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  1. filsawgood

    Lego WRX

    Thanks! Unfortunately, there is no way to shoot a video yet. I plan to do it later
  2. WRX is the third, final generation of my model, which was originally conceived as a light, fast sports car with all-wheel drive. I was inspired to build a car with a rich rally history – Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and Subaru. Impreza WRX. The model created in aggressive Japanese cars style, has a huge spoiler and an intercooler nostril on the hood. The car driven by all 4 wheels, which, in turn, they are rotated by the buggy motor. Steering performed by means of a servo motor. Managing all this junk is BuWizz brick, giving a huge increase in power over the original Lego electrics. Parts list and building instruction here
  3. 23: 1017: 64: 427: 342: 211: 1 it's damn hard to choose! All works are very cool! Octan - one love!
  4. Thanks! Oh yes, flex axle work is big brain time :))
  5. visual comparison
  6. Building instruction for my Lego 8207 remake is ready! Check new video on my channel :) hm, strange...
  7. Thanks! Yes, I plan to make an instruction soon. I love the way it looks in yellow )
  8. 2. Lego 8207 Dune Duster - remake Original set: 8207 Discussion topic: here
  9. So the model is complete. As a result: - Width, height and length are kept as in the original; - The yellow color is changed to red due to the lack of discs in the desired color; - The functionality is preserved - steering and rear axle suspension; - The flexible axle is replaced by a prefabricated one of two axles and connector No. 4 - 92 parts instead of 86 in the original - Compared to the original, it is not possible to adjust the angle of the steering wheel.
  10. Remake of 8207 set completed. The final stage remains - to shoot the material in a presentable form. With the steering, I solved the issue without resorting to the steering racks as in the original set. All on rods and with the transition to an even width. I tried to keep the proportions and size of the original set as accurately as possible, and I want to say that I am satisfied with the result!
  11. I like the original yellow color better, but unfortunately there are no rimsin this color yet.
  12. 8L gear rack doesn't fall into the idiological outline of the competition. I think that it is necessary to implement the steering on a certain lever 19L is too short. It need 23 stud
  13. This question is definitely not stupid! I'm still thinking about the steering. the first prototype is ready! Yes, the steering does not work :))