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Found 29 results

  1. I wanted to design medieval inn which is filled with life, guests and is actually playable. So it’s bigger than usual designs (maybe as big as some castle builds … but I like it the way :) ). Roof and main four windows are removable. If there is cold outside, you can sit next to the fireplace which uses lite cube for nice fire effect :) . As part of the build, there is a tree with sign which points the travelers towards the Inn. Stables are on the right side. Outdoors is filled with life and all kinds of pets (cat, dog, chickens and pig) which are all taken care of by lovely satyr. As one of the main goals was playability (I have kids :) ), I’ve deliberately didn’t use flat tiles on the floor and chairs. While very nice to look at, I know how unhappy me and my kids are, when we bump into our build and everything falls down. Tables and furniture has also few pegs to hold glasses and plates in place. Build has 2 800 peaces and uses different part on minifigures, old and new lego figures. I’ve already done few playtests with my daughter and Inn did well. :) I hope you will like it. You can check and support the build at
  2. Ravelino

    MMV 2.0: José's Inn

    Jose's Inn by Jip Kempers, on Flickr Welcome to José's Inn! The owner is a grump, and his past a bit shady, but it's the only place on the market where you can get black barrel beer! More pics here Thanks for watching!
  3. frumpy

    [MOC] Farrador Inn

    Hi All, Here is one of my latest castle builds, Farrador Inn. It's been a while since I've taken pictures but I have been building and finally got around to taking some photos. Over the next few weeks I hope to get time for more photos to share.
  4. Kjuttavika Inn is one of our contributions to a larger Captain Sabertooth (Kaptein Sabeltann) layout built by Scandinavian AFOLs. The building can be seen from all angles in the video, which also reveals the building technique used for the roof.
  5. Cactus Brick will be putting on a Western Display at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest this week. To prepare for the display, we had a building competition to encourage creative thinking. Yesterday we held the competition and voted on our favorites. Here are some pictures of my entry to the display. Come check out the rest of the display this week in Phoenix. More pictures on Flickr
  6. Ella Hutchins is a recent graduate of the University of Belson with a major in Botany. At the top of her class, she recently received correspondence from Royal Society of Natural Philosophy member and Governor of the Paradise Isles Dirk Allcock inviting her to Jameston to take up the position of Chief Scientist in an expedition he plans into the interior of Celestia. Thrilled by the idea of pioneering the discovery of new plants in Terra Nova, and hopeful for membership in the Royal Society, Ella eagerly accepted and has recently arrived in Jameston. To serve as headquarters for the expedition, Governor Allcock has rented out the entire premises of the Lavender Inn, a respectable establishment in Jameston. Miss Hutchins is boarding there while making preparations and meeting the principle members of the expedition. Here Dirk and Ella discuss details of the expedition The principle members of the expedition are: Licensed as a medium artisan. Additional Image: I've been wanting to use lavender coloured bricks for some time now - originally they were for Weelond and an Oktoberfest entry that didn't pan out. Anyway I didn't have enough for two levels, but I had some sand green on my desk from another discarded project and I put them together coincidently and decided that they really work well together... well at least I think they do! Not a combination I ever expected to build in!
  7. As a man of its word, Lord Maximilian Damaximus sent some workers to New Haven as well to help developping the new Haven for refugees. As the housing projects started to turn out very colourfull, the architect continued this style and designed a school and an inn for New Haven. The school, in the red, was very much needed to keep giving chances to the refugees and to teach them the laws of Corrington. After a hard day of study and much information, the citizens can take a break in the Blues Inn next door. --- Property can be licenced by Corrington as a small education and a small artisan. --- This was a fun build :)
  8. Tortuga was just founded, but the news of the return of notorious Pirate Captain Morgan, made the newly settlement booming. Taverns popped up like well erm like Sea Rats when smelling gold. Anyway, Captain Morgan made it a task of honour to visit every new tavern in the town. One of these new taverns is the "Roaring Lion". When the drunk pirates saw it was Captain Morgan who entered the pub, they started cheering. "Long live Captain Morgan" they said "Our enemies will flee for us once again!" "Hooray! Hooray!" "To Captain Morgan, to a new chance!" a hooded guy in the corner said... "To a new chance of richdom indeed", Captain Morgan replied "Feel free to sit here, Captain, I am exptected somewhere else", and so the hooded guy left the tavern ---- Back on his vessel, sailing towards the Purple Reign who had layed anchor a few miles outside Tortuga, Commodore Matt Lenoir rethought the evening. It was without any doubt the guy he sent to the depths of the ocean, so the rumours are true. Well, now he has a new chance to capture the dreadfull Captain Morgan... --- OOC: I bought the parts of Captain Morgan as I hoped to do something with the MRCA outcome myself, but well, I was busy with other things and forgot to talk this through with him. So I am very happy he resurrected his character as I have a use again for those parts :p It is a very nice idea to put Tortuga on such an important location, even if the island isn't theirs, so I am curious how things will turn out once another faction claims the island as a price of a future challenge. But in the meantime, let's have fun with Tortuga! I am not going to licence this tavern myself, maybe I'll donate it to a Sea Rat :)
  9. Mengish

    [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Ahoy Mates! Here is my new MOC featuring the Inn I made for my previous MOC, The Ballad of the Mighty I: And I have submitted it as a project in LEGO IDEAS: And the photos: The Pirates' Inn by Mengish, on Flickr The Pirates' Inn by Mengish, on Flickr The Pirates' Inn by Mengish, on Flickr The Pirates' Inn by Mengish, on Flickr The Pirates' Inn by Mengish, on Flickr The Pirates' Inn by Mengish, on Flickr
  10. It was the talk of the town the last couple of weeks. Princess Sofiana, a niece of King Alphonso of Mardier, was about to marry with Captain Emilson. Captain Emilson was a son of a wealthy family in Mardier and owner of a private fleet. By giving the hand of Lady Sofiana, King Alphonso hoped to led Captain Emilson join his war against Eslandola. As a wedding gift, the Emilson Family received no less than 1000 doubloons from Mardier! The wedding itself was a big succes. All noblemen from KP were invited, even the rebels. After a long day, the newly wed couple went to their suit in the Royal Horse Inn in KP. It was a very quiet night. A few strangers walking on the street, minding their own business or trying to arrive at home on time in order to avoid an unhappy wife. The doors of the Royal Horse already closed. And inside, only the barman and a musician were spotted. A very quiet night indeed. The couple slept very well, knowing a royal Mardierian Guard was well erm guarding the balcony. What no-one knew, was that an assassin prepared the perfect murder for weeks... Very smoothly he managed to remove some wooden planks he made loose in the past so he had access to the room without anyone noticing him. Once arriving at the bed, he choked the unfortunate lady. Smooth, quickly and without any sound. A bit later, Captain Emilson woke up, discovering his wife to be dead. He yielded, drawing the attention of the Royal Guard. As there was no way someone could have entered the room. The guard quickly determined 1 and 1 should be 2 and he arrested Captain Emilson for the murder on his wife. The fact that Captain Emilson had a reputation of liking SM, wasn't helping the poor guy... Aftermath: Captain Emilson was found guilty of murder. His last words were: "it wasn't me". His brother took command over his fleet and sailed away from KP under a Pirate Flag, having sworn to avenge his brother. Mardierian traders are his favourite prey. ------- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!
  11. Everywhere in the Avalonia there are small tavernas and inns for travelers, traveling merchants and pilgrims. What is it, after a long day on the street better than a good meal, music and a bit of a hardliqur and then a soft bed? So some travelers remain then a few days longer than originally planned. The "Hunters'man Inn" can be found on the map, a half day's march north of "Brachfurtheim" the Capital of "Fortes Isles" a small Island in the north of Avalonia under the rule of "Wilhelm Shelby" and lures with good dishes from the surrounding forests, music and the Hunters'mann whiskey known all over "Fortes Isles" and its borders. Hunters'man Inn-03 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr Hunters'man Inn02 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr I hope you like my Moc and I'm look forward on praise, critic and improvement.
  12. MassEditor

    Westwood Inn

    The Westwood Inn is a welcoming stop for those traveling along the Nocturnus-Mitgardia border. The Inn is famed for its wide selection of vintage spirits and the variety of Nocturnian and Mitgardian ales on tap. Affordable nightly rates and clean rooms (sorry, due to the ongoing conflicts, continental breakfast is not available at this time and towels are limited to one per guest). Ask about our weekly rates! Thanks for looking, and thanks to Slegengr letting me 'borrow' his olive green tree design!
  13. Jacob Nion

    At the Black Knight's Inn

    Attention! Since it took me nearly a year to continue this story, recent events have overtaken me. Therefore, this story part takes place before MassEditor's prelude story that is linked below. All links are in chronological order. Make sure to (re-)read it! Glance into the future Three Ravens At the Black Knight's Inn The Resistance Unites (by MassEditor) When you ran out of coin, get out of here! the host had said. “Always the same sad business. No one treasures the value of a wise old man anymore.” Perry Ratchett mumbled into his grey beard, while he stumbled out of the Black Knight’s Inn. Aye, that old hoax of the heroic black knight defending a bridge against a king and losing all his limbs, one by one. That was a popular tale here in the East. The old wizard wondered how the people would react when they were told that this very story served as a shining example of chivalry and ideal courage in Avalonia. “I’m too late again! Foolish old dunderhead. “ Ratchett thought. He had never been an excellent wizard. Often he had proven himself not even an average wizard. But, after all, he was one. It was not a matter of the prowess as magician at all, he was just unfortunate enough to live in a wondrous world that offered as much kinds of ale, vine and liquor as it housed magical miracles. But now he was on a quest. He had witnessed what may would be and no it was on him, Peregrine Ratchett, the purple wizard, to prevent this city and its lord from ruin. He could see his course clear, the first time for years he felt the weightiness of his role in the world. He now had influence on the lifes of many. And although he was well aware of the immense threat to come, Perry silently enjoyed the feeling to be of some importance again. This wizard was back into business. As soon as he set a foot on the rough cobblestone the wizard had found for whom he was looking. Several armed men surrounded him, ensuring there would be no escape. A tall rat furred with brown and white hair approached. His look was strict and hard. But for those who were able to listen, his eyes would tell stories of grief and sorrow, deeply immured in an will of iron. The wizard recognized him immediately from his vision. “What is thy business in this town, old man?” the rat lord said. “I was told of a wizard arriving, speaking of great matters; dark menaces toward. Now all I see is a drunken vagabond, maybe hoping to be kept by my household in return for palmistry and other legerdemain. Do not dare to waste my time by trying to fool me.” The old wizard had expected mistrust. But this rat proved to be amongst that kind of stubborn beings who wouldn’t believe in dragons unless they recognised the smell of their burnt skin, or fur in such a case. He had to take care of what to say:”You may take me for a drunkard an impostor. And whilst I cannot deny my flaws I affirm you that serious wizardry is my business. I am Peregrine Ratchett. And I am called the purple wizard. And not only for the colour of my hat, I assure you. That is just frippery.” The lord of Skavenport kept his straight face, while his companions bandied inquiring gazes. A very uncomfortable silence spread and lasted far too long. Perry realised that this lord was still waiting for his explanations, either to be convinced or for having a reason to throw him into the deepest dungeon of the city; “I have come to assist you by the quest that lies ahead of you. For I have seen what may will be, and I say you there is no time to lose!” Osric Isentooth’s face became even more sceptical: “And what quest shall this be? Gathering my troops, march out with all the banners of red and gold waving in the wind? Many souls in Nocturnus call for this. No day that I do not receive requests for assistance from this lord and that village. I have no need for another supplicant to tell me about the sorrows that plague this land. I know them. Call the town watch and chase this vagabond out of my city!” The wizard rushed towards Osric:”The Lord of Shadowmere is calling for you! Will you deny his request?” The lord’s face turned angry: “You should have heard the rumours on your pub crawl. It is told in every tavern; Vladivus is dead.” Ratchett’s lips formed a grim smile: “He is alive. At least as much as his kind can be. You will see. Assemble Skavenport’s army, my lord. March out and engage the Black Spire. You are not alone. Raavage’s craft is to cloud his enemies’ awareness. The resistance is still strong. But you must unite your forces. Separating the last strongholds of the Darklands, destroying the remaining free peoples of Nocturnus one by one is the very intention of the Spire. Unite your armies, reclaim the East from Raavage, and the other guilds will join you. Because this fight is not the mere battle for Nocturnus. If you fail it will conclude the fate of all Historica. Tis the quest I have foreseen, the quest you will have to face up to.” Osric seemed to stare into an abyss, when he finally spoke: “All what you say... it either makes you an egregiously able wizard, or an equally able agent of my foes. Either way, I will learn the truth. Into the dungeon with him!” Perry felt that everything had gone wrong. While he resigned himself to a longer phase of soberness, a black hooded messenger arrived, bowed shortly before lord Osric, giving him a small piece of parchment, before heading away in a hurry. The rat lord looked at the sigil in surprise, broke it and unfurled the writing. It took him a moment to come to terms with it. Then he looked at the wizard and spoke: “Bring him to the castle. Host him in the keep, but do not let him leave it. And keep him sober.” He turned to his two captains, a rat and a grim looking sturdy human: “I have to leave the city. Lord Vladivus is indeed alive, or correctly: undead. A council will be held in Shadowmere. A council of the Resistance. I have to go.” “Alone? My lord! Every swathe of land between Shadowmere and the Grimwoods is occupied by the Spire. Damn it! Every single bloody stone in the Moruth has a Spire soldier guarding it!” the human said indignantly. “I have to go. And no time to lose. But I am well aware of the dangers such a journey involves. Therefore you will escort me, Dunstan. Why shall I fear a thousand Spire soldiers with you roaring at them?” Osric responded. Visibly amused the other captain began to speak: “I rest assured that you will make the journey without harm, my lord. My dear Sir Dunstan is no doubt the loudest man in Skavenport. But what are thy orders to me?” “You, good sir Aethelrat, will procure that an army in readiness will await our return. Gather supplies, lade war machines and keep the city’s fortifications operational.” Lord Isentooth commanded. Then he turned back towards the purple wizard: “I am still in doubt about your intentions. I will concern myself with you when I return. But for the time being I shall not call you a liar; war is to come. Allies are calling. And Skavenport shall answer.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- So far, thanks for reading! And I am deeply sorry about the low photo quality. It's impossible for me to get the right lighting for such a weirdly angled build.
  14. This is my take on the 41174 Starlight Inn set that I picked up a few weeks ago. I'm normally not a big fan of sets and usually only sees them as parts pack but I liked the idea of this one. However, I didn't really like the use of some colours and wanted to use them more realistically, e.g. only green plants and leaves and keep the purple and pink for the interior. The structure is made to reflect the set with a kitchen and sitting room at the ground floor, and a bedroom and a balcony with a telescope on the upper floor, as well as the rounded window. No thought has been given to how this would go with whatever stories goes on at the Elves tv show, comics, books or whatever, I don't care about them at all. This is just my try to make a better inn that could go with the Elves minidolls. Thanks for watching! /Etzel
  15. Previous Builds: Concerns in the Ministries In the Dark of Night Lighting up the Diplomatic Furnace The Corrington and Oleon Diplomats were weary from several days travel. They decided to stop in at this inn in the Juniper Province for a nights rest before continuing on to Granoleon. The innkeeper looked out the window of the Blue Rooster Inn, and saw that a carriage had pulled up in front. Two gentleman got out and headed toward the door. Oleon Diplomat: "We will take a room for the night, a meal, and some wine for the evening. Our coach driver is putting up the horses in your lean-to as your boy suggested." Corrington Diplomat: "Some rum for myself." Innkeeper: "Certainly sirs. I have some very good rum and some mugs right here. I am sorry I don't have any good wine in stock. Darlene, dear, run and tell your mother to get some supper for three gentlemen. Then go make sure their beds are freshened up." As she hurried away, he said, "My daughter will have your room made up in no time. There are two beds per room so your driver can either sleep on the floor or down here by the fireplace. You are lucky that it is so quiet around here. A few weeks ago you would not have found an empty room. The soldiers coming or going on leave or official business took up most of my rooms. It is so quiet here now that they are gone." Corrington Diplomat: "So the soldiers have left this area?" Innkeeper: Yes, and my business is way down since then. Though we still have the traveler stopping by on trips. Men like yourself of course. We are after all the best inn of Juniper province. I have heard rumors that if the King traveled through Juniper province he would wish to stay right here at the Blue Rooster Inn." Oleon Diplomat: " Is that a fact?" Innkeeper: "Well it's what I heard AND we are the best inn around. Why else would fine gentlemen like yourself be staying here?" Oleon Diplomat: "You do have a point." Innkeeper: "If you fellows need to exit quickly tonight, I recommend going through the windows near the stairs. They lead out on to the roof above the horses, and... Corrington Diplomat: "Do we look like the kind of men who need to exit through windows!!?" Innkeeper: "Well you never know these days. Just last week I had a guy jump out the bedroom window while trying to escape a furious husband. It took me a week to get that cobblestone clean! Annndd he didn't leave behind any money to pay for the broken window. You just never can tell the kind of people around these days. Oh here comes your driver. Would you like some more rum?" Other views:
  16. -Sunder-

    The Black Rat Inn

    Across Avalonia, disagreements are traditionally solved in duels if words do not prove enough. In Mitgardia, the equivalent is usually drinking contests, and in Kaliphlin they often use the strategic board game Jeddar to settle disputes. However, in the wild lands of Nocturnus, it is not uncommon to see arguments solved the old fashioned way. No finesse, no wit, and certainly no rules are involved; in Nocturnus, they prefer to brawl. Of course, brawling is more than just a way to settle arguments nowadays. In fact, many consider it a sport (of course, many innkeepers who have to break up the brawls would argue otherwise). Drunken or otherwise, brawling is a part of Nocturnian life in many areas. In Rockwail, they do it differently. Across the sprawling city exist several buildings marked with red rings above the doors, telling those in the know that the building is home to silent brawlers. One such building is the Black Rat Inn. Silent brawlers do it differently to most- instead of stopping when the opponent submits, the fight stops and the winner is decided when someone makes a noise. Most claim to fight for pride and glory, but it does help that winning a silent brawl can yield a good deal of prize money. Red ringed buildings- usually taverns- also feel the benefits of hosting the brawls, as many customers flock to watch and bet on the fights; and, of course, drink. Two fighters stood on a raised wooden section of floor by the bar. One was a snarling red orc with tied back hair and fists wrapped in bloodied rags. He was huge by human standards (though terribly average amongst orcs), and covered in muscle. Broader than the door to the inn, his opponent wondered how he even got into the place. The red skin on his bare chest seemed to be scarred and mottled, in some places discoloured, due to a skin condition. His opponent was a heavily tattooed Kaliphlinian man of medium height with wide shoulders and toned body. Though he looked strong, he was not nearly as fearsome as the orc. His hand wraps were crisp white- they had not yet seen a fight on that day, whereas the orc was on a long winning streak. "Go on," one of the onlookers hollered, "hit him!" "Alright, silence now!" yelled the barkeep, and quickly the audience's murmuring died down until the Black Rat was silent. "Begin!" The orc moved fast despite his size, but the man had been watching his previous fights and knew to expect it. Smoothly, the underdog feinted to the left then strafed to the right, avoiding the huge, scarlet fist of his opponent, then swiftly jabbed at his stomach with his fist. The orc smirked ravenously, and the underdog knew this would not be easy. He swung again, but all his fist hit was air as the Kaliphlinian ducked under his punch. The only way to beat someone bigger than you is to be faster, this the Kaliphlinian knew, but it was proving difficult to dodge the swinging hammer arms of the orc. As he swung again, he scraped the face of his opponent, who glided towards him and landed a strike on the orc's shoulder. Without so much as a grimace, the orc shrugged off the hit and used his newfound nearness to his adversary to his advantage, forcing his arms under the human's shoulders and clamping his hands onto his head, then lifting him from the ground. The Kaliphlinian winced, but knew better than to make a noise, and drew his legs upwards, then kicked back into the orcs knees. The titan's legs buckled and he fell backwards, releasing the human from his grasp. With a slam he hit the floor, and the Kaliphlinian grinned broadly. He raised his leg above the orc's head, preparing to stomp him, but the orc grabbed hold of his foot. The man kicked back against the crushing grip, hitting the orc in the face with his own hand. With a snarl, he then fell onto the bloody-faced orc, landing elbow-first onto his heaving, scarred ribcage, which let out a dreadful crack and caused the orc to grunt in pain. "That's a noise! The challenger has won," the barkeep announced, to the roaring cheers of many amongst the crowd.
  17. So I finally made an AoM entry :P (I have around 10 builds in LDD though, yet I only want to submit real ones :P) Neymara and her brother Marik love brewing beer. One day, some friends told them to sell it on the road, as they thought it was very good. They set up a stand along a mayor road, over which many Mitgardian patrol units passed. And who is a better customer than a thirsty warrior? They sell so much these days, that Marik is continuously getting more with his ox, Byrt. I wanted to try multiple things in this build, it is basically the first time I made trans-clear water, I made everything tiled off, including the rocks that are far more detailed than I'm used to, also the construction of the stand, the autumn tree, and the road. I wondered if anyone has ever built a road this way, I pretty much like it myself! (these are 92 1x2 slopes). The tree was hell, I can't touch it: most of the leaves are not connected to anything. Also I think the dragon knights of Kingdoms are the perfect Midgardian soldiers: two shades of green on the torso, and two shades of yellow on the shield. I am happy with this build for it is by far my best detailed build ever, yet I can improve so much more. So please critizise and say what you would have done different (the light bley 1x1 tiles are a mistake on bricklink, should have been dark XD)
  18. After much pain and hurry, here is my answer to the Duel: Feast at "The Spin of Fate". Now a free-build by itself! Hugo wasn't eager to fight with Elysabeth Drondil as, due to his character, took it lightly as every other thing in his life. Or was arrogant enough and was sure he would win? So one day before the duel, he called his friends from the fleet for a drink, at "The Spin of Fate", where the drinks are cold and the girls are hot! The establishment took its name after the wheel (of fortune) that you can see right above the door that leads to the kitchen. That wheel belonged to the first owner of this place that came to the Sea of Storms with all his belongings on a cart. I had tons of fun making this build, which reminded me once more that i am a huge minifig and acessories lover and have the fig-fever. If you see some color deviations, it is because with this MOC, my brick stash is officially depleted with all this building the past month and all i have left is black and gray bricks Enjoy and sorry if you have an eye-sore after watching due to dim yellow lighting but couldn't wait till morning (job is killing me! hehehe) Thanks again! feast at The Spin of Fate by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate foldout by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate closeup by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  19. This is my moc for free-build challenge for Age of Migardia. Inn: 1st Phase; ale seller After his long trip.. Sir Mpyromaxos found his friend Nutcracker.. Outside of the city of Valholl.. And they take a break for a beer at a local ale seller..
  20. LittleJohn

    The Red Feather Inn

    A collab with my brother, Isaac (soccerkid6), it was built for the Inn category of the CCC. The inn features a full interior via pull out rooms. The Red Feather Inn is a prominent tavern located just outside of Katoren. Several years ago a room was added on to serve as the store room/kitchen and allow for more space in the dining room. It's rumored to be under the guardianship of a powerful genie, which two thieves are just now finding to be true... The pull out rooms: There's lots of detail packed in, so check out more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  21. Jacob Nion

    Glance Into The Future

    "Damn ol' man! This was the last time!" Cedryc the Innkeeper came running out of the Leaking Barrel. "Where me coin? I've got enough dopey boozers here, I don't need a bilking wizard!" The old man mumbled an unintelligible song and tottered along the path. "I swear it to you, Perry, Coin now, or that door will remain closed for ya." The wizard stopped his waving walk immediately, pricked up ears and eventually turned around:" Cedryc? Is that you? old ears. I thought I heard someone. What can I do for you?" "Don't take me for a fool- You heard me. Just foot the bill." Peregryn Ratchett, the purple wizard straightened up, trying to pose with great dignity, and said:" You are in luck today, Mister Barliman. For I am a wizard, and not one of those smirking charlatans, who try to confuse the more simple men with their conjuring tricks. Nor I be one of those who speak with somber voice, moaning and talking of dark things to come, only to frighten the good rural men. I am a real wizard, and real wizardry is my craft. So speak, how can I serve you?" "Oh no! Not again! I know your wizardry. What's with that 'enchanted frying pan` you gave me last time? You transfigured my daughters cat. Every time I put it on the fire it starts screaming miserably. And I cannot lay a fish in it without it vanishing." "Meeeoow", the frying pan made a purring sound in Cedry's hand. "It takes great knowledge to cast such a spell. You should be aware of my skills. Once kings asked for my advice and many a noble lord beseeched me to grant him a glimpse into his fortune." "Ha! Fortune! say you what: If you really can let me have a look into future, then I forget about the bill." Perry made a meaningful expression:"So be it. But you shall be warned! Even a small glance into a man's future could drive him mad. Neither do I have the possibility to destine the time and place of the vision, nor can I influence what you will see. Now we need something...a looking glass, ah, the kitten will do. Hold up the pan." The purple wizard held his hand upon the frying pan, mumbling spells in a obscure deep voice, his eyes closed. Suddenly the bottom of the pan seemed to dissolve, and a sallow green light shimmered through. Then the vision came: "Meeow!" The frying pan flew away and hit on the ground, now being the kitten again. "What? Where? Why??..What?" Cedryc, the poor Innkeeper cowered on the ground, still starring into the pictures, which now were burned into his mind. "Hm...That was not right. The effect was by far too strong. My poor Cedryc, I am afraight these things were not destined for your eyes. I warned you that I have now influence on it." Perry felt very sober now. He sank into deep thoughts about what he had seen:" Great things are about to come. War is coming to these lands again. The Black Spire's forces are on the rise. And the fate of the East, and maybe of all of Historica now depend on very few who are still bolt enough to challenge Lord Raavage. I must hurry. It seems that I have a part to play again in the greater story." "What are you talking about?? What did you do to my eyes? Just get out of my head!" "I feel somewhat guilty for your current condition, though I did warn you. Maybe I can effect some other magic to help you out? But hurry, I' am busy now. I have to care about greater things than an Innkeepers daily worries." "Leave, just leave for king's sake! Forget about the bill- just go! What insanity to open a tavern in the bloody Darklands! I'll go back to Albion!" Cedryc ripped of the door and stumbled inside. "You are right, my dear friend. There is no time to waste. I must go now. Hopefully it is't too late." So this is my first contributin for our collaboration about the Nocturnus resistance. I hope you will like Perry Ratchett, the purple wizard. He will have a lot of screen time in future stories. I'm not so happy with the pictures of the vision. Originally I had something more nebulous in mind, but I wanted to finally post the story. Enjoy!
  22. This took me one week to build, and I wanted to use it for Inn Phase 3, so I held off on posting here until I could build a Phase 2 MOC. It was inspired by this building in Skyrim: link Anyways I hope you enjoy, this is my favorite build yet The Green Goblet is the largest and most popular inn in Daydelon. More pictures: link And if you're curious how I managed the corners of the roof, there's an explanation here: C&C always appreciated
  23. The oldest inn in the Trifork, The crown was build for the King's messengers passing through on their way to Albion. Located in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of the Trifork, you often see the posher youths meeting nearby. While the rooms are small, the beds are comfortable, and the inn offers a measure of luxury with a large spa on the roof. Just a small build for the HSS task. Hope you enjoy it - was a fun build.
  24. Hello all, this is my entry for the EB Middle Earth Contest in the category B: The Age of Men. I really enjoyed building this and for one time I was able to furnish the second floor too: we can see the bed with a small sideboard, as some weapons to use during the hunting, or, in case of extreme need, against any attackers. On the first floor, some tables with cups and mugs to be filled with water, wine or beer and a small fireplace to cook food. Outside, a fountain to water the horses and Jarvis cleaning the small lay-by in front of the house, ready to welcome every traveler who wants to stop, while his wife takes care of the kitchen and the home. Thanks for hosting this great contest, I really enjoyed building in the Middle Earth. I hope you enjoy, and good luck to the other contestants! Enjoy! During the Age of Men travelling became once again safe, the legions of orcs were far away, kept at a distance by the armies of men which kept the travelling ways secure too. The resumption of travelling proved to also be a possible source of income and Jarvis, with the aid of his wife, builded this little tavern, to offer passing travelers refreshment. Today, two dwarfs, come in search of a glass of wine and a snack in their long travel.
  25. MrBrick&BoB

    Dunholm Taverna

    Hello We builded a lot of houses for the Berliner Steinewahn exhibition early this year. One of those houses is the Dunholm Taverna by Wochenender. Part of the Dunholm Project and the biggest one at the moment. Lets have a look: The front on the main street. The backside. Learn more on THE BRICK TIME and on our FlickR gallery. Have fun with it :) Bye BoB