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  1. filsawgood

    Lego Rock Rod - Buwizz powered crawler

    a few summer trips through mud, puddles and grass on Rock Rod :)
  2. Thanks all for your answers! The grille is really tilted a little more than in the original, but in another way I could not beat this element because of the chassis design. Recently decided to return to this work and a little fantasy on the topic of other color solutions. It seems to me, as always, black is the coolest color :)
  3. Hello! I would like to share with you my new work. GAZ "Tiger" (GAZ-233036 or SPM-2). It's russian 4x4, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle manufactured by GAZ, first delivered to the Russian Army in 2006. Primarily used by the Russian Federation's armed forces. Specifications: Four-wheel drive Independent suspension Open all doors, hood and sunroof The steering wheel in the car is synchronized with the steering Row 6-cylinder engine 4 L Motors for Motion Servo motor for power steering M motor to winch drive Power and control implemented by BuWizz 1.0 Weight - 2.3 kg Length - 50 cm Width - 20 cm Height - 20 cm Description: The model is executed on a scale of 1:11. The project was started in the middle of 2016, but it can be considered completed only now. The model is based on the GAZ-233036 armored vehicle, GAZ Tiger or SPM-2 (special police machine), which can be found in the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular in the OMON. In the process of construction, the main question was how to force a model that weighs more than 2 kg to go and not crawl like the Lego trial trucks, and indeed most large models weighing more than 1,500 kg. To the aid came BuWizz, the power of which was enough to allow the Tiger to move with the speed of SUVs from the Lego of medium size, while overcoming small obstacles and not adding weight (hello to the big Lego battery packs). Each axis is driven by separate pairs of L motors with a gear ratio of 2.8 through the open differentials in front and rear. For the steering is responsible servo motor, running synchronously with the steering wheel in the cabin. In the front bumper there is a winch, powered by an M motor. All remote control is via BuWizz 1.0 In the cabin, the front instrument panel is worked out, there are two seats in the front and two benches in the passenger compartment. The color scheme is printed on self-adhesive paper More photos: Now I am modifying the model in the Lego Digital Designer. Maybe someone has something to like, what would be worth changing or adding to it? In my plans to make several modifications.
  4. Great project! I love it! Especially this:
  5. Nice car... ....could be in black color
  6. filsawgood

    [MOC]Nissan Datsun D21 (Hardbody) 1996'

    A small addition for a pickup truck Nissan Datsun. Designed for trips to lego-forest for lego-firewood on off-road roads. Together with such a lego-trailer, a lego-man can survive this cold lego-winter. Stock up with lego-firewood or go on a trip with additional lego-boxes and lego-canisters with lego-fuel (Octan)
  7. filsawgood

    Lego Rock Rod - Buwizz powered crawler

    It's may good looking on 42037! Dimensions - 87x25x1.55 A good pont is more expensive than money! But nevertheless here the exhaust somehow works Specifically, with overloading, this will give the slack and slip. But, I must say that in all Lego off-road cars, everything lies in the limit of durability, and snapping gears and broken cardans this and the real off-road vehicles, consumables
  8. filsawgood

    Lego Rock Rod - Buwizz powered crawler

    Thank you for your comment. From the computer photos are viewed, and from mobile devices - not. I changed the hosting of images and everything worked. Thank you!
  9. filsawgood

    1977 Chevy Van G10

    Awesome realistic van! 10 of 10
  10. Hi to all fans of Lego! Today I want to share with you my new work - Rock Rod Rock Rod - it's the crawler, on the construction of which I was inspired by the fierce custom projects from HAUK Designs. Especially, where, no matter how on the crawler to run a fresh RC DC chequered flag STT PRO rubber wheels and BuWizz. At the output was a relatively light on the portal bridges crawler. At the heart of the model is also the philosophy of placing motors on bridges, to reduce the center of gravity and minimize weight and inertia of the body. Technical characteristics of the model: Weight (together with a technic-figure) - 817 g. Number of parts - 617 pcs. Steering - Servo motor Movement - two L motors Power / Control - BuWizz Even the "sofa" trial allows us to understand that additions such as non-standard tires and BuWizz significantly expand the scope of use and possibilities of radio controlled Lego models. It remains to wait until the snow comes down, to ride Rock Rod on the rocks. But you can do this before me, by building the Rock Rod yourself by free video instruction. I plan to test the model in the spring on a severe off-road. I will be very glad to hear from you any advice or wish for the completion of both the technical component of the model and its appearance. Ahead is still half a year :)
  11. filsawgood

    [MOC]Nissan Datsun D21 (Hardbody) 1996'

    My new lego Nissan Datsun is ready! With SBrick on board! Unlike the previous release, this work is the same all-wheel drive Japanese Nissan Datsun pickup of the 96th year, this time running SBrick for outdoor riding and a modified body in proportion. The changes were inspired by the aesthetic mod from FX6000 Technical characteristics: All-wheel drive, axles, differentials Movement - XL Steering - Servo Power - LiPo Control - SBrick Removable body Spare wheel Trailer hook The doors, bonnet, upper and rear body covers open.
  12. Dude...this models are beautiful!