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Found 46 results

  1. This is an alternative model for the set 42109, as the name implies, it's a sport cabriolet. As a MOC & alternative model creator, i'm always looking to get some more parts, i needed additional Powered Up components and a few select pieces which happen to be available on the set 42109. So i looked at my local second-hand store and found one in mint condition at a good price. I bought it for the pieces, not the model itself, anyway, out of curiosity, i checked the internet for alt builds and was astonished that a set that came out almost two years ago only has a few alternative models. So i needed to make my own contribution and created this racing cabriolet, please take a look and share your thoughts 😊 It features some details like a (non functional) steering wheel, driver and passenger seats, a super basic interior and door handles, things that are not present on the original model "Top Gear Rally Car". I think the bodywork is decent, the model has all the expected details for a car. I don't like the huge amount of stickers on this set, but i didn't want to remove them, maybe this cabriolet could look bettter without them? I wanted to make the rear spoiler lower, but couldn't find a parts combination for that; funny enough, the rear kind of reminds me of a porsche from certain perspectives. I'm using the xl-motor to control the steering, and the l-motor for the drive. Physical characteristics: Length: 30cm / 38 studs Width: 14cm / 18 studs Heigth: 10cm / 12 studs Weight: 730g (with batteries) Functions: - Remote-controlled steering - Remote-controlled drive on the rear wheels through a differential: RWD Miscelanious aspects: - The final gear ratio from the l-motor into the rear wheels is 1:1,29 - Batteries can be easily swapped from below. - The green button to turn the PU hub on is reachable behind the passenger seat. Check some real pictures below and the video at the bottom of the page. Here's a quick video showing how it runs. For anyone interested, building instructions are available on my rebrickable.
  2. This is an alternative model for the set 42099. It's an off-road SUV type of vehicle, i call it "Trail Blazer". While creating this MOC, the focus was on getting a solid performance and i think that goal was achieved: It has a decent speed while at the same time having a considerable amount of torque; the two XL motors are very close to the wheels with just a pair of gears between them for minimum friction, each motor is driving one of the rear wheels. This is not a crawler, but rather a vehicle that can run on a wide variety of terrains, the motors won't stall easily on this one, please watch the video at the bottom of the page to get a clearer idea.Physical characteristics:Length: 39cm / 49 studsWidth: 23cm / 28 studsHeigth: 20cm / 25 studsWeight: 1,3Kg (with batteries)Functions:- Independent suspension on all wheels- Remote-controlled steering- Remote-controlled drive on the rear wheels: RWDMiscelanious aspects:- The final gear ratio from the XL motors into the rear wheels is 1,67:1- The front axle ground clearance are 4 studs, and 3 studs on the rear axle.- To swap the batteries, the SUV needs to partially dismantled: the rear, roof and cabin can be taken out as entire sections for that purpose; this process takes just 1 minute.- The green button to turn on the hub is easily accessible from below the vehicle. Here's a couple pictures of the inside structure: Here are some real pictures and there's a video at the bottom of the page showing how it runs. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section! For anyone interested, the building instructions are available on my rebrickable. Thank you!
  3. This is an alternative model for the set 42099. It's an off-road buggy type of vehicle, i call it "Sand Runner". For this MOC, i wanted to find a balance between speed and torque, the end result is a final gear ratio of 1.62:1 which allows this big boy to run reasonably fast for its size while still capable of overcoming small obstacles and a variety of terrains. It obviously isn't a crawler, so, moderately inclined slopes or very rough terrain will stall it. This was also my first MOC using Powered Up components, i must say i miss using physical buttons to control it and have some difficulty using the smartphone screen, it's also trickier to record footage. Physical characteristics: Length: 39cm / 49 studs Width: 31cm / 39 studs Heigth: 18cm / 22 studs Weight: 1,3Kg (with batteries) Functions: - Independent suspension on all wheels - Remote-controlled steering - Remote-controlled drive on the rear wheels through a differential: RWD Miscelanious aspects: - It's RWD, the final gear ratio from the XL motors into the rear wheels is 1,62:1 it's a bit on the fast side but can't take on big slopes or very rough terrain. - The front axle ground clearance are 4,5 studs, and 6 studs on the rear axle. - The batteries can be easily swapped from below, only two liftarms need to be removed. - The green button to turn on the hub is easily accessible through the driver's cabin. For anyone interested in seeing how it runs, a video is available below, and the building instructions are on rebrickable. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  4. LEGO Technic set 42137 - Formula E Porsche 99x Electric was not received well so I decided to give it the second chance same as I did with set 42106. Formula E is equally priced as Mustang but it has 100 parts less and looks like its chassis. I wanted to build out of it something bigger and higher so I chose truck. This race truck is my first pure alternative model built out of set 42137. Why pure? Because I've already built another model from this set that I supplemented it with few gears to make it more "functional". I'm gonna show you it when video is ready. Back to race truck... It features two pullback motors with ratchet mechanism similar to original model. I had to build it just 13 studs wide (2 studs narrower than Formula E) because I ran out of parts. Building instructions are available for sale at
  5. I am back with another alternative model built out of adidas Superstar shoe (set 10282). This time it doesn't feature any stripes unlike my previous zebra. So let me introduce you my little doggie. I tried to build it as accurate and shaggy as possible out of available parts. I am mainly satisfied how body turned out. It widely uses SNOT techniques and studs go nicely all around it in regular rows. It also features basic posability - you can move its tail and turn its head. Adidas mark on its back is just little reference to original model of shoe and can be replaced with another plain white tile from donor set. Building instructions are available for sale at
  6. When I was thinking about what else I can build out of adidas Superstar shoe (set 10282) I've got such ideas like space shuttle, Moby Dick (white whale), toilet, dog, panda but none of them have any connection with original model of shoe. Maybe only imperial "Superstar" destroyer took part of its name... ...then I've got it! I remembered 90's when I was going to Vietnamese marketplaces with my parents to buy clothes. It was right after collapse of iron courtain and we finally got western goods so we were able to buy branded clothes, shoes, electronics and so on in Czech Republic. I can remember that original adidas T-shirt costed about 1500 Czech crowns and it was much money if you take account of average monthly salary being about 10000 Czech crowns. So who couldn't afford it looked for cheaper alternatives in Vietnamese marketplaces. You could buy similar T-shirt for 300 crowns there. Of course it was not original but fake with better or worse quality. And there were those vendors who were trying to sell you their goods with minimum knowledge of Czech language so you could hear something like: Vendor: "Sir, sir, buy T-shirt adidas, quality very well!" Customer: "But it has four stripes instead of three!?" Vendor: "More stripes, more adidas!" Remembering phrase "more stripes, more adidas" I've built zebra which is definitely more adidas than original shoe! It is static model (same as original shoe) and only moving part is its tail. Even though proportions are little bit cartoonish (big head, small body, thick legs) it is very cute and recognizable. The best part of model is head. I used little bit of SNOT techniques to build snout that even features nostrils, 1x1 quarter tiles make cool eyes and mane is connected by ball joints and hinges. It could be better if it had more stripes but amount of black parts is very limited in donor set. Building instructions will be available soon.
  7. I haven't bought LEGO Creator set 31121 because I am fan of crocodiles but because it is the biggest Creator set with animals in last 10 years. - So, what will I do with it now? - I'm gonna make some alternative model out of its bricks! - And what could I build from pile of green bricks? - Aquaman! And is not Aquaman from Justice League but Czech Aquaman who is called "vodník" or "hastrman" in Czech. He often appears in traditional fairy tales. He lives in pond and his hobbies are sitting on willow, smoking pipe and collecting souls of drowned people. My figure features great articulation and few accessories: pipe, bench and little frog. Then I thought it would be cool to add one more fantasy creature from water so I built mermaid. She is not perfect but I tried to make her as cute and sexy as possible. It was pretty challenging building - especially head that is mostly built upside-down. She features great articulation thanks to longer ball joints although they doesn't look that good. Finally I made little stone for her from leftover parts so she can sit on it. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcome.
  8. Few months have gone since I built my last alternative model from set 42106 and I got desire to build another one. The first model was Pullback Racer that I built for TC18 contest - more about it is here. Then I built Pullback Plane - more about it is here. And finally now I've built Pullback Helicopter. I planned to build it even before plane but I rejected it because I didn't see the way how to connect both rotor blades with pullback motor and landing gear. Set 42106 contains only 5 bevel gears and I usually use 6 for helicopter (three pairs). Later I find solution for problem with missing gear - I saved one bevel gear by connecting axle for tail rotor blade to another pair of bevel gears that transmit motion from horizontal axle to vertical. The only con of this solution is low possition of axle for tail rotor - see picture of mechanism. The last issue, I had to solve, was possition of center of gravity - it was too close to tail so helicopter made wheelies. I prevent them by adding structure under tail rotor blade. Do you think it was all for now? No, it wasn't. I've got one more idea, much crazier idea - I wanna build Pullback Steam Engine! I focused more to functionality than its look so proportions are not correct but it really works. Pullback motor is connected to rear axle and it drives also middle axle thanks to piston-rods. Front axle with small wheels works just like stabilizer (I had to move driven axles too far to rear behind center of gravity and whole vehicle would fall on its front without small wheels). Finally I added optional flame on chimney (smoke would be better but I didn't find any in donor set). I plan to make video of steam engine in action but it will not be anytime soon. Any comments and criticism are welcomed.
  9. Classic Roadster - McLaren Senna 75892 Alternative Model Free Building Instructions: Lego McLaren Senna 75892 MOC - Classic Roadster (Free Building Instructions) by makushima Lego McLaren Senna 75892 MOC - Classic Roadster (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  10. Toy Helicopter - Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build Free Building Instructions: Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Toy Helicopter (Free Building Instructions) by makushima Three-wheel Extended Version Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Toy Helicopter (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  11. If you're the proud owner of the Lego Technic set 42095 "Stunt Racer", you can now use its parts to build my newest C-Model, the "Sand Cruiser". It's a Baja/Trophy truck kind of vehicle, it has return to center steering powered by one of the l-motors. If you have spare wheels and off-road tires available, they also look very well on this model. Building instructions are available on Belle-Ve Bricks
  12. This vehicle is an alternative build aka "C-Model" of the LEGO set 42095 "Remote-controlled Stunt Racer". This one draws inspiration from my other MOC, the "Desert Racer" in the sense that it runs on conventional wheels and has return to center steering. It uses a single l-motor to power one of the rear wheels and the other l-motor is dedicated to steering, which returns to center automatically by using a common rubber band. It's actually an improvement over the version used on the "Desert Racer" MOC, because it performs the same while being more compact and taking way less space. Can you believe it fits under that hood? Building instructions available on Belle-Ve Bricks
  13. This helicopter is my first alternative model built out of set 42105 (Catamaran). It features crank that spins both rotor blades and pontoons that gives it ability to float on water (although I didn't try it, it should work). I will be happy if anyone test its floating capabilities and share her or his experience in comments. Building instructions are available at
  14. Hello everyone. I just want to share a MOC i've made recently, it is a c-model of the set 42095 "Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer", so it was designed using only available parts on that set. It is quite a departure from the original, no one would think it was possible to build such a racer with this set. It uses a single l-motor to power one of the rear wheels and the other l-motor is dedicated to steering, which returns to center automatically by using a rubber band. The only limitation are the "tracked wheels", since there is no rubber, they don't have traction on smooth surfaces, this vehicle can only run on rough terrain like dirt, sand and snow, so it is basically an off-road racer. I tried to add as many details as possible given the available parts. The battery pack button is easily accessible, the IR receiver is on top to get the cleanest signal possible and the cabin is used for cable management, giving it a cleaner look. Building instructions are available at Belle-Ve Bricks For anyone who decide to build it, the most obvious modifications you can do is to replace the "tracked wheels" by normal off-road tires; or to apply rubber studs. Everyone feel free to share your opinions.
  15. I haven't built anything from Technic for couple of months so I wanted to create something cool and cute. I took all azure parts from rally car (set 42077) and started building. After few hours I've got this blue shark. It is the third piece in my collection of Technic sharks. I built it just for looks so it features only opening maw and moving fins and tail. All is operated manually. I also built simple stand for it so it don't have to lie on its maw. If you want to build it you can download free building instructions from my website buildinst. I just recommend you to use panels without stickers otherwise it would look awful. Any comments or criticism are welcomed.
  16. I haven't been building any plane from LEGO Technic for a long time so I decided to build new one. I built it from set 42106 and it became my first twin propeller plane and also the first plane with pullback motor. Pullback motor is connected to both landing gear and propellers so after pulling it back you can let it run forward or lift it and let propellers spin during flight. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  17. Let me introduce you one of my coolest alternative models - Shark Mk II. Why do I call it Mk II? It is the second generation of moving sharks that I've built so far. The first one was built out of set 9394 (red jet) 6 years ago and was red. New shark is built out of set 42066 (blue-black jet) so it is BIGGER, better and finally blue. :-) It features two motorized functions: moving tail and opening maw to eat moving fish. You can turn them on separately or together with help of two red levers on stand. It contains 814 parts. I built it in the middle of last year but I haven't made video for it until today. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  18. My wife asked me to take apart set 40171 I gave her few years ago. When I did it I got idea to build something from it. And what is the best alternative model from any set? Helicopter! This one is even little bit special. It features opening windscreen, both rotors can freely spin and it still keeps appearence of original hedgehog - snout, thorns and four legs. So this is what you get when you crossbreed hedgehog and helicopter - Hedgecopter Building instructions are available at And this is original model: Any comments are welcomed.
  19. This deer is my second alternative model built out of set 70827 (Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy!). It features big antlers and moving legs, neck and head. My goal with this model was to find some purpose for different thorns included in big amounts in set 70827. This model is my fourth entry to TLCB Lock-Down Competition. When I was done with deer I built simple turtle from leftover parts to give Emmet something for riding too. You also might remember my first alternative model from this set - Alien queen. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  20. Few years ago I built dune buggy from set 42075 (First Responder)... I am back with second alternative model - Pullback Helicopter. It features opening windscreen, engine with moving piston and cool spring loaded mechanism for spinning rotors. It works similarly to pullback motor but it uses shock absorber to store energy for spinning. I took inspiration for this mechanism from Isogawa Yoshihito's book "LEGO TECHNIC Tora no Maki". I also built this model for TLCB Lock-Down Competition. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  21. I tried to build my own alternative model from set 42061 several times in past but all my attempts failed. When I was decided to sell this set I got idea to give it last try. My initial goal was to build some kind of buggy. After few hours I built working steering and in-line fake engine driven by rear wheels. Building car out of parts from set 42061 was painful (it has pretty bad assortment of parts) and I am not totally sutisfied with look of buggy so I call it "Ugly Buggy". By the way it fits to TC18 contest but I think it is too simple to submit it there. So I use it for TLCB Lock-Down Competition instead. When I finished building buggy I decided to build more - to build something easier. So helicopter was the best choice. I took little bit of inspiration from @BusterHaus - I like how he used gear rack for tail of his helicopter. My helicopter has both rotors connected by gears so you can spin them together by turning gear on bottom of helicopter. This is also my second entry to TLCB Lock-Down Competition. Building instructions for both alternative models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  22. Let me introduce you my latest alternative model built out of set 42094 - Snow groomer! It is already my third snowcat I've built out of LEGO Technic. You can see it here next to its lil bro from set 9391. It features two manual functions: lifting snow plow by turning gear on the roof of cab lifting rear blade by turning lever behind engine cover Since set 42094 contains just one linear actuator and no worm gears I used two shock absorbers to keep rear blade in two positions - up and down. The first version of model also featured gearbox for switching between functions above operated from same place on roof of cab. I had to remove it because gears were not able to transmit huge torque necesary for pushing springs on rear blade. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  23. When I saw set 75936 first time I fell in love with this huge T. rex. Then during building it I found big similarity between body of T. rex and chicken I had for lunch. This gave me initial idea: "Is it possible to rebuild T. rex into chicken and use only its parts?" Now I can say YES! I used original legs, modified body, make neck longer, built new tail, wings and head and here is Chicken rex (in short C. rex). It feaures moving legs, wings, neck, head and opening beak. You can find its detailed review here. And by the way it is even life-size - you can see my chicken besides medium sized egg for comparison at picture bellow. Building instructions are available at
  24. I like idea of current TC18 contest so I decided to build something for it too. My initial idea was very simple - it has to be alternative model. Then I found out that set 42106 is the only set I own with four 43,2x14 wheels so I chose it as parts resource. This set also features pullback motor so I think I am the first who decided to use it in model for contest. Since I also wanted to add ordinary steering I had to find the way how to make them work together. I came with idea of two modes: Pullback - pullback car with blocked steering to keep it going straight Steering - car with steering and disabled pullback motor to allow reverse I began building chassis with necesary mechanisms and then tried to build body around it. Honestly this is my first "normal" car so I was very curious about result (I built only hot rods and buggies before). Building body became as interesting as I stopped taking care about chassis and made body one solid structure. I didn't take inspiration from any real car but I think it looks like hybrid between Škoda 135, Ford Mustang and some Asian tuning car. Body is connected to chassis only by two pins and four axles. It has very simple interior with steering wheel and no seats due to limited amount of parts in set 42106. Overall dimensions are: lenght 34 studs (41 with flames from exhausts), width 15 studs and height 12 studs. Back to functions - pullback motor is connected to rear axle through 3 gears that can be disconnected by gear behind right door. Connection is also secured with black pin to resist torque from pullback motor. Steering can be locked by two axles controlled by black lever. Thanks to its big weight this race car features small acceleration and low max. speed. Chassis in pullback mode Chassis in steering mode Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  25. Two years ago I built freight helicopter out of set 42074 and few weeks ago I built another alternative model from this set - propeller plane. When you are moving it around it whirls its propeller. I enjoyed building it very much - it took me just three nights to build it and I like its bright color scheme. Building instructions are available at buildinst. Any comments are welcomed.