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  1. Did some work on the yellow truck. I really like the progress, but I'm having trouble with the engine placement. Very limited space under the hood. I think I'll come back to this later while I work on the lime truck.
  2. The rear axle is very interesting. Are you planning to use a differential?
  3. I'm having a bit of a creative crisis. And to take my mind off things a little, I decided to work on the second model. While still working on the alternative model 42108, I had one idea that I could not implement due to limited parts. I think now is the best time. The main goal is to make an American truck from the 50s. I really like the way their hood opens. And this is approximately what I want to get in the end. Well, a little update on the lime truck. I still have a lot of time and I’m thinking of working on both projects at the same time.
  4. I have an assistant, now the work should go faster. I also received the parts and started making the cabin. I’m not entirely happy with the result yet, there’s a lot of work ahead.
  5. A very interesting project. I always thought that the scale of model 42078 was approximately 1/20-1/21, the same as 42128.
  6. I'm starting to think that my project looks very simple in terms of functionality. Can I change the purpose of the truck while working? For example, instead of a dump truck, I want to make a car crane or a tow truck.
  7. Both projects look cool. I love trucks in this scale. I hope you have the strength to finish both models on time.
  8. Perhaps my question was not noticed. I'm still interested in hearing the answer.
  9. If I understand correctly, your drive uses four motors. Rules allows the use of a maximum of four motors. You must have another motor to control it.
  10. A little update before the holidays. I'm very pleased with the progress being made.
  11. I wanted to clarify whether the wheels on the lift axle can be considered decorative (as in set 42128).
  12. I don't know how often the information needs to be updated. Today I did a little work on the body and hood. On Monday I'm leaving for a week's vacation. At this time the ordered parts will arrive. After the holidays I'll work on the cockpit.
  13. The front end is in a very early stage and a lot will change there. My role models are the Volvo VNL and the Freightliner Cascadia.
  14. Hello. Wheels 49.5x20 are my favorite size in Lego, and I couldn't miss such a competition. I recently got pieces in lime green and really liked it, so I've already decided on the scale and color. There were no problems choosing a vehicle either; I’m a fan of American trucks. I like truck tractors, but the 6-wheel limit does not allow me to make a tractor with a trailer, so I chose a dump truck. And the lime color goes very well with white. At the moment I'm working on the dimensions and geometry of the model. I'll do the rear axles now. I'll replace the wheels with white ones, they've already been ordered and are on their way to me along with a bunch of lime-colored parts. I don't speak English. I use Google Translate.
  15. Wow, nice to see your work here. I just now saw this post. How are your upgrades going?