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  1. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself with a few favorite mocs of mine. I discovered Lego technic a year ago and I love it. I had something similar when I was a kid, called “Constructor”. It was the same principal as technic beams (only the Constructor’s beams were half the width of Lego’s), connectors, plates… and used M4 bolts and nuts to connect instead of bushes. So I built tractors, trucks, cranes, trailers, etc. I started building my creations out of Lego in LDD because I don’t have real Legos, and I enjoy it very much. I built a bunch of them in the last 5 months. So far I published my creations on LDD gallery website, but that site went to shit, so a few days ago I transferred on rebrickable. I very recently discovered this community so I thought I share it here also, with you. Anyway here are my mocs in LDD, I hope that’s ok. Mercedes Actros SLT Mercedes Arocs Crawler V2 Nooteboom Multydolly Nooteboom Euro Low-Loader Mercedes Arocs Timber Truck (mod) Volvo FMX 8x8 MAN Modular Truck Rock Crawler Black Buggy Naked Street Bike So, how did I do?
  2. Thought I would share. Liked the Buggy set so much got a second set (after Christmas clearance). While having the two sets was nice, thought would look better if they differed a bit as if they were competitors. Was able to moc the green and gray one with parts I had on hand. Would have liked a few more stickers, but the one's that came from TLG were all red and purposely avoided this color in my moc. Think I have less than $7 in this total ($5.5 was the clearance price). Had a lot of fun with this project, planning more like this in the future.
  3. VIDEO: Current Version: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Old Post: Hi! I have decided to enter the TC13 contest and here is my entry so far: It has suspension on both axles and a working V4 engine. It looks a little funky right now, but I am thinking of how to change the front for the better. It has the modern pullback motor in the back. Please give me any advice you have. Back:
  4. Hello All! It is winter time, so I am bit more busy on Legoing. After seeing, that @Didumos69 started his 4x4 buggy project, I looked into a bit deeper the Ultra 4 racing, and the rigs been driven in this extreme events. Finally the video, what I linked to his topic, triggered the work on another MOC: the Ultra 4 buggy. Here is another video to see the interesting bits of independent suspension system on this beast: Still, I might end up with IFS (independent front suspension) and solid axle with torque bar for the rear, but the body is heavily inspired by the Lasernut buggy. Parameters: 2x L motors 1x servo motor AAA battery box - in order to be replace ability with BuWizz in case IR control Let's look at into the progress a bit, maybe it is interesting to read. I started on 28. november with LDD model. To set the proportions, and the body ideas, I usually place the essential parts free in space first. Check the real inspiration thing and the very first sketch: After that I added the electronic parts, to check the necessary minimum space. (Unfortunately has corrupt models, so some cover parts of the motors are just not present.) At this stage, I built the front axle, to see how can I integrate the steering. The answer is: massive fail. So back to drawing table, I deleted the 5x7 frame, and started to figure out, how to connect the needed fixation points for swingarms, servo. Due to this, the model gets more complex than I thought, but buildability is always first! I recommend to check meanwhile IRL building too, or at least stop by and thinking about how to add the related parts. I was hopeing for a simple MOC, but I ended up already a pretty complex assembly, so I made each step with double check. Later on, I will try to add groups in LDD to represent the buildability order too. So far the front module with steering and IFS is ready, the middle module is almost done, I am wondering about interchangable solid axle or independent solution for the rear - not sure yet. Also the color is to be decided yet, as the springs type as well (soft or hard). I think if soft ones will be OK, than I go for white body, as it presents the "rollcage" better. In case the yellow hard shock absorbers will be needed, of course the only choice is: full MEAN black body. This picture shows the advantage of the white body, and also a comparison for tyre types: 3740 on the left, 45982 on the right, both on 56908 wheels. So far 407 parts, and I guess it is about 70-75% ready. I need to figure out how to fix the roof, and create a solid, but easily disconnectable rear module. Necessary parts are ordered, so real build pics might come in couple weeks first. And how is the road presence? I guess it will be pretty much like a punch in the face. p.s.: Yet another WIP, I hope for long winter nights, to finish at least some of my unfinished projects...
  5. Hi, As a winter project I'm working on a 4WD RC buggy. It will be heavily inspired by @agrof's Class 1 Ultimate Buggy, for I very much like the behaviour and the looks of that model. With this model I will also deliver to my promise to @DugaldIC to make an RC model. I was planning on finishing this MOC without a WIP topic, but I simply can't work without the feedback . It will have 4 L-motors and 1 servo motor. No buggy motors, for I will be using current-date parts only. Control will be done with SBrick. Sofar I have been working on the axles. The rear axles are very much inspired by agrof's model, but this time everything relies on perfect fits. They rely on the Pythagorean triple (5,12,13). The front axles are my very own addition to this model: 2 L-motors are integrated in the double-wishbone setup. Making everything rely on perfect fits, is one of my main challenges. The second challenge is to make everything relevant form-locked. And of course the model needs to perform. All wheel hubs are turn-table/u-joint based: Sofar I have only been designing digitally, but I did check the most essential constructions in real life already. I will show progress when ever I have something to show. If you have any comments, feel free to reply. I'm new to motorized building so I can use some feedback.
  6. Everything started here thanks to @Leonardo da Bricki front axle and front part was pretty easy. Very challenging was to build narrower (by 2 studs) rear axle with differential and really independent suspension, but somehow I managed it As the result there was rear axle with uutput/input to top or front. Some work in progress And the ens result: some RWD buggy street legal (because of lights) HOG steering and working steering wheel, with possibility to put on right or left side independent suspension on all wheels mudguards moving together with suspension on all wheels boxer type 2cyl engine I'll try to fit 4cyl inline engine later. Now It seems, that should fit.
  7. [MOC] Buggy

    Buggy building instructions Parts list
  8. My Scarab SRV project. It's a planetary vehicle from video game Elite: Dangerous. On Flickr, and Lego Ideas, please support. Thanks.
  9. Sorry if this goes somewhere else, but I have a question for buggy motor owners. Do you think $100 is a good price for 2 buggy motors, a rc unit, controller, rc unit suspension, and cables, is a good price? And @mocbuild101, @Marxpek, @jam8280, and @TechnicSummse, you may have a new challenger soon... If I get the lot...
  10. Hey guys... while disassembling my newest purchase 8366 RC Supersonic Racer, i was pretty much surprised, when i looked at the serial numbers of the rc-parts. As you can see in the following images, there is the same number on ALL 4 electronical parts (each motor, the RC-unit and the remote). RC-unit motor 1+ motor 2 remote At my first 8366-set there was a different number on each part, as you can see in the following images: rc unit motor 1 motor 2 remote Does this mean, that my first model was put together from different sets? Or did they simply mix the parts at a special date of the production? Also i see a 5-digit serial number on one of my additionally bought motors, wich also includes a letter and not just numbers. Another special thing about this motor is the motorcover on the side, as you can see in the following pictures. I guess the 5-digit one is the newest, maybe out of a 8287 Motorbox-set, or a 8421 Mobile Crane-set? seperatly bought motor serial number 225K8 serial number 6292, 3282, 1263, 5383 Does anyone have more detailled information about all this?
  11. Hello My ripsaw, inspired by Fast Furious 8 (but not a copy). Since Buwizz can handle 2x Buggy motors, I decided to build light and powerful tracked vehicle for snow. Vehicle for fun! Movie was filmed 3 month ago. We have summer now. TURN ON ENGLISH SUBTITLES I am not the first here with such powerful tracked vehicle. I can confrim that it is useless toy and hard to control. Thing for fun:) more photos Thank you for watching!
  12. I mainly build Technic C-Models, but I also enjoy Creator alternatives, so here's what I built out of set 5763. In the photo, hot-rodder sigfig is added for scale and reference). Features: ► minifig scale (with adjustable steering wheel) ► openable and adjustable canopy-cage with roll bar ► rear suspension (individual for each wheel) ► details such as engine with radiator and twin turbo, lights, steering wheel, twin exhaust and rear view mirrors Browsing through OLX (online marketplace fo classified ads) I found old (2011), used 5763 for a price of a new small, ~50 piece set. I liked how the set contained big wheels and offered possibility to build suspension, so I bought it right away. Only one super-cheap plate was missing, so it was a nice deal. The MOC Alternative uses almost every part from the set. As you can see, the build came out quite clean:
  13. Hello all, I have been building recently a 1/10 scale SCORE Class 1 Buggy style vehicle. I have figured out all suspension geometry, caster angle and whatnot, but I would really like to be able to make the suspension not as bouncy. So, I guess my question is, does anyone have good methods for damping shock absorbers so that they are still soft, but return their compression and don't take too much force to compress? I have tested pneumatic cylinders, but they hold my springs from returning, and arent as soft as I'd like. Thanks
  14. After Basically making a buggy motor discussion topic, I wanted to accually get who does have one. The poll above should allow you to vote. I want to know for future reference or if needed. I don't have one but maybe go do, it so, feel free to tell if you like it or not / if you had any problems with it. Regards, Aventador.
  15. Hi, Presenting my next MOC: Dune Jumper! It is completely manual, with HOG steering and front and back independent suspension. It was originally intended to be a supercar, but I ruined the back, and I thought "Just stick with it, it might end up OK". I think that it ended up better than I expected! Here are more photos: I will probably not create instructions unless requested. Your opinions are appreciated!
  16. This was just a quick weekend project. I am fond of the 42037 set, as it was one the sets that got me interested in Technic. So, I decided to try to do it some justice, and I motorized it, first with an L-motor, which wasn't great, then with an XL-motor, which was about the same, then with 2 L-motors, which was the best. Then, I got a buggy motor. And since I had just taken apart a failed battlebot, and the buggy motor was lying there, begging to be used, I decided to use it. I rebuilt my 42037 Formula Off-Roader, with a few changes, which are as follows: 1. Changed the colors from light bley/med blue/lime/black to black/white/lime. 2. Removed the inline-4 fake engine. 3. Added full motorization, buggy motor for drive, servo for steering, AA battery box with a V2 receiver. 4. Bodywork changed a bit to fit the new colors and cover the gap left from removing the fake engine. And a light bar was added, because I didn't like the round spotlights. 5. Very minor, but I changed the rear shocks attachment point on the rear suspension arms, they were moved out one more stud than shown in the instructions, in order to have better travel and not be under compression, which was an issue in the original model. If anyone is interested, here is the LDD file instructions! Anyway, I know you're all tired of my rambling, so, with out further ado, I present to you the 42037 Ultimate Racing Buggy! 42037 F 42037 FQR It has easy access to the battery box, both to replace it and to turn it on and off. 42037 FQL The suspension is great, one of the best parts of the original set, which I kept and slightly improved. 42037 Mod 42037 FQR-s The source of power and speed! The almighty BUGGY MOTOR! 42037 Rear The required photo of the underside. The wheelbase and chassis are the same dimensions as the original set, though the buggy motor hangs out the back by a couple studs. 42037 Chassis I hope to make a video soon, but it started raining after I took photos, so maybe in a few days. But finals are coming up, so it may take some time. I will also add some cutaway photos soon, for anyone who wants to replicate my mod. Or, use the LDD file instructions. Thanks for looking at this, please give C&C, ask questions. More on my Flickr. - Leonardo da Bricki
  17. Hi all I was struggling with this build for a while, mostly on the software part. But here it is. Buggy is carrying Ev3 brick and Android phone paired via Bluetooth. Phone is sending video feed from camera to another device via WiFi and receives motor control commands from it. This second device can be Android or PC. In theory this would allow exploring surroundings without eye contact with vehicle but in practice navigating is hard due to lack of ability to tun in place. Next version will have tank drive instead. In the end I'm still happy with the results, I've made several attempts on the video streaming software and in the end done it from scratch by sending raw data via UDP packets. Video stream is pretty lagged on the presentation but it depends on the streaming device performance, used one is from 2012 and pretty obsolete. I get almost real time stream when using my other phone (used to film this). I've done it in Unity game engine and whole project is available on github:
  18. It's about a time, since I've been ended my dark ages and now it looks like my way will be rather smaller attempts and "projects", then bigger and more sophisticated ones. My older builds had their own topics here and here, but I don't think that all of my next builds will be suitable for separate topics, so I decided to make this one, where I have intention to add all of my publishable builds. And for the beginning, here is my wip small manual buggy. Buggies are favourite Technic builds, there are many of them in all sizes, shapes and qualities. This one is intended to be small and simple, all manualy working. Now it has front and rear suspesion, openable cabin, steering and rear wheels conected to fake engine. I'd like to improve rear axle suspension, add HOG and steering wheel and some details here and there. And finaly adjust color scheme, although I'm not very disturbed with this clor vomit in this type of vehicle.
  19. Hello all! Today I am presenting my newest project, an Ultra4 buggy. I know it isn't an exact copy, but I based it off one I saw and added my own details, like fake injector stacks. All that is left is an interior and working on the front suspension some more. I'm not very good at making them (suspensions), so it usually takes a while to finish them. Oh, and there's one more thing... I need to test it! I haven't been able to, because it is using broken motors as stand-ins, because my working ones are in something else. I will replace them with the real 2 L-motors and 1 Servo. I plan on using an SBrick. Tell me what you think of it so far, and what else I should add later. Thanks for taking a look! Edit: Here is the video of the completed model. LDD: FINAL.lxf Rebrickable:
  20. [MOC] Boxy Buggy Rover

    February has ended, but not for FebRovery! Just interested to create more and more Space creations (MOC) , for now a Boxy Buggy Rover. You may want to see my FebRovery Mini Van.. Boxy Buggy Rover by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Rear view: Boxy Buggy Rover by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More information in my Blog!
  21. Here's my newest WIP, the IVY Buggy. I started it after getting the idea for this suspension: use the A-arms backwards on hubs, and it worked. I immediately got to work on a full MOC, and this came out of it. Last night I made some stickers by using official Lego ones and combining and recoloring them. Today I worked on it some more and fixed some problems. I don't know what I will do with the fake engine, since it doesn't work. Please tell me what you think and have a great day!
  22. Hello everyone, I have started a build on a Green Raid Buggy. Current features include- -RWD (direct, no gearing) with two L-Motors -Steering with Servo -Front double wishbone suspensions -Rear Uni-trailing axle suspension with ball joint connection and s -Beginnings of bodywork Brick Safe: As always, advice, thoughts, and comments are much appreciated. -Myers Lego Technic Pic of the rear lights Pic of the rear lights
  23. Hi everybody. I got recently one RC Buggy motor. I plan to get another one when I have chance but for now me and my son decided to make an RC car with that. I built the drive so far as in the picture. It works fine but with one problem, when the car drives forward on the ground there is sound of gear skipping. This doesn't happen when driving backwards. Ideas and help are appreciated.
  24. This F1 Racecar was something Dugald and I have been talking about doing for a long time. All of the regular batteries and motors just aren't fast enough. We tried our best to keep everything light weight, but enough paneling to show the curves of a real F1. Video: Flickr: Fastest car we've ever built by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Technic Addict was so kind to lend us his RC buggy motors, battery pack and Michelin tires. (I am quite fond of those tires, but I checked bricklink and found the cheapest used pair to be 110$ for all 4 so yeah... not going to buy em Back end fun by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Dugald asked Technic Addict what he would like to see built with these motors and he was really keen on seeing a light F1 car to show off the speed of the motor. SO here you go Technic Addict! Thanks! IMG_2291 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My brother and I sat down yesterday at 4pm, grabbed a few drinks, and built the night away. At 12pm we were done! IMG_2304 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The car weighs 1450 grams or 3.2 pounds. Most of the weight is in the Michelin tires IMG_2353 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Super low car for better aerodynamics IMG_2347 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Big shout out to Technic Addict for making this build possible!
  25. Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction. I don't have 9393 set but I have instruction in PDF. I used parts from 42037: Formula Off-Roader as base. This toy was made specially for Playmobil figure as driver. Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction Lego Technic Buggy based on 9393: Tractor Model B Instruction