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  1. Ford Model T 1908 by Isaac Yaw ( with instructions ) Check out the Video Review here^ Instructions: file:///D:/Ford Model T 1908/ford_t__technic_.pdf Rebrickable:
  2. Thank you! Yes, it is there to allow it to bend Thank you! I will be including dark azure color parts in the instructions that I will be making soon. Sadly, I do not have dark azure parts for my build. Thank you!
  3. The rubber 2L has to be there due to the curvature of the body to allow it to bend. Exactly, I prefer having it looked a little discolored to give it that antique feel.
  4. Thank you! Yes, I sadly do not have dark azure colored parts to build this MOC. Yes, the positive camber that I was intentionally hoping for could not work due to the steering system that I have used and it will make everything way too complicated in that case. For the crank handle, thank you so much for pointing that out, I have totally forgotten about that axle that I was supposed to insert. Its all fixed now!
  5. Hi, I am new to Eurobricks. I am still testing out how the forum works and I don't seem to know how to delete the first topic so I have 2 of the same topics here.
  6. 1925 Bugatti Type35-C MOC by Isaac Yaw Link to my youtube video: Description: Here are a few pictures of the newest MOC that I have made in about 2 months' time. I decided to turn back in time and bring back more antique builds from the past. One of my previous antique builds was the 1908 Ford Model T which is also posted on my Youtube channel. This newest build brings us back to one of the iconic Bugatti cars ever made, the Bugatti Type35-C. Features: -1:8 scale build -straight 8 engine -working steering system -every detail carefully replicated from the original car such as headlights, steering system, engine, exhaust, body shape, and etc.