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  1. A lot of cool work! Eyes run up! And in general it was fun to participate. Thanks to the organizers!
  2. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    Thanks! Yes, it's a parachute. I really wanted to place it on the machine, so the idea came to combine this design element with the functional - HOG
  3. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    I'm glad you liked my model! And I'm glad even more that some solutions are useful for building models :)
  4. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    Parts list:
  5. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    Free building instruction fo r Lego AMC Pacer Super Dragster is available now! 2 in 1 - red + orange edition
  6. 41: 10 20: 647: 459: 333: 230: 1
  7. 41: 10 53: 6 20: 4 31: 3 47: 2 59: 1
  8. filsawgood

    Lego Chevrolet Silverado K30

    - Why release the models in blue, let's make Dark Azure! - And chrome? Why not stamp enough chrome parts? - What?? Here is gray and black for you, goodbye. - Well, maybe at least arches in black or white - What kind of nonsense? Here we will make purple, orange darcazur and in some places prints, so that these panels are not useful anywhere else. What is it here with us? Olive .... great color! Sometimes you look at Chinese models and envy, there are colors and variety, and even - chrome. Too bad the quality is disgusting. Below is just a sketch of a Chevy Silverado, what would it be like if there were normal parts in the right quantity. And so I can only boast black, red and white. Sorry, boiling.
  9. filsawgood

    [TC18] Ferrari F40

    It looks awesome! I would like to put next to your model and 10248
  10. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    Thanks! Atention to detail is very important for me.
  11. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    The same AMC Pacer I looked at when building my model. I was impressed by the exhaust, so I tried to repeat it
  12. filsawgood

    [TC18] Huguette Roadster - Finished

    Looks like omnonomnomnomnom :))) I like this style!
  13. filsawgood

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Very nice! I like the shapes and colors!
  14. filsawgood

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    thanks! Yes, the original car is also not for everyone, very strange. There is never a lot of engine :))