple. I decided to make a completely new body, with opening doors and a hood. I also added an imitation of the engine and a working steering wheel in the cabin. To do this, I had to move the swinging axle back.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have 49x14 wheels. In the store where I buy the parts, they also do not exist yet, and buying sets for the sake of wheels is expensive for me ... And I also don’t have discs of a suitable color for them, and it’s also problematic to get them. P.S. On a dump truck, these wheels look good.
  5. I had some free time on the weekend and finished the Australian truck. It is based on my previous truck, but there is little in common between them. The most notable differences are the shorter wheelbase, flatbed sleeper, protective grille, other doors and mirrors. The position of the air filters and the exhaust pipe mounts have also changed slightly. Under the hood is a new engine, in-line six-cylinder. The protective grill can be folded back to open the bonnet, and in the upper position it is fixed with two axles. Work on the dump truck has moved forward. But there are several questions here. I couldn't figure out where to put the HOG until I settled on the option to make it removable on the roof and remove it when lifting the body. And secondly, I saw a photo of dump trucks with tanks on the sides of the cab. But where are their battery boxes? Can't decide how to do, two tanks or one side of the tank with another box. I think it will look better symmetrically.
  6. I have exactly the same situation with these studs. I just meant that they could be rotated specifically for a staged photo. Or is it a render?
  7. I would stop to skip ahead and admire this track. P.S. But the pins of the exhaust pipes could be turned back with a slot.
  8. A bit of work process. The black and red truck is an Australian style truck tractor. I plan to finish it within two weeks. Now the missing parts are coming to me. The black truck will be a heavy dump truck with two lifting axles. I plan to use 43.2x14 mm wheels on the lifting axles. I'm not sure if I need to make the first lifting axle steerable? It is interesting to hear your opinion on this matter. You can also see a red circle on the hood of a black truck instead of bull horns. This is an Easter egg for the peterbilt brand, it is their trucks that I take inspiration from when creating my models.
  9. Wow, the number of features is impressive. And the appearance of the model is wonderful. All in one 42110 kit. I'm impressed.
  10. Cool job. I like how neatly the cockpit and the whole model are made.
  11. Wow, a very interesting and beautiful project. The combination of articulated steering and classic steering looks cool. The number of features planned is impressive. I wish you a successful completion of the mock and will follow the progress with interest.
  12. An excellent example of how to make a recognizable look of the model using the minimum amount of details. The elements of the electric jacket are perfectly integrated into the design! I would like to see him in motion.
  13. I have not thought about it, but you are right. This is not possible everywhere, but it is worth trying.
  14. Perhaps someone will be interested in how the appearance of the model changed during the construction process. I still have some photographs. I apologize for the quality of the photos, I did not think that I would publish them.
  15. Sorry. I have not yet figured out how the forum works. I will be more attentive.